0009.txt Driver File Contents (KXDrv_6.3.0909_...D_Signed_EU.zip)

1001	"Yes"	
1002	"No"	
1003	"Yes (recommended)"	
1004	"< Back"	
1005	"Next >"	
1006	"Cancel"	
1007	"Finish"	
1008	"Install"	
1009	"Upgrade"
1010	"Reboot"
1011	"Accept"
1012	"Uninstall"	
1013	"Create"
1014	"Close"
1015	"OK"
1016	"Add Port..."
1017	"Configure"
1018	Device Settings
1019	All
1020	Enable Status Monitor

1021	"Select All"
1022	"Clear All"
1023	"Notify when printing is complete"

1031	"Installed"
1032	"Upgradable"
1033	Type
1034	Refresh
1035	"Information"
1036	Newer version already installed.

1055	Set Duplex as Default

1101	"Copying files"
1102	"Removing files"
1103	"Creating registry entries"
1104	"Removing registry entries"
1105	"Creating shortcuts"
1106	"Removing shortcuts"
1107	"Creating uninstall information"
1108	"Removing uninstall information"
1109	"Executing"
1110	"Verifying"
1111	Pending Uninstall
1112	Create Device Information…
1113	Install Device…
1114	Remove Device…
1115	Install Driver…
1116	Remove Driver…

1401	Printer Test Page
1402	Congratulations!
1403	If you can read this information, you have correctly installed your %s on %s.
1404	The information below describes your printer driver and port settings.
1405	Submitted Time:
1406	Machine name:
1407	Printer name:
1408	Printer model:
1409	Port name:
1410	Data format:
1411	Share name:
1412	Processor name:
1413	Location:
1414	Comment:
1415	Driver name:
1416	Data file:
1417	Config file:
1418	Help file:
1419	Monitor name:
1420	Environment:
1421	Additional files used by this driver:
1422	This is the end of the printer test page.
1423	Driver Version:

//******************** I N S T A L L E R **********************

//----String table for command line
2001	"Wrong arguments included."	
2002	"Wrong INI file name specified."	
2003	"Can not find any INI file."
2007	"The products are not yet installed."
2008	"Please run the uninstaller from the Start menu."

//----String table for installation application
2050	"Installation Wizard"	
2051	"Are you sure you want to cancel this installation?"	
2052	To continue, click '%s'.
2053	Uninstall Wizard
2054	Are you sure you want to cancel the uninstall process?

//Welcome page
//2101	"Welcome to the %s Software Installation Wizard"	
2101	"Welcome to the Software Installation Wizard"
2102	"This wizard helps you install software for your printing system."	
2103	"To continue, click Next."	
2104	"Please close all your applications before continuing."
2105	"WARNING - You need an administrator right to use this application. Please logon as an administrator and try again."

//Select Action page
2111	"Installation Method"	
2112	"Which method of installation would you like to use?"
2113	"Express Mode"	
2114	"Install the recommended software. Please make sure the printing system is connected."
2115	"Custom Mode"
2116	"Customize the installation."
2117	"Choose how to install the software."
2118	"Driver"
2119	"Utilities"
21111	Install printing system utilities only.
21112	Create a custom installation.
21113	Install the recommended printing software. The printing system must be connected.
21115	Install the KX DRIVER for a specific Kyocera model.
21116	KX DRIVER for Universal Printing
21117	Install a generic driver for networked Kyocera printers. 
21118	Choose how to install the software. For complete access to all features, choose %s.
21119	"Installation Type"	
21120	Optional Printer Components
21121	Install Optional Printing Components for your printer driver.

//Select Device Model Page
2121	"Printing System"
2122	"Choose the printing system to install."
2123	"Printing System Model"
2124	"Choose the printing system to install:"

//Connection Type Page
2131	"Connection Type"
2132	""
2133	"Choose how your printing system is connected to your computer:"
2134	"USB (Universal Serial Bus)"
2135	"LPT (Parallel port)"
2136	"Network connection"

//Select Product Page
2141	"Custom Installation"
2142	"Select the options you want to install."
2143	"Choose the product to install:"
2144	"Product"
2145	"Details"
2146	"Please specify at least one software product."
2147	"Status"

//Network Port Type Page
2151	"Network Port Type"
2152	""
2153	"Choose how your printing system is connected to the network:"
2154	"Standard TCP/IP Port"
2155	"Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)"
2156	"Network Print Queue"
2157	"E-Mail Printing Connection (KPrint)"
2158	"KPrint Port"
2159	"KMPrint Port"

//Locate TCP/IP Page
2161	"Standard TCP/IP Port"
2162	""
2163	"Select Discover Printing System to find the printing system on your network, or manually enter the TCP/IP information:"
2164	"Discover printing system"
2165	"Host name or IP address"
2166	""

//Discover TCP/IP Page
2171	"Discover Printing System"
2172	""
2173	"Choose the printing system you would like to install:"
2174	"Device"
2175	"IP Address"
2176	"Searching..."
2177	"Finished"
2178	"Use host name for port name"
2179	"Host name"
21711	"Custom select"
21712	"Discover"
21713	Choose or discover the printing system to install.
21714	No printing system is found. Connect your printing system to a USB device or to a network. Click “Refresh” to restart the discovery.

//Locate IPP Page
2181	"Internet Printing Protocol"
2182	""
2183	"Enter the IPP address to connect your printing system to:"
2184	"IPP address:"

//Locate PrnQ Page
2191	"Network Print Queue"
2192	""
2193	"Select Browse for printing system to find a printing system on your network, or select Print Queue to enter network print queue information manually:"
2194	"Browse for printing system"
2195	"Print queue:"

//Browse PrnQ Page
2201	"Browse for printing system"
2202	""
2203	"Printing systems:"
2204	"Printing system information:"
2205	"Print Queue"

//Printer Port Page
2211	"Printer Port"
2212	""
2213	"Choose the port connected to your printing system:"
2214	"Port name"
2215	"Description"
2216	Choose or add the port connected to your printing system.

//Printer Setting Page
2221	"Printer Settings"
2222	""
2223	"Type a name for your printer. Some programs do not support printer and server name combinations longer than 31 characters."
2224	"Printing system name:"
2225	"Shared:"
2226	"Share your printer with other users. To share this printer, type a share name."
2227	"Share name:"
2228	"Set as default printer"
2229	"If this printer is shared with users running different versions of Windows, you may want to install additional drivers, so that the users do not have to find the printer driver when they connect to the shared printer."
2230	"Additional Drivers..."
22301	Another printer already uses this name. Choose a different name.
22302	Share name already exists.
22303	Another FAX uses this name. Enter another name.
22304	Another Scanner uses this name. Enter another name.

//Conform Setting Page
2231	"Confirm Settings"
2232	""
2233	"Confirm your installation settings. Click Back to make changes."
2234	"To start the installation, click Install."
2235	"Port:"
2236	"Confirm your installation settings."
2237	"Confirm your installation settings. Click Back to make changes."

//Complete Page
2241	"Installation Processing"
2242	"Installation Completed"
2243	"Installation details:"
2244	""
2245	"Print a test page"
2246	"Start Uninstall Process"	
2247	"Uninstall Completed"
2248	"Details:"
2249	If a software installation warning for an unsigned device driver appears, please click 'Continue Anyway' to bypass the warning and install the driver. All device drivers have been fully tested.

//Email Port Setting Page
2251	"E-Mail Print Settings"
2252	""
2253	"Printing system e-mail address:"
2254	"Sender address:"
2255	"SMTP Server:"

//USB Plugin DialogBox
2261	"Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the printing system."
2262	"Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the rear panel of the printing system."
2263	"If a Plug and Play dialog box appears, select 'No, not this time' and continue the installation."
2264	"This dialog box will close automatically when the driver is installed."
2265	"If it does not close, please connect the USB cable again."
2266	"If the problem persists, remove all printer software, restart your computer, and try again."
2267	"Driver installation status."
2268	This will cancel your driver installation. Are you sure you want to cancel this installation?

//Additional Drivers DialogBox
2271	"Additional Drivers"
2272	"You can install additional drivers so that users on the following systems can download them automatically when they connect."
2273	"Environment"
2274	"Version"
2275	"Installed"
2276	"IA64"
2277	"x64"
2278	"Intel"
2279	"Windows XP"
2280	"Windows 2000 or XP"
2281	"Windows 95, 98 and Me"
2282	"Windows NT 4.0"

//Select Product Upgrade Page
2291	"Software Component Upgrade"
2292	"Select the software components you want to upgrade."
2293	"Choose the component to upgrade:"
2294	"Component"
2295	"Details"
2296	"Please specify at least one software product."
2297	"Status"

//Confirm Setting Upgrade Page
2301	"Confirm Settings"
2302	""
2303	"Confirm your upgrade settings. Click Back to make changes."
2304	"To start the upgrade, click Upgrade."
2305	"Port:"

//Complete Upgrade Page
2311	"Installing Upgrade"
2312	"Upgrade Completed"
2313	"Upgrade details:"
2314	""

2407	"Extended-functionality printing (Recommended)"
2408	"Standard printing support using PCL"
2409	"Standard printing support using KPDL"
2410	"Print directly to built-in fax modem"
2411	"Scan directly from TWAIN supported applications"
2412	"Receives scanned documents as PDF or TIFF"
2413	"Manage multiple multi-function network printers"
2414	"Print PDF documents easily"
2415	"Configure multi-function network printers"
2416	"Screen fonts that match the printer's fonts"
2417	"Utility for remote printer monitoring"
2418	"Installer for optional printer driver components"
2419	"Utility for removing printer driver components"
2420	"Provides printer connection options such as print via e-mail"

//Complete installation page
2501	"Installation Progress"	
2502	"Installation Completed Successfully"	
2503	"Copying files."	
2505	"Update registries."
2507	"Start the driver installation."
2508	"Click Finish to complete the software installation."
2509	"Cannot start the application installer."
2510	"Please plug in the device now."

2521	"Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the printing system."
2522	"If a software installation warning for an unsigned device driver appears, please click 'Continue Anyway' to bypass the warning and install the driver. All device drivers have been fully tested."
2523	One or more software installations have failed. See the details below.

2531	"Disconnect the USB cable from the USB port on the printing system if it's connected."

2541	"Connect the Parallel cable to the Parallel port on the printing system and click 'OK'"
2542	"Connect the Parallel cable to the Parallel port and reboot your system."

//Reboot computer page
2701	"Restart Your System"
2702	"The software packages installed successfully. Before using the software packages, you should restart your computer."
2703	"Do you want to restart your computer now?"
2704	"Yes, restart my computer now"
2705	"No, I will restart later"
2706	"Please verify that the printing system is connected to the parallel port and restart your computer."
2707	The software packages have been removed. Please restart your computer to remove any remaining files.

//Select connection page

//local printer page
2901	"Select Printer Model"	
2902	"Select the printer model to use."	
2903	"Select the manufacturer and model of your printer. If your printer is not listed, consult your printer documentation for a compatible printer."
2904	"Manufacturer:"	
2905	"Printers:"

//driver discovery
3001	"Use Existing Driver"	
3002	"A driver is already installed for this printer. You can use or replace the existing driver."	
3003	"Do you want to keep the existing driver or use the new one?"	
3004	"Keep existing driver (recommended)"	
3005	"Replace existing driver"

//3101	"Welcome to the %s Remove Wizard"	
3101	"Welcome to the Software Remove Wizard"	
3102	"This wizard helps you remove software for your printing system."	
3103	"To continue, click Uninstall."	
3104	"Device View"
3105	"Driver View"

//Browse printer page
3201	"Browse for Printer."
3202	"Locate your Network printer."

//Email Print settings Page
3301	"Email Print settings"
3302	"Please assign the following values for Email Printing."

//Printer connection method page
3401	"Select the Printer Connection Method"
3402	"How would you like to connect to your computer?"

//Printer Network protocol page
3501	"Select the Printer Network Protocol"
3502	"Please select the printer device network protocol to connect your printer."

//Printer Network Queue Page
3601	"Select the Printer Network Protocol"
3602	"Please select the printer network queue to connect your printer."

//printer settings page
3801	"Printer Settings"
3802	"Please assign the following printer options"

//locate ipp printer page
3901	"Locate your Printer"
3902	"Use IPP to connect to a printer on the internet or intranet."

//Locate ipx printer
4001	"Locate your Printer"
4002	"Use IPX to connect to a printer on the internet or intranet."

//Locate lpr printer page
4101	"Locate your Printer"
4102	"Use LPR to connect to a printer on the internet or intranet."

//Locate printer ip page
4201	"Locate your printer"
4202	"Select the printer you would like to use by entering the IP address, or hostname."

//Locate printer page
4301	"Locate your printer"
4302	"Use TCP/IP to locate a printer on the network."

//confirm settings page
4401	"Confirm Settings"

//install complete page
4501	"Installation Completed"

// WIA Page
4601	Scanner Settings
4602	Enter the name and IP address of your scanner.
4603	Scanner Name:
4604	IP Address:

// FAX Settings page
4611	FAX Settings
4612	Enter a FAX name and choose your port.
4613	FAX Name:
4614	Enter a FAX name.

4620	%s Settings
4621	Select components to install:

// Confirm Driver Pkg Dlg
4701	Remove Driver And Package
4702	Do you want to remove the driver(s) only, or remove the driver(s) and driver package(s) from your system?
4703	Remove driver only.
4704	Remove driver and driver package.

4711	Would you like to remove the uninstaller?

5001	"Can not connect to the printer. You entered a printer name that was incorrect or the specified printer is no longer connected to the server."	
5002	"This information cannot contain any of the following characters: "

//KPrint Description
5101	"A Standard TCP/IP port lets you print to remote printer devices using the TCP/IP protocol."
5102	"An IPP port lets you print to an IPP URL over the Internet or an intranet."
5103	"The Network Print Queue port lets you print through a Microsoft or Novell print queue on your network."
5104	""
5105	"The Port Monitor allows creation of several types of ports for network printing: LPR, IPP, and E-mail."
5106	"The KMPrint Port Monitor allows creation of ports for network printing."

7215	"The specified port is unknown. FILE port was selected instead."
7217	This operating system is not supported. See the release notes for a list of supported systems.

8001	Try Again
8002	Custom
8003	Warning
8004	No printing system is found. Connect your printing system to a USB device or to a network and try again.
8005	Advanced
8006	Unable to run in advanced mode.

8010	USB PnP installation failed. Please try again.
8011	Setup has detected a PnP event in progress. Try again later.
8012	USB connection lost. Please reconnect your device and try again. 

9000	Show Quick Print tab
9001	Set Quick Print tab as default
9002	Hide other tabs
9003	Set Basic Tab as default

9010	%s port was not found.
9011	Install %s application.
9012	Click OK to continue with the current installation.
9013	It is not recommended to upgrade shared drivers in a client-server environment using this installer.
9014	Please use the driver removal tool. 
9015	Refer to the linked document for more information.
Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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