KR7A_9N.TXT Driver File Contents (kr7a9n.exe)

          Official BIOS release 9n for KR7A / KR7A-RAID
                                       KR7A-133 / KR7A-133R

Release information:


1. Support AMD Athlon XP CPU, 0.18 micron process Palomino up to 2100+ 
   and 0.13 micron process Thoroughbred up to 2000+.
2. HPT 372 BIOS Version 2.31. The RAID function is for KR7A-RAID / 
   KR7A-133R only. This BIOS version is also for Non RAID boards, and 
   the HPT BIOS would automatically be disabled while RAID controller 
   chip did not be detected. 
3. BIOS Compile Date: 6/07/2002

       !!! Attention for upgrading KR7A-RAID / KR7A-133R BIOS!!! 

   When you upgrade bios from previous version to 9N, we highly recommend 
   you backup your system and data to an independent storage device first. 
   New HPT 2.31 bios may corrupt original RAID configuration created on 
   old bios occasionally. That means you may need to rebuild RAID 
   configuration. If it happens, all the data on RAID-0 will be gone! 

   For RAID-1 user, please press "CTRL+H" to enter HPT372 setup screen 
   and do "Duplicate Mirror Disk " to recover RAID system.


1. ¤ä´© AMD Athlon XP CPU, 0.18 ·L¦Ì»sµ{ Palomino, ³Ì°ª 2100+¡A¤Î 0.13 
   ·L¦Ì»sµ{ Thoroughbred, ³Ì°ª2000+.
2. HPT 372 BIOS ª©¥» 2.31¡C¾A¥ÎKR7A-RAID/KR7A-133R¡C¥» BIOS ¦P®É¾A¥Î©ó«D 
   RAID ¤§ ¥D¾÷ªO¤W¡C·í BIOS °»´ú¨ì±z¨Ï¥Îªº¥D¾÷ªO¤£§t RAID ®É±N·|¦Û°Ê 
   disable HPT BIOS¡C
3. BIOS ¤é´Á: 6/07/2002¡C  

             !!! KR7A-RAID / KR7A-133R BIOS ¤É¯Åª`·N¨Æ¶µ!!! 

   ·í±z­n¥Ñª© BIOS ¤É¯Å¦Ü 9N ®É¡A§Ú­Ì±j¯P«Øij±z¥ý³Æ¥÷±zªº¨t²Î»P¸ê®Æ¨ì¤@
   ¿W¥ßªºÀx¦s´CÅé¤W¡C·sª© HPT 2.31 bios ¥i¯à·|ÀH¾÷·l·´­ì©lªº RAID ³]©w¡C
   ³o·N«ü±z¥²»Ý¦A­««Ø RAID ³]©w¡C·í³o±¡ªpµo¥Í¡A©Ò¦³¦b RAID-0 ¤Wªº¸ê®Æ±N·|

   RAID-1 ¨Ï¥ÎªÌ¡A½Ð«ö¤U CTRL+H¶i¤J HPT BIOS ³]©wµe­±¨Ã°õ¦æ Duplicate 
   Mirror Disk§Y¥i«ì´_¨t²Î¡C

*********************************  NOTE  *********************************

1. How to upgrade BIOS:

 a. Boot into MS-DOS or "Safe mode and command prompt" if you are using 
 b. Run "kr7a9n.exe" to extract all files.
 c. Run "runme.bat"

   ***  Please notice that we suggest you flashing the bios with switches 

           "/py /sn /cd /cp /cc /cks /R" or by "runme.bat".  

 d. For more detail, please visit:  (Chinese)  (English)

2.After BIOS updated, pull off the power core and then clear the CMOS data 
  via jumper before restarting system please.

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