adpenc.inf Driver File Contents (

; Adaptec SAS Enclosure inf file for Adaptec RAID controllers.
; This INF installs the Storport miniport.
; Copyright 2009-2015 Adaptec, Inc.
; Copyright 2015 PMC-Sierra, Inc.
; All rights reserved.
; This software contains the valuable trade secrets of Adaptec or its licensors.
; The software is protected under international copyright laws and treaties.
; This software may only be used in accordance with the terms of its accompanying license agreement.

Signature = "$Windows NT$"
Class = System
ClassGUID = {4d36e97d-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}




%ADPT% = ADAPTEC_device,NTamd64

%adptEnzo.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,             SCSI\EnclosureADAPTEC_SANbloc_S50_____ 
%adptEnzoT024.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,         SCSI\EnclosureNewisys_SANbloc_S50_____
%adptMiramar.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,          scsi\enclosureadaptec_335sas__________
%adptRoHSMiramar.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,      SCSI\EnclosureAMI_____MG9071__________
%adptVirtual_SGPIO0.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,   SCSI\EnclosureADAPTEC_Virtual_SGPIO__0
%adptVirtual_SGPIO1.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,   SCSI\EnclosureADAPTEC_Virtual_SGPIO__1
%adptVirtual_SGPIO2.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,   SCSI\EnclosureADAPTEC_Virtual_SGPIO__2
%adptVirtual_SGPIO3.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,   SCSI\EnclosureADAPTEC_Virtual_SGPIO__3
%adptVirtual_SGPIO4.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,   SCSI\EnclosureADAPTEC_Virtual_SGPIO__4
%adptVirtual_SGPIO5.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,   SCSI\EnclosureADAPTEC_Virtual_SGPIO__5
%adptVirtual_SGPIO6.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,   SCSI\EnclosureADAPTEC_Virtual_SGPIO__6
%adptVirtual_SGPIO7.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,   SCSI\EnclosureADAPTEC_Virtual_SGPIO__7
%adptVirtual_SGPIO8.DeviceDesc% = ProcDevice,   SCSI\EnclosureADAPTEC_Virtual_SGPIO__8

; empty


AddService =  ,0x00000002 ;


adptEnzo.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec S50 SAS Backplane Device"
adptEnzoT024.DeviceDesc = "Newisys S50 SAS Backplane Device"
adptMiramar.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec ASE-335 SAS Backplane Device"
adptRoHSMiramar.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec ASE-335 SAS Backplane Device"
adptVirtual_SGPIO0.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO 0 Device"
adptVirtual_SGPIO1.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO 1 Device"
adptVirtual_SGPIO2.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO 2 Device"
adptVirtual_SGPIO3.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO 3 Device"
adptVirtual_SGPIO4.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO 4 Device"
adptVirtual_SGPIO5.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO 5 Device"
adptVirtual_SGPIO6.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO 6 Device"
adptVirtual_SGPIO7.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO 7 Device"
adptVirtual_SGPIO8.DeviceDesc = "Adaptec Virtual SGPIO 8 Device"

EnclosureServiceName = "Adaptec SAS backplane"
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