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ScrollPoint Mouse Device Driver for OS/2
Version 2.0

May 14, 1998     

(c) Copyright International Business Machines Corporation, 1998.
     All rights Reserved.                                                                                                                              

1.0 Installation Instructions
2.0 Hardware Considerations
3.0 Scrolling Mouse Operating Parameters
3.1 Stick-Type Scrolling Mouse
3.2 Wheel-Type Scrolling Mouse
3.3 Scrolling Mouse Properties Page
4.0 Copyright and Trademark Information

1.0  Installation Instructions                                                                                                      
1. The SCROLLMS.EXE file that you received contains the following 5 scrolling mouse                                            
     files in a self-extracting compressed format.                                                                 
   - MOUINST.EXE	    	Executable that installs your scrolling mouse                                                          
   - MOUSE.SYS	     	ScrollPoint mouse device driver                                                                       
   - README.TXT	    	This file that you are reading                                                                         
   - WPSTKMOU.DLL  	Mouse functional DLL                                                                                     
   - WPSTKMRI.DLL   	Mouse informational DLL                                                                                 
     To use these mouse driver files, you must expand the SCROLLMS.EXE file into its 5                                            
     component files by (a.) opening an OS/2 window and (b.) typing SCROLLMS at the                                            
     OS/2 command prompt.    Once the SCROLLMS.EXE file is expanded, please continue

     with the installation instructions.                                 

2.  Open an OS/2 Window on your system.                                                                                         

3.  Change your directory to the directory containing the scrolling mouse files.  As an                                         
     example, type A: if you are installing the driver from a diskette.                                                          
4.  At the OS/2 command prompt, type MOUINST.  This command will load the new mouse.sys                                         
     device driver, add the associated DLL's and place the ScrollPoint Mouse Object on your                                      
     OS/2 desktop.          
5.  This completes the installation procedure.  You must now REBOOT your system to                                              
      initialize the scrolling mouse driver.

2.0 Hardware Considerations                                                                                                          
1.  This ScrollPoint Mouse device driver does not support attachment of your scrolling mouse                                    
     through a serial port PS/2-style connector.  
2.  This driver only runs effectively in a uni-processor system.  You may experience                                            
     reliability problems in a system running multiple processors.                                                               
3.  If you are attaching your scrolling mouse to a notebook computer such as an IBM ThinkPad 

     that has a built-in mouse, you may have to disable the built-in mouse to ensure your scrolling                                     
     mouse stick/wheel scroller works properly.                                                                                  

3.0 Scrolling Mouse Operating Parameters                                                                                           
The ScrollPoint Mouse driver supports both stick-type (ie., IBM ScrollPoint) and wheel-type                                    
(ie., Logitech MouseMan+) scrolling mice.  The physical attributes of the scroller device                                      
in your scrolling mouse determines the operational characteristics of the scrolling portion                                    
of the mouse.  Other features, including button functions, are the same as on a non-scrolling                                  

3.1 Stick-Type Scrolling Mouse
A stick-type mouse will allow the cursor to move vertically either line-by-line or                                             
page-by-page and horizontally either space-by-space or tab-by-tab, depending on the amount                                     
of time the stick is held at its maximum-deflected position for the chosen direction.                                          
Typically, up or down stick-deflections of less than one second will cause the cursor to                                       
move vertically on a line-by-line basis.  When the stick is held deflected up or down for                                      
more than one second, the cursor will change its vertical movement from a line-by-line                                         
to a page-by-page motion.  
Similarly, left or right stick-deflections of less than one second will cause the cursor to                                    
move horizontally on a space-by-space basis.  When the stick is held deflected left or                                         
right for more than one second, the cursor will change its horizontal movement from a                                          
space-by-space to a tab-by-tab motion.      

3.2  Wheel-Type Scrolling Mouse
A wheel-type scrolling mouse has a wheel and either 3 or 4 buttons, with the 3rd or 4th                                        
button physically under the wheel.  In a 3-button/wheel mouse configuration, spinning the                                      
wheel up or down will move the cursor vertically line-by-line.  A 3-button/wheel configuration

does not support horizontal scrolling.
A 4-button/wheel mouse configuration typically has the 3rd button on the side of the mouse,                                    
under the thumb-position.   Spinning the wheel up or down will move the cursor vertically                                       
line-by-line.  However, depressing the 3rd (thumb-position) button while spinning the wheel                                    
changes the scrolling direction from vertical to horizontal, and the cursor will move left                                     
or right in a space-by-space motion.  

3.3 Scrolling Mouse Properties Page
A tabbed-page named Scroller has been added to the ScrollPoint Mouse Properties                                                
that sets the parameters for the stick or wheel scroller functions for your scrolling mouse.                                        
The mouse Scroller Properties can be accessed by selecting the ScrollPoint mouse icon on your 

desktop, depressing the right mouse button, selecting Properties from the pop-up menu and then

selecting the Scroller tab. 
The Scroller scrolling-speed can be selected from the scolling speed pull-down and can be                                      
set to slow, normal, fast or none.  Normal is the suggested default.  Selecting "none"                                         
will disable the scroller.       
Checking the "Use PageUp/PageDn" box will enable the line-by-line to page-by-page vertical                                    
motion switching described above.                                                                                                                 
Checking the "Use Tab/Shift Tab" box will enable the space-by-space to tab-by-tab horizontal                                  
motion switching described above.

For wheel-type scrolling mice,  page-by-page vertical motion and tab-by-tab horizontal motion

cannot typically be achieved even if the boxes discussed above are checked, because the wheel

cannot be constantly-spun for more than one second.

4.0  Copyright and Trademark Information

The following terms are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation
in the United States and/or other countries.

    IBM                         OS/2

    ThinkPad                 ScrollPoint

Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks
of others.

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