readme.txt Driver File Contents (z47244Lf.exe)


   Network Interface Board Firmware Updates



This Readme file provides information on how to use Network interface board 
firmware updater. Please read this file carefully before using the updater.
For further information about the network board firmware update, 
see <<About Firmware Updates.pdf>>.

  [1] Function
  [2] Operating environment and Limitations
  [3] Before starting the update
  [4] How to update

[1] Function
  Network interface board firmware updater updates the software built in Network 
  Interface Board which is GelSprinter GX series.

[2] Operating environment and Limitations
  (a) Operating Environment
      Use a Web browser.
      As using a Web browser, set TCP/IP protocol in your computer and machine.

  (b) Recommended browser
      ¥Windows :
       Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
       Firefox 2.0 or higher
      ¥Mac OS :
       Safari 2.0 or higher
       Firefox 2.0 or higher

[3] Before starting the update
  (a) Make sure that the printer is turned on.

  (b) Before starting the update, please close all open applications, windows, 
      and dialog boxes. This includes: the printer properties dialog box, 
      Status monitor, and SmartDeviceMonitor status monitor.

  (c) Complete all print jobs before starting the update.

  (d) Do not turn off the printer or unplug the Network cable during the update.
      Also, do not start or print from other applications including the printer 
      driver, Status monitor and the SmartDeviceMonitor status monitor.

  (e) If you turned off the printer or unplugged the Network cable during the 
      update, please start the update again.

  (f) Check the "System standby" and "Hibernate" settings in "Power Options"
      ("Power Management" for Windows98) before starting the update.
      Set "Never" for the "System standby" setting and deselect "Enable hibernate 
      (Under WindowsXP, set "Never" for "System standby" and "System hibernates" 

  (g) Do not have the system standby or hibernate mode enabled during the update.

  (h) Close the SmartDeviceMonitor status windows including "Status List" before 
      starting the update.

  (i) Make sure that the "Use Extended Features" check box is unchecked in the 
      SmartDeviceMonitor application. This setting is located within the 
      "Tools- Extended Features Settings" dialog box.

  (j) If the Personal Firewall is installed in your computer, the update may fail.
      So nullify the effects of Personal Firewall, and perform the update.

[4] How to update
  (a) Normal Case
      Access the machine from a Web browser, and start the update from the Ethernet 
      board firmware updater.
      Please follow instructions displayed on the screen.
      For further information about the procedure, see <<About Firmware Updates.pdf>>.

      *In below cases, you do not need to perform the update.
      ¥The network interface board version in your computer is the same as 
       the latest version displayed on a top of web page.
      ¥The version displayed on a top of web page is older than 
       the network interface board version in your computer.

  (b) Fail to update
      ¥In case that the printer is working./In case of abnormal files.
       Please perform the "(a)" update again.

      ¥The power is disconnected during the update.
       Please perform the "(a)" update again.

       In this case, you may not be able to access the machine. If such is the case, 
       turn off the power and turn on the power with the button located behind the 
       network interface board pushed. After turning on the power, keep pushing the 
       button more than 5 sec. This makes the network interface board factory default.
       All values including the software built in the network interface board and 
       setting items become factory default.
       As the result of that, you need to set the network settings and perform 
       the update again.

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  other countries.
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