release.txt Driver File Contents (

            Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Adapter for 
            .NET, WindowsXP, Windows 2000, Windows NT4.0 
        Cable Management Dynamic Linked Library (DLL) Module
                          Release Notes

                          Aug 20, 2002
  Copyright(c) 2001, Broadcom Corporation, All Rights Reserved
Changes in ver 0.22
Fixed return cable loss bug for BCM5704.

Changes in ver 0.21
Added support for BCM5705

Changes in ver 0.20
Added support for TT mode in BCM5704.

Changes in ver 0.19
Added detailed information to diagnose cable failures 
especially with the Ethernet@WireSpeed feature.

Changes in ver 0.18
Added support for BCM5704.

Changes in ver 0.17
Added support for BCM5703/02.

Changes in ver 0.16
Modified BMAPI.DLL version check to work with the latest 
version of the BMAPI.

Changes in ver 0.15
-Rebuilt files to use the latest bmapi.h file to fix the 
 version check issue.

Changes in ver 0.14
-Supports BCM5701 based NIC.

Changes in ver 0.13
-Modified to support bmapi.dll v1.32.  Supports BCM5700 only.

Changes in ver 0.12:
-Added support for BCM5701.

Changes in ver 0.11:
-Added interface function to set phy in autoneg/f1000 modes.
 This is needed so broken cable distance will work properly
 when there is a switch over of a different cable.

Changes in ver 0.10:
-Modified some API funtion declarations to return more

Changes in ver 0.09:
-Removed checking for BMAPI physical card handle since BMAPI
 has verified the handle validity.
-Added broken cable distance calculation.
-This version works with BASCS control suite v1.25 or newer.

Changes in ver 0.08:
-Fixed the pair polarity change problem.  Pair polarity test  
 determines the cable pair polarity for straight CAT5 cable.
Changes in ver 0.07:
-Software work around to reverse the pair polarity value for 
 wire map because BCM5700 NIC board has it reversed on board 
 rev16 and older.

Changes in ver 0.06:
-Modified wiremap polarity reading to read back the raw values.
 Previous polarity values were intepreted based on the local
 MDIX setting.
-The pair swap values which determine a straight/crossed cable
 based on A<->B and C<->D pairs will not return reliable values 
 because remote gigabit PHY's MDIX setting can not be obtained
 to realistically determine the cable pair swapping condition.
 Local MDIX plus other MII registers information are not 
 sufficient to determine the pair swap information.

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