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This release includes four Linux* Base Drivers for Intel(R) Gigabit Network 

 - igb driver supports all 82575, 82576 and 82580-based gigabit network 
 - igbvf driver supports 82576-based virtual function devices that can only 
   be activated on kernels that support SR-IOV.
 - e1000 driver supports PCI and PCI-X gigabit network connections. 
 - e1000e driver supports all PCI Express gigabit network connections, except 
   those that are 82580, 82575 and 82576-based*.
   * NOTE: The Intel(R) PRO/1000 P Dual Port Server Adapter is supported by 
   the e1000 driver, not the e1000e driver due to the 82546 part being used 
   behind a PCI Express bridge.





   If you currently have the e1000 driver installed and need to install e1000e,
   perform the following:

 - If your version of e1000 is or less, upgrade to e1000 version 8.x,
   using the instructions in the README. 
 - Install the e1000e driver using the instructions in the README.
 - Modify /etc/modprobe.conf to point your PCIe devices to use the new e1000e 
   driver using alias ethX e1000e, or use your distribution's specific method 
   for configuring network adapters like RedHat's setup/system-config-network
   or SuSE's yast2.

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