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README file for Printer Driver and Utilities 

Supported Printers:   Printer Unit VC-20
Version:              v.714
Date:                 April 19, 2010

Copyright (c) 2006 - 2010 RICOH COMPANY, LTD.
All rights reserved.
All brand names and product names mentioned in this document are trademarks 
or registered trademarks of their respective companies.  

This README file has the following sections:

(I) Brief Descriptions of VC-20 Software
    1)  Supported Operating System
    2)  "VC-20" Software

(II) Installation
    1) First installation of the software
    2) Updating the software
    3) Uninstallation
    4) Remarks for Installation & Uninstallation

(III) Additional information
    1) Remarks when using Printer Unit VC-20


(I) Brief Descriptions of VC-20 Software
1) Supported Operating System
   This VC-20 software supports the following operating systems:
     - Windows 2000 Professional / Server Edition
     - Windows XP Professional / Home Edition
     - Windows Server 2003 Standard / Web Edition
     - Windows Vista Ultimate / Enterprise / Business / Home Premium 
       / Home Basic Edition
     - Windows 7 Ultimate / Enterprise / Home Premium / Professional

     - Windows XP x64 Edition
     - Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition
     - Windows Vista Ultimate / Enterprise / Business / Home Premium 
         / Home Basic Edition
     - Windows 7 Ultimate / Enterprise / Home Premium / Professional

   This software does NOT SUPPORT the following operating systems:
     - Any version of Windows 95/98/98SE/Me
     - Any version of Windows NT3.51 and NT4.0
     - Itanium-Based Systems(Windows 64-bit Edition)

2) "VC-20" Software 

    VC-20 installer will install the following VC-20 software components
    which are necessary to use Printer Unit VC-20.
    Please make sure to install all components.

     -  VC-20PrinterServer
     -  VC-20 GUIClient
     -  Printer Driver and Port Monitor
     -  USB Driver

    Regarding each function of the software components, refer to "Operat
    -ing Instructions" which is bundled to the Product.

(II) Installation
1) First installation of the software

 -1 Make sure that the duplicator is turned off.
 -2 Run "VC20Setup.exe" to start the installer utility.
 -3 "License Agreement" is shown, and read them carefully. If you can
    agree them, click "I Agree" to go to next installation step.
    Then "Installation Start Message" will be shown, click "OK" to start
    software installation.

 -4 After software installation completed, "Add Printer Wizard" will be
    shown to install the printer driver. Select "VC-20(USB)" as "Printer
    Port" and click "Next>", and select the suitable Printer Driver model
    name for your duplicator.

 -5 Connect your PC and the duplicator with USB cable, and turn on your 

 -6 "VC-20" is detected as "New Hardware Device" and will be required to
    install the USB driver. Specify the following folder to do that.

          (Windows 2000)
             C:\Program Files\VC-20\USB\Win2000_XP

          (Windows XP/Server2003/Vista/7)
             C:\Program Files\VC-20\winusb_driver

          (Windows XP/Server2003/Vista/7 x64)
             C:\Program Files (x86)\VC-20\winusb_driver

2) Updating the software
This software does not support the overwriting upgrade. Then you have to
remove the old version of software to install the new one.

 -1 Remove "Printer Icon" from "Printer Folder"
      (Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista)
        (1)Open "Printers" in "Control Panel".
        (2)Delete the printer icon.
        (3)Select "Server Properties" in "File" menu.
        (4)Select "Drivers" tab.
        (5)Select a driver from "Installed printer drivers" and push the
           "Remove" button.

      (Windows 7)
        (1)Open "Devices and Printers" from "Start" menu.
        (2)Right-click the printer icon, and click "Remove device".
        (3)Select any printer, and click "Printer server properties" on
           Command bar.
        (4)Select "Drivers" tab in "Printer server properties".
        (5)Select the driver from "Installed printer drivers".
        (6)Click "Remove" button, and select "Remove driver and driver package."

 -2 Select "Start" -> "Control Panel"(or "Settings") Menu, and then
    open "Add/Remove Programs". Look for "VC-20" in the installed
    program list, and select it and click "Remove" button to start

 -3 Follow the displayed message to complete the uninstallation.
 -4 To install the latest VC-20 software, follow the step #1 to 4 described
    in "1)First installation of the software".

        If VC-20 software is updated from ver6xx, the step #5 to 6 is 

3) Uninstallation
   To remove the VC-20 software, follow the step #1 to 3 described in
   "2) Updating the software".

4) Remarks for Installation & Uninstallation

   * Terminate all application running before starts installation
     and uninstallation.

   * Log on your PC as a member of Administrator group before starts
     installation and uninstallation.

   * If you turn on the duplicator before installing the software,
     "New Hardware found" message might be shown. If so, cancel this

   * During the printer driver installation, you might see "Digital
     Signature was not found" message. In this case, you can select
     "OK" or "Continue" to go to next step. This message has nothing
     to do with the driver function at all.

   * During the uninstallation, you might see the following message:
     "The VC-20 Folder of a previous version is still present. Please 
      run the VC20 uninstaller.  If the uninstaller was already run, 
      then please manually delete the folder c:\program files\vc-20."
     When this message is displayed, confirm whether the VC-20 folder
     exists in that location or not, and remove it manually if existed.
     After that, run installer utility again.

   * Depending on your PC system, you are required to restart your PC 
     after installation.

(III) Additional information

1) Remarks when using Printer Unit VC-20

   * You can see "VC20Spool" folder in the root directory of C drive of 
     your computer after running the installation utility. This folder is
     used by VC-20PrinterServer for processing a print job data. Then you
     should not remove this by manual.

   * You can change the spool folder for VC-20PrinterServer from "VC20Spool"
     to another one in "VC-20 GUIClient" utility. If you want to change it, 
     make sure to add the write permission everyone for the new folder you

   * Uninstallation utility may not remove the "VC-20" folder itself in
     Program Files folder on your computer. In this case, remove it by 
     manual if you want to erase it completely.

-- EOF --
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