diagrel.txt Driver File Contents (lan.zip)

		     Release Note for B44DIAG Engineering Diagnostics.
Version 1.26
    1.  First 40 bytes of the Srom image will be copy to Chip srom shadow area when program srom
    2.  User will no longer need to reboot to pass all tests.
Version 1.25
    1.  Added -H option to enable host loop back test with less ipg.  With -H option, on screen counters will be updated.  Only software counters will.  User can use "qstat" or "nicstat" cmd to read counters.
        In case of using SmartBit as Data Source, 14 usec IPG is reconmanded for random packet size.  
	In case of using 5411 as Data Source,  50 bytes IPG is reconmanded for 250 bytes packets and incremental packet size from 42 to 1502 bytes.  (5411 has 16 bytes overhead).
Version 1.24
    1.  Software will return error level 254 instead of 256 when there is no card found.
    2.  Modify to display 64bit counters.
Version 1.23
    1.  After SROM being programmed, either use -f option or seprg cmd, Mac address will remain unchange.

Version 1.22
    1.  Rerelease of V1.21
Version 1.21
    1.  Warning message will be display after SROM being programmed with -f option. User need to power cycle system to for loading new srom configuration.
        Software will disable all the test and exit to DOS.
    2.  Same warning message will be display after srom being programmed with seprg cmd.
Version 1.20
    1.  Hard code PCIBAR0WINDOW to 0x18000000 to avoid problem with unprogramed SROM.
Version 1.19
    1.  Release to DVT only.
    2.  Fixed interrupt capture in blast cmd.
Version 1.18
    1.  "sedump" has been removed.
    2.  Fixed eeprom.bit size to 128 byte instead of 256 byte.

Version 1.17
    1.  TX and RX buffer memory is allocated only once during software initialization.
    2.  TX and RX buffer memory is deallocated only before software exit.
    3.  Fixed bug in all loopback tests and blast -t.  The content of the packet is corrupted.
        Instead of selected pattern being sent out, all zeros pattern is acctrually being sent out.
        This bug is found in V1.15 and V1.16.
Version 1.16
    1.  Fixed bug in after sromutil program MAC address then exit, system will give out error message.
Version 1.15
    1.  Enhance "blast -h", "blast -t" and "blast -r" cmds.
    2.  Added "blast -t -r" cmds
    3.  Check out com port controls.
    4.  Added "loadd" cmd to set chip to a working state.
    5.  Added "qstat" cmd to dump a subset of counters.
    6.  Added tx packets drop counter.
    7.  Added "-lbm", -lbp, -lph, -lbt command line options to specify number of packets in loopback tests.

Version 1.14
    1.  'blast' cmd will no longer reset the chip, user need to use 'reset' cmd to reset chip.
    2.  'blast' cmd and 'lbtest' support transmitting packets with random data.  It is not the real random packet.  
         What it does is transmit the same packet with random data many times.
    3.   Source code has been cleaned up.
Version 1.13
    1.  Added vender id and device id labels in "sromutil -d".
    2.  Fixed Phy loopback CRC bug.

Version 1.12
    1.  In sromutil cmd, -m option will no longer take device ID as input.  User should not change device ID.
    2.  EEPROM program from bin file.
    3.  User will be able to program the srom and Mac address from the command
		>b44diag -e b44kia -c 0 -f eeprom.bin -fmac macaddr.txt -b 3 -T abc

		-e: enter engineering mode.
		-c: card select
		-f: program srom with eeprom.bin. Basic information will be loaded to the srom. Error if file name missing.
		-fmac: program MAC address from Mac address file. Only Mac address will be updated.  Error if file name missing.
		-b: enable 64KB Boot Rom. 0 = disable; 1 = 16KB, 2 = 32KB, 3 = 64KB, 4 = 128KB.  Boot Rom status will remain unchanged if -b option is not entered.
		-T: enable Test Group A, B and C.

Mac address programming option:
In stead of entering -fmac option, Mac address in the srom can also be
programmed by entering either -m and -mac options.
By entering -m option, user will be asked to enter Mac address.  In order to
use -mac option, user need to provide the Mac address after entering -mac
Example: b44diag -e b44kia -c 0 -f eeprom.bin -mac 001018112240 -b 3 -T abc
Version 1.11
    1. -b option in sromutil cmd no longer need to be used along wiht -m option.  -b option values had also been changed.  
	0=16KB, 1=32KB, 2=64KB, 3=128KB
	0=Disable, 1=16KB, 2=32KB, 3=64KB, 4=128KB
    2. Fixed a bug in blast -t. Mac duplex mode will be set according to Phy duplex mode state.
    3. Fixed a bug in loopback test.  Software counters will be updated before on-chip counters overflow. 
    4. In loopback test, packet counters had been replace to a 32 bit counter.

Version 1.10
    1. No longer use DOS4GW.exe, instead,DOS extended memory will be used.
    2. Reduced wait time in link_test.
    3. Reduced number of trail in led_test.
    4. Removed unused code.
    5. Reduce total tests time to 22s.(loaded from hard drive) 
Version 1.09
    1. Added -fmac option to program MAC address from file.  It works the same way as in b57diag.
    2. Reduced total tests (ABC) time to less than 20s.
    3. Enabled tx packets with maxinum data packet size at wire rate.
    4. Enabled rx packets with maxinum data packet size with min ipg from data source.
    5. Enabled host loop back maxinum data packet size with at lease 14.6 usec ipg.
    6. Improved blast performance. 
    7. Packet counts in loop back test has been increase from 200 to 2000.
    8. In engineering mode, loop back test max packet count and pattern can be programmed.
    9. In engineering mode, pattern for blast tx can be programmed.
Version 1.08
    1. Version format has been changed to x.xx.
    2. Added Error codes.
    3. In manufacturing mode, external loopback test has been separated to 2 tests, C3 and C4.  C3 is 100BT and C4 is 10BT. 
    4. Support manufacturing loop (-n) option.
    5. Fixed bug in continuously prompting for mac address.
    6. Enabled -mac option
    7.Changed password to b44kia.
    8. Fixed bug in loop command.
    9. phyctrl command will display link status if no option entered.
    10. loopback test packet size increase to 1514 bytes (cl4xsb.c)
    11. Renamed to b44diag.exe

Version 1.07
    1. Renamed to  b44ediag.exe
    2. Allow user to input Eeprom file name with -z.

Version 1.06
    1. Added External loopback test for 100 and 10 BT.
    2. C3 External loopback test will include 100 and 10BT.
    3. Sromutil '-f' option must be used along wiht '-d' option instead of along wiht '-m' option.  With '-d -f' option,
       srom image will be dump to the screen, eeprom.bin and eeprom.txt.
    4. Counters displace has been modified.
    5. blast default packet length is set to 64 bytes.  
Version 1.05
    1. Modified loopback test to tx 200 packets with 1000 bytes size.
    2. Added External loopback test support.
    3. Include external loopback test as Group C Test #3.  It is disabled by default.
Version 1.04
    1. Added blast traffic support.
    2. Added eeprom programing in both manufacturing mode and engineering mode.
    3. Clean up unused functions.
    4. Added Phy control support.
Version 1.02
    1. Added sromutil.
    2. Clean up more.
Version 1.01:
    1. Reduce Size.
    2. support do funciton.
    3. Clean up unsupported functions.
    4. Fixed help cmd.

Version 1.00:
    1. Initial release.

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