revision.txt Driver File Contents (

Version Information
RtsUVCDriver (Alpha)  
    Driver  10.0.10240.11169

Silent Installation Command 
Run "setup.exe /s /f2<path\LogFile>"
i.e. setup.exe /s /f2c:\mylog.log

Silent Uninstallation Command
Run "setup.exe /removeonly /s /f1<path\usetup.iss> /f2<path\LogFile>"
i.e. setup.exe /removeonly /s /f1c:\usetup.iss /f2c:\mylog.log

Support Languages
Arabic, Arabic Lebanon, Arabic Saudi Arabia
Basque, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Catalan
Chinese-Traditional-HK, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional-TW
Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch
English, English-Euro, Estonian, Finnish
French, French/Canadian, German, Greek
Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian
Japanese, Korean, Latvian
Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese
Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian
Spanish, Swedish, Thai
Turkish, Ukrainian 

Change Histroy
1. add new device id 0bda/0714 and 174F/240C for custumer

1. fix delete WindowsHello registry bug.

1. add new device id 2232|1081 and 04ca|7064 for customer.

1. Remove RGB24 for acer
2. add new device id 04F2|B5A4 for customer.

1.Modify camera feature for device id VID_13D3&PID_5618.
2.Add 5986|110C	& 5986|110D & 04F2|B5A2 ids for customer devices.
3.Fix BSOD in WHCK test.

1.Add vidpid=5986|110F & 5986|110E for customer devices.
2.Add vid=174F & pid=1774|240A|240B for customer devices.
3.Fix TNR problems.

1.Update device id.

1.Add new devices.

1.Update RtsCM and RtCamX
2.Add new devices.

1.Add new devicss for General SUB_CLASS10
2.Add new devices for Lenovo shanghai

1.Add new devices.
2.Add TNRMode registry.

1.Add new devices.

1.Add new devices
2.Hide IR camera for IR only (sub_class8) camera.

1. Fix install package Ms VCRuntime dll readonly problem.
2. Remove vidpid=04F2/B58F

1.Fix 05c8|0700 Extended zoom problem.
2.Fix RsProvider dll problem.

1.Fix BSOD 0x0A happened with acer rotate.
2.Add new devices.

1.Add rts5847 IR camera without GetIRRes command

1.Fix rotation bug when take a snap then rotation didn't work.
2.Fix BSOD when run HLK IAMVideoControl test.

1.VTIC 720p test driver.

1.Add new devices.

1.Add new devices
2.Fix white balance setting step error cause HLK fail.

1.Fix whiteBalance HLK test fail problem.
2.Fix DeleteMFT0 caused HLK test fail.

1.Add Sub_Class4 for Genreal_Class to add PhotoPin

1.Fix Fuji Camera Exposure range not match problem.
2.Add new devces.
3.Restore checking only one vidpid when insert vidpid for new deives.

1.Fix BSOD 0x3b caused by rotation ioctl.
2.add new devices for LeSHA.
3.Fix BSOD caused by VSDescriptor init when plug in H264 usb camera.

1.Add IR Mjpeg 60FPS support.
2.Remove 90 degree rotate.
3.Remove DeleteWindwosHello Registry.

1.Add 0bda|0391 for bulk usb camera.
2.Delete rotate 90 for HP Consumer Camera.

1.Add new IR+RGB device.
2.Fix BSOD when driver verifier on bulk usb camera.

1.Remove IR Increase for Rts5847
2.Fix Rts5847 may delete WindowsHello registry problem.

1.Remove Lenovo from inf for lenovo shanghai
2.Restore Mjpeg IR Camera to YUY2 IR.
3.Add new devices.

1.fix USB bulk camera Frame broken probem caused by workitem processing order.
2.add RAW10_2_RGB24 in RtsUVC.h to convert Raw10 format.

1.fix IR mjpeg cannot preview problem.
2.add IR camera judgement use IRMode vendor command.

1.Add new IR devices
2.Add windows hello registry for IR Camera on windows10 x64.
3.fix rotation app handle problems

1.fix rts5847 IR+RGB Vendor IR Slave Command fail problem.
2.add new IR device for HP

1.Add new device id for lenovo shanghai.

1.Close IR camera FPS increase
2.Close Hide IR camera to help debug.

1.add some new device
2.add HideIRCamera variable to fix IR camera category effect RGB cmaera category bug.

1.add some new device
2.add support for rts5847 RGB+IR camera

Update driver version for release new iFrameProvider

1.patch for rts5847, which will product interlaced mjepg frame data.

1.change power manager , try to fix s4 resume no preview problem.

1. add WhiteBalanceMode extended control
2. add new device
3. try to fix RGB & IR with different interval.

1. Fix RtLeBA.inf rsprovider coinstaller problem.

1. Fix color enable restore problem.

1. Fix intel u3 host BSOD 0xD1 SS bug.
2. Modify Hp IR camera to Sensor Category.

1. Fix skype rotation problem on win10 platform.

1. Add StopIntterupUrb in SelectiveSuspend to avoid BSOD 0xD1 happend in SS.
2. Delete TestMode=1 to avoid HLK test failure.
3. Add some new devices.

1. Fix 04F2|B56A IR camera to FPS increase.
2. Add new RsProvider and RtsCM and Coinstaller

1. Fix BSOD happened in Remove or SupriseRemove when pnpPostStart is not done.
2. Add B572 for Le Sh VGA
3. Change Le Bj AIO to RtLeBA.inf for Rotation img

1. Change Lenovo Beijing AIO to RtLeBA.inf

1. Add new device for asus and acer

1. Move release powermgr to pnpstop and enlarge log size.

1. Add new device support.
2. Add 5806 IR Camera 420*420 FPS double.

1. Add new device support.
2. Fix SceneMode HLK fail.
3. Cancel Report IR Category for HP.
1. Fix Hp HLK photo sequence test fail
2. Delete photo pin for all Lenovo Japan class.

1. Fix Hp RGB camera 05C8/038B Subclass problem.

1. Add Lenovo Beijing AIO devices.
2. Add Hp IR camera VID/PID 05C8/038B

1. Separate HP TNR parameters.
2. Update coinstaller.
3. Update RTFTrack.
4. Update RtsCM.

1. Map Jpeg to YUY2 for Win10 photo pin.

1. Change IR control.

1. Support for multi-interface camera.
2. Tune the TNR parameters for HP.

1. Fix RsProvider copy bug.
2. Fix flash control bug.
3. Change IR control.

1. Add new device support.
2. Change IR control.
3. Update TNR.

1. Fix stop preview bug.
2. Clean up registries and files after uninstall.
3. Fix bulk transfer bug.

1. Add new device support.
2. Add IR provider.

1. Add new device support.
2. Fix can't work with QQ property page bug.
3. Fix 4:3 preview gabage with intel VGA driver.

1. Add new device support.
2. Add ACER proerty.
3. Fix some HLK test fail item.

1. Add new device support.
2. Add ISO back for Toshiba.
3. Fix Win7/WIn8.1 HCK test fail cause by 11101.

1. Add new device support.
2. Fix some failed HLK test items.

1. Add new device support.
2. Remap exposure for Fuji.
3. Fix some failed HLK test items.
4. Turn off ISO for Toshiba.

1. Update TNR algorithm.
2. Add ne device support.

1. Update RTFTrack for VTIC.
2. Do not check exists frame for YUY only.

1. Support VTIC UI.
2. Fix fps bug.
3. Add new device support.

1. Fix FriendlyName bug.

1. Fix compatible bug with vendor VGA driver.
2. Fix frame latency bug cause by IR FPS increase.
3. Separate NEC inf.
4. Add new device support.

1. Fix device and manufacture name bug.
2. Fix face AE bug.
3. Change HP TNR turn on FPS to 18.

1. Add new device support.
2. Optimize power control.

1. Fix ESD hang.
2. Fix Lenovo TNR bug.
3. Fix Lenovo resolution bug.
4. Add RotateBase control.
5. Add new device support.

1. Fix Lenovo TNR bug.
2. Fix vendor preview bug.

1. Turn inf files back.

1. Update TNR algorithm.
2. Add new format mapping.
3. Fix two camera rotation bug.

1. Add new device support.
2. Add crop function.
3. Add still pin format filter.

1. Fix property page bug in Win10.

1. Remove all reg write in inf.
2. Add FaceAE device.
3. Fix rotation issue with metro app in win10.
4. Add property mapping for Lenovo.
5. Add new device support.

1. Fix AIO UI bug.
2. Add VTIC.
3. Add new device support.
4. Add range check for property control.

1. Add new device support.
2. Fix get Win10 version bug.
3. Support Lite-on manufacture name.
4. Fix peek frame bug.

1. Add new device support.
2. Fix CPU extra loading bug.

1. Add new device support.

1. Add new device support.

1. Add new device support.
2. Add pan/tilt/zoom for Fuji.
3. Wait power irp finish in pnpremove.

1. Turn off property reset if no photo pin.

1. Add new device support.
2. Disable RGB24 for HP.
3. Fix flip bug.

1. Add new device support.

1. Add new device support.

1. Add new device support.

1. Add new device support.

1. Add new device support.

1. Fix register GetColorTemperature Interface bug.

1. Change NoRotation configuration place.
2. Add new device for HP.
3. Fix full speed and black image bug.

1. Read rotation configuration everytime in rotation cmd.

1. Fix rotation turn back bug.

1. Add rotation control for LeJ.
2. Change manufacture name for DMAX-AVC.

1. Add new device.
2. Change TNR turn on fps to 7.5.
3. Fix some FrameShare bugs.

1. Fix FrameShare bug.

1. Add new device.
2. Add fps config for TNR.

1. Add support to new device.
2. Optimize TNR.

1. Update RtCameraMan.

1. Fix get LowLight default value bug.

1. Add some customized settings
2. Fix FSOD issue for pnp test

1. Fix dirver unload bug.

1. Convert to YUY2 for frameshare.
2. Update TNR.

1. Fix bugs when formats too many.

1. Add restart marker checker.
2. Add NV12.
3. Add mirror flip UI for FJ.
4. Add VideoInfo2.
5. Add Dell devices.
6. Add more check for driver release.

1. Remove ntoskrnl.lib for win7.

1. Fix still capture bug.
2. Change jpeg encode.

1. Update RtsCM.

1. Adjust the order of MirrorFlip and privacy control.

1. Fix restore bug.

1. Disable exif for all.
2. Add color enable vendor cmd.

1. Reset led in pnp remove.
2. Disable Exif for still method 1.
3. Disable Powerline 0 for lenovo vga case.

1. Add default altnate setting.

1. Support more devices.
2. Differentiate burst mode stop procedure based on FW rev.
3. Fix Fj can't preview issue.

1. Add Lej VGA function(RGB gain,outdoor,sw auto-deflicker).
2. Add U3 support in Win7 or earlier.
3. Remove yuy filter for Lej.

1. Update RtsCM.

1. Fix LenovoJapan rotation bug.
2. Add device for FJ.
3. Support more device simultaneously.

1. Fix frame reference bug.
2. Fix HP function bug.
3. Add CLCR for FJ.

1. Fix photo capture bug cause by 11043.
2. Add Fuji LED function.
3. Filter YUV format in photo pin for lenovoJapan.

1. Fix FW0023 bug to pass photo sequence test.

1. Fix LenovoSH after OKR BSOD.
2. Fix LogonUI issue.
3. Filter photo pin YUY2 format for exif.
4. Turn off wait frame in start for burst mode.

1. Add temporal denoise control.
2. Optimize dispatch and working thread.
3. Fix MF preview bug cause by urb packet size.

1. Add RGB AWB gain.
2. Add EV burst mode.
3. Use workitem to initialize.
4. Merge pnpstart accelerate code.
5. Fix burst mode bug caused by 11038.
6. Only reset camera setting in winblue or newer.
7. Disable denoise for other case.

1. Wait all irps complete when pnpremove.
2. Allocate temporal denoise buffers from NonePagedPool.
3. Optimize bandwidth switch on snap still image.
4. Add method to change max history for photo sequence.
5. Change photo sequence history frame queue.

1. Update temporal denoise.
2. Fix power manager bug.

1. Improve startup performance.
2. Fix burst mode bug.

1. Add RsDecode for lenovo shanghai.
2. Add pnpstart post callback.

1. Fix ROI control bug.
2. Fix extended focus control bug.
3. Fix Win7x64 install problem.

1. Add lenovo shanghai functions.

1. Fix preview pin frame queue filter bug.
2. Fix pin stop bug.
3. Turn off photo sequence when not have photo pin.
4. Only report jpeg_image when need exif.
5. Change manufacture name to Realtek for LenovoJapan case.

1. Add get EXIF info VendorCmd.
2. Fix S3/S4 resume stop preview bug.
3. Fix dual device bug.

1. Add photo sequence flash support.
2. Add functions to get color temperature value.

1. Delay one frame for photo sequence to make frame timestamp to scan time.

1. Fix inbox camera app crash bug when snap photo sequence just at previous one stop.

1. Fix driver and APP clock difference bug when resume from hibernate.

1. Don't switch bandwidth when preview and photo in the same resolution in U3.
2. Save powerline property.
3. Fix photo sequence second trigger bug.

1. Don't stop device when switch bandwidth in U3.
2. Fix SS bug when irp is canceled.

1. Fix flash reset bug.
2. Fix bulk mode bug.
3. Change SS idle time to 500ms.

1. Add RGB24 format.
2. Add RTD3.
3. Add property save function.
4. Fix preview stop bug when resume from sleep.
5. Fix ROI clear bug when last polling is still running.
6. Fix privacy control bug.
7. Report format MJPG as KS_DATARANGE_IMAGE.
8. Only report YUY2 for photo pin if photo sequence is on.

1. Add Lenovo properties.
2. Add RtsCM.
3. Add EXIF for test.

1. Fix latency bug.

1. Fix buildin camera app photo sequence can't stop problem.
2. Fix buildin camera app auto exposure/focus bug.
3. Fix Twain bug and rename twain device.
4. Fix download reset fail cause by camera settings reset.
5. Turn off photo sequence for HP.
6. Add VID/PID 0bda/57ba

1. Fix build-in camera App capture bug.
2. Fix toshiba property page bug.

1. Fix System Test Fail items.
2. Fix HP 2M property page bug.

1. Add ThumbnailMFT0.
2. Fix Warmstart bug.
3. Fix Photo Sequence System Test BSOD.
4. Fix still pin release bug.
5. Fix flash reset bug.
6. Change trigger still image method.

1. Add Focus Extended Control.
2. Add Exposure Extended Control.

1. Fix Perperty Page bug.
2. Turn on photo sequence for HP.
3. Fix photo capture bug when quick start/stop.
4. Fix register interface bug.
5. Fix capture photo alone bug.
6. Fix extension unit control bug.

1. Fix BSOD when resume from S3/S4 in previewing.
2. Fix stop preview bug when resume from S3.

1. Fix a potential BSOD issue when stop stream.
2. Set max AP request number when set photo sequence mode.
3. Fix camera view angle change when capture one frame.

1. Fix ROI control bug when set control mode to manual.
2. Fix ROI clear bug.
3. Fix flash control missing bug.
4. Fix webcam control bug.
5. Support photo pin run alone.
6. Fix Video formats report bug.

1. Fix multi-camera conflict bug.

1. Add PTZ, rotate, mirror/flip for HP.
2. Fix ROI clear bug.

1. Support Burst Mode that can continue adjust parameters .
2. Generate public symbol file.
3. Fix bug when call MetroAPI LowLagPhotoCapture.FinishAsync().

1. Enable photo sequence functions.
2. Change inf file to unicode.

1. Fix preview bug when wake up from hibernate.

1. Add ioctl to get still image
2. Fix long record bug
3. ROI clear when receive(0,0,1,1)
4. Add ioctl preset for FW burst mode debug
5. Fix record file can't play bug
6. Support 5840 and others that use vendor request to get fw info

1. Update camera packge GUID and change RtCamU's place
2. Add ROI lock
3. No preview pin as default
4. Add handshake property set.
5. Fix ROM code device BSOD issue.

1. Update release.bat

1. Change photo control and fix photo pin related bugs

1. Add extended ROI control for Win8.1 RTM
2. Add extended flash control for Win8.1 RTM

1. Add extended controls for Win8.1 preview
2. Fix power manager bug

1. Initial release for Win8
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