Revision.txt Driver File Contents (Delta_wdm_510027.EXE)

Driver Package File Name: Delta_wdm_510027.EXE
File Size: 809.6 KB

Delta/RPC-1 series WDM driver revision history 

Ver:  Date: 04/11/2002

1. Virtual 6.1/7.1 levels fixed

2. Bypass front label changed 

3. AC3 consumer mode bit and Panel readback fixed

4. Filter support for 1010 & 1010LT added

Ver:   Date: 04/03/2002

1. Virtual 6.1 added

2. Bypass front filters added

3. reversed arrow key function in control panel fixed

4. Phantom center LP filters fixed

5. Lost sub output below -35dB fixed

6. LFE +10dB boost switch added

7. Master mute switch added

8. Systray applet uninstall fixed

Ver:   Date: 03/15/2002

1. Fixed rerouted center volume

2. Removed SRS

Ver:   Date: 03/11/2002

1. PCM Limit changed to -15dB

2. fixed default settings for odd numbered channel volume sliders

3. Renamed simulated 7.1 switch 

Ver:   Date: 03/08/2002

1. Sys Tray startup app added

2. routing from LS/RS to LRS/RRS added

3. routing Sub to L/R added (enabled if sub muted and L/R filter off)

Ver:   Date: 03/07/2002

1. Removed manifest file for W2k compatibility

2. revised "pop noise" fix code 

3. added button for use of default buffer size in MME apps

4. added -19dB PCM Limit switch

5. changed default output level for Theater to -10dB

6. increased sub channel default volume by 3 dB

7. rerouting center to L/R and LRS/RRS to LS/RS if muted

8. included SRS TruSurround for AudioPhile and Theater 

9. Panel remembers last tab used 

10.removed Bass management for others than Theater

Ver:   Date: 02/20/2002

1. Sub channel volume control added 

2. AC3 logic revised

3. 24 Bit in 3 Byte container support added

4. ASIO crash when changing buffer sizes in Reaktor fixed

5. Added manifest file to enable XP style Control Panel

Ver:   Date: 02/13/2002

1. Bass management LP filters revised 

2. Pop noise on startup fixed

Ver:   Date: 02/07/2002

1. Bass management system issues fixed

2. Delay option added

Ver:   Date: 02/05/2002

1. Bass management system added

Ver:   Date: 12/04/2001

1. fixed distorted audio after stand by mode

2. fixed driver settings sometimes not stored on system shutdown 

Ver:   Date: 11/16/2001

1. Changed driver buffer size logic from ms per buffer to samples per buffer

2. fixed a bug in previous ASIO improvment 

3. Click/pop noise at startup of playing silence fixed

4. fixed ASIO set samplerate while running

Ver:   Date: 11/02/2001

1. SONAR disappearing inputs with multiple cards fixed (by changing port names)

2. Nuendo ASIO performance improved 

3. SVID check 

Ver:   Date: 10/21/2001

1. Multichannel only version for use with SONAR

Ver:   Date: 10/19/2001

1. Low latency settings under Sonar/XP freeze PC fixed

2. Playback starts to crackle on VIA MOBOs after some time fixed

Ver:   Date: 10/16/2001

1. Added support for Delta 1010LT

2. Changed version number according to MS specs 

Ver:   Date: 08/30/2001

1. Fixed BSOD when starting Control Panel

Ver:   Date: 08/28/2001

1. Added support for Delta-410

2. Modified digital filters: no more crackles but output latency will be doubled when filters are enabled  

3. Removed resync code for VIA chipsets

Ver:   Date: 08/17/2001

1. Fixed Delta RBUS Control Panel Sync source selection

2. Fixed non working reenabling of TDIF, RBUS, DiO via Device Manager 

3. Fixed ASIO card index enumeration (caused crashes of ASIO Driver when resetting)

Ver:   Date: 07/30/2001

1. Added support for DeltaRBUS

2. Modified digital filters to improve S/N ratio

Ver:   Date: 07/19/2001

1. Added digital filters to test doability of software implementation 
2. changed back to old MIDI code due to user problems 

3. Added resync code for VIA chipsets to avoid rec and play DMA loosing sync

Ver:   Date: 06/1/2001

1. MIDI code rewritten for improved performance 

2. GSIF distortion with more than 19ms latency at 96kHz fixed

Ver:   Date: 05/29/2001

1. Fixed multicard S/PDIF sync 

Ver:   Date: 05/18/2001

1. Removed GSIF patch to keep interrupt rate below 256 samples after request from Nemesys. 
Please note that current beta ver 2.2.37 seems to be broken again. Nemesys is working on this. 

2. Enabled MultiTrack sync settings. 

Note: to avoid slipping of track sync in Cakewalk 9 please set playback/record Timing master 
to last port used (for example if you're using channels 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 set 5/6 as Timing Master)

Ver:   Date: 05/15/2001

1. Various Multiclient bugfixes

2. ASIO/EASI Multicard support in kernel mode (now sample accurate)

3. Gigastudio 2.2 and up support (you can get Gigastudio 2.2 as update from
the Nemesys website) under WinME

4. Hibernate + Standby support

Issues: No system mixer under WinME

Ver:   Date: 05/04/2001

1. Rejecting all sample rates below 32kHz on Delta TDIF (since this is WDM those 
rates will still be available to the user but will go to the driver resampled to 
44.1kHz by kmixer). 

2. ASIO/EASI unsupported sample rates could be set fixed

3. Unable to set TDIF sync in Control Panel fixed

Ver:   Date: 05/02/2001

1. Modified setting rules for bit0 and bit1 of the external register:

	FS0 (bit 0)	FS1 (bit1)	Sample frequency
	0		0		48/96 kHz
	1		0		44.1/22/11/8 kHz
	0		1		32 kHz
	1		1		never 

Ver:   Date: 04/30/2001

1. Copying of audio signal from channel 1,2 to channel 7,8 by kmixer fixed (by returning 
channel mask = 0). Under W9x copying can't be avoided.
2. ControlPanel Logos changed from 24Bit truecolor to 256Bit indexed color to save download 
time (from 915kB to 400kB)

Ver:   Date: 04/26/2001

1. Include support for Delta TDIF

2. control panel ver 1.02.02

3. modified sample rate set routine to minimize clicks

3. improved nuendo performance

4. ASIO I/O channel names as in VxD driver
5. ASIO direct monitoring fixed

6. EASI direct monitoring enabled

7. automatic configuration of routing and mute when AC3 to S/PDIF streams
  are played
  (no manual settings of the control panel needed), automatic resetting to
  prior state afterwards

8. rate locked state not saved fixed

Ver:   Date: 04/12/2001

1. This is an internal test version for W2k only. It is not throughoutly tested! Under 
WinME the system mixer is broken: You'll be able to install and run the drivers but you 
can't access the system mixer/volume sliders. 

2. Multi stereo I/O: in addition to the Multichannel interface the driver exposes stereo 
interfaces like "1/2 Delta-1010","S/PDIF Delta-1010". Due to the 10 device limit in W2k 
only the first 10 devices will show up in any MME application. 

3. Control Panel ver 1.02.02 like in Dougs newest driver set.

4. True Multiclient support: ASIO/EASI and WDM ports can be opened simultaneously. If the 
same out channel is used with ASIO and WDM, sounds get digitally mixed in the driver. 
Input channel signals are distributed to both apps. In the Control panel you can now only 
select common latency in terms of ms. The buffersize for ASIO/EASI is calculated using 
the currently selected samplerate. If you change the samplerate inside the asio-application,
the latency will no more match the value set in the panel. 

5. Delta TDIF support: The latest TDIF startup code (ver: ftdif03d.bit) is included in 
the delta.sys binary to keep the driver OS independant. This version is intended to test 
the TDIF-Bus functionality. SPDIF/Analog monitoring is working but i get loud click 
sounds when opening the Control Panel, have to look at this further. 

Ver:   Date: 03/21/2001

1. New RPC-1 Icons 

2. New RPC-1 default settings: Rate Locked; don't Reset Rate when Idle; Disable Control 
of the monitor Mixer: N/A. All settings apply only to Roland RPC-1 and only on new install 
or when unloading driver prior to updating. 

3. Master Clock options changed to Int.Clock/Ext.Clock

4. ASIO/EASI driver names changed to R-BUS In # RolandRPC-1 and R-BUS # RolandRPC-1 

Ver:   Date: 03/02/2001 

1. random IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL with ASIO and WDM fixed

2. Delta Driver not working with >256MB main memory on W9x fixed

3. Delta Driver returns channel mask !=0

4. Wave buffersize adjustable in control panel, keep at 10ms unless you're using KS 
streaming app  

5. 44.1kHz default rate

6. full support for ASIO direct monitoring 

7. New M Audio logo

Ver: 5.12.0001.8   Date: 02/27/2001 

1. MIDI I/O enabled for RPC-1

2. RPC-1 Control panel changed according to Roland wishes

3. RPC-1 Driver not working with >256MB main memory on W9x fixed

3. RPC-1 Driver returns channel mask !=0, see mail [Forge 5, Win2000, and the Delta] from 
Peter Haller

4. RPC-1 Wave buffersize adjustable in control panel, keep at 10ms unless you're using 
KS streaming app  

5. RPC-1 44.1kHz default rate

Ver: 5.12.0001.7   Date: 02/01/2001

1. Roland RPC-1 version of ver (MIDI disabled)

2. To test MIDI (only with fixed RPC-1!) rename rpc1including MIDI.sys to rpc1.sys and 
copy to winnt\system32\drivers after installing the normal driver

Ver: 5.12.0001.6   Date: 01/04/2001

1. Click sound on start/stop (with Reset Rate when Idle unchecked) removed

2. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen with ASIO on dual proc. systems fixed

3. Shutdown bug with multiple deltas fixed

4. DX8 Grapher Media seeking crash fixed

5. Channel order for multichannel WDM recording (Sonar) rearranged, now 
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,SPDIF/l, SPDIF/r, Mixer/l, Mixer/r
with waveAPI, default recording device is digital mixer

6. PAGE_FAULT with MS WHQL Testsuite fixed 

Ver: 5.12.0001.5   Date: 12/08/2000

1. Cubase ASIO Fatal Error fixed

2. > 48kHz on Delta 1010, Delta DiO fixed

3. Nuendo No ASIO driver error fixed

4. PowerDVD looped sound when paused pause

5. AC3 to SPDIF playback startup after FF or pause problems (scattered audio) fixed  

Ver: 5.12.0001.4   Date: 12/02/2000

1. ASIO/EASI max. buffersize changed to 2700

2. ASIO/EASI multicard support ASIO doesn't support sync source selection any more (has 
to be set for each card in control panel)

3. AC3 to SPDIF out support (currently only for WinME, W2k with servicepack 2 (Q1/2001) 
W98SE with servicepack ? (Q1/2001) ) 

4. Audiophile SPDIF out >48 kHz fixed

Ver: 5.12.0001.3   Date: 10/26/2000

1. ASIO channel assignment with Nuendo fixed

2. Digital Mixer is now default input channel in WDM applications. In
this way users can select the input source using the Controlpanel's

Ver: 5.12.0001.2   Date: 10/05/2000

1. EASI support
2. ASIO supports sync source selection

Ver: 5.12.0001.1   Date: 09/15/2000

1. Buffer handling in WDM streaming optimized for WDM applications calling
for nonstandard buffer sizes (->VegasWDM)

2. Included ASIO support (at the moment no multicard support, only the first
installed Delta will be visible for ASIO applications) for all OS
server: web1, load: 1.08