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                        3Com (R) Corporation
          3Com EtherLink Server CD for the 3C980B Fast 
                    EtherLink Server NIC Family
               NetWare Server Driver Installation Notes

Netware 4.11 with Service Pack 6
Service Pack 6 is required for proper operation of the failover 
mechanism for the 3C980B Server NIC with Netware 4.11.  Before 
you load the 3C980.LAN or EL980LB.NLM, you should copy NEB.NLM 
and ODINEB.NLM from the \NWSERVER directory on the 3Com 
EtherLink Server CD into the server SYSTEM directory.  Otherwise, 
failover performance may be adversely affected.  If you are 
running Netware 5.x, you do not need to copy these files.

RSL Notes.
RSL Runtime messages and troubleshooting. The following messages are
displayed to the console and logged to sys$err.log (dependent on
message level setting) to indicate RSL events

Error notifications.

Cable disconnect.
Cable disconnect detected on {3C980} NIC in slot {Slot Number}.

Action: Reconnect cable or if connected replace it.  This message
also appears if either side of the network connection is hard
configured to a different link speed. If the cable is not 
disconnected then check the link configuration settings.

Interrupt failure.
Interrupt error detected on {3C980} NIC in slot {Slot Number}.

Action: Change NIC slot. Run diagnostic tests. Change interrupt
assignment. Note that the driver will attempt to operate in polling
mode when this error is detected. Recovery message (not network
activity) will indicate working interrupt.

DMA failure.
DMA error detected on {3C980} NIC in slot {Slot Number}.

Action: Run diagnostics. Change slot/bus.

Excessive data errors.

Excessive transmit errors detected on {3C980} NIC in slot
{Slot Number}. The data transfer errors that are monitored include CRC
errors,DMA over/underrun errors and Jabber errors.

Action: Check configuration of  network point of attachment
configuration. Modify threshold and sample count.

NIC maximum error limit reached.
Maximum error count reached on {3C980} NIC in slot {Slot Number}.

Action: Check if failure count is too low. Examine nature of failures.

NIC Maximum minor error limit reached.
Maximum minor error count reached on {3C980} NIC in 
slot {Slot Number}.

Action: Check if failure count is too low. Examine nature of failures. 
Usually this is due to excessive tx/rx errors occurring frequently. 
Once this occurs no further failover or attempted recovery due to 
minor errors will occur.

Recovery notifications.

Cable reconnect.
Cable reconnect detected on {3C980} NIC in slot {Slot Number}.

Interrupt recovery.
Interrupt detected on {3C980} NIC in slot {Slot Number}.

DMA recovery.
DMA detected on {3C980} NIC in slot {Slot Number}.

RSL Statistics.
The following custom RSL counters are available through the console monitor.

  Currently active slot
  Configured primary slot
  Configured secondary slot
  Number of successful switches
  Number of switch failures
  Number of ping timeouts detected
  Number of ping frames sent
  Number of ping frames received
  Number of detected primary NIC failures
  Number of detected secondary NIC failures
  Number of linkbeat errors detected
  Number of DMA errors detected
  Number of Interrupt errors detected
  Number of DMA List errors detected
  Number of Excessive Tx Errors detected
  Number of Excessive Rx Errors detected

SHD Notes.
Use of enhanced level checking:

Enhanced level checking should be used in problem diagnosis
especially where suspected memory corruption has occurred.
It is a more CPU intensive check which may degrade system

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