Mac_OSX_VCP_Driver_Release_Notes.txt Driver File Contents (

CP210x Macintosh OS X VCP Driver v4 Release Notes
Copyright (C) 2016 Silicon Laboratories Inc.

This release contains the following components:

* SiLabsUSBDriverDisk.dmg - Image containing the VCP Driver Installer
* ReleaseNotes.txt (this file)
* - a bash shell script for removing the driver

Known Issues and Limitations

	This release includes the Macintosh OSX driver for the Intel and
	PowerPC Platforms versions 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 
	10.9, 10.10 and 10.11.

Driver Installation

	Mount the DMG file and double click on 
	Silicon Labs VCP Driver. 

Uninstalling the Driver

	To uninstall the driver, run the shell script from
	a Terminal command prompt. 

Release Dates

	CP210x Macintosh OSX VCP Driver 4.x.14 - November 3, 2016
	CP210x Macintosh OSX VCP Driver 4.x.13 - August 31, 2016
	CP210x Macintosh OSX VCP Driver 4.x.12 - June 15, 2016
	CP210x Macintosh OSX VCP Driver 4.x.11 - May 26, 2016
	CP210x Macintosh OSX VCP Driver 4.x.10 - April 6, 2016
	CP210x Macintosh OSX VCP Driver 4.x.9 - March 28, 2016
	CP210x Macintosh OSX VCP Driver 4.10.8 - March 2, 2016
	CP210x Macintosh OSX VCP Driver v3.1 - December 6, 2012

CP210x Macintosh OSX Driver Revision History

Version 4.x.14
	Added VID/PIDs for Planar UltraRes.
	Added VID/PIDs for Coolon USB.

1Version 4.x.13
	Added VID/PIDs for Brim Brothers Ltd.
	Added VID/PIDs for 3D Tek

Version 4.x.12
	Added VID/PIDs for Juniper Networks, Inc.
	Added VID/PIDs for FluxData, Inc.

Version 4.x.11
	Corrected VID/PIDs for Findster Technologies, SA.

Version 4.x.10
	Added VID/PIDs for Mark-10 Corp.

Version 4.x.9
	Added VID/PIDs for Findster Technologies, SA and for CMA.

Version 4.x.8
	Added VID/PIDs for ETS-Lindgren.

Version 4.x.7
	Added VID/PID for Sekonic and DASCOM.
	Minor fix to postflight script for 64 bit 10.8 and below OS's.

Version 4.x.6
	Added VID/PIDs for Vorze and Cadex Electronics.

Version 4.x.5
	Added VID/PIDs for California Eastern Labs and Micro Computer Control Corp.

Version 4.x.4
	Added VID/PIDs for Zonge International, AES GmbH, SPORTident GmbH

Version 4.x.3
	Added VID/PID for Aruba Networks, Inc.

Version 4.x.2
	Added VID/PID for ARKRAY, Inc.

Version 4.x.1
	Added VID/PIDs for BodyCap, RTKWARE, and West Mountain Radio
	Added uninstaller script to DMG
	Installer now runs uninstaller script before executing install - removes older versions using previous naming scheme
	Dropping support for OS X 10.4.  If you require OS X 10.4 support, please install version 3.1 of the VCP driver

Version 4.x.0
	Added OSX 10.9 and 10.10 driver support with signed kernel extension
	Updated version numbering - 2nd digit represents target OS versions
		4.7 - OSX 10.7 and older, 32 bit
		4.8 - OSX 10.8 and older, 64 bit
		4.10 - OSX 10.9 and 10.10, 64 bit, signed kext
	Updated version numbering - 3rd digit represents VID/PID updates.  Customers not needing the new VID/PID do not need to update drivers for 3rd digit changes.
	Installer will now only install the proper matching kernel extension instead of both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Version 3.1
	Added support for CP2108

Version 3.0
	Corrected issue where transmission would stop when a 0 length packet was sent
	incorrectly on aligned packet boundaries

Version 2.9
	Corrected issue with Baud Rates not being set properly if they were greater 
	than 230400 on PPC or Intel platforms
	Corrected an issue where a device might get stuck when coming out of sleep mode
	Corrected an issue on PPC where Baud Rates were not getting set properly
	Added enhanced support for sleep, now reads state on sleep and writes state on
	wake to provide smoother and more stable state transitions

Version 2.7
	Corrected issue with initial Stop Bits value
	Corrected issue which seen which switching between 32 and 64 bit mode and trying
	to use the driver in each mode
	Added in a clear stall to be more complete in invalid control transfers

Version 2.6
	Corrected all known Kernel Panics for 10.4/5/6 for surprise removal and data
	Corrected an issue with data drop while using XON/XOFF flow control
	Corrected RTS/DTR toggling sync issue
Version 2.2
	Corrected Kernel Panic in Snow Leopard which would randomly occur after
	Modified DTR pin to toggle on open and close instead of on insertion
	Modified driver to load without showing the Network Connection Dialog
	Modified driver to allow toggling of RTS and DTR pins
	Added 64 bit support for Snow Leopard
Version 2.1
	Corrected device strings that were changed in the 2.0 release back to the
	format used in pre-2.0 drivers

Version 2.0
	Driver architecture updated.

Version 1.06
	Corrected a bug which causes a Kernel Panic with a Baud Rate of 0, yileding
	a Divide-By-Zero error

Version 1.04
	Updated to support newer versions of Mac OSX

Version 1.02
	Updated to support the Intel platform through a universal binary that
	also supports PowerPC.

Version 1.00
	Initial Release

Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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