cellular.txt Driver File Contents (mxmodem.exe)


    Youíll  need to purchasing the correct cellular cable.  
Just order it through the U.S. Robotics Mobile Communications
Corp. Parts Fulfillment Center either via the Internet at 
http://www.mhzparts.com, or on the phone at (800) 846-2233. 
In Canada, call (800) 454-9496.  Before ordering, locate  your
cellular phone on the list below and note the Cable SKU Number 
associated with it.  You'll need thisnumber to order the correct
               Cellular Cable Compatibility

	       MOTOROLA CABLE 52683 - $39.99

      Cellular Phones			      Modems
    Motorola:  MicroTAC		    	      XJ3144
               MicroTAC Lite	       	      XJ4288
               MicroTAC I111	  	      XJ3288 
               MicroTAC Digital	              XJEM328
               DPC-550, DPC	              CC6144
               Contour                        CC4288	
               Pipe		              CC6288	
	       UltraLite		      CCEM3288
               PT-500, PT-550, PT-650
               TeleTAC 200

     Pioneer:  PCC-700/720, PCC-900/920
         JVC:  TNJ-10, TNJ-10

     The new MOT2 Cable 52683 - $39.99 will have the same 
compatibility but will add the XJA3288. It will place the 
Motorola cable above.

    		MOTOROLA ELITE CABLE 52696 - $39.99

     Same modem compatibility as the Motorola Cable but will be
compatible with Motorolaís Elite cellular phones.

                   NOKIA 121 CABLE - $79.95

              Cellular Phones	               Modems
              Nokia 121   		       XJ4288
              Nokia PT 128		       XJ3288
              AT&T 3830			       XJA3288 
              Technophone PC415	               XJEM3288
              Radioshack 17-1061               CC4288

                   NOKIA 232 CABLE 52536 - $59.95

	      Cellular Phones		       Modems
              Nokia 232			       XJ4288
              AT&T 3850			       XJ3288
              Technophone PC515		       XJEM3288
	      RadioShack 17-1062	       XJEM3288
		  NOKIA 2120 CABLE 52627 - $59.95 
	      Cellular Phones     	       Modems
              Nokia 2120/2160		       XJ4288
              AT&T 6650			       XJ3288
              Technophone TD815 	       XJA3288

Contents of cellular upgrade kit will include....

Cellular Phone cable
Userís guide
Cellular driver (not needed for Mx product)

Call today to order a cable for your cellular phone at (800)
846-2233 Or order over the Internet at http://www.mhzparts.com
In Canada call (800) 454-9496

Visa, American Express, Money Order, or COD are all acceptable
forms of payment.

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