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File Size: 192.6 MB

; ahcix86s.INF
; Copyright 2009 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"
DriverVer=07/01/2009, 3.1.1540.151

ExcludeFromSelect = *




; These are formed using the device ID for the actual LUN exposed
; you might have processor, array, or Other 
; Subject to change in later OSes 
; as more device types are added to SPC-x

; this is blank to just allow the install to succeed 
; this is the important bit
; you will wind up with a device string in device manager 
; and no banged out devnode
; Null service of course does nothing. 
; You can use your device by opening the FDO via the port \\.\ScsiN
; and passthrough commands then set the bus/target/LUN
AddService = , %SPSVCINST_ASSOCSERVICE%   ; null service install


;  *******Localizable Strings******* 

ATI= "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc." 
ATI_Raid_ControllerDesc= "AMD RAID Console"

;Handy macro substitutions (non-localizable)

server: web2, load: 1.00