SISTOOLS.TXT Driver File Contents (

SiS190/191 Mass Production Test Program

(1) Introduction
  lan19x.exe     -- Loopback test program 
  exlb19x.exe    -- Loopback test program 
  ee19x.exe      -- EEPROM programming program 

  Note: ee19x.exe cannot support multiple access through network

(2) Modify EEPROM data file(ee) manually
  1. Modify current address
     Ex: in EE, line 4, 5, 6
     0906     ===> 00 E0 06 09 00 01

     Modify starting address
     Ex: in EE, line 34
     00 E0 06 09 00 01

  2. Modify end address
     Ex: in EE, line 33
     00 E0 06 09 FF FF

(3) Program MAC address:
    ee.exe -- Program MAC address
    Usage   : ee19x <eeprom_file>

    c:\>ee19x ee19x.dat

(4) Test result:
  1. Pass: All tests are passed.
     ===> This LAN chip is good.

  2. Loopback test fail:
     ===> This LAN chip may not be good.

(5) Other Usage:

Change Notes :  -----------------------------------------------------------

                1) Lan19x.exe -- ask user to specify LoopCount and Limit.

                   Usage : lan19x <loopcount> <limit> 

                   <loopcount> : The number of loop will be test.
                   <limit>     : If the number of tset failed exceed limit number will stop the test.

                2) exlb19x.exe    -- loopback test with different user interface
                               -- exlb needs a font file : modern.fon         
                   Usage : exlb19x <loopcount> <limit> 

                   <loopcount> : The number of loop will be test.
                   <limit>     : If the number of tset failed exceed limit number will stop the test.

                3) ee19x.exe      -- add the function that not to advance to
                                  next MAC address and output log file

                   Usage   : ee19x <eeprom_file> [/Options] 
                   Options : /f --> fixed MAC address
                             /l --> output log file
                             /r --> restart system after programming MAC address
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