release.txt Driver File Contents (R243173.exe)

      Cilai/Caesar3/Cilai-FE Selfboot Patch For Chip Rev. A1
            57780, 57760, 57790, 57788

Version 2.07 (Format 1)

1. Problem: CQ39683
    Cilai detects Receiver Error when the Link Transition between L0s/L0
   Workaround: shorten the delay of the electrical idle signal from serdes
   a. write register 0x7e70 bit [4:0] with 0x0c during device initialization or device reset
   b. write all ones to register 0x110 (correctable error status).

Version 2.06 (Format 1)

1. Enhancement: 
   Changed PCIe SerDes register values to the following to use low-power transmitter mode:
    1. Register 0x15 in block 0x8610 = 0x47b.
    2. Register 0x1A in block 0x8010 = 0x4038.

Version 2.05 (Format 1)
1. Enhancement:
    Set the default value of the lom_design option in configuration to 1 for otp patch image to provide 2 times Reprogram-ability.	

Version 2.04 (Format 1)
1. Enhancement:
    Set Reg 0x4400 and Reg 0x4800 to 1 to initialize BufMgr and DMAR if BufMgr is not enabled.	

Version 2.03 (Format 1)
1. Problem: CQ39339
    The Link drop to 10M immediately once NIC Battery Saving Mode in BACS is enabled with AC Power applied.
    The issue is due to the current default value of "DisablePowerSaving" is 0 which enabled the reverse nWay feature.
    The reverse nWay feature should not be enabled by default.
    Changed the default value of "DisablePowerSaving" bit in NVRAM to 1 to disable the reverse nWay feature.  

2. Enhancement:
    Set Reg 0x4400 and Reg 0x4800 to 1 to initialize BufMgr and DMAR.	

3. Enhancement:
    Sets GPHY exp 75 reg vdacctrl bit 0 in GPHY initialization

Version 2.02 (Format 1)
1. Enhancement: CQ39027
   Added Initialization Patch to reduce the L0s Exit Latency from 1 uS down to 704 nS.
   1.  Write 7e50 with 0x2c
   2.  Write 7e14 with 0x2c
   3.  Write 44c 241f8400
   4.  Write 44c 24170083

Version 2.01 (Format 1)
1. Enhancement: 
   Added Initialization Patch to improve the RX performance when L0s is Enabled.
   1.  Write 7e14 with 0x2c
   2.  Write 44c 241f8400
   3.  Write 44c 24170083

Version 2.00  (Format 0)
Initial ASIC A1 patch release.   
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