README.txt Driver File Contents (R291999.exe)

Driver Package File Name: R291999.exe
File Size: 7.8 MB

ST Microelectronics AccelerometerP11 Free Fall Protection Installer

This installer package is composed of several files required to support the Dell Manageable Update Package requirements (Revision 2.1.0).
README.txt  - this file
install.exe - the Installer executable
setup.exe   - an InstallShield executable
mup.xml     - MUP description xml file
setup.iss   - silent install helper

Installation of this package whether whole or in part should be done by calling install.exe. 

Installer Options
Calling install.exe without command line options results in a default install of all features supported by 
this installer package. This includes drivers for the accelerometer device as well as the free fall protection
application which is used to control free fall protection.

The free fall protection installer also provides the following features selected via command line switches 
specified when running the installer executable install.exe:

/? or /help
Provides a list of the supported command line switches

This runs the installer in silent mode - no pop up windows or dialogs are presented to the user. The system will not be rebooted automatically. It is up to the user to check the value of the return code returned by install.exe to determine whether a reboot is required following the install/uninstall

Installs the application only, no drivers are installed. This is expected to be used on
systems where the drivers are already installed

Extracts the drivers contained in the installer package to the specified folder.

By default the installer creates a default log file located in c:\freefallprotection.log. This option allows the user to specify a user defined path and name for the log file, for example /v"LOGFILE=c:\Log Files\ffs_install.log".

Return Codes
The MUP compliant installer returns the following codes when an install is complete:

0: Success
The installer completed the requested operation successfully

1603: Error
The installer failed to complete the operation. Further details are provided in the log file.

3010: Reboot Required
The installer completed the requested operation successfully but requires a system reboot in order for the installed drivers and/or 
application to function correctly.

Inventory Method
The inventory method used as defined in the Dell MUP Specification is using the following registry key and node name:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ManageableUpdatePackage\STMicroelectronicsFFP default

Version Information
Driver -
Version information can be obtained using the driver version in the Windows Device Manager (PnP ID SMO8800).
Application -
Application version information is provided using the following registry key and value name:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\STMicroelectronics\FreeFallProtection ff_protection

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