udiagrel.txt Driver File Contents (lan.zip)

		     Release Note for B44UDIAG USER Diagnostics.
Version 1.26
    1.  This is identical to v1.25
Version 1.25
    1.  This is identical to v1.24
Version 1.24
    1.  Software will return error level 254 instead of 256 when there is no card found.
Version 1.23 
    1.  This is identical to v1.22
Version 1.22 
    1.  This is identical to v1.21
Version 1.21 
    1.  This is identical to v1.20
Version 1.20 
    1.  This is identical to v1.18
Version 1.18
    1.  This is identical to v1.17.
Version 1.17
    1.  TX and RX buffer memory is allocated only once during software initialization.
    2.  TX and RX buffer memory is deallocated only before software exit.
    3.  Fixed bug in all loopback tests and blast -t.  The content of the packet is corrupted.
        Instead of selected pattern being sent out, all zeros pattern is acctrually being sent out.
        This bug is found in V1.15 and V1.16.
Version 1.16
    1. It is identical to v1.15
Version 1.15
    1.  Added "-lbm", -lbp, -lph, -lbt command line options to specify number of packets in loopback tests.
    2.  Using the same code base as b44diag.
Version 1.14
    1.  It is identical to v1.13.
Version 1.13
    1.  Fixed Phy loopback CRC bug.
Version 1.12
    1. It is identical to v1.11
Version 1.11
    1. It is identical to v1.10
Version 1.10
    1. No longer use DOS4GW.exe, instead,DOS extended memory will be used.
    2. Reduced wait time in link_test.
    3. Reduced number of trail in led_test.
    4. Removed unused code.
    5. Reduce total tests time to 22s.(loaded from hard drive) 
Version 1.09
    1. Reduced total tests (ABC) time to less than 30s.
    2. Packet counts in loop back test has been increase from 200 to 2000
Version 1.08:
    1. Version format has been changed to x.xx.
    2. Added Error codes.
    3. External loopback test has been separated to 2 tests, C3 and C4.  C3 is 100BT and C4 is 10BT. 
    4. loopback test packet size increase to 1514 bytes (cl4xsb.c)

Version 1.07:
    1. Rename to  b44udiag.exe

Version 1.00:
    1. Initial release.

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