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                           Broadcom Corporation
                           16215 Alton Parkway,
                          Irvine, CA 92619-7013
                              Release Notes
                     Broadcom Advanced Control Suite
                            January 03, 2003

Table of Contents

  Revision History
Broadcom Advanced Control Suite(BACS) is an application that contains
a set of utilities supporting diagnostics and monitoring for B57XX
network adapters.

BACS runs under Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, 
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows .NET32, and Windows .NET64.

Intermediate driver installation (require for diagnostics):

Please note:
   fad.sys is required for 570X adapters.
   bcm42xhw.vxd is required for 440X adapters on Windows 98SE and Windows ME.

Install fad.sys for Windows 98SE and Windows ME:
   - Make sure network adapters are installed and configured properly.
   - Right click on 'Network Neighborhood' and select 'Properties'
   - Click 'Add' button.
   - Select 'Protocol' and click 'Add'.
   - Click 'Have Disk...'.
   - Choose the path that has system\drivers\fad9x.inf file.
   - Follow the instruction on each pop up dialog box to install Broadcom Frame Access Driver.
   - Restart machine.

InstallShield setup program will install bcm42xhw file.

From Control Panel (Start->Setting->Control Panel ), you should see a Broadcom NetXtreme
Gigabit Ethernet icon.  Double click the Broadcom icon to launch BACS.

Revision History

bacs_v3.18 (01/03/03)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.13 or above)
  Comply with the latest PCIID list.  
  Fix support dialog tranlation issue in Simplified Chinese.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  6489:  Add HP 5782 as supported teaming adapter list
  6498:  Popup menu of Control Suite tray icon has duplicate terms
  6520:  In Vital Sign, mouse cursor remains hour glass when move down 
         the list of installed adapters using keybroad
  6536:  Custom statistics shows 0

bacs_v3.17 (12/23/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.13 or above)
  6522:  Adapter list in Diagnostic does not correspond to the list in Vital Signs

bacs_v3.16 (12/17/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.13 or above)
  Fix truncated text and translated issues for localization.

bacs_v3.15 (12/13/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.13 or above)
  Fix hot keys and truncated text for localization.
  Improve keyboard support
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  6405:  5702A3 is recognized as a 5830 A3 in vital signs
  6406:  Supported Team list does not list correct product name

bacs_v3.14 (12/04/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.13 or above)
  Fix the exception error when set the application focus after created a team on Windows XP.

bacs_v3.13 (12/03/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.13 or above)
  Automatically select the first adapter from the list when users select tab.
  Add 'Create VLAN' button in Load Balance/Virtual VLAN Tab
  Fix French, Italian, and Japanese localization issues.

bacs_v3.12 (11/27/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.13 or above)
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
   666:  BASCS - can not be fully operated from the keyboard
  5703:  W2K: After creating a team in Control Suite, Window is no longer highlighted 
  6223:  W2K: No keyboard access for toggling between team types in control suite  
  6241:  Duplicate hot keys

bacs_v3.11 (11/21/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.13 or above)
  Fixed Localization.

bacs_v3.10 (11/11/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.13 or above)
  Remove Turbo Teaming Configuration
  Display correct driver status and diagnostic status when PHY is off.

bacs_v3.09 (11/01/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.11 or above)
  Fixed localization issues in Japan and French
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  5816:  Cannot configure turbo team when at least one interface of several 5704A0 is disabled.
  5893:  Do no allow turbo team to be configured when the 2nd port of 5704 is enabled for WOL/PXE
  5949:  5705M: BACS reports 5705M silicon to be 5725 A0 device

bacs_v3.08 (10/16/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.9 or above)  
  Support Turbo Teaming
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  4787:  Add a message prompt in BACS when the BRCM adapter settings/configurations are 
         modified in Network Properties which may affect.
  4979:  Change status message in the Network Test to say "A valid IP address is required" 
         when the default IP address is test.
  5567:  Vital Signs in Control Suite does not display the IP address of a turbo team.
  5598:  Statistics in Load Balance/Virtial Lan tab of BACS does not support turbo team.

bacs_v3.07 (10/02/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.7 or above)  
  Support BCM5704S.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  5596:  Custom statistics counter for 5705 in BACS does not increment

bacs_v3.06 (09/24/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.7 or above)  
  Support new BCM5705MFE device id.

bacs_v3.05 (09/23/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.0 or above)  
  Fixed BCM5705 FE support.

bacs_v3.04 (09/23/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.0 or above)  
  Not display BCM5702 FE, BCM5705 FE, and BCM5901 in Cable Analysis tab.
  Support BCM5705 FE in Vital Sign.
  Not show Gigabit LEDs on Vital Sign for BCM5702 FE, BCM5705 FE, and BCM5901.

bacs_v3.03 (09/09/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.0 or above)  
  Fixed Brazilian, French, Italian, and Spanish translation issues.

bacs_v3.02 (08/28/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.0 or above)  
  Fixed Korean, Thai, Japanese and Spanish localization issues.

bacs_v3.01 (08/09/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 3.0.0 or above)  
- BCM5705 supported
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  4410:  Should remove the custom statistic tab in BACS for 4401.
  5050:  Shows 5705 as a 5715

bacs_v3.00 (08/02/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.22 or above)
  Localized Network Test tab and the latest Cable Analysis error messages.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  4936:  Recommend deleting redudant BACS Cable Diag messages

bacs_v2.41 (07/29/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.22 or above)
  Compliance with the latest PCIID list.  

bacs_v2.40 (07/22/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.22 or above)
  Display more information on Status field when Network Test passed.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  4731:  BACS window automatically closes itself.  

bacs_v2.39 (07/10/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.22 or above)
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  4356:  4401/5702 Contr Panel GUIdiags Title does not agree with Start Prog Title 
  4669:  The status of the network test displays "No response received" even though the test Pass
  4670:  No adapters would intermittently appear in the Available Adapters list in the Network Tab even though the adapters are shown 
  4701:  4401/5702: BACS Network Test should display ip address 

bacs_v2.38 (07/01/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.22 or above)
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  4580:  Network Test in BACS should not display Pass when test on Netbeui or IPX protocol.
  4581:  Network Test should not display "Pass" when the adapter is configured to be on a different subnet than the network.  
  4582:  Rephrase "Can not retrieve link status".  Cannot should be one word. 
  4637:  Gigabit status lights appear after pressing refresh

bacs_v2.37 (06/21/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.22 or above)
  Modify error message for Cable Analysis.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  4261:  Requires a Network Test in BACS.

bacs_v2.36 (06/14/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.19 or above and CABW32 version 0.19 or above)
  Will not show Gigabit Transmit & Gigabit Receive LEDs if BCM440X is selected.
  Add new error messages for Cable Analysis.

bacs_v2.35 (06/04/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.19 or above.)
  Display driver file name and date on Vital Sign tab.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  4164:  The cable analysis test is only valid for the 570X and gigabit

bacs_v2.34 (05/23/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.19 or above.)
  Compliance with the latest PCIID list.

bacs_v2.33 (05/21/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.19 or above.)
  Compliance with the latest PCIID list.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  4199:  Help box messages not consistent in BACS

bacs_v2.32 (05/13/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.19 or above.)
  Updated .chm help file.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:
  3889:  Change copyright year from 2001 to 2002 in BACS
  3930:  Change VLAN ID range on BACS  

bacs_v2.31 (04/17/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.19 or above.)
  Enhanced GUI on Load Balance/Virtual Lan tab.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  3890:  BASC does not show the virtual adapter (added feature) in BACS 2.30, if you create the team in BASP.
  3891:  The virtual adapter created under a team (new feature) should not mention that it's a VLAN 0.
  3892:  When you try to create a VLAN 0, BACS will not let you.
  3893:  Cannot add 3rd party supported adapter to a team
  3918:  Unable to create VLAN's without first selecting a team. 
  3919:  Unable to team with third party adapters under Windows XP

bacs_v2.30 (04/08/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.19 or above.)
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  2146:  IP Address in BASCS v2.08 does not refresh.
  2307:  Advanced Server Control suite should show Virtual NIC info.
  3416:  Broadcom Control Suite displays static IP addresses after a team is created.
  3810:  W2K, .Net and NT4 Diag Tests with BASCS require a special selection order.  

bacs_v2.29 (04/02/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.18 or above.)
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  3111:  BASCS release notes does not include .NET32 and .NET64
  3542:  570X adapters are intermittently displayed in the Diagnostic tab when the adapters are disabled.
  3731:  Cable Diagnostics test on Asante FriendlyNet GX4-800 will intermittently display 
         "Status: c7: Intermittent link, marginal SNR
  3794:  TX / RX Leds not working on the Control Suite
  3805:  W2K_AS: Change window size of "Installed Adpaters" in Broadcom Control Suite. 

bacs_v2.28 (03/26/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.18 or above.)
  Disable the Test buttons in Cable Length and Frequency tabs when end users come back from another tabs.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  3703:  No network connection after running Cable Analysis test

bacs_v2.27 (03/21/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.18 or above.)
  Compliance with the latest PCIID list.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  2799:  Gigabit Transmit & Gigabit Receive LED in Vital Signs intermittently turns on and off
  3686:  After installing Control Suite in 98 and Me, the font in the program is foreign characters.

bacs_v2.26 (03/19/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.16 or above.)
- Rename BASCS to BACS.  There is only one Broadcom Advanced Control Suite now for both Desktop
  and Server.
- Teaming support on all Windows W2K, all Windows XP except Home Edition, and Windows NT Server.
- Will not display a warning message if BASP is not installed on support OSes.

bacs_v2.25 (02/28/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.14 or above.)
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  3281:  4401-4402 Broadcom Control Suite Failure during MAC-Loopback Test
  3376:  New VID 16A6 for 5702 in BACS shows bcm5798

bacs_v2.24 (02/19/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.12 or above.)
- Modify all BCM4401/4402 information to BCM440X
- Add localization support.

bacs_v2.23 (02/08/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.9 or above.)
- Diagnostics tab supports BCM4401/4402 adapters.

bacs_v2.22 (01/16/02)
  (Require BMAPI version 2.2.6 or above.)
- Add a new Firmware Version on Vital Sign tab.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  2769:  Cable analysis test could not be run on 5703
  2775:  Cable analysis test does not populate data for both Frequency and Length
  2797:  BACS Shortcut Tray disappears after rebooting the system

bacs_v2.21 (12/20/01)
- Fixed Cable Analysis and EEPROM diagnostic test.

bacs_v2.20 (12/20/01)
- Add a new ASIC Version field on Vital Sign tab.

bacs_v2.19 (12/13/01)
- Add Enable Tray Icon option on Vital Sign tab.
- Allow to start BACS from Start->Program with ControlSuite.exe program.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  2426:  Update the release.txt file.

bacs_v2.13 (09/13/01)
- Statistics Tab supports 64-bit counters.
- Support PCI-X 50MHZ and 100MHZ slots.
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  2042:  no help file in BACS
  2321:  BACS v2.06 does not report correct info in PCI Bus Mode field

bacs_v2.06 (07/14/01)
- Support Whistler 64-bit version.
- Add Test LED to Diagnostics tab.
- Identify between copper and fiber adapter in Vital Sign tab.
- Support multiple lines tooltip.

bacs_v2.05 (07/08/01)
- Resolved ClearQuest ID:  
  1892:  Unfriendly error when running BACS on W2kServer & W2kProf  

bacs_v2.04 (06/28/01)
- First desktop version release.

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