release.txt Driver File Contents (

                   Broadcom Skinny WDM Driver for B57wdiag
                 Copyright (c) 2000-2011 Broadcom Corporation
                            All rights reserved.
                                May 03, 2011

                 Supported devices:
                 5701, 5702, 5703, 5704, 5705, 5706, 5708, 5709, 
                 5714, 5715, 5716, 575x, 576x, 578x, 5901, 5771x,
                 5776x, 5778x, 5779x, 5718, 5719, 5720 

Version (May 03, 2011 )
    1. Problem (CQ54225)
          b57wdiag - 5718_B0 fails A3. Interrupt Test by manufacture command line. 
          The original device ID 0x1655 of Sawtooth device did not be recgonized.
          Changed to support this original ID.   

Version (March 22, 2011 )
    1. Enhance the 64-bit addressing to work with b57wdiag.

Version (March 09, 2011 )
    1. Support Cotopaxi(5719) and Snaggletooth(5720).

Version (Jan 21, 2011 )
    1. Fixed the problem caused by the 64-bit driver when working with the 32-bit B57wdiag.

Version (Sep 17, 2010 )
    1. Fix the failure to access to APE memory space through BAR1

Version (Aug 23, 2010 )
    1. Get SMBIOS EPS from 0xf0000 to support the mancfg command.
    2. Get ASF! RDT table from ACPI structure to support the mancfg and asfcfg commands.
    3. Output log messages to EnvetViewer\WindowsLogs\System directory.
    4. Add five new ioctl codes:
       - IOC_GET_ASF_SDT

Version (Aug 11, 2010 )
    1. Support APE which we need to create the memory mapping between user and kernel spaces based on BAR1.
    2. Add a new field "bar" in ioc_pci_cfg_t structure to distinguish the accesses to either BAR0 or BAR1.

Version (June 23, 2010 )
1. Problem: 
       ISR did not be launched.
        IoConnectInterrupt did not be executed although it was implemented at um_bdrv_start_driver().
        Added um_bdrv_start_driver() into the StartDev helper function.
2. Problem:
       BSOD occurred after #1 was applied.
       In ISR routine, REG_RD/REG_WR macros try to access to the virtual address in the kernel mode.
       ISR routine is a kernel-mode routine with DIRQL level.
       Use the kernel address instead of user-mode virtual address. The kernel-mode address is acquired from
       MmMapIoSpace API.
3. Problem:
       ISR routine was called twice when running the command of "intrtest".
       Did not mask the interrupt immediately entering the ISR.
        Mask the interrupt as long as entering the ISR by setting 0x68.1

Version 1.0 (May 19, 2010 )
    Skinny Driver version :

    1. Inception version.
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