AFUWINx64.txt Driver File Contents (


Description :
	AMI Firmware Update utility(APTIO) for pure 64bits WINDOWS.

Release Date :

Source Control Location :
	SS: Alaska;$/Alaska/ROMUtils/AFU/afuwin/64;

Reference Document :	

Known Issues :

Release Notes:
	1.Support to show RomHole OEM message.
	2.Support to flash NCB with NCB bin file.
	3.Support to flash share EC with EC bin file.
	4.Disable the hot key "Windows + L".
	1.Add the feature of validating Rom File Checksum.[EIP24381]
	2.Fix a issue that NCB type must be >= 0x80 instead of 80.
	3.Bug Fix:Cann't flash ME correctly. 
	4.Bug Fix:Cann't run normally under Windows 7 x64 after add rom file and default 
	  command by AMIUCP.  
	5.Afuwinx64 can't run under WinPE 2.0/3.0 64bits,so update the driver amifldrv64.sys. 
	6.Support to update non EC-share BIOS when it isn't AMI EC Firmware.[EIP31739]
	1. Fix the issue that AFU stops flashing when it cannot find ROM ID in system ROM.
	1.ROMID and Password check by AFU before flashing BIOS.[EIP14374][EIP19375] 
	2.AFU keep BIOS last setting after flashing BIOS.[EIP19257] 
	3.Do NVRAM flashing after main BIOS being programmed.[EIP19890]
	4.AFU support "$ECB" table in E000.[EIP19891] 
	5.AFU support Intel ME flash.[EIP20087] 
	6.AFU Support Standalong EC firmware Flash.[EIP12739]
	7.AFU support add rom file name by AMIUCP @CMD. 
	1.Bug Fix:Afu cann¡¯t transfer enough buffer to BLOCK DESCRIPTION. [EIP 18348] 
	2.Add a new command [/hole:](update specific rom hole according to romhole GUID).[EIP 18041]
	1.EIP 13230:To support combined utility on afudos and afuwin,and add amiucp support.
	2.EIP 13960:Update the driver amifldrv64.sys. /s as a stand along command.
	4.Modify help message of /R command. [EIP15239]. 
	5./u command will not display ROMID of specified file unless it is compatible with SUT.[EIP15202]. 
	6.Adding warning message when /O command overwrites existing files.[EIP15196]. 
	7.when BIOS has two fv_bb or fv_main, Aptio AFU tool can not update ROM hole by "/K0" option.[ EIP15980]. 
	8.Make sure AFU of Aptio version clears upper 24 bits of EAX before issuing swSMI to flash.[ EIP16388].
	9.Add UAC support.[EIP15602]. 
	10.Request AFUWIN to prevent power button shutdown.
	1.Lock the keyboard when programming under Windows.
	2.Add new options /Q,/D,/Shutdown,/MAKEDRV,/Retry,/Rn for AFUAPTIO.
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