Lot4_Lithuanian.txt Driver File Contents (KxDriver_cCD_cLP_20140115.zip)


Title = Resource and Energy Saving

[Resource Saving]

Resource Saving - Paper


For the preservation and sustainable use of forest resources, it is 

recommended that recycled as well as virgin paper certified under 

environmental stewardship initiatives or carrying  recognised 

ecolabels, which meet EN 12281:2002*1 or an equivalent quality 

standard, be used.


This machine also supports printing on 64 g/m^2 paper.  Using such 

paper containing less raw materials can lead to further saving of 

forest resources.


*1: EN12281:2002  Printing and business paper - Requirements for 

copy paper for dry toner imaging processes 


[Energy Efficiency]

Energy Efficiency - Energy Star (ENERGY STAR®) Program


ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary energy efficiency program with the goal 

of developing and promoting the use of products with high energy 

efficiency in order to help prevent global warming. By purchasing 

ENERGY STAR® qualified products, customers can help reduce emissions 

of greenhouse gases during product use and cut energy-related costs.


[Duplex Printing]

Environmental benefits of  Duplex Printing 


Printing in duplex mode reduces paper consumption and contributes 

to the conservation of forest resources.  Duplex mode also reduces 

the amount of paper that must be purchased, and thereby reduces cost. 

It is recommended that machines capable of duplex printing be set to 

use duplex mode by default.


[Power Management]

Environmental benefits of  Power Management 


To reduce power consumption when idle, this machine is equipped 

with a power management function that automatically activates energy-saving 

mode when the machine is idle for a certain period of time. Although it 

takes the machine a slight amount of time to return to READY mode when in 

energy-saving mode, a significant reduction in energy consumption is 

possible. It is recommended that the machine be used with the activation 

time for energy-saving mode set to the default setting.

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