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These changes were made in the current version:


ADD: Fingerprint reader item added to control panels - Hardware and Sound.
ADD: New WHQL signed driver 189.
FIX: It's possible to enroll user with Unicode characters in user name now.
FIX: Importing of all passports fixed.
FIX: URL link in Product tour correctly display warning on Windows 7 E or N versions.
FIX: Application Launcher icon for a folder fixed.
FIX: Localization fixes.
FIX: Documentation fixes.
CHG: Limited version allows now to open existing both File Safe and Personal Safe but new File Safe cannot be created and Personal Safe cannot be unlocked/opened.
CHG: All Protector Suite dlls are signed now.


CHG: Protector Suite 2009.2 is limited version now. Some features will not be present or will be limited.
     Purchasing license for full version is possible directly from the Control Center.

ADD: All undesirable UPEK biometric sensor drivers (TcUsb.sys and TcWbf.sys) are deleted during upgrade.
ADD: Export/Import users.
ADD: All TBX versions are supported now.
ADD: WHQL signed driver.
ADD: All Protector Suite 2009.2 executables are signed now.
ADD: Password bank support for Firefox 3.5 added.
ADD: Complete 19 languages localization set.
FIX: User is able to enroll fingerprint also if remote desktop services aren't running.
FIX: Personal Safe icon is correctly hidden now.
FIX: It was impossible to unlock Control Center (launched from Control Panels) with disconnected fingerprint sensor.
FIX: Text in high resolution in the splash screen is fixed now.
FIX: Wrong indication of disconnected fingerprint sensor in the welcome screen.
FIX: Power-on security improvements.
FIX: More sensors used in tutorial were not working properly.
FIX: It was impossible to enroll user with same name as computer name.
FIX: Properly detect Windows fingerprint log on state on Logon settings page.
FIX: Full support for with Password Bank for Internet Explorer.
FIX: Upek credential provider is correctly hidden now, if biometric log on is disabled by computer policy.
FIX: Passport with space in user name is correctly migrated to winbio passport.
FIX: Fixes in documentation.
FIX: Correctly save and replay dialog registration by password bank for remote desktop connection.
CHG: It's possible to install Protector Suite 2009.2 on the post-RC builds of Windows 7.
CHG: Music in the Product tour is removed.
CHG: Removed Preview from product name.
CHG: Animations in product tour depend on installed components. 


ADD: Manual added.
FIX: Fingerprint device enters to Selective Suspend now.
FIX: Password Bank wizard problem when Internet Explorer module was disabled.
ADD: When CC is invoked through BM, only sensor on which was swiped is working in enrollment.
ADD: Biometric advanced security added.
FIX: Suspend problems fixed (if user verification was running).
CHG: Install PS2009 for W7 only on Windows 7 from build 7068 to 7100.
FIX: It was impossible to change log on settings in the limited user account.
ADD: Tutorial added.
FIX: It's possible to launch Upek Product tour now.
ADD: Fingerprint Storage Inspector.
FIX: Reveal windows password feature visibility depends on the credential provider selection now.
FIX: It's possible to register UAC-like dialogs with password bank.
ADD: Power-on security support (all TBX versions are supported).
FIX: Driver improvements.
FIX: Unmatched finger swipes do not disable biometric verification for a duration of lockout (6859).
CHG: One click on the tray icon is now starting default action.
FIX: It was impossible to invoke help when Control Center is launched from Control Panel.
ADD: Added advanced fingerprint logon features.
ADD: Single Sign-On support.
ADD: Sensor only support.


FIX: Solution for error: WinBioEnrollCapture 8009800F (Fixed support for TCD41 chipset)
FIX: Sensor temperature increase fixed
FIX: Removed “Too skewed” feedback during random sensor touch


FIX: Changed settings which were causing that some computers were not going to sleep with the fingerprint device
CHG: Added support for post W7 beta builds
FIX: Fixed user enrollment for users with no password

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