settings.ini Driver File Contents (

; has only measurement pings, nothing more.  don't put any other traffic into 'highest'
class=highest -prio 100 -weight 400
; has only tcp ack's, nothing else.  usually it a good idea to put nothing else in here as well.
class=higher -prio 90 -weight 400 -speed 40%,0
; 'high' class gets all the prioritised data
class=high -prio 80 -weight 400 -speed 40%,0
; 'low' gets FTP file and mail transfers
class=low -prio 0 -speed 25%,-10 -weight 25
; 'lowest' gets all P2P bulk data traffic (but not the ack's, they go to 'highest'!)
class=lowest -prio 0 -speed 25%,-30 -weight 6

; for a documentation of filter rules see

; --- firewall rules
; ppp protocols: only handle network-layer-protocols
filter=-fw -pppp 0x4000:0xffff -c default
; drop all non ip (or compressed) protocols
filter=-fw !-pppp 0x21,0x2d,0x2f,0x3d -c drop

; ethernet protocols: allow only ipv4 and arp
filter=-fw !-ethp 0x800,0x806 -c drop

; ip packets with len < 20, vsn != 4, ihl < 20, len < ethd_len, len > ihl, bad chksum,
; ping of death or malformed ip options are always dropped

;; drop all fragments?
;filter=-fw -fragment -c drop

; drop packets with source route ip option
filter=-fw -ip-opt 131,137 -c drop

;; drop packets with other ip protocols than specified?
;; this may inhibit some software from working, like NAT/VPN software (might need GRE,
;; AH or ESP) or ip mobility support (might need GRE), or ip multicasting (needs IGMP)
;filter=-fw !-p tcp,udp,icmp -c drop

;; drop packets to or from loopback address?  paranoia, should be superfluous
;filter=-fw -s -c drop
;filter=-fw -d -c drop

;; drop packets to or from reserved address?
;filter=-fw -wan -s -c drop
;filter=-fw -d -c drop

;; drop packets to or from broadcast address
;filter=-fw -s -c drop
;filter=-fw -wan -d -c drop

;; drop packets to or from multicast addresses?
;filter=-fw -s -c drop
;filter=-fw -d -c drop

; egress filtering
; don't check source ip on LAN ports, might break ip mobility support.
filter=-fw -wan !-bridged -tx !-s-mynet -c drop
; don't check dest ip on LAN ports, since DNS traffic to router would be blocked
filter=-fw -wan !-bridged -tx -d-mynet -c drop

; ingress filtering, allow incoming multicast
filter=-fw !-bridged -rx !-d-mynet !-d -c drop
; don't check source ip on LAN ports, since DNS traffic from router would be blocked
filter=-fw -wan !-bridged -rx -s-mynet -c drop

; tcp packets with bad checksum or malformed options are dropped anyway
; drop outgoing tcp RST segments if they don't belong to a (maybe even half-open) session
filter=-fw -tx -tcp-flags RST RST -tcp-initiated rx !-tcp-session 2 !-tcp-session-dadr 3 -c drop

; drop tcp packets to potentially dangerous port numbers
filter=-fw -rx -tcp-dport 42,53,79,161:162,135,137:139,445,593 -c drop
filter=-fw -tx -tcp-dport 135,137:139,445 -c drop

;; drop all incoming tcp connection attempts?
;filter=-fw -rx -tcp-flags SYN,ACK SYN -c drop

; drop udp packets to potentially dangerous port numbers
filter=-fw -rx -udp-dport 42,53,161:162,135,137:139,445 -c drop
filter=-fw -tx -udp-dport 135,137:139,445 -c drop

; allow dhcp for lan ports, but filter for wan ports
filter=-fw -wan -rx -dport 67:68 -c drop

; drop potentially dangerous icmp packets
filter=-fw -tx !-icmp-type 3/4,8/0,13/0,15/0 -c drop
filter=-fw -rx !-icmp-type 0/0,3,4/0,11,12,14/0,16/0 -c drop

; --- IP-Blocker
; drop packets to/from listed IP-adresses.  exclude my subnet
; configure the list 'ipfilter' in section [iplist]
filter=-tx !-d-mynet -d-iplist ipfilter -c drop
filter=-rx !-s-mynet -s-iplist ipfilter -c drop

; --- traffic shaping rules
filter=-highest -c highest
filter=-higher -c higher
filter=-high -c high
filter=-l7-prot @user.ini/higherprots -c higher
filter=-l7-prot @user.ini/highprots -c high
filter=-l7-prot @user.ini/normalprots -c default
filter=-l7-prot @user.ini/lowprots -c low
filter=-l7-prot @user.ini/lowestprots -c lowest
filter=-l7-prot @higherprots -c higher
filter=-l7-prot @highprots -c high
filter=-l7-prot @lowprots -c low
filter=-l7-prot @lowestprots -c lowest
filter=-prog @user.ini/higherprogs -c higher
filter=-prog @user.ini/highprogs -c high
filter=-prog @user.ini/lowprogs -c low
filter=-prog @user.ini/lowestprogs -c lowest
filter=-prog @higherprogs -c higher
filter=-prog @highprogs -c high
filter=-prog @lowprogs -c low
filter=-prog @lowestprogs -c lowest
filter=-low -c low

; voice over IP
ekiga.exe=Voice over IP, ekiga SIP voip software
eyebeam.exe=Voice over IP, Counterpath eyebeam
freecall.exe=Voice over IP, FreeCall
gizmo.exe=Voice over IP, Gizmo Project
googletalk.exe=Voice over IP, Google Talk
ipphone.exe=Voice over IP, 1&1 SoftPhone
phone.exe=Voice over IP, Web.de_Freephone
sipps.exe=Voice over IP, SIPPS or AOL Softphone
skype.exe=Voice over IP, Skype Internet Telephony
sparVoip.exe=Voice over IP, SparVoip
TeamSpeak.exe=Voice over IP, Teamspeak
ventrilo.exe=Voice over IP, Ventrilo
VoipBuster.exe=Voice over IP, VoipBuster
VoipCheap.exe=Voice over IP, VoipCheap
voipclient.exe=Voice over IP, iPhone
woize.exe=Voice over IP, WOIZE
X-Lite.exe=Voice over IP, X-Lite
X-PRO.exe=Voice over IP, X-Pro
Xfire.exe=Voice over IP, Xfire
YahooMessenger.exe=Voice over IP, yahoo messenger

; multimedia
foobar2000.exe=Multimedia, Foobar2000
gmplayer.exe=Multimedia,MPlayer GUI
hlsw.exe=Multimedia, HLSW
klipfolio.exe=Multimedia, Serence KlipFolio
lastfm.exe=Multimedia, Last FM - Online Radio
miranda32.exe=Multimedia, Miranda Instant Messenger
mirc.exe=Multimedia, mIRC chat
mplayer.exe=Multimedia, MPlayer
OnlineRadioTuner.exe=Multimedia, Online Radio Tuner
plmg.exe=Multimedia, Paragon Last Minute
Radio365_Dlg.exe=Multimedia, Radio365
RadiowebPlayer.exe=Multimedia, Radioweb Player
realplay.exe=Multimedia, RealPlayer
screamer.exe=Multimedia, Screamer Radio
SopCast.exe=Multimedia, SopCast
trillian.exe=Multimedia, Trillian
tvprunner.exe=Multimedia, Joost
winamp.exe=Multimedia, Winamp
wmplayer.exe=Multimedia, Windows Media Player

; games
armyops.exe=Games, Americas Army
battlefront.exe=Games, Star Wars: Battlefield
bf1942.exe=Games, Battlefield 1942
bf2.exe=Games, Battlefield 2
bf2142.exe=Games, Battlefield 2142
bfvietnam.exe=Games, Battlefield Vietnam
bgroomlobby.exe=Games, BGroom
CNC3.exe=Games, Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
cod2mp_s.exe=Games,Call of Duty 2
codmp.exe=Games, Call of Duty
coduomp.exe=Games, Call of Duty - United Offensive
cstrike.exe=Games, Counterstrike
czero.exee=Games, Counterstrike Condition Zero
dfbhd.exe=Games, Delta Force - Black Hawk down
doom3.exe=Games, Doom 3
DungeonRunners.exe=Games, Dungeon Runners
et.exe=Games, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
exefile.exe=Games, EVE-online
everquest2.exe=Games, EverQuest II
F1 Challenge 99-02.exe=Games,F1 Challenge 99-02
farcry.exe=Games, Far Cry
fear.exe=Games, F.E.A.R.
fifa06.exe=Games, Fifa 06 (EA Sports)
freelancer.exe=Games, Freelancer
fs9.exe=Games, MS Flightsimulator 9
fsx.exe=Games, MS Flightsimulator X
game.dll=Games, Dark Age of Camelot
game_y.exe=Games, Volamtruyenky
GTR.exe=Games, GTR
GW.exe=Games, Guild Wars
hl.exe=Games, Half-Life
hl2.exe=Games, Counter-Strike: Source / Halflife 2
iw3mp.exe=Games, Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
knightonline.exe=Games, Knight Online
l2.exe=Games,Lineage 2
lfs.exe=Games, Live for Speed
lithtech.exe=Games, Aliens versus Predator 2
lotroclient.exe=Games, Herr der Ringe Online
maplestory.exe=Games,MapleStory SEA
mc2.exe=Games,Midnight Club 2
moh_spearhead.exe=Games, Medal of Honor: Spearhead
mohaa.exe=Games, Medal of Honor
mohpa.exe=Games, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
operationflashpoint.exe=Games, Operation Flashpoint
pes4.exe=Games, Pro Evolution Soccer 4
pes5.exe=Games, Pro Evolution Soccer 5
pes6.exe=Games, Pro Evolution Soccer 6
quake3.exe=Games, Quake 3
Ragexe.exe=Games,Ragnarok Online
sh3.exe=Games, Silent Hunter 3
silkroad.exe=Games, Silkroad Online
sof2mp.exe=Games,Soldier of Fortune2 - Double Helix
spacecowboys.atm=Games, SpaceCowboys
speed.exe=Games, Need for Speed - Most Wanted
starcraft.exe=Games, StarCraft - Broodwar
steam.exe=Games, Steam
stronghold2.exe=Games,Stronghold 2
tacticalops.exe=Games, Tactical Ops
unrealtournament.exe=Games, Unreal Tournament
UT2003.exe=Games, Unreal Tournament 2003
ut2004.exe=Games, Unreal Tournament 2004
vietcong.exe=Games, Vietcong
war3.exe=Games, Warcraft III
wolfmp.exe=Games, Return to Castle Wolfenstein
wow.exe=Games, World of Warcraft
ygb.exe=Games, Yulgangbot

; other
anonproxy.exe=Other, Anonymizer
boinc.exe=Other, Boinc
eye.exe=Other, Yahoo! All-Seeing-Eye
googleearth.exe=Other, Google Earth
hamachi.exe=Other, Hamachi
icqlite.exe=Misc, ICQLite
leechget.exe=Misc, LeechGet
msfeedssync.exe=Misc, Microsoft Feeds Synchronization
mstsc.exe=Misc, Microsoft Terminal Services Client
vncviewer.exe=Misc, Ultra VNC Viewer
wfica32.exe=Misc, Citrix-Client
winvnc.exe=Misc, WinVNC


abc.exe=File Sharing, ABC (Bittorent)
ares.exe=File Sharing, ares
azureus.exe=File Sharing, Azureus
Bearshare.exe=File Sharing, Bearshare
bitcomet.exe=File Sharing, Bitcomet
BitLord.exe=File Sharing, BitLord
bitspirit.exe=File Sharing, Bitspirit
btdownloadgui.exe=File Sharing, Bittorrent
dcplusplus.exe=File Sharing, Direct Connect ++
edonkey2000.exe=File Sharing, Edonkey2000
emule.exe=File Sharing, eMule
fdm.exe=File Sharing, Free Download Manager
Flashget.exe=File Sharing, FlashGet Download Manager
g3torrent.exe=File Sharing, G3torrent
kazaa.exe=File Sharing, Kazaa
kazaaLite.kpp=File Sharing, Kazaa Lite K++
moe.exe=File Sharing, Mesh Operating Environment
MoorHunt.exe=File Sharing, MoorHunt
newsLeecher.exe=File Sharing, NewsLeecher
Overnet.exe=File Sharing, Overnet
P2P Networking.exe=File Sharing, Kazaa
rufus.exe=File Sharing, Rufus
share.exe=File Sharing,Share EX2
shareaza.exe=File Sharing, Shareaza
slsk.exe=File Sharing, Soulseek
StrongDC.exe=File Sharing, StrongDC++
UseNeXT.exe=File Sharing, Usenext
utorrent.exe=File Sharing, uTorrent
winmx.exe=File Sharing, WinMX
wlcrasvc.exe=File Sharing,Live Mesh Remote Desktop
xan torrent.exe=File Sharing, Xan Torrent

DNS_C=special, DNS Client
DNS_S=special, DNS Server
FTPCMD_C=clients, FTP Command
HSTREAM_C=multimedia, HTTP Streaming Client / Media Players
HTTP_C=clients, HTTP
IMAP4_C=clients, IMAP4
IRC_C=clients, IRC Chat
NNTP_C=clients, NNTP, Network News
NTP=special, NTP, Network Time Protocol
POP3_C=clients, POP3, Inbound Mail
RTP=multimedia, RTP Voice over IP (VoIP)
RTSP_C=multimedia, RTSP Streaming Client / Media Players
SIP_C=clients, SIP, Internet Telephony
SIP_S=servers, SIP, Internet Telephony
SSH=special, SSH, Secure Shell
SSL_C=special, SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0 & TLS 1.0 (e.g. HTTPS, POP3S, IMAP4S, NNTPS, FTPS)
TELNET=special, Telnet

FTPCMD_S=servers, FTP Command
HSTREAM_S=multimedia, HTTP Streaming Server
IRC_S=servers, IRC Server
KADEMLIA=p2p, Kademlia
RPC=special, Remote Procedure Call
RTSP_S=multimedia, RTSP Streaming Server
SMTP_C=clients, SMTP, Outbound Mail

SSH_BULK=special, SSH, Secure Shell bulk data
FTPDATA=special, FTP Data
HTTP_S=servers, HTTP Server
IMAP4_S=servers, IMAP4 Server
NNTP_S=servers, NNTP News Server
POP3_S=servers, POP3, Mail Server
SMTP_S=servers, SMTP Mail Server
SSL_S=special, SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0 & TLS 1.0, Secure Socket Layer
SSL_S_BULK=special, SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0 & TLS 1.0, Secure Socket Layer bulk data
SSL_C_BULK=special, SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0 & TLS 1.0 (e.g. HTTPS, POP3S, IMAP4S, NNTPS, FTPS) bulk data
HTTP_C_BULK=clients, HTTP downloads
HTTP_S_BULK=servers, HTTP uploads

DIRECTCONNECT=p2p, Direct Connect
E2K=p2p, eDonkey 2000 (eMule, etc.)
FASTTRACK=p2p, Kazaa, Morpheus, iMesh, Grokster, etc.
GNUTELLA=p2p, Gnutella & Gnutella2
TORRENT=p2p, Bittorrent

acrord32.exe=desc, Acrobat Reader
alg.exe=desc, Windows Application Layer Gateway Service
conf.exe=desc, Netmeeting
devenv.exe=desc, Visual Studio
firefox.exe=desc, Firefox Webbrowser
iexplore.exe=desc, Internet Explorer
msimn.exe=desc, Outlook Express
procexp.exe=desc, Process Explorer
routed=desc, Routed Traffic
svchost.exe=desc, Windows Generic Host Process
thebat.exe=desc, The Bat
totalcmd.exe=desc, Total Commander
vmware.exe=desc, VMWare
winamp.exe=desc, Winamp
windbg.exe=desc, WinDbg

; this section contains lines in the format "listname=filename"
; 'listname' is used to filter for the IP-addresses listed in 'filename'.
; you can have more than one list with different names and each list can be made
; up of more than one file.
; you can put this section in user.ini, so it will not be overwritten with the next
; cFosSpeed update.

; example line:
; ipfilter=c:\text\ipfilter.dat
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