Readme.txt Driver File Contents (PR_NetworkTool_DirectPrinting_20100505.exe)


                   Network Tool for Direct Printing


[0. Table of Contents]

  1. Main Features of this Utility
  2. Supported models
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Supplement

[1. Main Features of this Utility]

    This utility allows the user to send printable files, 
    including PDF file, through Windows spooler to the printing 
    device that has PDF direct printing capability.

[2. Supported models]

    CD 1050/DC 2150
    CD 1040/DC 2140
    CD 1030/DC 2130
    CD 1075/DC 2075
    CD 1116/DC 2116
    CD 1120/DC 2120
    CD 1125/DC 2125
    CD 1018-DC 2018
    CD 1018_DC 2018
    CDC 1526_DCC 2526
    CDC 1520_DCC 2520
    CDC 1525_DCC 2525
    CDC 1532_DCC 2532
    CDC 1625_DCC 2625
    CDC 1632_DCC 2632
    CDC 1635_DCC 2635
    CDC 1840_DCC 2840
    CDC 1740_DCC 2740
    CDC 1730_DCC 2730
    CDC 1725_DCC 2725
    CLP 3416_CLP 4416
    CLP 3506_CLP 4506
    CLP 3516_CLP 4516
    CLP 3524_CLP 4524
    CLP 3316_CLP 4316
    CLP 3520_CLP 4520
    CLP 3532_CLP 4532
    CLP 3532_CLP 4532+
    LP 3028_LP 4028
    LP 3033_LP 4033
    LP 3022_LP 4022
    LP 3030_LP 4030
    LP 3035_LP 4035
    LP 3045_LP 4045
    LP 3140_LP 4140
    LP 3151_LP 4151
    CD 1250_DC 2250
    CD 1240_DC 2240
    CD 1230_DC 2230
    CD 1325_DC 2325
    CD 1182_DC 2182
    CD 1162_DC 2162
    CD 1118_DC 2118
    CD 1122_DC 2122
    CLP 3635_CLP 4635
    CLP 3626_CLP 4626
    CLP 3621_CLP 4621
    CLP 3521_CLP 4521
    LP 3245_LP 4245
    LP 3240_LP 4240
    LP 3235_LP 4235
    LP 3230_LP 4230

[3. Frequently Asked Questions]

    Q: Cannot open the utility.

    A: Are you using an older version of Microsoft Internet Explorer?
       If so, please update to Microsoft Internet Explorer to 5.01 or

    Q: The printout are corrupted.

    A1: Please make sure whether the printing device supports
        PDF direct printing capability. 
        If the device does not support the capability;
        - Use another printing device that has the capability.
        - Print the file with the another application.

    A2: The printing device may not have the font image that is used
        in the PDF file.
        Use the printing device that has the font. 
        Otherwise, print the file with the another application.

    Q: Nothing has been printed out.

    A: If the file size exceeds the total size of the remaining room 
       of the hard disk and memory, the file will not be printed out.
       Please try to make more room on the hard disk and/or memory.

[4. Supplement]

    Company and product names shown are the trademarks or registered 

    Copyright (C) 2008 KYOCERA MITA Corporation
    All Rights Reserved.
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