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            ThinkPad SATA Optical Disc Drive Firmware Update Utility

This utility will examine your system configuration and detect all SATA
Optical Disc Drives installed.  It will then check the firmware revision
of the drive and judge whether your PC requires a firmware update or not.
If required, it will prompt you to run the appropriate firmware update
program for your drive.

Note) USB drive is not supported by this utility.

==== Important Notice ====

A) After completing a firmware update, the Optical Disc Drive will not
   properly function until you shut down and reboot PC.
   Before executing a drive firmware update, be sure of following;
  - Remove a disc from the Optical Disc Drive.
  - Close all the applications besides of the Firmware Update Utility.
  - Verify that the AC power cord is connected to outlet and adapter
    cable is connected to PC firmly.
  - Make sure that a charged battery pack is installed in PC.
  - Do not power off, remove a drive or eject/insert disc tray of the
    drive during an update.  Otherwise your drive may become damaged.

B) This utility contains several executable files. 
   Running these programs other than FWWINOD.EXE could ruin your Optical
   Disc Drive.

==== Update Procedure ====

  1. Download Firmware Update Utility ZIP file from Lenovo Web site and
     save it in a temporary folder on your disk (i.e. C:\TEMP)

  2. Create a folder to store utility files (i.e. C:\DRIVERS\STORAGE),
     extract Firmware Update Utility ZIP file and save all files and
     subfolders into the folder.

  3. Execute "FWWINOD" in the folder, then a utility window will open.

  4. The detected drive(s) will be listed in the utility window.
     If a detected drive requires an update, it will be shown
     with * mark on the left.  Select the target drive for firmware
     update, then press "Start Update" button on the window.
     If no drive is detected, or a detected drive does not require
     a firmware update, you cannot continue executing firmware update.
     Press "Cancel" button to exit the utility.

  5. A warning message will appear on the window.
     When you are ready to start firmware update, press "OK" button.

  6. A confirmation window will appear on the screen.
     Press "Yes" button to continue.

  7. After a successful firmware update, "Firmware update is
     SUCCESSFUL" message will appear on the screen. Press "OK" button.

  8. On "Shutdown Required" message window, press "Yes" button to
     shutdown and reboot PC.

==== Supported Environment ====

 OS: OS: Each edition of Windows XP, Vista or 7

 PC: ThinkPad supporting SATA Optical Disc Drive

 Drive: Following SATA Optical Disc Drives

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Model               Firmware

[ HLDS ]
GSA-U20N            HX12
GSA-T30N            FX07
GSA-T50N            RX06 (Serial Ultrabay Enhanced)
GSA-T50N            RE06 (ThinkPad SL***)
GT30N               LT13 (Serial Ultrabay Enhanced)
GT30N               LG13 (ThinkPad SL*10/L***)
GT30N               LE13 (ThinkPad Edge-**)
GT33N               LT23 (Serial Ultrabay Enhanced/SL*10/L***)
GT33N               LT31 (Serial Ultrabay Enhanced/SL*10/L***)
GU40N               QX22
DU30N               RX11
GT50N               LT21 (Serial Ultrabay Enhanced)

AD-7910S            1.D1
AD-7590S            1.FM

[ PSN ]
UJ8A2               SB02
server: web2, load: 1.19