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Alert Standard Format (ASF) Modules for Linux* Operating Systems

March 17, 2004


- Overview
- Prerequisites
- Features
- Installation


Intel's Alert Standard Format (ASF) Modules for Linux* is a software suite 
that enables alerting on devices running a Linux operating system. It works  
with Intel PRO/100 and PRO/1000 adapters.

ASF is a technology that provides benefits such as system health monitoring, 
physical asset security, and remote control. It is used in systems from 
mobile PC's to desktops, workstations, and servers.

The Intel ASF Modules for Linux package consists of kernel modules
for ASF functionality. For instructions on installing this package, 
see the Installation section below.


Before you install Intel's ASF for Linux package, ensure you have the 

  - Red Hat* 8.0, Red Hat 9.0, Red Hat EL3.0 WS, or SuSE* 8.0, SuSE 8.1 
    (with kernel 2.4.18 or higher), SUSE 8.2.


This package includes the following features:

  - Enabling watchdog operation
  - Accessing SMBus of an adapter


The ASF Modules for Linux package includes these components/files:

  - asfwdg.o (installed under 
      watchdog module, for enabling watchdog operation
  - i2c-i8254x.o, i2c-i82551.o (installed under 
      the "bitbang" modules, for accessing the adapter's smbus
  - documentation files: README, licenses (installed under /usr/share/doc)

RPM file provided: 

  - asf-modules-x.x.x-xxL.i386.rpm: RPM containg source files, requires some 
    compilation on the target machine. For this to work, kernel sources must be 
    installed on the machine.

  Installing an RPM file

  NOTE: The <filename> parameter must be specific to the driver version you 
        are using. It is the entire filename for the RPM, in the form
        'asf-modules-x.x.x-xxL.i386.rpm'. For example, 'asf-modules-4.0.0-10L.i386.rpm'.

  1.  Login as root.

  2.  Determine whether or not a previous version of the RPM is installed:

          rpm -q asf-modules

  3.  If you have a previous version of this RPM installed, use the following 
      command to update the RPM:

          rpm -U <filename>

      You can also uninstall the previous version before installing the new 
      RPM. To remove the RPM, enter:

          rpm -e asf-modules

  4.  If no other version of the RPM is installed on the system, install the 
      new RPM:

          rpm -i <filename>

Legal Disclaimer

Copyright (c) 2002  Intel Corporation. 
All Rights Reserved.
The source code contained or described herein and all documents related to 
the source code ("Material") are owned by Intel Corporation or its suppliers
or licensors. Title to the Material remains with Intel Corporation or its 
suppliers and licensors. The Material contains trade secrets and proprietary
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Material is protected by worldwide copyright and trade secret laws and 
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No license under any patent, copyright, trade secret or other intellectual 
property right is granted to or conferred upon you by disclosure or delivery
of the Materials, either expressly, by implication, inducement, estoppel or 
otherwise. Any license under such intellectual property rights must be 
expressed and approved by Intel in writing.

Intel's Alert Standard Format (ASF) for Linux includes components that are
released under GPL license, as indicated below:

Components in asf-modules-<version>.i386.rpm:

  ASF Watchdog driver - asfwdg.o, sources under 
  Bitbang drivers - i2c-i8254x.o, i2c-i82551.o, sources under 

* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
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