Release.txt Driver File Contents (

                Synaptics Pointing Device Driver Release Notes
                              Version 14.0.3
                             August 27, 2009

This document describes changes to the Synaptics TouchPad Driver
for Windows XP and Vista. Only external releases have been documented.
Other releases were for internal use, beta tests, or for specific customer
requests. These are not documented here.

Version  14.0.3 08/27/2009 (WinXP/Vista/Win7)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated OEM scrolling code. 
  -Added UI for starting zone delay Follow Up:Let's use existing strings for
   "Minimum" and "Maximum" and create a string for the slider title.
  -Fixed the status, when the packet type changes from absolute packet to
   secondary finger packet. 
  -Merge Linux branch to trunk 
  -Restore TIMERPROC casts. 
  -Bring over changes from branch_LinuxP1. 
  -Added regstry settings for 4F flicking features 
  -Added registry value for friction in momentum scrolling. 
  -By default, disable button on Scroll Pad. 
  -Changed the default settings per customer's request. 
  -Find a safer way to kill enhancement app, perhaps more string
  -Used build directories for Linux utilities 
  -Added Pnp IDs and appropriate configuration. 

Version  14.0.2 08/24/2009 (WinXP/Vista/Win7)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed an error in controlbar patch.
  -1st pass code for 2f dbl tap 
  -Fixed name and remove the un-used one. 
  -Fixed starting and scroll zone conflicts.
  -Employed idle time on start zone filter.
  -Retry 3 times in writing/reading RMI register.
  -Fixed help text at Portuguese for Devagar to Lenta. 
  -Fixed scrolling for OEM's software. 
  -To make the Windows 7 driver verifier happy, we allocate the remove lock
   on the heap directly.   
  -Stopped special scroll cursors from appearing. 
  -Added for OEM Mini xml file. 
  -Updated configurations for all PnPIDs, for OEM. 
  -Fixed for small scrolling region.
  -Ask HelperApp to check AdminAccessCapability when it's up running.   
  -Fixed scrolling on elevated app which is running in standard user. 
  -Fixed to notify KBC when TP is disabled by external PS2 device still want
   to enable it. 
  -Fixed global DisableGestures settings. 
  -Fixed issues that disabled pich or twist gestures will result in a
  -Added new flags for NF-flicking actions.
  -Implement the 4F-flciking action and induced actions 
  -Disabled 2F Flick for several apps, for OEM. 
  -Fixed PnP ID reqest of GROUP2 and GROUP11 was miss placed. 
  -Added Free Scroll capability. 
  -Added new Pnp IDs and appropriate configuration. 
  -Added LED control APIs to the slidebar dll.
  -Added codes handling LED controls APIs to the SynTPEnh.
  -Moved slidebar LED header file to Lib.
  -Reduced top left corner zone size for a Pnp ID. 
  -Removed obsolete PnPIDs. 
  -Updated configurations for several PnPIDs, for OEM. 
  -Fixed a Run-Time Check Failure. 
  -Scroll selected item is default for OEM 
  -The global disable gesture flag should not apply to all of the plugin
  -Fixed hiding the correct gestures for the specific customer platforms. 
  -Fixed a bug that reading the global disable gesture initial value

Version  14.0.1 08/13/2009 (WinXP/Vista/Win7)
Bug Fixes
  -Setting 2 and 3 finger tap action to be nothing by default. 
  -Minor adjustment for LED half brightness setting 
  -Removed ButtonLEDZone class and put the function to PlugInZone&Action 
  -Fixed OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Copied files to distribution OEM folder. 
  -Updated configurations for all PnPIDs, for OEM. 
  -return true/false; instead of TP_value to fix registry write issue
  -Added member var to keep default value. 
  -modified max tracking size 
  -Made error packet count threshold (required to trigger a redetect)
   registry configurable. 
  -Redesigned LED heartbeating implementation structures. 
  -inf revision for Redesigned LED heartbeating implementation structures. 

Version  14.0.0 08/07/2009 (WinXP/Vista/Win7)
New Features: Use WDK 1.9 Build 7600.16385.0
Bug Fixes
  -Modified Devagar to Lenta in Portugese UI.
  -Upgrade WDK from 1.7 to 1.9 build 7600.16385.0

Version  13.2.9 08/06/2009 (WinXP/Vista/Win7 RC)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed 'Scroll Sensor' to be not translated in Japanese. 
  -Updated configuration for 2 Pnp Ids.
  -Fixed bug in OEM Clickpad. 
  -Use TP_PacketState_Moving to detect significant move.
  -TimeOut in EdgeRegion Filter is now a config-able parameter .
  -FUP:Upgrade finger/button detect;redo the buttontap button release
   scenario;EdgeRegion eSuppress state to check tap bit 
  -Fixed no scroll in scroll zone while EdgeRegion filter is on.
  -Supporting any shape zone. 
  -Added Kernel capibilities to Enter RMI backdoor, Read/Write RMI registers
   with Firmware Gen III.
  -Added Google Chrome case to IsBrowser() function. 
  -Fixed  Words cut in Reset device button at Hungarian.   
  -Removed the 2/3FingerStroke bits and the unused code related to them.
  -Created a TP_ZoneID_MultiFingerGesturesAll.  
  -Make CB multifinger checking for either strips, not both. 
  -Revised IS2Finger at csliderzone. 
  -Adding new name to developer's list.
  -Fixed for registry failing to be copied when initialization is out
   of usual order. 
  -Fixed  incorrect grammar and spelling in Brazil Portuguess.   
  -Added new Pnp ID with appropriate configuration. 
  -Report and Display X during gliding.
  -APIGet/SetItem modify data member; APILoad/SaveState commit to registry.
  -Using non-paged string when CSynList lock is acquired 
  -Added Pnp IDs and appropriate configuration. 
  -Turned tips off by default. 
  -A ButtonLEDZone class is created to handle LED's brightness.
  -Updated inc for buttonLEDzone setting. 
  -Changed the default settings for scroll and TouchCheck. 
  -Fix the bug when X jumps triggering some gestures.

Version  13.2.8 07/30/2009 (WinXP/Vista/Win7 RC)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed OEM-specific stick scrolling issue by not suppressing buttons while
  -Fixed help Ids for 'Click Buttons' and 'Click Zones' 
  -Turned off kbc query for customer, and turned on session disable.
  -Fixed EdgeMotion traslation for Chinese TW matched with UI and help text.
  -Fixed OEM Clickpad not work right issues. 
  -Changed back dependencies logic. 
  -Fixed the root cause of button diable code and so changed back
   dependencies logic. 
  -Added UI for all filters.
  -Cahnged Inf file to assign palmcheck to all PNP ids.
  -Redo palmCheck filter 
  -Updated configuration for 2 PnP Ids.
  -Fixed language modification request for SP momentum to Impulso.
  -Turned off "Dual-pointing to not disable touchpad or stick buttons when
   TP or stick is disabled" for specific platform. 
  -Forced redetecting the device if the driver receives 40 timeout error
   packets in a roll.   
  -Made PNP0F13 have DeviceDesc for customers that have no PNPIds.   
  -Defaults for 2 Pnp Ids -- disable coasting, enable EdgeMotion when
  -Fixed an error induced by 4F-flicking code for 3F flicking.
  -Disabled dedicated button zones when there is more than one finger on the
  -Revision for using LEDZone index instead of LED address to control LEDs
  -Clean up OEM installation folder since we're now using OEM2.
  -Catch all finger leave events, some were missed in the previous version. 
  -Clear the gesture display area when finger touch happens. This is only
   for SQA. 
  -Added new value for turn on leds based on the duration of time stayed.
   Modified two values for LED on off patterns. 
  -Fixed a bug that it takes longer time to trigger LEDs when finger
   touches the bar. And some necessary operations for using LEDZone indexes
  -Maintained the correct driver build number for the next build in main
  -Fixed broken plugin list for enhanced controlbar button. 
  -Changed Scale for Twist Rotate. 
  -Added new Pnp ID and appropriate configuration. 
  -Added registry values for LED pattern setting related to pre/after low
  -Added configurable values for LED timing setting: heartbeating after a few
   seconds of no operation; start time for resume heartbeating 
  -Added configurable values for LED pattern of pre/after low power. Add LED
   timing setting: heartbeating after a few seconds of no operation.
  -Saved the buttons states and cleared the motion when the TP is disabled  
  -Add 4-fingers gestures plugin action support 
  -Merged the similar codes used in both SynTPEnh and in SynTPAPI 
  -Added new zone slider1 to simply the one/two fingers control flow.
  -Updated configuration for all PnPID for OEM. 
  -Added new name to developer's list 
  -Added new names to developer's list 
  -Suppress unroll past finger count changes. This may help in Fitts testing
   (and at other times). 
  -Removed check for FW rev to determine whether to run secondary position
   filter on imaging sensors. 
  -Added UI for zone itself 
  -Fixed language modification request by OEM.   
  -Added 4F down support 
  -Added Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to the list of apps that support
   rotation in XP. 
  -Fixed 3F flicking failed introduced by 4F flicking code.

Version  13.2.7 07/23/2009 (WinXP/Vista/Win7 RC)
Bug Fixes
  -Set "Scroll under pointer" as the default for all customers to enhance scrolling
   in Start Bar menu for Vista/Win 7 RC.
  -Don't check for MultiFingerReport.     
  -Fixed the hot-key for Disable Gestures at Chinese. 
  -Set advanced gestures default to on if global disable gestures control is
   truned on.  
  -Only Sent KBC disable state query after device redtection to fix
   deadlock between driver and KBC BIOS.  
  -Fixed OEM request to change ControlBar to Scroll Sensor. 
  -Changed device name for 2 OEM pnpIDs.
  -Fixed  the TP does not enable issue after reboot.
  -Created separate help topics for separate controls for TwistRotate. 
  -Merged imaging sensor changes to trunk. 
  -Move LED off control to LEDZones 
  -Changed for LED pattern controls related to low power 
  -Added a copy cmd to copy SynSlideBarDLL.h from SynSlideBar folder.
  -Instead of passing in WholePadMode, passed in a parameter called
   bAllowChording defaulted to TRUE.  
  -Fixed OEM CPL App when TP disalbe, the TP button should grey out and
  -Added UI for passing down/retrieve parameters.
  -Added registry and two palmcheck filters.
  -fixed application profile "default" button action, for OEM. 
  -Fixed coasting default off for OEM. 
  -Fixed broken ControlBar horizontal slider control. 
  -Fixed settings not correct after SGS for OEM. 
  -Used the HideSGSGestures_AddReg, and then added and removed in the individual
   inf what's specific for that OEM.  
  -Changed the default settings per customer's request.   
  -Added a condition in StrokeFilter to bShouldHaveCursorAcquired for the
   OEM scroll and tap only mode. 
  -Fixed OEM PNP ID modification request. 
  -Forced redetecting the device if the driver receives 40 parity error
   packets in a roll.   
  -Fixed OEM PnP ID request to change veritcal scroll zone size. 
  -Changed default settings per customer's request.   
  -Fixed broken ControlBar enhanced button. 
  -Turned off ShowTip by customer's request.   
  -Added hide two finger scrolling section. 
  -Fixed finger number assigned is wrong for finger up case in
  -Used finger bits to decide if the finger number should be one.
  -Expanded the compatible ID lists and put SynCompatibleDevice where it
   should be. 
  -Add 4F-Flicking features.
  -Added OEM Pnp ID and appropriate configuration. 
  -Changed the default settings. 
  -Changed packet suppression algorithm.
  -Finished fix to OEM project. 
  -Added a timer operation for dealing with the no dribbling packet case of
   the slidebar .

Version  13.2.6 07/17/2009 (WinXP/Vista/Win7 RC)
Bug Fixes
  -Turned on recalibration. 
  -Added a global Gesture check/uncheck box to the Synaptics tray icon to
   globally turn off all gestures, with the default being unchecked. 
  -Disabled momentum and pinch if globlal disable gestures was set. 
  -Fixed a build error.  
  -Moved resource from SynTPRes to SynTPEnh.  
  -Saved states and fixed a typo. 
  -ClickPad 2.0 English help text  to all Rtf files 
  -Update Help text: Click-and-Drag ... 
  -Set Scroll item under pointer for OEM 
  -THere is a possibility that you may get another tap if the first finger
   is lifted right after the second finger's tap.\r\nYou may want to reset
   the PossTap flag.  
  -Let's call the new FingerIndex -> ContactID. 
  -Let's call the new FingerIndex -> ContactID.  
  -change device name. 
  -Add device change support 
  -Fix two finger LED bugs. Improved power related LED behaviors. Change the
   slide bar detection to the registry. 
  -Maybe all CB buttons should be extended buttons 
  -Made some change to share a header file with the customer 
  -Remove a unused function 
  -Update for using extendbuttons 
  -Remove the else - let it run through the state machine.  
  -Added new GetPlugInActionID function 
  -Made some change to the dll import header file to share it with the dll
  -Update for using extendbuttons 
  -Maybe have the TPFilter set the Left & Right button bits and let the
   ProcessChordedButtons... fct do its job than try to replicate it here.  
  -Added 3F and 2F flick support for Windows Explorer. 
  -partial code check in 
  -partial code check in. fix compiling break for now 
  -Set right status for secondary finger packet. 
  -Remove the EMITs  
  -Fixed OEM PnP ID change request. 
  -Fixed settings not correct after SGS for OEM. 
  -use exception to pass-thru any unknown commandl line command(s) 
  -Set right initial page index for shuttle page.  
  -Added new Caption and Help Topic IDs for Circular ScrollPad. 
  -Added new help strings for Circular ScrollPad. 
  -Changed string per OEM request. 
  -Added HID\FUJ02E7&Col02 to PNPDisableExclusionList. 
  -Rolled back to WDK1.7. 
  -Add groupbox for Click-and-Drag 
  -Added [OEM_GROUP0_PS2_Inst.HW] section. 
  -Add support for feeding FingerState packet 
  -Remove the FIXME comment  
  -Add OEMNAME="" to prevent HelpCopyPaste from executing previous one.
  -Add new Makefile to CVS, second attempt 
  -Document for windows driver build  
  -just to get rid of compiler warning so we can build the driver. 

Version  13.2.5 07/09/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added inventory log into system registry for OEM MUP 
  -Aeleted local info-zip dependency 
  -Enabled force restart in silent mode 
  -Filter file errno.h is not an error 
  -If the Tools have NOT been tagged with the new branch just use the
   current Tools 
  -Update comments: Our build script only tags new driver version
   vMM_nn_ss_bb  not the branch name to the Tools 
  -Prepared Disable Gesture string for OEM gesture check/uncheck. 
  -Prepared the "Disable Gestrues" string. 
  -Capitalize -finger Click to -Finger Click 
  -Change the order between Middle Click and Right Click 
  -For image sensor clickpad: ClickZones are OFF by default 
  -Turn off ClickZones Actions for profile sensor WholePadButtonZone
  -Added DLL042F and appropriate configuration. 
  -Fixed wrong registry path. 
  -Turned on 2F pointing workaround for Clickpad.  
  -Disabled tapping and double tapping hack for ClickPad by default per
   customer's request. 
  -THe IsInsideButtonZone fct should check that there IsFinger. Have the
   constr. w/o [arameter do nothing and make it private. 
  -Added support for counting nore than 3 fingers by using new EW mode packet 
  -Convert EXtraFingerState to a DWORD first to avoid sign extension.  
  -The MAX reported fingers is still 2. PLs roll this back 
  -The finger index mask should be ...FF...  
  -Fixed H. scroll not smooth in Google Chrome for OEM. 
  -Change the name of the cursor to OEM...  
  -fixed missing/extra application profiles. 
  -Grayed out Scrolling speed control "Fast" and "Slow" only when 1F and 2F
   scrollings are disabled. 
  -Removed all LED controls in the demo code. 
  -Added settings for demo ControlBar1362 
  -Added 2 ControlBar setting to OEM Inf 
  -Moved all LED features to Syntpenh finally. 
  -revision for July 9 build in dealing with power broadcast message 
  -See if you can change the counting of w packets outside this switch, if
   possible - as there may be other places here  where you would need to
   check for this condition. 
  -Added a reg value to turn on the chorded btn. clicks. 
  -On the ButtonZoneFlags maybe just check the Enabled bit. 
  -Reduced OEM PnP ID tap zone size by 15% 
  -Updated OEM scrolling code data table files. 
  -Removed 2F and 3F flick for MS explorer, it caused Windows Photo Gallery
   does not work. 
  -Fixed new PnP ID request for OEM 
  -Removed duplicated .mpg file in source file list. 
  -Increased value information buffer size, and added a logic to increase
   the buffer size according to return value if the buffer is still too
  -Added Click-and-Drag Item into ClickPad 2.0 UI 
  -Added self to credits dialog.  Fixed missing pixels in box. 
  -updated configuration for OEM. 
  -UI for TwistRotate Gesture - image sensor touchpad 
  -Added Visibility values to hide the Show Video buttons OEM.  Still need
   to remove the mpg files from the install. 
  -updated SYN0714 with appropriate configuration. 
  -Don't need new IOCTL for Twist Rotate - use the Pivot Rotate one. 
  -UI for Four-Finger Flick in Application Gestures - image sensor touchpad 
  -Set PalmOnPad delay to 375ms. 

Version  13.2.4 07/02/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Got the correct tool for Branch build.     -Changed 'Buttons' to 'Physical Buttons'. 
  -Added method for filtering finger position on loop control bars. 
  -Fixed OEM hotkey lost sync after S3 resume. 
  -Updated configuration for 2 Pnp IDs. 
  -Just forced finger up to trigger decodetap instead of changing packet
  -Only trigger gesture if both fingers are outside of button zone for
  -Fixed EdgeMotion scrolling not happening when speed is slow. 
  -Made sure all HKLM are changed to HKR.   
  -Set right default value for PalmOnPad.  
  -Added LED features to Syntpenh.
  -Added new features (button supports) and more message info to the dll.
  -Added button 4 and button 5 support for ControlBar.
  -Need the ControlBar Slider0 Zone.
  -Small revision for the .rc2 file 
  -Created APISaveState function for PalmDetect object.
  -Updated configuration for an Pnp ID. 
  -Added new features to the demo code. 
  -Fixed broken button1 for OEM. 
  -Added both button zones chord action feature for ClickPad.
  -Added support for 1F in Right button zone for WholePad and Button zone
  -Fixed couple clicpad related bugs.  
  -Added new Pnp ID and appropriate configuration. 
  -updated configuration for 3 Pnp IDs.
  -Turned on 1F vertical scrolling by customer's request.  
  -Changed Pnp ID. 
  -Log Device Type for ClickPas as 'ClickPad LuxPad' instead of LuxPad.
  -Took out LuxPad setting item in Tray Icon menu for clickpad. 
  -Used "Synaptics ClickPad v.." for clickpad device type 
  -Increased button zone size.  
  -Made 'Enable ClickZones' and 'Enable ClickButtons' functional in ClickPad UI.
  -Added custom video files for OEM. 
  -Fixed wrong dependency.  
  -Fixed "Two-Finger Click" and "Three-Finger Click "  saved same Action . 
  -Removed empty manufacture section to fix driver installation issue in
  -Set OEM_MFG_SECT to undefined because of USB driver. 
  -vertical scrolling configflags 9 -> 1. 
  -Extended one button Clickpad patch to two buttons Clickpad.  
  -Added 2F and 3F flick support for explorer. 
  -Enabled PalmonPad by default. 
  -Added document describing coodinate & DPM scaling. 

Version  13.2.3 06/25/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed lextra spaces before dots and dashes in Finish help. 
  -Added HelpID for demo ClickPad 
  -Added HelpText UI ClickZones with Middle Click 
  -Added HelpText UI ClickZones with Middle Click and Physical buttons 
  -Added settings for Show Video buttons and graphics for ClickPad 2.0 UI 
  -Added help text for clickpad 2.0 
  -Added one hot-key for button setting at OEM App. 
  -Fixed IDS_ENABLE stick hotkeys conflict issues. 
  -Added tap and double tap support for clickpad if one finger is rest in
   the button zone, another finger does tap or double tap.  
  -Changed the default left and right buttons zone, and enabled tap and
   double tap hack for clickpad.  
  -Set clickpad  to true for 2 buttons clickpad. 
  -Make sure all HKLM are changed to HKR.  
  -We need to call IoSkipCurrentIrpStackLocation before calling
   WdfDeviceWdmDispatchPreprocessedIrp if a new Irp is not created according
   to specs., otherwise it causes a BSOD if verifier is enabled in 64-bit
  -Added more dependencies for Scroll item under pointer, Scroll selected
   item, Enable reverse scrolling direction, and scrolling speed.  
  -Changed default settings.  
  -Added setting ControlBar1363 to demo in the trunk 
  -Excluded the ControlBar from showing up in our normal Mouse control panel 
  -1, Adjusted min amount of time the user will keep palm on the pad, before
   triggering an action from 1000ms to 200ms. 2, Fixed PalmOnPad end action
   was not fired because the stroke state was reset in secondary finger
   packet. 3, Fixed PalmOnPad was not detected if there were 3 fingers
   covering the TP.   
  -Updated for the SynSlidebar tester 
  -Converted old CPL tree to new CPL tree.  
  -Reorganized OEM inc files, and replaced all HKLM with HKR.  
  -Added document to describe adding new language support tasks 
  -updated configuration for PnP IDs
  -Added branch for Gen3 demo. 

Version  13.2.2 06/18/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed letter -"F" was missed in items under limited warranty of EULA. 
  -Fixed grouping for ODM merging. 
  -Used registry for LED down and Up pattern Release. 
  -Added Enable ClickButtons check box.
  -Fixed debug message for szEControlType.
  -Added demo ClickButtonsAndPhysicalButtons, ImageClickButtonsAndClickZonesOnly
   ImageClickButtonsClickZonesPhysicalButtons, ClickButtonsOnly, ClickZonesOnly
   and ClickZonesAndPhysicalButtons.
  -Added new Ioctl to enable/disable ClickPad actions.
  -Changed Button Emulation to ClickButtons for clickpad in wholepadmode.
  -Clean demo inf take out non-used demo sections. 
  -Reused the PalmOnPad bit.  
  -Fixed IDS_ENABLE, DISABLE hot-keys issues for OEM app. 
  -Fixed IDS_ENABLE, DISABLE hot-keys issues in Polish. 
  -Removed disable scancode for OEM Pnp ID. 
  -Turned on SGS per customer's request. 
  -Implemented timeout on ClickPad state reversion during twist/pinch. 
  -Defined new Finger Count Packet type. 
  -Translated the Dual Mode and sync with UI for all languages.
  -Fixed Horizontal scroll won't move at Chrome Browser at default driver. 
  -Added customized rotation cursor. 
  -Cleaned up INC files. 
  -Converted HKLM to HKR if it is defined for specific PnP IDs. 
  -Recalculated TwistMetrics based on sensor type. 
  -Removed scancode support for OEM Pnp ID.
  -Restored automation inf to old UI, so SQA can still run the automation
   testing tool.  
  -OEM slide bar project: updated code and dll.

Version  13.2.1 06/12/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed Scroll in Win7 Start bar. 
  -Reset m_nByteNeedForNextRelativePackets when m_nBytesReceived is reset. 
  -Removed mpg file list from OEM, it is already in common section. 
  -Added PnpID and appropriate configuration, for OEM. 
  -Expanded path of accessories application. 

Version  13.2.0 06/11/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
New Features: Use Synaptics Gestures Suite UI for all OEMs.
Bug Fixes
  -Removed unnecessary PnP IDs, as a result of merge for OEM. 
  -Fixed help spaces and translated Dual Mode.
  -Fixed RTF header via ChkRtf tool for Indonesian help. 
  -Changed the default settings.  
  -Still used the GROUP0 Coinst, WDF etc. sections.
  -Fixed RTF viewer control and content for Legal Help info section for OEM.   
  -Implemented OEM cursor for scrolling.
  -Checked wrong font table format and unnecessary font as warning.
  -Used font f0 in Arabic help file. 
  -Fixed parenthesis is over the text border at Russian for OEM panel. 
  -Removed commas at Russian UI for OEM panel. 
  -Fixed IDS_ENABLE hotkey conflict issue at OEM App. 
  -Updated configuration for OEM Pnp IDs.
  -Changed registry type from string to expanded string.  
  -Replaced %16422% with %PROGRAMFILES% to fix preload image installation
   issue in Win7. 
  -Simplied move registry logic. 
  -Removed Palm-On-Pad, for OEM. 
  -Disabled chiralmotion.   
  -Fixed for better text label block for OEM control app. 
  -Moved several PnP IDs from OEM to OEMConsumer. 
  -Fixed OEM PnP ID request for setting PalmRT value. 
  -Fixed Korean UI translation error at OEM app and its hotkeys. 
  -Fixed Black Screen and Lock Computer not translated issues. 
  -Migrated to SGS 9.1 UI, and replaced HKLM with HKR if it is in platform
   specific registry section. 
  -Added support for imaging capability bit. 
  -Adjusted vertical scrolling zone size for specific platforms. 
  -Changed the default settings according to specs.     
  -Removed "Hide Momentum".   
  -Fix the suppression of motion on finger count change.
  -Fixed bug in finger count motion suppression where a single 2nd finger
   packet was being missed. 
  -OEM "enhancements" for ClickPads. 
  -Added PalmCheck to circular ControlBar. 
  -Fixed OEM PnP ID request for setting Scroll Region Width. 
  -Fixed bullets help text display for Dual Mode and Button Mode entries. 
  -Added new PnP IDs.   
  -Changed 2Tapping to 7Tapping 3Button to 6Button; NoExternalPS2. 
  -Checked Illumination options for SGS UI.
  -Hide the Scrolling Selection ctrls for the OEM infs     
  -Fixed the masks and offsets used for product and sensor info. 

Version  13.1.3 06/04/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -New mail utility blat requires the content (body) of the message to be
  -Removed merged ODM INF files permanently. 
  -Changed the default settings to turn on the coasting for 2finger
  -Added UI for loop control bar. 
  -Added new strings. 
  -Adjusted location of controls on settings page; updated help IDs. 
  -Removed primary action dependency from ControlBar button. 
  -Set ReverseDirection config bit for loop slider. 
  -First checkin for Clickpad 2.0 UI for wholepad mode. 
  -Removed extra white space lines for Thai help text. 
  -Clean up more space issue. 
  -Capitalized at topic 30 for Finish help. 
  -Hid Palm-On-Pad, for OEM. 
  -Changed the default settings.. 
  -Fixed RTF viewer control for Legal Help info section for OEM. 
  -Custom cusor files for OEM 
  -Handle custom 2Finger scrolling cursor 
  -Added support for pre-setting SwapScrollAxis bit, and handled display
   orientation change accordingly. 
  -Added support for loop slider zones. 
  -Run ChkRtf for Synaptics rtf help files 
  -Updated configuration for OEM. 
  -Fixed Configue button is cut off in Commercial Russian. 
  -Cut-off string in 120 DPI of Russian CPL settings. 
  -Fixed for hotkey not consistent at OEM control panel. 
  -updated configuration for OEM. 
  -Post scroll bar messages works. 
  -Used eClassPostKernelWheel on Vista start bar to scroll 
  -Fixed secondary menu for control panel tray icon is not translated for
   CSY, ELL and HUN. 
  -Saved device specific information to
   CurrentControlSet\Class\{GUID}\xxxx\System and
   CurrentControlSet\Class\{GUID}\xxxx\Software, and the kernel driver moved
   them to corresponding HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SynTP, and
   HKLM\Software\Synaptics. This fixed different device settings overwirtten
   issue if the drivrer was installed from preload image in Windows 7. 
  -Removed Palm-On-Pad, for OEM. 
  -Added document describing rotation of user-selected objects in MS Office

Version  13.1.2 05/29/2009 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Take out v13.2.0 section. 
  -Updated by the build process.
   -Added Cover Gesture support. 
  -Added code back which was removed accidently. 
  -Fixed space before Punctuation on Help Topic in Slovenian 
  -Fixed space issue for "Normal" at Dutch. 

Version  13.1.1 05/29/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Rolled back version from 13.2.0 to 13.1.0. 
  -Added cover gesture support. 
  -Fixed a BSOD when the driver was uninstalled. 
  -Doc for implementing the Features of NFinger taps.

Version  13.1.0 05/28/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
New Features: Use WDK 1.9 build 7100.0
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a cursor moving issue for NFinger flicking. 
  -SetFingerCount to 2... should be in the stroke filter.
  -Take out the tabs.
  -Fixed Hebrew Flick UI does not sync with help text issue. 
  -Fixed control Zoom Rate Minimum got cut-off. 
  -Fixed BR patent displayed not in-sync issue. 
  -Unified HelpTopicID format. 
  -Hot-key for Hebrew at OEM app. 
  -Fixed configuration for OEM PNP ID. 
  -Removed the hot-key for Zoom Rate. 
  -Fixed Synaptics Tutorial app for Right-to-Left languages. 
  -Changed an OEM PNP ID to use SGS UI.
  -Moved PNP ID from ODM's INF to OEM's INF. 
  -Rolled back to non-SGS UI, for OEM. 
  -Added IrDeviceV2&CoI08 into exclusion list.   
  -Don't call WdfFdoInitSetFilter for KBFilter device creation.           3,
   Set FileObjectClass = WdfFileObjectNotRequired when pass the WDF request 
   to next level driver.
  -Used right request format function to reformat internal device io control
   call before pass the request to the io target. 
  -Fixed static help message which is not in the center. 
  -Added TM after EdgeMotion at CH help text. 
  -Fixed extra space at CH help. 
  -Fixed Explorer does not translate at KR and space issues. 
  -Utility tool to check/update Rtf help files in Driver\Help 
  -Added PNP ID with appropriate configuration, for OEM.   
  -Changed horizontal scrolling width for OEM PNP ID. 
  -Added new PNP ID for OEM. 
  -Removed the help topic 112 being called at Enalbe Tap zones which creates
   white line.   
  -Updated enable/disable timeout for 2 OEM Pnp IDs. 

Version  13.0.7 05/22/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -fixed uninstallation issue due to read-only file attributes of INF files.
  -translate Middle Point Stick Button for AR. 
  -Fixed hot-key in one language for RU. 
  -Fixed bold only half the word of Turkish. 
  -Fixed extra space before a colon in French help screen 
  -Momentum UI is not translated and in-sync with help text for RU. 
  -Fixed Word cutoff in Turkish Menu for OEM App. 
  -Fixed no hot keys for buttons at OEM App. 
  -Fixed cleaned up all tabs and no garbage for OEM app. 
  -Fixed extra line after clean up for RU. 
  -Fixed New strings UI and help text localization for OEM project. 
  -Fixed New strings UI text cut-off. 
  -Fixed New strings UI text hot-keys. 
  -Taken out tab for OEM Rtf help text 
  -Added SGS UI per customer's request.  
  -Fixed Hebrew hotkey parenthesis for ChiralMotion is misplaced. 
  -Adjusted default settings for default driver. 
  -Fixed Hebrew about garbage at OEM App. 
  -Added a new PnP ID and adjusted default settings. 
  -Added PnP IDs. 
  -Add a way to get the HelpTopicIDs 
  -remove all tabs at beginning of help text, for help popups for OEM. 
  -rollback code to remove all tabs at beginning of help text, for help
   popups for OEM. 
  -Fixed Browse Button Label is Cut Off for OEM cpl. 
  -Fixed missing Show Video file. 
  -Changed the vertical scroll zone width for the customer. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Overview tree item may have been missing from an
   OEM's ControlBar settings. 
  -Updated OEM's configurations to SGS. 
  -Rolled back to WDK 1.7. 
  -Removed duplicated sections to fix build error. 
  -Fixed a typo in OEM inf that causes the installation to fail. 

Version  13.0.6 05/14/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Removed context-sensitive menu from key macro edit control. 
  -Only created one mediaplay object which can be shared by all show video
  -Added different grayed out image for each control. 
  -Added grey out video playback when a check box was unchecked. 
  -Sent broadcast message using SynTPHelper to power off monitor. 
  -Updated help text per customer's feedback.  
  -fixed alignment of tab control of control panel, for Right-to-Left
  -Changed default UI to SGS UI, and moved default settings to default
  -Added pinch speed slider control. 
  -Increase the timing  GestSuppressTimer for multi-finger tap so 2 finger
   tap and drag does not become 2 finger tap only. 
  -Added new criteria for unrolling clickpad packets; not currently enabled.
  -Reset Click Motion after Unroll. 
  -Fixed some translated strings. 
  -Fixed for OEM app About button garbage and font formats. 
  -Fixed extra line at NL Enable Tap Zones. 
  -Fixed for no line space after Flick at help ID 294. 
  -Fixed AR punctuation issue at help topic 260. 
  -Fixed canot get log file page without disable TP. 
  -Fix an issue of first time scroll in a window activated by tapping on it 
  -Fixed Spaces between the Patent area on Simplified Chinese. 
  -Fixed Finish Poinitng Enhancements need to translate. 
  -fixed uninstallation issue for Windows 7. 
  -Removed references of Windows 7 Beta. 
  -OEM UI and help text modification request. 
  -Updated for OEM UI translation fixes request. 
  -Turn Off Mux per OEM customer request. 
  -Fixed OEM PnP ID modification request. 
  -Cleaned up all tabs for help RTF in all languages. 
  -Fixed clean up tabs and overall fonts for help text. 
  -Added PnP ID. 
  -Adjusted driver default settings per customer's request. 

Version  13.0.5 05/07/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed Eula file for Slv. 
  -Fixed Pointing Stick and Touchpad in OEM rc. 
  -Fixed extra space in OEM rc. 
  -Updated for Romanian strings. 
  -fixed application profile (rotation keystroke sequence) for OEM's
   proprietary software. 
  -Updated for OEM customer better localization request. 
  -Called LockWorkStation to lock the compuer instead of sending Windows
   Logo Key + L.  
  -Updated AVI files, and switched the video when control is
  -removed unnecessary dependencies for "Show Video" buttons for XP64. 
  -Implement a feature for swapping Primary and Secondary Buton action for
  -Add support for swap buttons with ClickPad. 
  -Fixed EdgeMotion-region is not translated in Swedish. 
  -Fixed the Middle-Button clicking does not working issue. 
  -Added packet unrolling and suppression on clickpad button action. 
  -Fixed Hebrew translation lost at OEM App. 
  -fixed popup help text for Right-to-Left languages, for OEM's proprietary
  -Fixed Dutch hotkeys issues. 
  -Fixed sub tree is shown up even there is no controls. 
  -Fixed one hotkey not work at Italian. 
  -Removed some unused Win2K code. 
  -Fixed Romanian hotkeys issues. 
  -Fixed space in RM help text. 
  -fixed slider for Right-to-Left languages, right/left arrow handling. 
  -Invalid char in install with Danish setup. 
  -OEM PnP ID modification request. 
  -fixed UI controls' centering for OEM's proprietary GUI, for Right-to-Left
  -OEM PnP ID modify request. 

Version  13.0.4 05/01/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed ROM UI problems. 
  -Fixed build error for new languages support, removed one. 
  -Fixed hot keys for new languages and help fonts. 
  -Fixed special characters error at ROM and HRV. 
  -Merged and modified hotkeys for new languages and UI. 
  -Fixed object rotation in Excel/Word/PowerPoint. 
  -Commented out the optimization for the TP disable/enable to resolve
   system lockup.  
  -Removed unnecessary help ID. 
  -Fixed customer reqeust wording changed for UI. 
  -Added "Black Screen" action support. 
  -Added AVI files for animation effect,  pinch, and 2finger scrolling
  -Added a PnP ID and changed default settings. 
  -Updated the help string. 
  -Used left side zone enable IOCTL to disable/enable left zone zooming. 
  -New mail utility and not use mail server 
  -Fixed hotkeys and extra spaces for UI file. 
  -Fixed new help ID cannot be shown for SV, RM and CR. 
  -Fixed Arabic parenthesis issues. 
  -Fixed help ID 0 comment. 
  -Fixed scrolling speed slider, to also work with 2 finger scroll zones. 
  -Added hypen after French word, peut at the help text. 
  -Fixed extra character show tips for Russian. 
  -Fixed extra space at Greman help text. 
  -Added linear cursor image support for Chiral in Linear scrolling zones 
  -Added L/R Btn and 3Finger-Click action for ClickPad 
  -Useed demo inf for testing clickpad 
  -Fixed some obvious mistakes in Romanian translation. 
  -Fixed drop down menu items not translated for 4 languages. 
  -Fixed Hebrew translation lost at OEM App. 
  -Removed characters between ## and HelpTopicID, otherwise thie help cannot
   be found. 

Version  13.0.3 04/23/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed 2Finger chiral scrollig issues 
  -Fixed wrong help id. 
  -Fixed TW OEM App seeing garbage at About patent version info. 
  -Fixed hot keys for new languages and UI. 
  -Added new languages supports for OEM App. 
  -Added new INF for new project. 
  -Added new control strings. 
  -Added two more plugin actions. 
  -Hidden all "Show Video" buttons for XP64. 
  -Fixed caption for Mouse Properties dialog, for RTL languages. 
  -Fixed disable-if-USB checkbox in Mouse Properties dialog, for RTL
  -Added checking for OEM definable button zones 
  -Fixed reshuffled help text, for RTL languages. 
  -Added tow more video files for three-finger H&V flicks. 
  -Merged various ODM into OEM. 
  -Added onre more string. 
  -Localization for project 18687 
  -Updated help strings. 
  -Changed default UI per customer's request. 
  -Added PnP IDs. 
  -Fixed EdgeMotion and Coasting enable/disable checkboxes are deactivated
   by default with a LuxPad. 
  -Fixed the comment or line about Plugin ConfigFlags.  
  -Added disable/enable TP hotkey.  
  -Fixed a bug where app-specific settings would not get loaded properly
  -Added new PnP IDs. 
  -added SYN1B2C for OEM. 
  -Added Win7 info to diagnostic log file 
  -Changed the htokey disable using API disabled flag. 
  -Tested 1F and 2F Tap and drag - Clickpad 2.0 
  -Changed the default settings per customer's request. 

Version  13.0.2 04/16/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added Palm Check feature for Gestures. 
  -fixed rotation in Word/Excel/PowerPoint in Vista. 
  -Fixed hotkey Add and Remove of dialog Select program to Run. 
  -Fixed Pinch translation UI for Chinese. 
  -Fixed better translation for short and long for Czech at Glide CPL. 
  -Fixed from translation house for BR. 
  -fixed minimize/close button for Mouse Properties dialog. 
  -Added Support for 1 & 2 Finger Click & Drags 
  -Added support for 2F-clicking with ClickPad 
  -Fixed bolded for Vitese fixe for FR. 
  -Fixed R-to-L and L-to-R in item number stirngs for AR and HU. 
  -Fixed parenthesis problem at hebrew. 
  -Fixed Italian using capital after a Nota. 
  -Fixed Hebrew help text numbering and punctuation problems. 
  -Fixed some hypen for Hebrew two-finger flick help text. 
  -Removed notepad from 3 finger down application list. 
  -Added horizontal and vertical 3finger flick controls. 
  -Added 3-finger hiorizontal and vertical support. 
  -Decoded 3-finger gesture independently in hiorizontal and vertical. 
  -added SYN0602 with appropriate configuration, for OEM. 
  -added SYN1E13 with appropriate configuration, for OEM. 
  -corrected missing installation sections for SYN0602. 
  -Changed "Enable Pivot Rotate" to "Enable Rotate" and "Right Corner
   Pivote" to "Right Corner Rotate" for a customer. 
  -Fixed PDF English not translated in Japan help text. 
  -Fixed hotkey conflicts at mouse button CPL Portuguese(BR). 
  -Fixed hotkey at mouse Properties page for Finnish. 
  -Fixed hotkey conflict in Finnish. 
  -Fixed patent end with ':' in Finnish. 
  -Fixed hotkey and Apply UI for AR. 
  -Updated customer's scrolling configuration file. 
  -Added missed PnP IDs back to a new INF. 
  -Added missing INF section to OEM settings. 
  -corrected missing installation sections. 
  -added USB mouse disabling feature for for OEM. 
  -Adjusted vertical scrolling size per customer's request. 

Version  13.0.1 04/09/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Used the BConfigFlags in the SliderZone. 
  -Fixed a problem for 2 Finger Scrolling with Edge Motion for Scrolling.
  -Added preliminary code for incidental contact filtering for gestures. 
  -Reshot video files SynPivotRotate_ChiralRotate.mpg and SynPivotRotate.mpg.
  -Fixed space missing at FR help text. 
  -Fixed configuration for an OEM PnP ID.
  -Fixed two-finger flick localization issues for UI and hotkey. 
  -Turned scale corodinates on to fix an fimrware tuning issue.
  -Fixed hotkey does not work at three-finger flick for Greman language. 
  -Fixed period sign need to take out for button/tap zone listing item. 
  -Fixed enable tap zone adds white space issue for lots languages. 
  -Fixed Text Font is different in Danish Help Text. 
  -Added new PnP IDs for OEMs. 
  -Hide all "Show Video" buttons for XP64. 
  -Customer want the whole SGS  9.1 features.
  -Fixed Russian help got garbage at ID 226 - 230. 
  -Fixed missing item number and bold at Activat in France help. 
  -"Vitesse fixe" header needs to be bolded in France help. 
  -Fixed R-to-L and L-to-R in item number strings for AR and HU. 
  -Fixed reading alignment for numerically itemized help items, for
   right-to-left languages. 
  -Fixed parenthesis is misplaced for "Enable ChiralRotate"  hotkey for
   Hebrew, Thai. 
  -Fixed hotkey at right conner pivot not function for Italian. 
  -Updated illumination settings for an OEM Pnp ID.
  -Fixed bug where reverse scrolling and swapped axis did not work on chiral
  -Fixed capitalization after NOTA : of Italian help text. 
  -Fixed Thai help got garbages at ID 226 - 285.
  -Moved 3 PNP IDs from OEM Commercial to Consumer INF.
  -Changed the default settings per customer's request. 
  -Fixed install Eula got ? mark at Danish. 
  -Fixed hotkey conflicts at CPL Hungarian. 

Version  13.0.0 04/02/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
New Features: Synaptics Gesture Suite.
Bug Fixes
  -Some documents about SGS gestures. 
  -Used Mt.exe in Post-Build Event to add manifest. 
  -Recentered "folder" icon. 
  -Fixed simplified Chinese garbage help text in SGS. 
  -Fixed IsClickPad, which broke dragging.
  -Fixed some more quirks with clickpads and gestures 
  -Fixed cutoff string in Virtual Scrolling section for OEM.   
  -Added hysteresis on angular direction change to prevent Rotate action
   reset during noisy conditions. 
  -Matched UI strings to English ones for localization. 
  -Fixed supported MS Office apps, cannot rotate after starting very first
   time, for Demo. 
  -Increased ulTRIGGER_DEVICE_DETECTION_THRESHOLD to half second, this
   avoided unneccessary the device redetection because of bad packets.  
  -Added support for N-finger-taps plugIn action.
  -Fixed a format error in inf file.
  -Put back in the "Enable Two-Finger Flick".
  -New helptext for Two-Finger Vertical and Horizontal Flick. 
  -Created a new OEM inc file with SGS UI. 
  -Changed the name of the file to OEMTM12...
  -Added new OEM inf with all existing OEM settings plus Trayicon is Off by default.
  -Added hotkey for all the Show Video buttons for all languages. 
  -Hotkey should be uppercase for Show Video. 
  -Fixed extra quotes in the uninstall message for Russian. 
  -Fixed bug for inappropriate translation for Three finger down in Russian. 
  -Fixed Paten Number format in Finish. 
  -Removed the hotkey for Add and Remove over the Select programs app. 
  -Fixed bug for some more hotkeys at Czech. 
  -Fixed bug for some fonts of help text are different in HK Chinese. 
  -Fixed one hotkey no function in Norwegian. 
  -Fixed one hotkey no function at French. 
  -Fixed a problem where the finger arrives too quickly to be registered as a
   finger but clicks a clickpad button. Missed the click. 
  -Fixed bug for bad translation at German for Gesture Settings. 
  -Fixed bug for the wrong item number listing at Portuguese help text. 
  -Fixed bug for "Press to select drag" for Touch Stick Norwegian. 
  -Fixed bug for hotkey conflicts at device setting perperties page for
  -Added new PnP IDs for OEMs. 
  -Removed old consumer PNP IDs from OEM (commercial) INF.
  -Added check for firmware revision to determine whether to filter
   secondary finger positions. 
  -Fixed spaces missing on French help text. 
  -Fixed font changes at French help text. 
  -Fixed the tapping does not work for some OEMs.  
  -Fixed bug for the wrong item number listing at Arabic help text. 
  -Fixed the dots got changed to dashes at AR help text. 
  -Recentered MediaPlayer control, and changed UI options for an OEM PNP ID. 
  -Added 2 new PnPIDs with SGS UI for an OEM.
  -Removed unnecessary EnableKey for an OEM PnP ID.
  -Fixed Open parenthesis appear as close, and close parenthesis as open. at
  -Changed PalmRT settings. 
  -Fixed Hotkeys are not working for Greek. 
  -Fixed no help text in Hebrew for SGS. 
  -Change default INF to use SGS UI, SQA automation will use sqaautomation.

Version  12.2.12 03/27/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed wrong video is shown for rotation.  
  -We'll still need USB back in the OEM file. 
  -Added more debug info for hotkey duplicated issues. 
  -Fixed Taiwan help text for SGS project. 
  -Fixed cutting string at Russian SGS CPL. 
  -Removed the VK_SPACE from scrolling cancel key list to work around IE 7
  -Reported tap zone gestures to SynTPEnh even the tapping was disabled. 
  -Synaptics.pch can be inserted rather than imported. - maybe then the cpl
   can be expanded first, and then inserted to speed up the build only contains UI elements. The SGS functionals will be
   in OEM inf. Only either CommonSGS_AddReg or Common_AddReg will be
   inserted in inf default to  Common_AddReg unless we have to define to get
  -Use extension .pch to show as Intermidate file. 
  -Added 3 new languages and 13 for OEM Apps. 
  -Added profiles for OEM MediaSmart Video/Photo/Music apps, for
   ChiralRotate and PivotRotate. 
  -Fixed hotkey conflicts issues for SAS project. 
  -Put more info for the string with duplicate or mismatch hotkey 
  -make user changes to ClickLock effective immediately. 
  -fixed KBC TP Disable key state mismatch for OEM. 
  -Fixed wrong video is shown for rotation.  
  -Fixing issue where tapping hard enough to activate clickpad button causes
   double action 
  -set SYN0715 to have maximum PalmCheck value (7). 
  -fixed SGS UI for OEMConsumer, SYN1E0B. also moved OEM MediaSmart app
   profile into OEMConsumer, from OEMCommCtrls. 
  -Added reverse scrolling support for specific OEM scrolling code. 
  -Added code to support coasting scrolling for specific OEM scrolling. 
  -Use "Enable Coasting" instead of "Enable coasting". 
  -PnP ID modification request. 
  -Fixed a bug where the pointer may seem to temporarily lock up after a
  -Added multifinger taps support 
  -Enabled 2F and 3F taps feature 
  -If multifinger tap or drag is in processing, don not process plugin
  -Put some checking to make sure the cursor isn't frozen during an N-finger
  -Added two-Finger flick UI for SGS localization. 
  -Demo Two Finger Flick in SGS UI - No separate help text for Two finger
   Vertical and Horizontal flick yet 
  -Fixed settings for Visibility and used Macro PROG_FILES 
  -Seperated Horizontal and Vertical Two Finger Flick 
  -Fixed Chinese help text got garbages issue. 
  -Fixed Arabic help text won't show for SGS project. 
  -Fixed does not translate at Add and Remove run app list buttons. 

Version  12.2.11 03/19/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added ClickPad checking 
  -Modified code for multifinger cursor supress 
  -Modified suppress cursor code during multifinger gestures. 
  -Added right corner rotation control. 
  -Created new INF for customer to support new UI with SGS. 
  -Used OEM2 for install key.  
  -Set reverse rotation depend on two finger rotation. 
  -Fixed interruption behavior when middle button is down while user is
   hiliting stuff with left button. 
  -Fixed an issue of the cursor tracking for overlaped scrolling zones 
  -Added for finding the clipping strings for all languages in CPL. 
  -Fixed some clipping strings for localization. 
  -Fixed translation error for IL, TZ, TW and CH in help RTF. 
  -Translations for SGS UI and Help RTF files. 
  -Fixed Dependencies string for OEM inf file.
  -For consistency, the Show Video button should be in the same place on all
   pages (Lower Right) 
  -Moved Show Video button to the right. 
  -Merged capability should use once. 
  -Differentiated Ioctls between Tree and UI Control items 
  -For FLicks & 3FingersDn check for MFCaps instead of MF Reports 
  -Added new Video for both Pivot and Chiral Rotate. 
  -Fixed help text for palm on Pad contains an unnecessary double space 
  -Fixed some issues with the 3 Fingers Down configuration dialog. 
  -Changed the default settings per customer's request. 
  -PnP ID request to modify default setting. 
  -modified settings for OEM; remove moodpad & pressure graph, added
  -Fixed bullets are not displayed on the License agreement for JPN and
  -Fixed ChrialMotion scrolling video shows at the non Advanced Gesture
   TouchPad UI. 
  -Added code to control disable device for one session. 
  -Got right default value and handled fast user switching for disable
   device for one session. 
  -Fixed Practice in virtual scrolling doesn't function. 
  -Fixed Practice in virtual scrolling doesn't function. 
  -Created a INF for new customer. 

Version  12.2.10 03/17/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed Practice buttons not working. 

Version  12.2.9 03/13/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed some strings translated to Russian. 
  -Added check for DPI = 0. 
  -Fix potential issues with acquire and gesture decoding, when multiple
   fingers arrive and move on the pad.  
  -Removed the "Jump to Menu" code.  
  -Broke Switch TouchPad off into tree item and control. Updated rc file 
  -Fixed wrong Ioctl for 2 finger scrolling 
  -Checked for quotes in the help file.
  -Removed duplicated Help Topic. 
  -Updated "final" English help strings to other languages 
  -Changed advanced gestures in UI and enable/disable state, for OEM. 
  -Fixed possible issues of strings cut off during localization. 
  -Added new function for string tokenizing. 
  -Added support for runing more than one App
  -Added limit for number of apps to be run simultaneously. 
  -Added Configure button for 3 finger press
  -Added different Ioctl value for 3 finger press tree item. 
  -Added new strings 
  -Fixed Dependencies string. 
  -Added new dialog template for Running list of apps - used by 3Finger Press
  -Updated dialog size and added new strings. 
  -Prevented triggering a pinch incorrectly while trying to do a rotate. 
  -Allow disabling click buttons. Disable twist/pinch gestures if a button
   is pressed. 
  -Implement jump back and gesture cancellation when a button is clicked. 
  -Fixed a logic error otherwise the device redetection won't happen if it
   received really relative packets.  
  -Moved UI dependent settings to one file. 
  -Removed driver patch for uncalibrated OSC 
  -Added "Disable internel pointing device when extemal USB pointing device
   is attached" control per customer's request, set default to on. 
  -Updated PnP ID to remove MoodPad and Pressure Graph for OEM. 
  -Added video buttons and video files for Scrolling, Pinch and Rotating 
  -Added video files for Momentum, PalmOnPad,PivotRotate, Three Finger Flick and
   Three Fingers Down, TwoFingerScrolling 
  -Used new Video file for TwoFingerScroll for both Vertical and Horizontal 

Version  12.2.8 03/06/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed some options relating to advanced gestures in UI and
   enable/disable state, for OEM. 
  -Words Cut in button of CPL for an OEM 
  -Fixed a bug where the scroll zones were shifted from their original

Version  12.2.7 03/05/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Moved the unacquire at the beginning of DecodeGesture. 
  -Fixed cursor moving when multifinger-gestures are detected. 
  -New function SetLongPropertyBits.
  -Checked one finger OR two finger settings when getting the reverse 
   scrolling flag.
  -Implemented, add new Ioctls for reverse scrolling. Used new slider zones for
   2 finger scrolling. 
  -Added for OEM: profiles for MS Media Center and OEM Arcade Deluxe. 
  -Enabled KBC query for device disable.  
  -Used DebugPrintEx.  
  -OEM PNPIDs request. 
  -Fixed a bug where a pinch gesture was incorrectly recognized. 
  -Added demo videos for OEM, fixed some options' visibility settings. 
  -Disabled the ChiralRotate by default per customer's request. 
  -Fixed the cursor jumping issue when the finger count changed . 
  -PnP IDd request for modification. 
  -Directly called UpdateTrack from StartTrack instead of calling it only
   when ::SetCursorPos returns successfully. 
  -When the SynTPEnh is launched to check if the kernel mode driver is not
   loaded and it is launched by co-installer, it quits right away., 
  -Used configuration flags rather than scrolling mechanism for chiral and 2
   finger scrolling. 
  -Removed unused ini files. 
  -Disabled ChiralRotate by default, for OEM, all PnP IDs. 
  -Changed some options relating to advanced gestures in UI and enable/disable 
   state, for OEM. 
  -Prevented both R/L buttons overlapping, otherwise it's too hard to drag. 
  -Initial checking of ClickPad work. Implemented button zones. No conflict
   resolution yet. 
  -Removed Moodpad and Pressure Graph from accessories popup menu. 
  -Issued device redetection after the driver received five contiguous
   relative packets in the adsolute mode.
  -Removed DetectForceCompatibilityMode from registry. 
  -String cut at Enable Disable Touch Zone at some languages. 
  -Changed the project to register the Bin copy of the dll so the link won't
   fail if you rebuild after rerunning the enh app. 

Version  12.2.6 02/27/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added for OEM, profiles for MS Media Center and OEM App Deluxe. 
  -Fixed OEM PnP ID request 
  -Don't show "Restore Page Default" button if there is no configurable
   controls in the page.  
  -Added new configuration flags. 
  -Fixed incorrect characters in the Touchpad version information at CH. 
  -Need to depend on current button visiblility and HideIfDisabled flag
   to determine whether the button should be hidden or shown, not only
   HideIfDisabled flag, otherwise the button will be accidently shown.  

Version  12.2.5 02/26/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed OEM control point stick string cut at Russian and Finish. 
  -Improved 3 Finger gesture performance. 
  -Fixed text cut off in Indonesian language. 
  -Combined macro for 2 finger Z value. 
  -Adjusted the two-finger scrolling criteria. 
  -Added UI Ioctl TP_Reverse_PivotRotate_Direction.
  -Updated new help strings for SGS.
  -Fixed image disappearance for OEM. 
  -Fixed installation missing mpg files. 
  -Hid the horizontal scrolling control per customer's request. 
  -Used registries to overwrite FW reported coordinate.
  -Used DPI calculation for scrolling start criteria. 
  -Changed the enum name.
  -Fixed 2 fingers scrolling is faster than one finger scrolling issue. 
  -New PnP requests for OEMs. 
  -Updated PnP requests for OEMs. 
  -Fixed a bug where a pinch gesture was incorrectly recognized. 
  -Added gestures for OEM. 
  -Reversed the Disabke and Enabled keys per custmer's request.  
  -Added for OEM: Chiral Motion, Momentum, Pinch, Chiral Rotate, Flick. all
   disabled by default. 
  -Created new zones for 2 finger scrolling. 
  -Changed the SMTP server from poms to us-owa1. 

Version  12.2.4 02/19/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Used DPI for flick distance calculations. 
  -PalmOnPad should require an Advanced Gestures pad, default is OFF 
  -Used the plugin zone's config flag to set/reset this feature. 
  -Improved 2 finger scrolling. 
  -Made Sure both 2F and 1F scrolling work if both enabled 
  -Added tighter conditions for triggering a rotate action. 
  -Fixed PnP request for chiralMotion. 
  -Checked in for SGS Control panel demo. 
  -PnP request for OEM. 
  -Modified config flag for Plug In Zone to have horozontal and vertical 3
   finger gestures separately.  
  -Added possibility to reverse rotation direction. 
  -Cleaned up the kernel driver, and removed the WDM. 
  -Fixed wrong initial value of m_bSpeedDirection when a finger is down. 

Version  12.2.3 02/12/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed Italian shortcut duplicated issues. 
  -Implemented Palm On Pad feature.  
  -Added Palm On Pad Enable in control panel - demo inf. 
  -Put back Momentum Show Video in demo.
  -Fixed a 2F scrolling not trigger issue. 
  -Fixed access violation because the device handle of empty packet is not
  -Added new icon for pivot rotate. 
  -Fixed an issue for Secondary finger position filter.
  -Fixed issue where 2 finger flick gestures were not recognized by photo
  -Fixed a bug where gestures would not work right after an unlock. 
  -To fit onto screen, reduced 30 pixels off height of OEM 600 dialogs,
   changed controls' location/size accordingly. 
  -Fixed the inconsistence of the conditions for TwoFinger-Scrolling.
  -Turned on the ChiralRotation per customer's request. 
  -Removed #ifndef _DEBUG from AGS code. 
  -OEM PnP ID request for modification. 
  -Default set scroll item under the pointer and hide Scroll Selection from
   the UI for OEM.
  -Added a capability for SynCtrl to load its caption string from a string
   specified in the registry.
  -OEM App for TouchCheck no need to translate at Arabic and Japanese. 
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Fixed broken horizontal 2 finger flicks. 
  -Fixed pointing on ClickPads, if one finger is in the chiral zone 
  -OEM PnP ID request 
  -Fixed an issue for fast 2F scrolling.
  -Added new PnP ID. 
  -changed PalmCheck default value for OEM INF to max, which is 7. 
  -Prevented build inf pickup the wong share files when SYN_BUILD_ROOT has not
   been reset.

Version  12.2.2 02/05/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed OEM Settings hang at Greek. 
  -Fixed dots are missing on the end of text on Thai Un-installation. 
  -Fixed state machine for control bar where two fingers lift at same time.
  -Improved 3F-press vs 3F flick gestures.
  -Improved the 3F-Press action performance. 
  -Improved the two-finger scrooling so to not interfere with pinch 
  -Implemented tooltips for control buttons/Tap Zones actions. 
  -Fixed Ababic set up has problems using shortcuts. 
  -Fixed Russian unfinished sentence in ShowTips dlg. 
  -Fixed some Indonesian shortcuts don't work. 
  -Patched ForceAbsPacket to support controlbar. 
  -Added patch to recover from control bar firmware sending out Z/ZY=56. 
  -Fixed wrong ConfigFlags for Pinch in some OEM INFs. 
  -Changed removed unnecessary registry entry for external
  -Fixed shortcuts for OEM app for DragLock. 
  -Avoided unnecessary AttachThreadInput call, otherwise it caused double
   click missing if called it too frequently.  
  -Detacched the thread input when the SynTPEnh exits. 
  -Tried using CurrentFocus().  
  -Fixed press-to-select configuration for an OEM customer
  -Patched cutoff text and buttons in OEM UI, for RTL languages. 
  -Used DPI in Distance calculations 
  -Changed the acees mode from KernelMode to UserMode to fix the BSOD in
   Windows 7 when the driver verifier is enabled. 
  -Added 3 finger press and 3 finger flick enable/disable 
  -Put the order in scrolling tree item so the the help text will be in
  -Added one external USB device to the exclusion list. 
  -Changed default OEM setting to 2 finger scrolling; Enable Pinch 
  -Don't display the help text for controls which do not appear in the UI 

Version  12.2.1 01/30/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed bug for un-install messages localization. 
  -Removed Panning zones. 
  -Created new function for decoding 2 finger gestures. 
  -Used DPI in TwistMetric calculation. 
  -Changed configuration of Pinch feature for OEM. 
  -Fixed bug for Translation for "Enable vertical/horizontal Flick" for all
  -Bug fixed for Indonesian text on OEM app is cut off. 
  -Modified some customer zone.
  -Fixed Thai layout, to be like English layout. 
  -Added filter for secondary finger position.
  -Extended "Settings..." button size for Portuguese cut-off issue. 
  -Fixed tab sheet being cut off in OEM for RTL languages. 
  -Fixed patent notice versions dialog for OEM, missing text. 
  -Added Pivot Rotate.
  -Add Pivot Rotate Resource string 
  -New UI for control panel. 
  -New help ids.
  -Bug fixed for 'Pointing Device' translation in german incorrect. 
  -Fixed press-to-select visibility for OEM, collapsed groups accordingly. 
  -Hidden the Show Video button if the media play object cannot be created. 
  -Bug fixed for Text "Browse" on the Browse button cut off on Deutsch
  -Avoid accidentally triggering a rotate action when secondary finger is
  -Better gesture decoding for pinch & rotation. 
  -New utility function to calculate angles using DPI. 
  -Clip secondary finger coordinates to sensor edges. 
  -Added Windows Live Photo Gallery for XP to the list of apps that support
  -Added 2 finger scrolling capability to OEM scrolling mechanism. 
  -Solved conflict between 2 finger scrolling and dedicated OEM scroll pad. 
  -Enhanced build and check inf files.

Version  12.2.0 01/22/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
New Features:
  -New OEM module.
Bug Fixes
  -Cleaned up the SynISDll.rc for better localization. 
  -Fixed text of the description in the "button action" section (Tab Zones) being
   cut off. 
  -Used a real MFC defined macro instead of _USRDLL.
  -Configured the twist zone to only activate once.
  -Fixed for OEM, in RTL, where OK/Cancel/Apply is cutoff and/or covered by
   Defaults button. 
  -New default top left corner action: "Minimize all windows" instead of "Jump to Menu".
  -Removed "Jump to Menu" for OEM. 
  -Fixed access violation if MeidaPlayer and Browser Controls fails initialization.  
  -Consolidated group for an OEM inf.
  -Added SYN191C into OEM INF. 
  -SYN1B20 MUX enabled per OEM request. 
  -Added an OEM.exe for testing OEMReady.
  -Handled WM_DESTROY message instead of using DefWindowProc for some OEM applications.
  -Changed Palm Check default value per customer's request. 
  -Changed the default settings per customer request. 
  -Fixed settings button words cut off in Brazilian Portuguese.
  -changed OEM Inf: Palm Check to be the same as default, turn off external USB. 
  -Added InstallLocation, Version Major and VersionMinor to the Uninstall
   key (for OEM Ready). 
  -Fixed patent notice versions dialog for OEM.
  -Adjusted the width of page description to fix the strings were cut off
   for some languages. 
  -Use official company name: Synaptics Incorporated.
  -Added new PnP IDs. 

Version  12.1.5 01/15/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed twist zone config flags, speed. 
  -Fixed "Apply" button being slightly off the OEM dialog, also fixed the
   "Defaults" button not mirrored, for RTL languages. 
  -Removed "Jump to Menu" feature from default settings, only turned it on
   for specific OEMs. 
  -Added virtual buttons support, when the finger is in the styk, the TP is
   switched to styk button mode to simulate the left and right buttons
   action of the styk, the button action is trigger by touch and tap. 
  -Created an INF for OEM demo for the above virtual buttons support. 
  -Disabled Flick, ChiralRotate, and Coasting by default per customer's
  -Added EnableDisableTouchZone, EnableDisableTouchZoneLED when touchhold on
   top left corner for SYN1E0B and SYN1E0D 
  -Added symmetry for patch for firmware deficiency, regarding LED staying
  -Fixed bad version+date text in pointing device tab in control panel, for
   RTL languages. 
  -Fixed bugs in OEM's secondary dialogs, for RTL languages. (menus, caption
   bar area buttons, OK/Cancel/Apply buttons cutoff, Default button wrong
  -Start a timer If register session notification fails, and  try it again
   until the SynTPEnh registers session notification successfully, otherwise
   fast user switching will cause the device state change lost. 
  -Updated copyright strings to 19xx-2009. 
  -Set UseAPIForKBCDisable to 1 by default, and changed the INFs
  -OEM PnP ID request. 

Version  12.1.4 01/08/2009 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed the build break if there are spaces in build root.
  -Removed WinNT5 build. 
  -Partial fix: changed "Device Settings" page in Default driver to
   enumerate child windows, to do RTL mirroring. 
  -Partial fix: corrected SynTPCpl's "Settings" dialog's RTL-determination
  -Partial fix: fixed scroll zone control's visual correctness regarding RTL
  -Partial fix: incorporated mirrored OEM bitmaps, for RTL languages.
   Corrected a dialog's caption. 
  -Fixed install message got cut-off in some languages. 
  -Fixed to not send packets before the device is opened/created. 
  -Added an utility program app into OEM package for SYN0A13 and SYN0A14.
  -Improved the two-finger scrooling so to not interfere with pinch 
  -Fixed ChiralRotate cannot activate issue for specific OEM. 
  -Added SYN1B24 into OEM INF, rolled back SYN0407 in OEM INF. 
  -Localization for Enable v/h Flick Help strings. 
  -Turned on ChiralRotate and Flick per customer's request. 
  -Fixed hotkey conflicts at SK. 
  -Added advanced gestures into OEM default driver. 
  -Added/updated PnP IDs. 
  -Fixed install bug at Portuguese (Portugal). 
  -Fixed wrong syntax in batch file which causes files missing. 
  -PnP ID request to remove OEM control icon at un-install.
  -Fixed Simplified Chinese install wrong characters at EULA page. 
  -Fixed software for case where 2 fingers on strip will result  in LED
   staying on, due to old firmware.   
  -Improved the efficiency of calling recognition engine.
  -Hid advanced gestures control per customer's request.
  -Fixed IDS_TOUCOEMAD_DEVICE and IDS_STYK_DEVICE translation and formats. 
  -Added OEM Project actions.
  -Added multifinger support combination events.

Version  12.1.3 12/18/2008 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added Twist zone's registry keys. 
  -Added new files for rotate gesture. 
  -Adjusted twist zone ballistics. 
  -Fixed a bug where rotate zone was always disabled. 
  -Fixed a bug where twist actions won't work because of invalid context
  -Turned on the motion suppression by default. 
  -Read serial number when it is needed, and removed read serial from device
  -Added OEM/OEM's PNP request. 
  -Modified settings for OEM specific PnP IDs. 
  -Fixed a Pintch and scroll not work properly issue 
  -Corrected "AUI020" to "AUI0204" to exclusion list, for OEM. 
  -Fixed hot key conflicts at Dutch control panel. 
  -Fixed left and right button actions out of sync. between button page and
   device settings page. 
  -Added more restriction to not start a 3F flicking after 3F pressing 
  -Fixed an issue that 3F press-down action trigger a 3F-flick 
  -Turned all Flick and ChiralRotate per custmer's request. 
  -Disabled MUX KBC per customer's request. 

Version  12.1.2 12/12/2008 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed Spanish language help RTF issues. 
  -Partial fixed problem with Settings Dialog incorrect module handle. 
  -OEM PnPs request.

Version  12.1.1 12/11/2008 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed hotkey duplicated at Enable Pinch and Practice.
  -Fixed most dialogs/controls in "Default" driver, for RTL languages. 
  -Issued device redetection if the driver receives more than 10 contiguous
   packets with the same values. 
  -Sent device state if the driver receives the relative packets instead of
  -Enabled motion suppression per customer's request. 
  -Added OEM code for WPF app. 
  -Added "Enable horizontal Flick" and "Enable vertical Flick" in Flick
   control page. 
  -Added new help strings. 
  -Used new help strings for Flick page. 
  -Disabled pinch by default for AGS demo. 
  -Changed Inf package from OEMReady to OEMReady_SQAOnly.
  -Fixed Greek Hotkeys issues. 
  -Merged more common registry sections into 
  -Fixed 3 Finger Flicks - to trigger app-specific actions.
  -Translated "Enable vertical/Horizontal flick" for all languages. 
  -OEM PnPs request.
  -Created 64-bit SynECR.dll.
  -Fixed Czech Hotkeys issues. 
  -Added "AUI020" to exclusion list, for OEM. 
Version  12.1.0 12/04/2008 (WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -Add OEMReady.
Bug Fixes
  -Made hot-key away from accented letters. 
  -Run utility to fix hot-key duplicated in all languages. 
  -Fixed horizontal scrolling for Corel Draw. 
  -Added comments for chars recognizing we only track the primary finger 
  -Removed "ChiralMotion" from UI for OEM. 
  -Removed "Momemtum" from UI for OEM. 
  -Added a new 3FingerStroke state. 
  -Some improvements to 3 Finger Down gesture. 
  -Added exclusion list entries for OEM, to fix USB mouse disable problem. 
  -Fixed bug where TouchPad stops working after unpluggin USB mouse, if
   "Disable..." is checked. 
  -Fixed hot-key not correct at all languages. 
  -Set disable coasting as default for one OEM. 
  -Added WPF scrolling code by OEM. 
  -OEM PnP ID request 
  -Allowed user mode application to set DPIs and FW reported coordnates. 
  -Modified for 3F Flick, 3F Down, 2F Panning demo 
  -Created OEMReady Inf Package which includes all the exe files in the
  -Fixed OEM file name. 
  -Created a shared .inc file to store shared registry controls. 
  -Fixed the Log file shows new languages as "Others". 

Version  12.0.5 11/26/2008 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -If there is a bump in Synatics Major|Minor (equivalent to Microsoft 
   Major|Sub Major) version test "OEM ready".
  -Set default settings for panning to coasting disabled. 
  -Fixed vertical scrolling for Adobe InDesign. 
  -Added 3 Finger Down Press gesture. 
  -Reorganization of demo INF file. 
  -Fixed some conflicting hotkeys in SK language. 
  -Fixed hotkey conflict with secret key.
  -Added advanced gestures support per customer's request. 
  -Added new PnP ID with pinch enabled. 
  -Added new PnP ids. 
  -Changed default setting for "Disable ... USB ..." to unchecked. 

Version  12.0.4 11/20/2008 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed "Disable" string too long for Turkish and Finnish. 
  -Fixed hotkeys for tray icon menu on Arabic, Russian, Hebrew and Thai.
  -Changed "DisableINTPD" default to be unchecked. 
  -Added SynFlickLR.mpg to copylist. 
  -Used demo video with left and right directions flick only. 
  -Added PnPID 015A.
  -Moved show video buttons to bottom right corner. 
  -Added advanced gestures support per OEM's request. 
  -Added 3 finger gestures (flick) to demo. 
  -Added app profiles for 3 finger flicks. 
  -Better differentiation between 2-finger and 3-finger gestures. 
  -Added code to support KTLFeed for non-touchpad devices. 
  -Added PnPID OEM0015.
  -Fixed OSD timer when removing a device. 
  -Added PnPID 1E0B to OEMConsumer. 
  -Fixed PREfast warnings.

Version  12.0.3 11/13/2008 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added title to the installation dialogs. 
  -Added hotkeys into "Welcome" dialog. 
  -Fixed hotkeys for non-multibyte languages. 
  -Resized and relocated "click lock" static text (on "Buttons" page). 
  -Fixed Synaptics link being covered by "Defaults" button by re-centering
   link, also fixed incorrect comment about Vista/XP. 
  -Fixed dependency of macro edit control.
  -Relocated/realigned images and static links on OEM main pages. 
  -Fixed "Properties" dialog in Vista, so won't have controls near bottom
   and right edges.   
  -Added Arabic language for OEM control.
  -Added explicit running level request manifest into exe files.
  -Checked embed manifests for OEM ready.
  -Used the better translation string for Korea.
  -Shortened the strings at button/tap action listbox. 
  -Shortened lines for plugin action strings. 
  -Stop coasting when cursor moved or cancel key pressed, when using OEM
  -Added new patent numbers.
  -Fixed wrong tray icon animation behavior when doing chiral horizontally. 
  -Fixed some redundant dependencies. 
  -Removed redundant or incorrect linker settings. 
  -Added new PnP IDs.  
  -Added SynTPLpr back to the build. 
  -Added flick support per OEM request. 
  -Changed extension of Eula files. 
  -Renamed US Eula file. 
  -Updated settings for OEM INF.
  -Reduced the size of OEM package - take out the unused rtf files.
  -Added Arabic translation to OEM installation. 
  -Moved show video button to bottom right corner.
  -Insured the help control's scroll bar is at the top when selecting a new
   help topic. 

Version  12.0.2 11/06/2008 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Remove "Help button" references from Help files. 
  -Insure that combination of TAB and arrow keys allows user to access any
   control on the Buttons page. 
  -fix bitmap with logo; moved "Synaptics" further away from edge of
   dialog box. 
  -Fix incorrect Dependencies on OEM page. 
  -Using assert in a header file included in several projects. 
  -Localization for OEM Arabic support 
  -Let's have the constants use our coding standards pls  
  -Fix localzation for Tutorial practice string. 
  -Add manifests in the build instead of using mt.exe after the build. 
  -Check in the manifest files for SynZMeter and SynMood.  
  -Remove AddManifests call from the NightlyBuild.  
  -Fix Setup international request at least 24 languages.. 
  -Add system DPI for y value also. 
  -Fix many cut off strings on Russian with 120 dpi. 
  -There is another GetKeyboardLayout call that needs to be fixed.  
  -Get System DPI settings into log file 
  -Strings cut off at 120 dpi issues. 
  -Fix control image was not scaled up issue in 120DPI because scale up
   logic was off for bitmap, so used PNG image instead of BMP.  
  -Branch build for Del600 
  -fix WordArt object getting larger with rotation. 
  -Fix Disable string in Greek language cut-off issue 
  -Fix button/tap action listbox string cut-off issues. 
  -Fix bug where One-finger zoom was not working for one OEM. 
  -Fix Russian string cut-off at shuttle page control. 
  -Fix a bug where the Ctrl key state did not get properly cleared after a
   pinch gesture. 
  -Add a new PnPID for an OEM 
  -Fix bug where incorrect profile settings were loaded when the
   enhancements app was started. 

Version  12.0.1 10/31/2008 (WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Remove sentence with "Windows 95" reference. 
  -Change left to primary click. 
  -Add "..." to "Settings..." as needed for several languages. 
  -Update languages for new localization; CSY, ELL, HUN, and SKY. 
  -Change x86 to PlatformName. 
  -Fix a logical error to turn off cursor tracking for chiral mode. 
  -Fix where rotation creates pile-up of hidden images when selecting all
   and then rotating. 
  -Fix smoothness of rotation. 
  -Fix English text (Create Profile) of OEM control for Hong Kong Chinese. 
  -Preliminary work for 2-finger panning. 
  -Fix bug of 2-finger panning. 
  -Add ignored scan code list of Palm motion suppression. 
  -Fix tabs re-arrange in Chinese and Version to display correctly. 
  -Fix arrow of circular scroll icon not match scroll direction.
  -Adjusted iDEFAULT_SCROLL_CHUNK from 16 to 19.
  -Add new PnP ID. 
  -Modify default setting for an OEM 
  -When reposition of the buttons the top positions need to be scaled with
   the proportion of the height from registry value and the height of
   current  GetClientRect. 
  -Fix Russian strings issues for 120dpi.
  -Keep the 3 radio buttons evenly spaced. 
  -Translation for CSY, HUN, SKY, ELL, IDN, TRK and PLK for scrolling
  -Add manifest for OEM ready. 
  -Setup international for at least 24 languages. 
  -Set linear scrolling as default per customer's request. 
  -Fix strings cut off at 120 dpi. 
  -Change default setting for an OEM.
  -Add a new OEM PnP ID. 
  -Check the errors in adding manifest and signing. 
  -First Draft coding standards document.

Version  12.0.0 10/23/2008 (WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -Use WDF for XP and Vista.
Bug Fixes
  -Fix the ESP translation for Virtual Scrolling Practice. 
  -Use WDF for both XP and Vista platforms 
  -Fix "Jump to Menu" plugin on some applications in XP. 
  -Fix an issue where a flick accidentally triggeres a zoom. 
  -Add localized EULAs for default driver 
  -New OEM localization support for Indonesian Eula. 
  -Localization for Czech, Greek, Hungary, Slovakia 
  -Set Pinch & ChiralRotate enabled state when changed in the UI (before
   clicking Apply). 
  -Fix pinch zooming too fast issue. 
  -Fix version dialog strings for multibyte languages for OEM control.
  -Reinitialize pinch metrics if last secondary finger packet is reset to
   empty packet. 
  -fix chiralRotate for the case where it only works once. 
  -Fix short cut key "Z" has no function at Hong Kong MUI. 
  -Make the tray icon images consistent in vertical and horizontal
  -Fix issue where 2-finger panning did not work both vertically and
  -Increase HW ID buffer, to avoid a BSOD for UBS touchpads. 
  -Add a new PNP ID. 
  -Fix garbage display at Chinese Vista control momentum help page. 
  -Fix the help at OEM control for TABs in Chinese. 
  -Tabs re-arrange in Chinese and Version display correctly. 

Version  11.2.15 10/17/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Get rid of the duplicate CRegistryKey class in the registry.lib project. 
   Change the name to CRegistryKeyMap and changed the affected code. 
  -Get rid of all the #pragma statements.
  -OEM should only include the eula files for the languages they support. 
  -Fix OEM control panel IDS_DNT_OEM strings. 
  -Fix a help id.
  -Fix an issue on tray icon color for scrolling and normal pointing.
  -Set Pinch & ChiralRotate to be in enabled state when changed in the UI 
   (before clicking Apply). 
  -Add Multifinger support for RGB Control Bar.
  -Reuse ReadResolution instead of a new fct.   
  -Handle display change for scrolling slider 0 and slider 1.
  -Fix continuous rotation, also un-did dividing rotation degree by 2. 
  -Fix crash when rotating while dialog is up.
  -Fix OEM control panel Defaults button cut-off at Russian. 
  -Change all "Debug non-Unicode" to "DebugA". 
  -Change the SynOsLib output folder to use x86 and x64.   
  -Remove old demo program. 
  -Remove unnecessary build configurations. 
  -Fix disappearance of objects after rotation in Word. 
  -Fix NDL Dutch does not translate in IDS_DNT_OEM 
  -OEM PnP ID request for enable H/V scroll by defaults. 
  -Remove incorrect ASSERT triggered during Pinch. 
  -Fix 2 EdgeMotion radio buttons options selected issue. 
  -Fix a logical error for packet feed interface. 
  -Fix runtime check failure when creating settings dialog. 
  -Center the tapping speed string. 
  -Add new PnP ID. 

Version  11.2.14 10/09/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
Bug Fixes
  -Fix Pointing Stick tab is missing header notes issue 
  -Improve flick performance and reject diagonal flicks. 
  -2 finger pan-scrolling demo 
  -Translation for End User License Agreement (EULA) in installation 
  -Localization for OEM languages ZHH, IDN, ESM support 
  -Fix for IDS_DNT_OEM strings for some languages 
  -Fix help strings number not right at the ID 241. 
  -Translation single to plural issue when patent number added. 
  -Add New PNPID per customer request. 
  -add code to rotate MS Word correctly. also fix some EMIT strings. 
  -Add branch_OEM_v11_2_12 
  -Return scrolling successfully even there is no horizontal bar, this fixes
   the cursor won't change to the scrolling cursor if the window does not
   have horizontal scrolling bar. 
  -Add multifinger sliding with LED zones 
  -Add multifinger support on one strip for ControlBar 
  -Add support for distinguish Expeanding LED Zones 
  -Enable pinch zooming as defautl instead of one finger zooming. 
  -Set PalmCheck threshold default to 6. 
  -Copy SynOEM.exe into common distribution folders. 
  -Fix string cut at the new support languages for OEM. 
  -Adjust default horizontal scrolling zone size per OEM's request. 
  -Fix a debug emit error message pop-up bug 
  -fix the emit problem in 64-bit wchar version as well. 
  -Include <wchar.h> for non-unicode build configuration to work 
  -fix unreleased dispatch pointers. also changed code to work with both
   Office 2003 and 2007. 
  -Add a new image file for showing the advanced scrolling icon on a
   custom UI. 
  -Resend F5(disable device) three times if it fails. 
  -Move PS states from PD class to CDeviceState, and use bit mask to replace
   the bool type PS state variables. 
  -Return right PnPID for IOCTL TP_PnPIDString. 
  -Add Define Emit Level  

Version  11.2.13 10/02/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Clean up SynOSDCpl regsitry key on uninstall. 
  -Move to Common_delReg in the OSD inf for removal of key on upgrade.
  -Create a Get/SetSettableConfigFlags. 
  -Remove Debugcpl project. 
  -Merge the Utility source files into the synoslib.
  -Move the OEMAPI source files from Syntpenh to SynOsLib.
  -Delete the emit and utility source files from the lib folder.
  -Fixe an issue on cursor changing in the Chiral scrolling.
  -The InWholePadMode should check whether the pad is in whole pad mode, not
   checking for 2 finger chiral.  
  -Fix TP disalbe by control API then hot key cannot enable. 
  -Add new languages for OEM supports. 
  -Fix a bug in checking if HKCU registry available. 
  -Fix the issue that Edge Motion setting does not take effect until user
   clicks apply.  
  -Fix the BSOD when clicking reset button to reset the device if the TP is
   not attached to the PS2 port when the system boots up. 
  -Update patent notices. 
  -Add "Gesture Settings" text/link on the main GUI page below "Scroll
   Settings" text.
  -Adjust "Gestures Settings" location. 
  -Fix an issue in scrolling on Button mode.
  -Fix an issue that in the Button mode, scrolling cursor image changes 
  -Add COM code to do ChiralRotate in MS Excel/Word/PowerPoint. 
Version  11.2.12 09/25/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Strings are stored in resource files in Unicode - Microsoft kb/196899:
   LoadStringW, on Windows NT, returns the exact string stored in the
   resource. LoadStringA converts the strings it reads to Multibyte
   Character Set (MBCS) before returning them. 
  -Add manifest file to SynOSDCpl. 
  -Fix hot key conflicts in Spanish Tag to Click control 
  -Add plugin suffix to flick / gesture registry value name. 
  -Add EULA for all OEMs 
  -Fix flick gesture in media player slide show mode by adding a new app
   profile & class name. 
  -Change Up Flick gesture macro for Media Center to "Play". 
  -Do not scale TP coordinates in the driver if the max coordinates are
   above typical bezel values. 
  -Fix an issue that scrolling does not work in Outlook Express in XP 
  -Clean up custom zones' key & mouse macro registry value names. 

Version  11.2.11 09/18/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Update szEPluginAction to avoid hitting EMITRAW(TL1) in debugging version
  -Insure button settings are saved properly when switching between
   supported app profiles while the control panel is open. 
  -Insure buffer length is large enough - this fixes a problem where app
   profile settings didn't get saved properly. 
  -Remove STL from the SynOsLib project. 
  -Move/resize some controls to fix text misfits. 
  -Instead of adding a new flag, check the bcfEnabledChiral flag.  
  -Move changes from wrong INC to right INC. 
  -Fix registry location where "CustomZoneKeyNMacroVXXX" should be saved. 
  -Added HelpTopic ID. 
  -Copy Eula files into common distribution folders. 
  -Put Video files into common folders instead of OEM folder.
  -Get the help of all the siblings which are not tree list entries.
  -Update helpIds for vertical and horizontal scrolling for advanced
  -Send keyboard macros to the window with the focus - to solve issues for
   apps embedded in other apps. 
  -Fix PhotoGallery vs LivePhotoGallery, one takes F11, other takes F12 to
   run slide show; now send both F11 and F12. 
  -Make StateMachine a class.
  -Fix assert when running OSD CPL with debugging version driver. 
  -Remove obsolete OEM inf.
  -New OEM PnP ID. 
  -Update SynChiralRotate.mpg with new file. 
  -New PNPID SYN1B1C for OEM.

Version  11.2.10 09/12/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Remove unused code after Windows style transparency is removed.  
  -Only do hroizontal scrolling for IE even there is no horizontal
   scrollbar. this fix wrongly horizontal scrolling.  
  -Fix the spaces missing in help text 
  -Fix an issue that the SynTPEnh crashes when terminates 

Version  11.2.9 09/11/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Merge the statemachine code from statemachine branch 
  -Add the first of some new libraries that will be used to contain any OS
   specific calls  
  -Resize some controls to fix text misfits. 
  -Check the hotspot on the cursors.  
  -correct the chiral cursor images 
  -Add new help string. 
  -Relayout virtual scrolling and long distance scrolling pages. 
  -Add an EULA to the driver installation - Test on eula inf 
  -Update SynArp to include EULA files 
  -Fix an issue that for some app the Touchpad may lock up when using
   app-specific slider zone. 
  -Add flag to turn off the Chiral cursor when is in Chiral scrolling 
  -Hide the MediaPlayer if stopped by user, but only if popup (ie not
   embedded in GUI). 
  -Move the hotspot of the Chiral cursor from (0, 0) to (12, 10) 
  -Remove window extened style transparent for all setting pages it does not
   work as we expected, it has some side effect. 
  -Fix cursor lockup after pinch gesture when using the demo driver. 
  -Fix 'Show Video' button grey out at Virtual scrolling 
  -OEM new product request. 
  -Gesture Finger/Pinch zoom cut-off at Japanese. 

Version  11.2.8 09/04/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -New string localization.   
  -Name branding DNT on OEM PAD. 
  -Name branding correct target directory. 
  -Add extra registry stuff for OSD, for Photo Gallery. 
  -Change default settings for new PnP ID. 
  -Change the default MINRT back to 7. 
  -Reverse chiral CCW with CW. 
  -Slow down speed of Left Slider (ChiralRotate) zone. 
  -Remove the added old WinSDK path.

Version  11.2.7 09/04/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Completely unhook Dual mode from OSD/app-specific functionality. 
  -moved/resized some controls to fix text misfits. 
  -Update OEM Chiral scrolling cursors. 
  -Updated flick actions for iTunes. 
  -Use the handle of the window under the pointer - if needed - to determine
   the correct app profile to use for gestures. 
  -OEM name brand request 
  -Also use class name to find Windows Photo Gallery profile. 
  -New videos for chiral, linear scrolling. Change file names. 
  -Allow NoAction to be valid action type for slider zones. 
  -Fix a memory leak on the ChiralRotate slider zone. 
  -When not rotating, moving the finger through the ChiralRotate zone should
   allow for pointing. 
  -Remove redundant help strings. 
  -Force the vertical scrolling to the wheel mouse scrolling path. 
  -Increased left slider zone size for demo by 25%. 
  -OEM platforms - Do not change tray icon into a circular arrow during
   circular scrolling 
  -OEM update table file for Eudora Mail scrolling issue. 
  -Wrongly change the maximum rejection threshold value. 

Version  11.2.6 08/28/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated video file for flick gesture. 
  -New strings localization. 
  -fix "up" flick gesture for Photo Gallery. 
  -reverse chiral rotation gestures CW and CCW for Photo Gallery. 
  -Fix rotation direction for Adobe Acrobat & Acrobat Reader 
  -Add build branch for OEM 
  -OEM PnP ID request 
  -Fix broken flick gestures. 
  -Fix incorrect iitial chirality for left slider zone. 
  -Demo Video for Momentum. 
  -Fix chiral rotation for Office 2007 apps. 
  -Set mux slave devices' bStarted flag to TRUE if master device is true,
   otherwise the devices are not set to default state after the system goes
   to restart, standby and hibernation.  
  -Allow for Pinch zone to be app-specific for usability testing. 
  -Reverse rotation direction for Windows Photo Gallery. 

Version  11.2.5 08/21/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Init all the vars to something reasonable, then if the key is
   valid, read the value from the reg, reduce unnecessary check.  
  -Simplify the utility functions. 
  -Move the LeftSlider settings from Defaults to TouchPad. 
  -Don't close MediaPlayer on stopping if not a popup. 
  -New help topics for Advanced gestures. 
  -Update new video files.   
  -Fix a static text size and a checkbox text size, for Japanese language.
  -Remove j river media center. 
  -Add chiral functions for Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Photoshop. 
  -Change macro so Alt key is up at very end, also correct comment in file
   regarding CW/CCW. 
  -Add sections for InterVideo WinDVD, add extra sections for Adobe Acrobat
   and Windows Photo Gallery, correct CW/CCW directions for some apps.
  -Set default keys for "up","down","left","right" to "page up","page
   down","left arrow","right arrow", respectively. 
  -For app-specific registry values, if the user-value does not exist, use
   the machine app-specific value rather than the system user value. 
  -Remove global parameter from ReadAction. 
  -Add DPInst.xml to OEM600. 
  -Fixe iTunes and Media Player's up and down flick functions.
  -Swap rotation macros for Adobe Reader.   
  -Add Demo Inf section information. 
  -Change German "SETUP" to "Installation". 
  -Add macros for "Microsoft Media Center". 

Version  11.2.4 08/14/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Assign diagonal flick gestures to do nothing by default. 
  -Enable Flick gesture by default. 
  -New help topics for Advanced gestures. 
  -Update HelpIDs for Advanced Gestures in Russian language.
  -Make a better looking OEM branding image. 
  -Fix unable to select buttons using jog shuttle bitmap. 
  -Externl USB mouse controls do not depent on the TP or pointing stick
   device is disabled or enabled. 
  -Fix Buttons function select list disappeared for OEM App. 
  -Restore global mouse settings when the system goes to shutdown, standby
   or hibernation if the settings are changed but not applied. 
  -Fix keyboard macros so they work with flick gestures. 
  -Fix a bug that all DualMode driver failed to load. 
  -Fix Shuttle Enable chiral text size. 
  -Fix the Enable Circular Scrolling for longer length language 
  -Fix Text cut off when enable circular scrolling 
  -Add "Play Video" button to "Advanced Gestures" categories, to launch MS
   MediaPlayer to play short instructional video when clicked upon. note,
   this feature is disabled until we have the gestures videos.
  -Add feature support to an OEM PnPID 
  -Add some typical synaptics string definitions to the MFC dlg test app 
  -Update development notes with a new section on how to retrieve the local
   source code. 
  -change build targets to statically link with MFC to reduce dependancies
   in WINE 
  -Test linux graphical ui merge tool. 
  -update wine developement notes.
  -Made checkbox text area larger to fit Japanese and Korean text. 
  -Made a text area larger and relocated and made a checkbox text larger for
   Japanese text. 
  -Fix some font issues in Russian RTF help file. 
  -Add app profiles, for flick and chiral rotate gestures. 
  -Remove chiral CW/CCW for "Adobe Photoshop", which doesn't have shortcut
   keys for rotation. 
  -OEM PnP ID request.. 
  -Hide "Illumination Options" in Control Panel and don't add the
   Illumination try icon menu when the LuxPad TP is a DualMode LuxPad. 

Version  11.2.3 08/08/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Pass in eea to LEDZOne or just don't set eea to eeaLEDAction. 
  -Add Left Slider operation for Adobe Acrobat Reader. 
  -Change the Rotate zone custom IDs to 126 & 127. 
  -Removal of branding in the UI as OEM request 
  -Add a registry key to enable/disable sending dribble packets patch.
   Default is disabled, it is enabled for the OEM with dualmode pad. 
  -Add patch to fix FW issue which is that when switching to command mode,
   the FW ignores to send dribble packets, this causes the driver does not
   clear the gesture after double tap.. 
  -Fix strings and help wording wrong in German translation 
  -Apply to OEM inf for the text size. 
  -Fix characters wrong in French translation 
  -Currently, save button, corner zone and gesture configuration only to
   system key. 
  -Only reset current app on foreign device change rather than on any
  -Fix pinch checkbox. 
  -OEM PnP ID request 
  -De-couple Pinch Zoom from 1 Finger Zoom. 
  -Move setting the cursor position after cancelling the momentum.   
  -Put details of inf ID expansion error into erorrs.txt for driver build
   and summary.htm  for single inf build. 

Version  11.2.2 07/31/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Implement Rotate, reorganize and clean up zone creation. 
  -Add code to process lib open/close event, and fix cursor won't move for
   2-4s when the lid is opened. 
  -Add PREPROCESSSOR _CLISTNONEW so Synlist don't use the default
   constructor Change the comment from SynCtrlMgr to CSynCtrl 
  -Merge to the trunk: Derived classed, use Registry reference instead of
  -Merge to the trunk: Manager and base classes, use Registry reference
   instead of pointer. 
  -Remove SynMutableCtrl.cpp/h from project 
  -Take out the TL0 for checking dwIoctl registry for this build 
  -Update 'mutable' control need Ioctl value debug message 
  -Enable the MUX KBC for SYN1E02. 
  -Add back the check for DualModePad() when creating te slider. 
  -fix size of "Description" static text for mouse/keystroke recording
  -for French version, fixed size of "Scrolling & Zoom Settings" and "Jog
   Shuttle Settings" static text. 
  -for Italian version, fixed size of "Touchpad Settings" and "Scrolling &
   Zoom Settings" static text. 
  -for Spanish version, fixed size of "Scrolling & Zoom Settings" and "Jog
   Shuttle Settings" and "External Mouse Settings" static text, to make
   everything look right. 
  -Fix "Release to select" feature does not work issue on OEM machine. 
  -Change InvertImage to NotifyOnUncheck 
  -Move the ermt to the existing ReceiveMessage enum.
  -The new fids should be either in Query Caps or Query Cas + 3 other fct. 
  -Add app-switching support to gestures. 
  -Add app-switching support to plugins for buttons and corner zones 
  -Added Flick and ChiralRotate to Advanced Gestures group. 
  -Move Pinch to Advanced Gestures group. 
  -New strings for Advanced Gestures group. 
  -OEM PnP ID request 
  -Fix garbage displayed at TW Help windows for momentum. 
  -Add a new PnPID support for an OEM 
  -Fix localization for "Description" at OEM gesture config tab. 
  -Add registry value to turn on/off Volume Control zone. 
  -Slight refactoring of the SPacket struct to deal with multi-format
   packets with common parts better. 

Version  11.2.1 07/24/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Add "HID\VID_413C&PID_8158&REV_0100&Col01" to the execlusion list. 
  -Add 413c/8157 to exclusion list, also add Rev and Col number per the
   customer request. 
  -Use device names for 413C/8152 and 413C/8156.
  -Fix system hangup when doing reboot stress test.
  -Fix location/size of "Configure" button for macro section on OEM project
  -Fix bug where volume control zone was erroneously created on dual mode
  -Unhook OSD from Dual Mode (Custom Zone buttons). 
  -Use AppSpecificPath instead of CustomZonesPath when re-initializing
  -Fix broken ControlBar where no button action works after starting
   certain plugin actions. 
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Add a WMP SynControl and a Browser SynControl.

Version  11.2.0 07/17/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -Use WDK 1.7 - build6001.18001
Bug Fixes
  -Unhook App Profile paths from Custom Zones. 
  -Some prework to make the gesture unpacking clearer 
  -Fix Adobe Illustrator profile (Jog and Btn 3 & 4 did not work) 
  -Widen the shuttle zone to OEM's specification. 
  -Fix a potential access violation in SynTPEnh.
  -Bad Itunes macro. Use Right-ctrl key versus left ctrl key. 
  -Fix Apple iTunes Button 3 to use right ctrl + alt. 
  -Fix Apple iTunes description and plugin operations. 
  -Fix incorrect resource string for iTunes. 
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Fix Vista installation under non-Admin user with localized string. 
  -Add a registry to turn on/off device detection. 
  -Change key macro used for Adobe After Effects. 
  -Remove wrong dependencies. 
  -Add new localizaed string to fix OEM app profile bug. 

Version  11.1.22 07/10/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -With the control panel open, allow button mode only when the application
   being configured has focus. 
  -Fix Aplication Illustrator, OEM Left & Right, Button 3 & 4 don't work. 
  -Fix a wrong logic to change the slider zone size if slider is in left or
  -Adjust some controls positions 
  -Relayout all the pages of the CPL for OEM600. 
  -Update the image files for OEM600. 
  -Grey out the buttons control if both the TP and the pointing stick are
  -Pinch Zone is in relative coordinates. 
  -Buttons assignments for Application Illustrator are not loading correct 
   tool or applying assigned Macro action.
  -Change the registry key names to Apple iTunes.
  -iTunes's application profile is missing for OEM Touchpad.
  -Add PnP ID for OEM request. 
  -Add 3 new devices to exclusion list.
  -Fix for Windows Media Player: Button 1 "volume down" does not work.
  -Convert all macro binary data to use 64-bit structures. 
  -Fix broken macros on 64-bit OS. 
  -Don't set the version on garbage data read from the registry.
  -Enhance the layout of the Create Profile dialogbox. 
  -Add 3 PnP IDs for OEMs request. 
  -Localization works for OEM project. 

Version  11.1.21 07/03/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Generate files, no need to have them in CVS.  Every time we merge, these
   files get placed back into the merge source tree. 
  -Modify build scripts to place the *.pdb files along side the debug
   binaries in the Bin folder. this puts the symbol files in the bin\*\debug
   folder so we don't have to go searching for them when we need them. 
  -Fix in depependecies on Device page. Disable all controls when "Disable
   Tp.." is checked. 
  -Fix case where some controls are enabled when shouldn't be, when user
   toggles "Enable Jog Shuttle Mode" checkbox. 
  -Add comment that explains that potential issues with overlapping zones. 
  -Add code to adjust X, Y scaling factors based on registry keys, shrink
   the CPL page to 80% of original page for OEM 600 project. 
  -Add new image files for smaller screen resolution (1024 x 600)
  -Create a new OEM inf for smaller screen resolution (1024 x 600)
  -Modify the image id for the main page and the settings page. Also,
   change the height from 700 to 560 (for 1024 x 600 screen). 
  -Modify batch command to copy the necessary files to OEM folders. 
  -Add image control for OEM Jollie device page. 
  -Add PnP ID for OEM request. 
  -Add new PNP ID SYN1028 for OEM Inf. 
  -Adobe Illustrator profile: change Button 3 to Select All and Button 4 to
  -Remove dependency (external USB mouse is present) from TP and point stick

Version  11.1.20 06/30/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Add text to highlight the drag icon for OEM
  -Fix broken key macros on corner tap zones. 
  -Add OS Suitmask info into log file (to identify XP embedded) 
  -Fixed debug EMITs, added comments, debug messages
  -Fixed keyboard macro assigned to Button 3 for app profile. 
  -Fixed OEM touchpad bitmap: buttons were too big. 
  -Add an OEM pnpIDs 
  -Fixed issue where blank bitmap was seen when switching between tabs
  -Add image control for OEM device page. 
  -Fixed location of frequency slider to match rest of control settings. 
  -Fix bug where any slider zone would zoom if the zoom zone had been
  -Fixed Typo mistake in "Select a Sequence of mouse actions " box.

Version  11.1.19 06/27/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Reimplement image load for check box and radio button if one control is
   associated with multiple images. 
  -Fix a bug that sending an event after cancel action.
  -Put the default back to Scrolling. 
  -Move vertical scrolling region adjustment from Default registry to the TP
   type registry.
  -Update stick scrolling PNG. 
  -New help strings for stick scrolling. 
  -Update frequency slider values. 
  -Disable Dual point with a generic OEM image. 
  -Fix the two buttons of the bitmap touchpad are too big. 
  -Check box needs to be added on the OEM Tab to allow disable OEM mode. 
  -Add a new OEM INC to work with v8.3.19 driver. 
  -Add PnP ID for an OEM request.
  -Fix bug where trying to save an empty keyboard macro would fail. 
  -Add code to adjust one finger zooming region and speed. 
  -Add configuration features for zoom width and speed. 
  -Fix a bug calling a wrong function for getting the zoom slider speed. 
  -Change all 4 coner tap zones to "No Zone (Normal Select, Normal Drag)" in
   cursor mode for an OEM. 
  -Fix broken Configure button after applying Default settings on OEM page. 
  -Add PnP ID for an OEM request. 
  -Add PnP ID for an OEM request. 
  -Add some device IDs in exclusion list for an OEM.
  -Add section to document on tab spacing. Also added section on SynArp
   network share and how to set up the proper access rights required. 

Version  11.1.18 06/20/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fix "Back" button doesn't work well at the Key Macro. 
  -Fix the keyboard input up event was before the mouse up event 
   (keyDwn, BtnDwn, keyUp, BtnUp) when we should have (KeyDwn, BtnDwn,
   BtnUp, KeyUp).
  -Update the hot key is only enabled if the port is set, and the device type
   matches the device type in registry. 
  -Adjust vertical scrolling zone size. 
  -Add Stick Scrolling using middle button for OEM. 
  -Fix a dependency. 
  -Add new FID for stick scrolling with middle button. 
  -Fix key macro settings errors, and update to v0.7 of the Excel
  -Fix the two buttons of the bitmap touchpad are too big. 
  -Add "Water Mark" image needed for Jog\Shuttle Tab.  
  -Fix graphics from previous checkin.

Version  11.1.17 06/19/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Change Description to Macro for localization. 
  -Copy new string resource to all languages.
  -Need a new name for the device png so we can still use the old one
   for the other OEM project. 
  -New graphics from designer added. 
  -Set default operation to empty keyboard macro. 
  -Remove unused DependentTypes. 
  -Expand some button zones for LEDPattern supported app for an OEM 
  -Create a new IOCTL only for enabling/disabling scrolling, and change
   TP_Enable_Scrolling to TP_Enable_Scrolling_Zooming, then we can
   disable/enable the scrolling and zooming separately.
  -Fix a typo, should call GetLongPropertyDefault not GetLongProperty. 
  -Move blue tooth mouse id from global exclusion list to OEM specific
  -Turn on the hotkey function for each device or port according to registry
   mask value. 
  -Reset OSD current app when MPD is reinitialized to default then next time
   when the OSD timer is fired, it will set OSD current app to right one. 
  -Increase Jog zone size. 
  -Fixe an issue that pressing shift key not stop the playing an app for a
  -Fix bug where it was not possible to change default Jog/Shuttle settings
   for System profile. 
  -Add OEM strings for stick scrolling. 
  -Add new FIDs for checking middle button presence. 
  -New OEM image for stick scrolling. 
  -The text "Display icon on task bar" mess up. 
  -Change OEM strings for Enable Zoom. 
  -Fix slide plugin action bug. 
  -Fix the description errors, and updated to v0.7 of the Excel
  -Fix when Scrolling no customer Button action occurs.
  -Expand a buffer size for associations.

Version  11.1.16 06/17/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Take out the frame per second in RC for localization. 
  -Add Default functionality for keyboard macros. 
  -Fix wrong bitmap when zooming is enabled/disabled.
  -Relax start criteria for jog scroll zone. 
  -enable coasting for shuttle zone.

Version  11.1.15 06/16/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Change dependencies, dependent types, action types for an OEM proejct. 
  -Improve some combined actions issue. 
  -Added Default functionality for kbd. macros. 
  -Recapture keyboard macros
  -Add more PNP IDs into exclusion list. 
  -OEM PnP ID request 

Version  11.1.14 06/12/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Add OEM keycodes to PlayMacro. 
  -Add infrastructure for getting default keyboard macros displayed in the
   control panel. 
  -add some code to default only the selected application and the selected
   control ("Button 1"/etc). 
  -Enlarge Mode, Home and Mute buttons for OEM.
  -Allow the SynCom based application to run without the SynTPEnh running. 
  -Fix a bug for the pinch feature with multidevices system. 
  -Only initiate the pinch when packets are from the pinch zone. 
  -Update the cursor/icon files for chiral, scrolling, and zoom. 
  -Add Help ID and Text for one finger zoom and circular scroll 
  -Fix the .exe name for PowerDVD, also add PowerDVD 8 to the list since
   it has a different exe name. 
  -Improve an issue in the plugin sliding. 
  -Adjust the shuttle mode buttons position using the real device. 
  -Increase the height of the shuttle zone to reduce the chance of possible
   "not reliable" behavior. 
  -Add new Help ID for "Record and play sequence of mouse action" 
  -Record and play a sequence of mouse actions not functioning properly. 
  -Fix display marquee in dropdown not in correct initial state.
  -Fix shift not working with Mosue Macro 
  -Fix Jog Right for Adobe After Effects CS3 doesn't work. 
  -Update profile data based on OEM 6/6 spreadsheet. 
  -remove extra space in a profile path name 
  -Add a new PNP ID SYN1917. 
  -OEM PnP ID request 
  -Remove Mouse Macro from the default settings. 
  -Fix an timing issue for LED Pattern supported Control Bar 
  -Fix button 3 for Microsoft Media Player doesn't work. 
  -Fix a wrong dependencies for scrolling enable.
  -Remove Edge Motion control for OEM SYN0F06. 
  -Set "Edge Motion" default to "No Edge Motion" instead of removing whole
   edge motion control tree. 
  -Don't refresh CPL controls if any changes in the macro configuration
   dialog are discarded. 

Version  11.1.13 06/08/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Some app names wrong in macro definition 
  -Fixed the issue for setting the plugin action correctly for application
   profile customer zones. 
  -Mouse Macro doesn't seem to apply the Shift key correctly. 
  -Remove resource-ID support in Release mode,. 
  -Fix an issue for Touching setting 
  -OEM localization updates for description. 
  -OEM localization updates. 
  -Add support for both tap and double-tap on a button zone for LEDSupported
  -Updated strings for Adobe Soundbooth. 
  -Fix resource strings for Adobe Reader. 
  -Add missing resource strings for Windows Photo Gallery. 
  -Process the hot key for master device. 
  -Updated/Fixed keyboard macros. 
  -Mispelling in the Mouse Macro dialog. Actually a clipping error. Dialog
   layout modified. 
  -Add / remove app profiles per OEM request. 
  -Updated strings for Adobe Flash. 
  -Updated strings for Apple Quicktime. 
  -Updated strings for Adobe Illustrator. 
  -Fixed the issue where tapping a custome zone triggered the action twice. 
  -Change Release.txt. 
  -Updated by the build process.

Version  11.1.12 06/06/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Restore the window messages on plug-in actions. we need this capability
   for application profiles in an OEM. 
  -Refix the illumination always on after log off if the illumination
   is disabled by current user. 
  -Fix access violation we should pass number of TCHARs not number of bytes
   when we call GetClassName and GetWindowText. 
  -Fixe a multi-user fast switching issue for ControlBar.
  -Add a setup package support for Demo. 
  -Add Description field to macro along with new app macro definitions from
  -Set "Unassigned" custome zone settings to "Do Nothing" plugin. 
  -By default, disable zoom and chiral scrolling for OEM. 
  -Add support for Touch to activate a zone action. 
  -Fix a bug that OEM UI cannot display the pointing stick settings link
   properly on a dual-pointing system. 
  -Add translations for scrolling & zoom OEM strings. 
  -Change Control Panel scrolling & zoom strings for OEM. 
  -Change the settings for LEDPattern supported features for an OEM.
  -Make the single-tap work immediately for an LEDPattern support
  -Do not change cursor while sliding in button mode. 
  -Change one application profile name to include Edition name. 
  -Partial fix a bug the macro version is un-initialized and un-assigned
   that cause  the macro be saved to a new random macro. 
  -Fix a bug in control bar sliding for an OEM.
  -Add ActionPath and Type for Practice button in control panel for advanced 
   features touchpad. 
  -Fix bug where current known application is not properly set after
   closing control panel. 
  -Add two PNP IDs to an OEM INF file. 
  -Check for null pointer before doing a tcsstrlen. 
  -Fix bug in makeinstaller which is not properly detecting the previous
   setup folder: old files were not always copied over 
  -Remove the APP COMMAND for volume plugins from OEM driver. 

Version  11.1.11 06/02/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Remove the new exposed flag. 
  -Add One Finger Zoom to OEM driver.
  -Show Active Profile when opening GUI, while running known application. 
  -Replace "Scrolling Settings" text to "Scrolling and Zoom Settings" for OEM.
  -Remove "Minimize All" from the operation drop-down from OEM GUI.
  -Put additional inf ID substitution error info at the end. 

Version  11.1.10 05/30/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fix the illumination always on issue after log off. 
  -Fix caplocks key state changes the macro display 
  -Fix record and play a sequence of Keystrokes’ action doesn't work 
  -Fix a WinDVD Play after sliding issue for an OEM 
  -Add One Finger Zoom to OEM driver 
  -Add PNPID SYN0B11 for OEM Inf 
  -Fix zoom feature enabled not preserved after reboot issue. 
  -Fix an issue that AV Launcher LED pattern interrupted by other actions
   for an OEM 
  -Done an AV combined with other LEDPateern Action request for an OEM 
  -Create a new INF file for demo_1193 of CPT 
  -Add PNPIDs SYN070E, SYN070F for OEM_OEM inf 
  -Disable Mux for SYN070E, SYN070F 
  -Close control panel on suspend/hibernate. 
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Add PNPID SYN1025 into OEM inf. 
  -Fix application profile name mismatch, and wrong key macro. 
  -Adjust "Jog Settings" and "Scrolling Settings" position on OEM CPL page 

Version  11.1.9 05/23/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Turn on 'Minimize all windows' plugin features. 
  -Fix the Default button function error in Buttons control. 
  -Add new PNPID SYN1024.
  -Make code compliant with existing architecture, regarding "Defaults"
  -Move AppProfilesMgr (which backups/restores Application Profiles
   settings in registry), mainly used for "Defaults" button, from SynOEM
   project to SynTPEnh project. 
  -Rollback to only taking ERROR_SUCCESS as success. Made bigger the buffer
   that holds the registry value data.
  -Use "Synaptics PS/2 Port Compatible TouchPad" description
   string for SYN0002.    
  -Enlarge button zones, Change 'Home' button to do nothing for now. 
  -Use generic name Slider0/Slider1.
  -New Plugin 'Escape' and 'Enter'. 
  -Overwrite default values of ActionFlags and ActionType by registry values
   if existed.
  -Fix a LED issue for an OEM.
  -Fix a volume control bug for an OEM.
  -Fix inconsistent string for Japanese. 
  -Update PNPDisableExclusionList for OEMs. 
  -Fix an issue induced by multifinger behaviors on AV ControlBar   
  -Remove unused class declarations. 
  -Setup the dependency correctly for Enable Chiral Scrolling.
  -Reimplement primary finger packet feed to make it compatible with C++ API.
  -Export a new SYNCOM API for secondary finger packet feed.
  -Create new IOCTLs for secondary finger packet feed.  
  -Add a capability to a page so it can be checked against the feature ID to
   show or hide an entire page. 
  -Move all SYN1Exx IDs from OEM.INC to another INC file. 
  -Fix a potential LED issue in a Control Bar for an OEM.
  -Fix an issue related sliding induced by wrong finger motion for an OEM.
  -Fix a bug introduced from the branch that changed the way the help
   context got inserted. This broke the user experience and probably broke
   the test automation too. Change the logic back to what it was before. 
  -Add one finger zoom and Chiral scrolling to OEM project. 

Version  11.1.8 05/15/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Create new group using SYN1914 to override DPMNarrow for this PnPID. 
  -Use registry to override DPMNarrow to fix cursor moving too slow issue on
   small TP TM1143. 
  -Fix mnemonic hot-key conflict at Spanish resource. 
  -Update to bug fix for pinch (zoom) feature being jumpy when control panel
  -Fix cursor jumping after slow motion operation is done. 
  -Add a customer request feature for an OEM customer 
  -Fix bugs for LEDPattern related actions for an OEM 
  -Merge OEM_Nike_Driver branch to the trunk... 
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Enable KBC notification and add the TP enable&disable hot keys. 
  -Rename registy keys for button mode slider zones. 

Version  11.1.7 05/08/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)

Bug Fixes
  -FastUser session switch will close the mouse control panel. 
  -Localicalization work for advanced gestures. 
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Fix debug prints on Win2K kernel driver. 
  -Set enable zoom as the default.
  -Set one-finger-zoom as the default zooming gesture for OEM. 
  -Fixed a bug the pinch (zooming) is jumpy when CPL is opened. 
  -Fix cursor drift on touchpads that report coordinates, caused by rounding
  -Modify the default speed for one-finger zooming action. 
  -Change TouchThreshold default setting (to the lightest touch) for an OEM
  -Fixed a LED Pattern bug for an OEM 
  -Put more inf error info. 
  -Fix potential maintenence bug with multi-finger pads 

Version  11.1.6 05/05/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added new cursors to resources. 
  -Made cursors configurable. 
  -New OEM cursors 
  -Use "Synaptics PS/2 Port Compatible TouchPad" Descritions for compatible
   hardware ids, group all compatible ids into one line. 
  -Added a new one finger zoom slider zone on the left of the TouchPad. Also
   add a new flag to enable/disable zoom action regardless it is a one
   finger zoom or pinch zoom. 
  -Added a work around fix to change the image associated with a radio
   button to be changed depends on other control's state. 
  -Added controls for one finger zoom and pinch zoom in a new "Gesture" page
   for OEM UI. Also add Chiral scolling control in the scrolling page. 
  -Added new resources for the new OEM project. 
  -Insure no STRINGTABLE exceeds 16 strings. 
  -Update INF settings for new OEM peoject. 
  -Updated help files. 
  -Remove some button clicking settings for an OEM 

Version  11.1.5 05/01/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fix crash on resume after using chiral scrolling before suspending. 
  -Add SYN0312 PnP ID. 
  -Modify LED related AV and Vol Control functions for an OEM.
  -Add features related to LED Pattern for an OEM.
  -Expand some Plugin zones for OEM request.
  -Add a new PnP ID SYN0313. 
  -Fixed Double Click Speed icon (folder) in the "Buttons" page
   is not properly updated the first time you double click on it. 
  -OEM PnP ID request. 

Version  11.1.4 04/25/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fix TouchPad Device string cut off in Chinese language.
  -Fix a bug for an OEM that scrolling activated by tapping and
   draging/holding the finger in a zone does not work. 
  -Separate AdvancedGestures from 2FingerReporting capability bits. 
  -Remove the thread monitoring registry keys. 
  -Remove obsolete help topics (for Enable/Disable tap zone). 
  -Fix gesture driver hangs with pass-thru touchpad. 
  -Call by reference for sRawPacket. 
  -Pop up an error message when driver uninstallation fails. 
  -Fix words cut off in button tab of mouse control.
  -Add the purpose in notification email if this is a driver branch build. 

Version  11.1.3 04/17/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Remove extended 4-way switch in driver UI. 
  -GetProcessImageFileName does not work on Win2k. 
  -Load device settings after RecalculateDeviceInfo.
  -For control bar if the slider does not exist in registry return 0 as a
   result for being disabled. 
  -Only reset non-configurable defaults. 
  -Fix a bug for repeat plugin action. 
  -Let's set the default repeat rate to 0, and always specify the value in
   the registry. 
  -Rather than have this be a side-effect on the NO_ACTION_ACTION, do
   something similar to RunApp. Use the API Send Message but read its config
   from the enhanced app PluginConfig. 
  -Add more syncom item ids. 
  -Add settings for cursor moving speed.
  -Fix Tap and hold on tap zone, the scrolling must continue scrolling 
  -Add check for TouchPad for ChiralScrolling. 
  -Make Advanced Gestures available for all customers and set the defaults
   to - 1 finger Chiral "Enabled"; momentum "Disabled"; pinch "Enabled".
   Note all these features require the new HW/FW to show up from the UI and
   function properly. 
  -Add support for the newest Advanced Features bit 
  -Only read Ultranav registry values when they are changed.
  -Process the packet which has 4th, 5th, up, down and extended buttons. 
  -Fix a bug in packetizer for the secondary finger packet. 
  -OEM PnP ID request for changing KBC notificaiton command. 
  -Don't always send DMB3 in debug mode. 
  -Add PNP0F03, etc. to demo INF file. 
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Don't send DMB3 to any device. 
  -OEM PnP ID request for Illumination state.

Version  11.1.2 04/10/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fix the MS mouse driver installation failure when the TP driver was
   uninstalled this is beause the instNT is out of sync with driver
   installation server. 
  -Fix reverse slider. 
  -Move the SliderConfig next to the Vert/Horiz Config in SetItem. 
  -Remove the CapabilitiesMask, add comments. 
  -create & use eeiSlider0 and eeiSlider1Config, etc. items. 
  -Update to handle both sliders.
  -OEM PnP ID request.
  -New IOCTL to RecalculateDeviceInfo. 
  -Add SendWindowMessage Type support 
  -Update CheckInf to check Hex value of DWORD.
  -OEM PnP ID request for no chiral and momentum. 
  -OEM PnP ID request in exclusive list 
  -Fix OEM scrolling problem under Opera app. 
  -Remove multi finger gesture from the UI. 
  -1) ADD 2-finger gestures (CHIRAL) 2) Remove Synaptics icon from taskbar
   3) Fix Pinch broken.
  -Add the Momentum page to CplCtrl.ini so it will be in the default driver.
  -Momentum Page is default now.

Version  11.1.1 04/03/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes

  -Correctly initialize speed and scaled speed for the pinch. 
  -Fix a frozen cursor issue. Also, now that the stroke filter isn't locking
   into a one finger stroke, nor allowing a two finger stroke, we need to
   have the scroll zones cancel themselves if activated and a pinch starts.
   Once pinching, we still preserve pinching, at least. 
  -Change the divisor for the accumulator to slow down the rate of zooming. 
  -Fix some fonts problems 
  -Add UI element for Enabling/Disabling Pinch feature. 
  -Fix a bug in Chiral scrolling settings 
  -Set Zooming cursor instead of v/h scrolling cursor. this check-in does
   not set a zooming cursor which will result no cursor change. 
  -Use the stock "size" cursor for zooming. 
  -Add SYN1F01 for OEM with advanced but unchecked features.
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Modify Japanese resource string for Pinch and Momentum. 
  -Update Japanese help file for Pinch Chiral and Momentum. 

Version  11.1.0 03/31/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -Two finger pinch gesture implemented.
Bug Fixes
  -Replace "?" using "/" in Tranditional Chinese RC translation. 
  -Update Dependencies for Chiral Scrolling settings 

Version  11.0.7 03/27/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Get rid of TPUtil.h 
  -Translate "Page Up" and "Page Down" to Korean. 
  -Add a new PNP ID for OEM platform. 
  -Add a snap filter to the pinch algorithm. 
  -add a slider scale for testing.
  -Hide Enable and Disable buttons for OEM PnP ID.
  -Add Settings for CustomZone Repeat Action time interval 
  -Add time interval for customzone repeat action 
  -change OEM platform settings. 
  -Update Verify Files list 

Version  11.0.6 03/20/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Check the index range in function GetAt. 
  -OEM request not to use KBC 9B command.
  -Add the function to check of whether the SenDeviceState needs to be
   called in DisableDevice. 
  -Enable both buttons feature for SQA automation. 
  -Define a feed flag to turn on/off secondary finger packet. 
  -Filter the secondary finger packet for the feed which does not enable the
   secondary finger packet request, and the TP supports multiple finger. 
  -Fix the coasting broken issue.
  -Add OS Service Pack info into log file.
  -OEM PnP ID Request.
  -Fix the log file name for Continual and Nightly builds.
  -fix continual build where InfErrorFilter is not an error.
  -Put a check for building in correct folder for continual build.
  -Change the check for Vista to build 6000 or above. Get rid of the fct
   that checks for Vista (XPAndAbove) as we won't use it. 

Version  11.0.5 03/13/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Add a case for plugin finger motion.
  -Add zones for sliding-in-hold. 
  -Add a ktl log entry for control bar query. 
  -The PatternSupport registry value should be under the <DeviceConfigKey>.   
  -Update the zone edges.
  -Fix the LED turn-off bug in sliding.
  -Fix a bug of board number.
  -Fix wrong order of the KBC notification when the touch pad is enabled.
  -Skip sending SendDeviceState if the touch pad is not the Luxpad in the
   touch pad enable and disable path. 
  -Add new method ValidateProperty. 
  -Create a new inf for SQA automation tools, and turn on the 'Auto
   Disable with external device" check box. 
  -Get MultiFinger working right, implement stroke filter, and pinch. 
  -Make two finger chiral work correctly, as part of some more pinch
  -Modify SYN070B for OEM. 
  -Modify SYN070C for OEM.
  -Fix bugs of LED patterns not working properly.
  -Disable Mux support for SYN0158.
  -Fix continual build. 
  -Put a check preventing install XP driver into Vista OS.

Version  11.0.4 03/06/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Add Finger release plugin action for LED patterns. 
  -Add LED tracking finger when sliding feature.
  -The name of the VOLUME_UP.DOWN consts should include the word "Pattern".
  -Add function GetKTLControlData to retrieve KTL control data one by one. 
  -Add new unmapped properties for GetProperty and SetProperty.   
  -Add two new member functions GetAt and Size. 
  -Remove the IOCTL call for scan code retrieving. 
  -Fix scrolling in device manager at Vista for OEM.
  -Fix black screen when the middle button press at OEM machine. 
  -Change the default registry location of ReportRate.
  -Add PNP ID Syn1916 into OEM Inf. 
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Fix build break in release version. 
  -Fix ex256, and initial pre-work for Pinch implementation. 
  -Update VerifyFiles list 
  -Change the echo to use %2 to specify which inf we build  
  -Fix build error. 
  -1D00 was already assigned to another company.  Allocate 1E00 to OEM. 

Version  11.0.3 02/28/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fix chiral cursor tracking to only happen if app doesn't have a conflict. 
  -Set the Slider action only do once 
  -Add AV Launcher LED Pattern 
  -Add an IOCTL to retrieve scan code. 
  -Add function to retrive KTL data, and to clear KTL buffer. 
  -Define new event constants for ScanCode and KBC notification command. 
  -Define sub function id for GET_SCAN_CODE IOCTL call. 
  -Get KBC command notification IO port address. 
  -Get KTL control pointer. 
  -Handle multiple devices, and replace hard codes with constants. 
  -Log scancode and KBC notification command into KTL file for PS2 port. 
  -Move scan code and KBC notification command log logic from
   PointingDevice to PS2PDPort. 
  -Only logged the scan code if the key is pressed down. 
  -Add Syn0F06 with custome Tap zones to scroll up/down into OEM INF 
  -OEM PnP ID request copyright updated. 
  -Add a new group for SYN09C to disable/enable touchpad by hot key Fn+F3. 
  -PnP ID request for OEM 
  -Turn on multifinger counting for pads with advanced gestures. 
  -Add PNP ID SYN0159 into OEM Inf 
  -Try to use the existing CheckLog file instead of the new Perl script. 
  -Enable momentum cpl entries in debug version. 

Version  11.0.2 02/22/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fix Double Click Speed in German control buttons page string cut off.
  -Add slider etc. support.
  -Fix bugs for LED action stuffs. 
  -Bug Fixing for AV controls. 
  -Remove AV Launcher feature. 
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Add a driver key to allow OEM to define KBC notification command when
   0x97 is not applicable for the KBC.
  -Add new PNP ID SYN1022 for OEM. 
  -Define KTL events for KBC. 
  -Log KTL events for KBC.
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Add PNP ID SYN0158. 
  -Fix KBC Notification command for  PNP ID SYN0158.
  -Update credits page. 
  -Change short name to "Minimize All".  
  -Fix Section [HID.AddReg.HW] not defined. 
  -Fix delete log error. 
  -Fix typo error in OEM inf. 
  -Put back HID_AddReg.HW. 
  -Update TouchPad in SynTPRes.rc.
  -Port CosSoftPort, CosSoftPS2Port and CosComPort to WDF. 

Version  11.0.1 02/14/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Add new function support for activation type.
  -Add settings for ControlBar.
  -Add support for ControlBar LEDPatter support.
  -Add support for activation type.
  -Add support for overlapped zone.
  -Fix OEM help menu for Momentum at v10.2.7.
  -Update Japanese translation for Momentum and bounce off. 
  -Fix a bug in the packet processing code for ControlBar device where X
   or Y value is not properly cleared when finger is not present. 
  -Add "New Absolute Packet" in the Diag Page, and also write it into log
   file for the KTLview packet decoding purpose. 

Version  11.0.0 02/11/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -Added a hardware lock to prevent advanced gestures, Chiral, Pinch and 
   Momentum for now, from running on standard TouchPads.

Bug Fixes
  -Added a missing parenthesis that caused the release version of the driver
   to not have chiral enabled. 
  -Fixed setting of bounceback. 
  -Fix for hotkeys for Chiral and Momentum translation in RC 

Version  10.3.0 02/08/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -Release two finger Chiral and Momentum gestures.

Bug Fixes
  -Get back the settings for Welcome Windows to fix bug in Polish, Thai 
  -Test and fix issues in momentum.
  -Get back the settings for Buttons Page to fix bug in Polish 
  -Update bounce back and its setting. 
  -Add double-tap and TouchHold support for customzone action 
  -add LEDPattern support 
  -Add "minimize all windows" to the plugin list, set validzones to 0 so it
   will not display until we get the translation of this string. 
  -Fix translation issue for Korean "Search" at SynTPEnh.rc 
  -Fix some resource strings for Chinese (TW and HK). 
  -Fix English strings in control panel of Arabic OS. 

Version  10.2.7 02/01/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Enlarge ShowTips Dialog 
  -Add ControlBar LED Pattern support 
  -Add custome zone activation type support 
  -Change "LongTap" to "TouchHold". Also add a "TouchRelease".Remove the
   class name from the fct.'s def.  
  -Merge slider-plugin from branch 
  -Support ControlBar LEDPattern and CustomZone Activation Type 
  -Enlarge the show tips dialog so it's working for Polish, Thai 
  -use OEM default settings for PNP0F13 
  -Change the name for 0xE2 command  
  -Fix help IDs for Chiral scrolling and Momentum. 
  -Translation for Momentum and Chiral Motion Help strings 
  -Add SYN091C, SYN091F for an OEM 
  -Add SYN0157 for OEM 
  -New languages translation for ChiralMotion, momentum and more.

Version  10.2.6 01/28/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fix bug of Chiral and regular scrolling cursor icon display.
  -Add PnP ID PNP0F13 into two OEM infs. 

Version  10.2.5 01/24/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Modify settings for SYN091A for OEM. 
  -Move reading the registry for capabilities in CDeviceInfo. 
  -Add ChiralMotion and Momentum feature support. 
  -Disable coasting when ChiralMotion is enabled 
  -Fix garbage characters shown in Buttons page of mouse control panel in
   Polish OS, MUIs.
  -Fix the scrolling selection issue.
  -OEM PnP ID request. 
  -Added "ClearPad" capability in the kernel to support the ClearPad
   TouchPad. Also added "GetProperty(SP_IsClearPad)" API to the SynCOM SDK
   for querying the device property. 
  -Latin American Spanish was called "LS" in the table but the help files
   use "LA".  This confused the translation house. 

Version  10.2.4 01/18/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Take out ShowTips in default section 
  -OEM PnO ID request for the DisableIntPDFeature changed. 
  -Add i8042prt.sys file version info to SynDiag and the registry RUN key
   info to the log file.
  -Added new PNPID SYN091E for OEM vendor
  -Add Chiral cursor support for Chiral scrolling 

Version  10.2.3 01/11/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Enhance syntpenh /l so it still get system/registry/eviroment info into
   the log file even if our driver is not installed. 
  -Change DumpLogs to allow dumping of the I8042 log even if our driver is
   not installed. We don't need the check for !m_pSynAPI in WriteDiag... 
   Add braces on the one-line if. 
  -Branch build for an OEM based on v7_5_17_27 
  -Use packet processing fct. for bounce back condition detection. 
  -Add new PNPID SYN0C16 for an OEM. 
  -Add new PNPID SYN0A11 for an OEM. 
  -Add new platform PnPID for OEM project. Note this is only a placeholder
   and the settings are yet to be complete. 
  -Add new PNPID SYN070B for an OEM. 
  -Add new PNPID SYN1503 for an OEM. 
  -Add new PNPID SYN070C for an OEM. 

Version  10.2.2 01/04/2008 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Update settings for SYN0C15.
  -Add new PNPID SYN1915 for an OEM.
  -Correct legacy support section in Inc files.
  -Allow using template resource for the property page without containing
   the IDC_DEFAULTS and IDC_URLTEXT controls. 
  -Update Copyright Year in Patent Notice.

Version  10.2.1 12/20/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -StopCoasting when temporary disable device. 
  -Improve the smoothness of the momentum motion .
  -OEM request to hide Press to Select on its app control with new PnP ID. 
  -Update "How to create a self-extracting ..." section in driver signing doc. 
  -Remove "OEM" from the Install\DPInst folder. 
  -Remove "OEM" from the copy list for the resource file. 
  -OEM request do not hide the check box of "Disable TP when USB mouse pluged in". 
  -Document for OS and MUI languages downloaded. 

Version  10.2.0 12/13/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -Added Chiral and Momentum software to the driver.

Bug Fixes
  -Fixed the link "Click to change OEM Touchpad setting" is missing for KR
   and JP languages OS. 
  -Initialize spinlock 
  -move the timer functionality associated w/ momentum motion in
   CTPFilter into it's own "timer" class 
  -OEM request to hide Press to Select on its app control. 
  -Take out ShowDisableIcon from all the INFs since it's now the default in
   driver source code. 
  -OEM PnP ID Request 
  -Create a with Chiral and Momentum enabled. This is a request
   from Marketing to showcase the capabilities. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Control Panel will crash if the SynTPEnh is not
   running or the driver is not loaded (disabled from the device manager). 
  -Add new icons and reverse icons 
  -Add reverse icons 
  -decrease the update speed of icon image 
  -Registry-configurable dual mode switch corner location. 

Version  10.1.8 12/06/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Rollback to fix ScalarAdjust, subtract the absolute perpendicular 
   motion from the parallel motion. 
  -Pass UsePassThroughTunnel() instead of using default value in
  -Added (spin)lock/unlock functions to guard the memory pool operation
   during adding or removing a memory block in the list. 
  -Added a delay (KeDelayExecutionThread) to memory pool allocation loop
   when failed allocating a blobk of memory so the system has a chance to
   free up some memory. 
  -Set the ShowDisableIcon default to 1 in the source code rather than 
  -OEM PID request for hiding the disable PD if ext mouse 
  -Added new PnpID SYN0A10 in OEM INF. 
  -Copy SYN1912, SYN1913  from vendor inf to OEM inf 
  -Fix a potential bug on tray icon animation for Chiral Scroll 

Version  10.1.7 11/29/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Do not start chiral scrolling if the latest direction is perpendicular 
   with the scrolling zone. 
  -Only update latest direction before StartCriteria. 
  -Allow cursor to escape sticky borders only when finger is on the pad. 
  -Have momentum motion work with sticky borders. 
  -Momentum motion: Fix divide by zero error! 
  -Momentum motion: a first version of bounce-back. 
  -Momentum motion: preserve direction of motion. 
  -New IOCTL to stop momentum motion. 
  -New bounce back action class definition. 
  -Send a dribble packet when momentum is stopped. 
  -Added SYN0B10 in OEM (OEM OEM) 
  -OEM Apps scrolling support request 
  -OEM branch build request and fix tabbing 
  -Add PNPID SYN0C15 for vendor 
  -Remove group10 because AllowWheelsettings is obsolete. 
  -OEM sensitivity default settings changed. 
  -OEM sensitivity defaults request 
  -Updated by the build process.
  -Add Registry Settings 
  -Add TrayIcon support for Chiral scrolling 
  -Icons for Chiral Scrolling 
  -reset the multifinger defaults 
  -Add stop momentum motion way 
  -Stop momentum motion when scroll 

Version  10.1.6 11/16/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Create utility test sign bat file. 
  -Fixed "efaults" in Italian got cut off at OEM control setting. 
  -Change send message to HControl. 
  -Test OEM service agent. 
  -[remove from readme.txt] just re-arrange the code a bit. 
  -fixed the screen brightness using correct API of customer's HControl app.
  -Momentum motion - added comments. 
  -Momentum motion. 
  -More restrictive criteria for starting momentum motion. 
  -Var. name change 
  -Fixed tabs lack on Mouse Properties page in Spanish, Italian and Dutch. 
  -Copy SYN1020 and SYN1021 from OEM to vendor inf file 
  -Fixed TP disable/enable coordination fail 
  -Add Processsor architech into log file. 
  -Change Is64BitProcessorSupported if the processor is not IA64. 
  -Change function name. 
  -Change "Architect" to "Architecture". Add EMIT to ProcessorToStr 
  -Update function header. 
  -OEM PnP ID requests. 
  -Add Help content in help files 
  -Follow-up: use the HorizontalScrolling Flag 
  -Follow-up:Add a hot key for the Enable Chiral String 
  -Follow-up:nCheck chiral mechanism to determine whether to check for 1 or
   2 fingers before stopping chiral 
  -Foolow-up: back out the changes 
  -Update state when cancel Chiral Scrolling 
  -Follow-up: Have bcfEnableChiral set by default 

Version  10.1.5 11/08/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -remove unnecessary code especially the mixer calls in constructor of the
   volume action class which causes Vista to create a volume control in the
   mixer window. 
  -Momentum motion: new ioctls and strings. 
  -New inf file for testing momentum. 
  -Moved group 6 to the correct location in an OEM INC file. 
  -Fixed disable/enable hot key mis-match after switching user 
  -Turn off scaling for SYN0B0E 
  -Move system volume level code out of the GlobalSettings class where it
   doesn't belong to. Also avoid calling mixer funtion in the constructor
   which causes Vista to create a volume control bar in the mixer window. 
  -change SYN0146 settings from GROUP2 to GROUP8. 
  -New inf file for testing. 
  -Updated by the build process.
  -Add Chiral support 
  -Add ChiralEnable 
  -Add EnableChiral 
  -Add new Strings 
  -Add two-finger Chiral scrolling 
  -Removed unused code. 

Version  10.1.4 11/02/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
Bug Fixes
  -Removed redundant IoCtls: PS_PressToSelectAction and PS_PTSActionList. 
  -Use Touch&Hold instead of Touch&Release. 
  -OEM PnPID request fixed. 
  -New TP IOCTLS for momentum driver. 
  -Let's remove the hpq inc file  
  -Add KBC/Driver Disable/Enable Coordination feature to SYN1602 
  -Added PNP IDs SYN1020, SYN1021 into OEM Inf 
  -Add SYN1B15 to OEM INF. 
  -Add 4 PNPIDs for OEM 0302 , 0303, 1904, and 1905 into OEM INF 
  -OEM PnPID request fixed. 
  -OEM PnPIDs request 
  -OEM PnPIDs request 

Version  10.1.2 10/26/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Only start helper app after the booting time in Vista.

Version  10.1.1 10/26/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Don't use the SynInvalidParameterHandler. Add comments explaining how the
   handshaking works. 
  -Fixed OEM Property Sheet setting got cut-off for different lanaguages. 
  -Fixed variables name in the code 
  -Remove the enable/disable feature from SYN0311 (remove GROUP9) 
  -OEM PID request 
  -OEM request to remove SYN010D ~ SYN0126
  -Added "Disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing device
   is attached" feature to SYN1909 and SYN190B. Set the default to "off". 
  -Add PNPIDs SYN1912, SYN1913 into 
  -Checkin to code review splitting off Chiral specific stuff from O/S and
   app dependencies. 

Version  10.1.0 10/22/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -New module SynTPHelper to speed up loading in vista.

Bug Fixes
  -Fixed defaults buttons cut off at OEM TP setting in Spanish. 
  -Set m_bUseAPIFlagForKBCDisable = true as the default, this flag keeps the
   API and KBC disable in sync. 
  -Remove illumination options from CPL for TP w/ Enable/Disable LED zone. 
  -Fixed PNP ID SYN0140 to use GROUP8 (with KBC enable/disable). 

Version  10.0.21 10/19/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Consolidated the variables in the kernel for PTS means right click 
  -Default to PTS means left click. 
  -Removed redundant IoCtl for Styk Press To Select means right click. 
  -Added KBC notification when TouchPad is disabled/enabled by an external
   pointing device. 
  -Do not allow gestures on disabled device. 
  -New HelpIDs. 
  -New INF sections. 
  -New IOCTLs for the Enable/Disable zone. 
  -New device LED parameter. 
  -New strings and bitmap for the Enable/Disable zone. 
  -Save user's disabled state configuration. 
  -Add New PnP ID support 
  -Add support for new PnP ID 
  -Update PnP ID support 

Version  10.0.20 10/12/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Removed DeployChiralMouse 
  -Defaults and Apply buttons cut off at OEM TP setting in German. 
  -Fixed title of "Defaults" is cut off at OEM TP setting for German and
  -Browse button width missing at German setting. 

Version  10.0.19 10/09/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Removed SynTPElevated in the trunk. 
  -Fixed character cut off at OEM TP styk settings in French.
  -Fixed uninstall message without ending period "dot" in French.
  -Fixed character cut off at OEM TP setting in German. 
  -Changed IOCTLs for RGB ControlBar. 
  -Fixed Styk function 'Press to Select' means Right click got Left click function. 
  -Added AutoRotation_Motion for PNPID SYN0B0E in an OEM Inf. 
  -Fixed characters cut at OEM TP settings under Korean.  
  -Added registry value DisableDEviceBehavior = 1 for Device Png for an OEM Inf.
  -Removed unused registry entry. 
  -Updated signatures. 

Version  10.0.18 09/28/2007 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed cutting the character line of show tips for German 
  -Fixed system default locale prompts at log file 
  -OEM PID request. 
  -Created a word document that has links for the FTP 

Version  10.0.17 09/20/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added FW reported coordinates to device page. 
  -Fixed doc on default coordinate values. 
  -Fixed passthrough interleaving for Styks. 
  -Modifed setup code for silent install. 
  -Fixed hotkey twice to make TP enable 
  -Fixed section name error. 
  -Fixed duplicate debug mesages. 
  -Fixed the output debug for the hot-key mnemonic checker . 
  -Support build with WDK6000. 
  -Cleanup include path. 

Version  10.0.16 09/13/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fix silent install still prompts message .
  -Updated by the build process.
  -Remove SynHid.inf from installation, when not needed. 

Version  10.0.15 09/07/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Checked in OEM Excel Spreadsheet for info on PNP IDs. 
  -Keep "Direct Media" still in button mode after activate. 
  -In SE_DeviceAdded need to ReadAllConfig for all devices for log on user 
   AFTER refreshing the List  not Before. 
  -Modify SYN0B0E for an OEM.
  -Old branch builds cannot be signed. 
  -Documented sign wdf Syntp.sys at different machine. 
  -Added code to prevent virtual scrolling while typing. 
  -Change using IsNearAKeyPress to IsTapViolation for scroll prevention. 
  -Fixed a bug in getting API function for TP_IsTapViolation. Also, respect
   the palmcheck flags set in different filter classes. 
  -remove the check for tap violation after scrolling has already started 
  -Add SYN0311 for an OEM. 
  -OEM PID request. 
  -Updated by the build process.
  -Fix a typo in scancode. 

Version  10.0.14 08/31/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Rearranged table. 
  -Added min & max time condition on button taps. 
  -Added new key watch parameter to ButtonCheck. 
  -Added new parameters fro min & max button tap times. 
  -Variable name change. 
  -ReadAllConfig again for the second device from different port when resume
   from suspend. This will be in SE_Configuration_Changed notification. 
  -OEM ID request 
  -Fix broken build. 
  -Registry control for new button check delays. 
  -Changed default MMB delays. 
  -Just set the Drive directly to F: 

Version  10.0.13 08/24/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fix a bug in HandleDisplayChange when system suspends and resumes.
  -Fix Blue screen w/ USB TouchPad. 
  -Update an PnP ID Request for an OEM customer. 
  -Added feature, "Disable internal pointing device when external USB
   pointing device is attached", default is "checked" for SYN1602.
  -Add a new flag "UseAPIFlagForKBCDisable" that indicates the KBC
   disable/enable feature should be saved to the API flag. This feature will
   allow both the API and KBC disable act as the same thing. In such case,
   we are responsible for saving the disable state and sync up the KBC state
   on all conditions such as S3/S4, logoff/logon, switch users, etc. 
  -Fix a bug that cancel the Control Panel UI will re-enable the TP that
   was previously disabled by KBC. 
  -Fixe a bug that saving the disable state for a wrong user. 
  -Remove KBC disable/enable notifications. 
  -Fix a copy & paste issue .
  -Removed unused files. 

Version  10.0.12 08/17/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed the parameter in SetCurrentDevice to be the device index, not the
   device handle. 
  -Applied NavPoint features for OEM Pnp ID SYN0B0E. 
  -Check if Vista ahead of send WM_APP message. 
  -Changed to use WM_APP instead of WM_USER message. 
  -Chenged to use a different WM_APP message for mouse control. 
  -Removed a device (could be a real mouse) from the Pnp exclusion list. 
  -Added SYN0301 to an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Added an empty string check before we attempt to convert the path resource
   ID to an integer for OSD settings.  If the string is empty, we skip and
   retrieve the next token. 
  -Changed 2 other implementations of the tokenize function to check for
   empty strings. 
  -Fixed a bug where in Vista x64 SynTPStart could not bring up the
   Enhancments application (SyntpEnh.exe). 
  -Added basic On Screen Button click code for OSD.  At this stage we can
   determine which object we have clicked on, but no action is being 
   performed yet. 
  -Added a new Pnp ID SYN1911 for an OEM customer. 
  -Added the "Disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing
   device is attached" feature to the settings for OEM Pnp ID SYN0A0D. 
  -Added a new Pnp ID SYN014C for an OEM customer. 

Version  10.0.11 08/10/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Merged OSD branch into trunk. 
  -Fixed garbage characters in SynDiag LOG file in registry info. 
  -Fixed SynDiag log file in Japanese OS so it no longer gets garbage
   chararacters for KTL log section. 
  -Added OEM PNP ID as per OEM request. 
  -Added USB touch panel devices to the exclusion list. 
  -Fixed a bug where we were sometimes unable to collect the daignostic
   log file in Vista. 
  -Added OEM PNP ID as per OEM request. 
  -Added a new PnPID for an OEM customer. 
  -Add SYN1601 to an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Added a new USB HID to the exclusion list for an OEM customer. 
  -Added PNPID SYN0D05 to an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Fixed a bug in DoMouseActivate to get correct parameters. 
  -Added an OEM data file change and re-WHQL request. 
  -Added code to allow KBC disable feature to override API disable feature. 
  -Removed USB from NavPoint INF file settings. 

Version  10.0.10 08/02/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added OEM specific Port I/O capability feature. 
  -Added a new OEM Module and OEM INF file settings for an OEM
   customers DualMode configuration. This adds a custom device settings
   tree to the Control Panels Device Settings for customizing the DualMode
   buttons and a custom Module to handle the new OEM specified actions. 
  -Added a new PNP ID SYN0B0E for an OEM customer. 
  -Modified the code to open the Control Panel from the tray icon with
   Normal Priority - before it was less than Normal Priority. 
  -Added a new PnP ID for an OEM customer. 
  -Added new PnP ID settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Added Autorotation for Syn190D and Syn190E in an OEM customers inf file. 

Version  10.0.9 07/27/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Adjusted positions for some controls for Japanese OS for an OEM customer. 
  -Added a registry setting to an OEM INF file to allow for easier
   tapping on MicroPad. 
  -Added a new Pnp ID requested by an OEM customer. 
  -Fixed garbage characters in the Diagnostics LOG file registry info. 
  -Added a new OEM INF file. 
  -Added a new OEM specific Module. 
  -Changed registry plug-in values for an OEM customer. 
  -Disabled Chiral Scrolling for an OEM platform. 
  -Added new PNPIDs SYN0142, 0143, 0144, 0145, 0146, 0147, 0148, 0149, 014A,
   014B into an OEM inf. 
  -Added a new PnP ID for an OEM customer. 
  -Added customization for an OEM customer for the user to be able to set
   the illumination power state only in specific cases. 
  -Added AutoRotation support for a new PnP ID for an OEM customer. 
  -Added 4 new PnP IDs and settings for multiple OEM customers. 
  -Fixed a bug where checking the check box for "Disable internal pointing
   device if an external USB device is plugged in" immediately disabled the
   internal TouchPad on systems with an MMB device. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Diagnostics LOG file was not written properly
   on a system with the Vista Japanese OS. 

Version  10.0.8 07/19/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes 
  -Updated the scrolling for NavPoint. 
  -Added a check to make sure we don't report coordinates outside the
   range for NavPoint. 
  -Fixed a NavPoint pointer drift issue. 
  -Fixed a scrolling speed problem in our Practice application. 
  -Changed the default PalmCheck value back to 4 for an OEM customer. 
  -Removed a duplicated OEM INF file. 
  -Added code to start SynTPEnh.exe with a parameter to raise the priority for
  -Added a new PNP ID and settings for an OEM customer. 

Version  10.0.7 07/12/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Set the proirity to above normal for SynTPEnh.exe (our Enhancements
  -Added a registry control for setting the maximum amount of motion
   during a tap. 
  -Modified the diagnostic logging to delete the Kernel log files
   before dumping the diagnostic log. 
  -Changed the diagnostic logging to store the KTL files in SystemRoot. 
  -Added  "OEMNAME(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile" in our
   Window title database for posted messages during scrolling actions. This
   fixes a bug where scrolling would not work and caused an issue for an
   OEMs graphics controller control panel. 
  -Removed support for serial TouchPads from our default driver. 

Version  10.0.6 07/09/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Copy SyntpStart.exe to the installed directory. 
  -Fixed the '?'. '-'. 'X' button problem that become unaccessible after
   device get disabled. 
  -Change the Bitmap path 
  -Backout the previous change at .sys for log file is not working in XP. 
  -Fixed a bug that using 'X' button to close the dialog does not cancel
   unsaved settings. 
  -Change version string from "Synaptics Pointing Device Driver" to "OEM
   Touchpad Driver" in the version dialog. 
  -Add new PnPID support 
  -The log file cannot be viewed by KTLview.exe since v10.0.3 

Version  10.0.5 07/06/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Set above normal priority for SynTPEnh.exe. 
  -SynTPEnh priority using registry key to get the disk drive label. 
  -The fix lost during unicode merge. Fix it again to remove coasting for
   volume control. 
  -Added dummy call for release build. 
  -Added function SynInvalidParameterHandler to handle invalid parameter for
   secured functions, enhance to handle the case env variable value is empty
   and constrain the size of this value NOT to MAX_PATH but to the uiSize
   paramter passed in. 
  -Check MAX_PATH for pszRunString. 
  -check to make sure change crtSetReportMode back, add check the
   GetLastError with a real error condition, check the return value for
   calloc, use MAX_PATH for the output string. 
  -Follow-up: dynamic allocate memory for strings, use secure string
   functions to check the size,  change TL2 to TL4, 
  -Put SetReportMode back when exit the function. 
  -Branch build for branch_LG_v10_0_2 
  -OEM data file another updates 
  -Add file copying 
  -Get the OS drive from registry SystemRoot so when dumplogs we don't hard
   code to C drive. 
  -OEM PID updates request 
  -Added PNPID SYN0140 for OEM inf 
  -Added PNPID SYN0141 for OEM inf 

Version  10.0.4 06/28/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Enabled Navpoint scaling. 
  -Changed to not load config to non user default when the system is
   suspended (received WTS_SESSION_LOCK in Vista). This fixed the case
   for suspend to read non-user default. 
  -Fixed Russian strings for the DTM installation under Vista. 
  -Added a new PnP ID for a new OEM customer platform. 
  -Rolled back the scrolling region setting for an OEM customer. 
  -Updated and removed INF settings per an customers request. 
  -Updated Help Topic IDs for an OEM customer. 
  -Added some new Help Topic IDs for an OEM customer. 
  -Added some new resource strings for an OEM customer. 
  -Replaced some strings with customer provided translations. 
  -Corrected a PnP ID for an OEM customer. 

Version  10.0.3 06/22/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added the ability to Read an application path for a plug-in from a
   registry key. 
  -Added functionality to expand environment variables in a 
   Run App string. 
  -Added MMB support strings to the resource file. 
  -Add support for XP Photo Gallery as a Run App for an OEM customer. 
  -Added a generic MMB bitmap to our resources. 
  -Renamed the MMB device type to be generic. 
  -Fixed missing OS Platform info in the diagnostic log file. 
  -Removed the Chiral scrolling feature based on an OEM customer request. 
  -Added OEM PNP ID request updates to have default MUX on. 
  -Changed a PNP ID for an OEM customer. 
  -Added an extended feature to suppress pointer motion while typing. 
  -Updated the "Search" string translation for Chinese. 
  -Fixed duplicate hot keys in Buttons page in Thai. 
  -Updated a custom data file per OEM customer change request. 
  -Fixed a bug in Vista where an external Mouse left-right handedness
   won't be saved after re-boot. 
  -Added a new OEM PNP ID. 
  -Changed the settings to use Styk only settings and not use VPrinted
   settings for an OEM customer Styk only platform. 

Version  10.0.2 06/15/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug where and OEM MMB device was causing the MoodPad accessory to not work.
   Changed the search order of the GetDefaultDevice() to exclude OEMMMB when
   searching for a TouchPad. 
  -Fixed an Internet Explorer 7 scrolling issue that happened in Vista. 
  -Adjusted the positions of some strings in a custom OEM control panel
   for Japanese. 
  -Changed "Synaptics PS/2 Pointing Device" to a custom device name for
   an OEM customer. 
  -Created a new INF for an OEM customer. 
  -Added some new PNP IDs and features for an OEM customer. 
  -Combined HardwareBroadcast and ReadAllConfig into one function -
  -Removed the assumption that the DualMode flag setting of the user was
   available to be read and added a limited loop to allow the HKCU to
   be ready before reading any user settings. 
  -Added features for a Round LuxPad. 
  -Customer requested to remove the special virtual scrolling region setting
   for a specific OEM platform. 
  -Added a user_profile DirID for INF files. 
  -Added new PNP IDs and settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Moved feature settings from an obsolute ini and previous inf files to
   a new INF file per OEM customers request. 
  -Removed some sections from an OEM INF file per request from the customer. 
  -Adjustments to Donut zone. 
  -Added a new PlugIn for NavPoint. 
  -Added a new registry value for Button Mode for NavPoint. 
  -Added support for Donut Zones for NavPoint. 
  -Added a feature for disabling device 
  -Fixed a bug where an MMB device is also disabled when the internal Pointing
   Device is disabled due to an external USB Pointing Device being attached. 

Version  10.0.1 06/07/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug caused by sending unnecessary device states when the Disable
   Internal Pointing Device feature is enabled. With this fix, the
   performance is also improved. 
  -Fixed a bug in setting the power flag of the port info. 
  -Fixed some errors made during the merge of the Unicode port. 
  -Made the user default DualMode setting "Enabled" in case reading the
   registry failed. 
  -Added new settings for a new PnP ID for an OEM customer. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Hot-key to Disable/Enable the TouchPad would
   not re-enable the TouchPad. 
  -Fixed a bug in the diagnostic log file format that was introduced
   by the port to Unicode. 
  -Added a new PnP ID for an OEM customer. 
  -Added a new PNP ID and settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Fixed an OEM customers INF settings to apply the correct setting to make
   the Middle button actions invisible under the Styk settings in the 
   control panel since this is for a Styk only system. 
  -Removed unused NT4 code. 

Version  10.0.0 06/01/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -Unicode Driver

Bug Fixes
  -Fix query number. 
  -Further enhanced a tighter port protection from user mode application to
   issue send device state command during suspend/resume. 
  -Fixed IE7 Vista scrolling issue regarding stream video
  -Added a registry setting to allow the driver to recal when the TP packet
   is out of the bezel area. 
  -OEM PID request 

Version  9.2.7 05/24/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a possible device detection issue on Suspend/Resume by avoiding
   sending the device state if the device type is unknown or unexpected.
   This could happen during S/R if the device is either idle or about to
   be redetected. 
  -Fixed a bug in an OEM custom control panel where the Help, Minimize,
   and Close buttons were getting grayed out if the device was disabled. 
  -Fixed a bug in an OEM custom control panel where the height
   (bigger for 2 lines) for a Japanese string translation of "Disable
   Touchpad/Pointing stick when external USB mouse is present" was cut off. 
  -Added power events to our diagnostic logging. 

Version  9.2.6 05/17/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Set the default to Enable Button Check (proximity to typing) for
   Synaptics ControlBars. 
  -Fixed a bug where the buttons from two separate pointing devices that
   are on separate PS/2 ports don't get merged in, causing multiple button
   presses in some cases. Solved this by combining button states of devices
   from different PS2 ports. 
  -Completely removed EdgeMotion from the control panel and set the
   default to have EdgeMotion disabled for an OEM customer. 

Version  9.2.5 05/10/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Merged in a custom OEM source code update to fix OEM specified features. 
  -Added settings to an OEM customers INF file to disable and hide 
   extended buttons. 
  -Added a new PNP ID and settings to an OEM customers INF file. 
  -updated a wav file per OEM customer's request. 
  -Added Wacom digitizer HID\WACOMVIRTUALHID&Col03 to the 

Version  9.2.4 05/04/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug in Vista where changing the desktop icons size using wheel
   scrolling worked in reverse for screen at a time scrolling vs. line at
   a time. 
  -Implemented DualModePad double taps switching between BUTTON and
   CURSOR modes.
  -Updated for Double Taps for Dual mode INF file settings. 
  -Added logging of the Vista Edition to the diagnostics log file. 
  -Modified a default settings in an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Changed a PNP ID from the original value to a different value
   as per OEM customers request. 
  -Merged an OEM customers INF file into the base OEM customers INF file. 
  -Modified a PNP ID for an OEM request. 
  -Fixed a possible BSOD that might occur when deleting keyboard filter
   devices for USB keyboards. 
  -Moved the registry settings for PNPDisableExclusionList to be under 
   the HKLM Services\SynTP\Parameters so that it can be available early
   on by the driver. 
  -Removed the coasting feature out of the default setting for volume control in

Version  9.2.3 04/26/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a new setting to the AutoRotationFlag to support matching the
   display of motion or scrolling separately. 
  -Added new Help topics for NavPoint. 
  -Fixed a Scaling issue to allow for coordinates to be reported for
  -Added new control panel functionality for supporting NavPoint
  -Changed a custom sound file per OEM request. 
  -Updated an OEM customers control panels custom image. 
  -Added three new OEM PnP IDs and settings for multiple OEM customers. 

Version  9.2.2 04/19/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a new Scroll Lock plug-in. 
  -Consolidated the existing Scroll Lock code. 
  -Updated chiral scrolling with newer start/stop criteria. 
  -Took out the check for plugin long name < 64 and short name < 32. 
   A plugin with a long name will now work as long as the length of the
   name is less than 256 bytes long. 
  -Added new PNP IDs and settings for two OEM customers. 
  -Moved Scaling Parameters from the software to the system key so they
   can be accessed by the driver. 
  -Added logging the passthrough capability and GlassPass capability
   information to the Diagnostics logging file. 

Version  9.2.1 04/12/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Enhanced the performance of our slider controls and also to allowed slider
   dependency images to update in real-time. 
  -Fixed a bug where we were unable to connect to the Synaptics driver thus
   causing the  uninstall feature to not work. 
  -Set the default flag for patching dribble packets for Styk devices to be
   TRUE so the OS power management feature can work properly always when a
   Styk is present on the system and removed the registry setting in some
   OEM INF files since the defualt is now TRUE. 
  -Fixed a bug where using the Styk causes the system not be able to go into
   sleep mode. 
  -Fixed a  ComboBox issue and dynamic device selection issue when an 
   excluded device is touched with the mouse control panel is open with the
   Buttons tab selected. 
  -Addded displaying language info into our diagnostics log file. 
  -Removed turning off MUX mode for 3 PNP IDs in an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Modified the settings for a PNP ID in an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Added the hotkey Disable/Enable feature for 8 platform PNP IDs in an OEM
   customers INF file. 
  -Added a new PNP ID with settings to disable the TP with a hot-key
   to and OEM customers INF file. 
  -Added a setting to hide the middle button settings in the settings dialog
   for the Styk for a PNP ID in an OEM customers INF file. 

Version  9.2.0 04/05/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  - Re-factored the Device List handling to allow for Exclusion of a
    Synaptics device from the list but still allow the device to be in our
    list of devices.
  - Added in the functionality for the new ControlBar device.
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug where Collect Diagnostics didn't work correctly in Vista. 
  -Fixed a bug in the ControlBar Volume Slider. 
  -Fixed a bug in scrolling a window under MS Word. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Windows Search plugin action would exit
   Button-Mode immediately on a DualMode TouchPad. 
  -Fixed some dependency bugs on the button configurations for an OEM
   customer using the DualMode TouchPad. 
  -Expanded the whole pad scrolling initiation angle. For use when using
   the whole TouchPad for scrolling - also known as Scroll Locking. 
  -Fixed the horizontal slider control to only update it's setting when
   the position change is completed. 
  -Set the Styk middle button action to do stick scrolling by default
   in an OEM customers INF file settings. 

Version  9.1.23 03/30/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated resource strings with new string translations. 
  -Fixed duplicate hot-keys for the settings dailog. 
  -Updated OEM resource strings for Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and
  -Removed custom images from an OEMs INF files for all the customers
   DualMode platforms. 
  -Added Microsoft Media Center eHome Remote Control device
   "HID\IrDevice&Col08" into the PNP device exclusion list. 
  -Fixed a bug where the "Apply" button won't grey out on a property page with
   a combobox or listbox control on that page. 
  -Added a new OEM INF file and added settings for a new PNP Id. 
  -Added settings to grey out DualMode button 1 ~ 4 and fixed missing items
   from the plugin action list and dependencies for an OEM DualMode control

Version  9.1.22 03/23/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated DualMode images per customer request. 
  -Removed the global KBCDisableConfig from a customers INF file settings. 
  -Removed custom images per customer request. 
  -Added a new PNP ID and settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Added functionality to specifically check for a LuxPad so that we 
   can have custom tabs for both a TouchPad and a LuxPad showing up on the
   control panel. 

Version  9.1.21 03/16/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Modified a custom image to show the complete text on Vista for an OEM
   customers control panel. 
  -Merged in translations of new Help strings. 
  -Added 2 new PnP ID and settings for an OEM disable and enable hotkeys. 
  -Added a custom control panel applet for an OEM customer. 
  -Added a manifest to the cpl for an OEM customers control panel applet
   for Vista. 
  -Added registry settings to the INF file for an OEM customers control
   panel applet so it will show up in the control panel. 
  -Added setting to exclude the MMB device from showing in the Buttons
   and Device Settings list boxes for an OEM customer. 
  -Added in translations of OEM specific resource strings. 
  -Removed the GlobalDisable flag from the INF file for an OEM customer. 

Version  9.1.20 03/09/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Created a new hardware ID range for a new OEM customer. 
  -Changed the Tapping Speed slider frequency from 2 to 4 to make it
   look better. 
  -Added a new OEM custom resources file for a custom control panel tab. 
  -Added a new bitmap and static text strings and repositioned controls
   and used new CaptionIDs for an OEM customers custom control panel tab. 
  -Changed an OEMs PNP ID to a new value as per customers request. 
  -Removed unused settings from another OEMs INF file. 
  -Added functionality to be able to index the pages we add to the control
   panel so we can insert them in the exact location we want. 
  -Fixed a hot-key issues due to removal of too many tab stop indexes. 
  -Added a new USB bluetooth device to the exclusion list. 
  -Fixed a PNP ID (due to incorrect information). 
  -Added multiple PnP IDs and settings for OEM customers. 
  -Corrected the device name for an OEM PNP ID setting. 
  -Added a new PNP ID for a round touchpad with Chiral Scrolling feature. 
  -Fixed an OEM issue where the device did not have the correct entended
   buttons settings. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Help button did not show up on the dialog for
   entering a sequence of keystrokes (keyboard macro dialog). 
  -Added the setting to remove the LuxPad Illumination Settings from
   the tray pop-up menu for an OEM customer. 
  -Fixed incorrect HelpID settings that were causing an OEM customers
   custom control panel tab to crash whenever a control on the tab 
   was being used. 
  -Set the default scrolling mechanism to "Chiral" for round touchpads. 
  -Created an OEM INF file to hide the scrolling, edge motion and coasting
   controls because Chiral scrolling does not support these features. 
  -Added a string for a driver detection error and added a query to the
   message box string to ask the user to uninstall the driver in this
   special case.  
  -Added support for an uninstall driver a meesage box if there is a driver
   error during installation. 
  -Added a new registry flag "GlobalDisable" in the system area to allow
   disabling/enabling the TouchPad globally (for all users). 
  -Added the new "GlobalDisable" registry setting key as the default
   setting for an OEM customer. 

Version  9.1.19 03/01/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes 
  -Added a plugin action for an OEM customer to launch Windows Search. 
  -Added a new registry setting that adds our Buttons tab and Device tab
   even if there are special OEM customer Pages that show up so that they
   can now co-exist in the mouse control panel. 
  -Added control settings for an OEM specific control panel page to the
   OEM customers INF file settings. 
  -Added settings to an OEM INF file to Disable the TouchPad when an 
   external USB mouse is plugged-in (Default is unchecked) and to 
   turn-off the TouchPad using a hot key. 
  -Updated some older OEM INF files to have the DisableKey in the correct
   registry location. 
  -Added the EnableKey same as DisableKey to an OEM customer INF file. 
  -Fixed a bug so that we now correctly use the DisableKey setting if no
   EnableKey setting is in the registry. 
  -Added a PNP ID for an OEM customer. 
  -Changed the red LED default illumination for an OEM customers settings
   for a custom lighted device. 
  -Created a DualMode configuration for an OEM customer. This DualMode
   program has 8 buttons with two additional features (not in our stock
   actions) so a new OEM module was created for the new features and for
   the custom resource strings. 
  -Updated an OEM customers DualMode images. 
  -Updated the images in the test area for an OEM customer. 
  -Implemented a new flag to allow property pages to be inserted into the
   mouse control panel as the first page. 
  -Fixed a bug where a custom control panel application failed to run in
   Vista 64. 
  -Added WS_TABSTOP to static link controls for accessing the link using
   the keyboard. 
  -Removed the Tab Stop style from static text controls. 
  -Removed unnecessary tab stop setting for static controls. Also removed
   tab stops for system buttons. 
  -Fixed a bug in an OEM customers custom control panel application where
   re-enabling the touchpad button setting could not be saved correctly. 
  -Fixed a string loading issue. 

Version  9.1.18 02/22/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug that subclassing the "Apply" button in property sheet does
   not show the ownerdraw image + text correctly while using the Alt+A
  -Fixed missing Japanese translation strings for OEM specific Help. 
  -Fixed a resource string for scroll zone in Simplified Chinese. 
  -Fine tuned an OEMs control positions in their INF file settings. 
  -Added a bitmap for Animated Styk tray icon and added it to the "Device
   Settings" dialog so we can now replace the Animated TP tray icon bitmap
   with an Animated Styk tray icon bitmap on the "Device Settings" tab
   based on a registry setting. 
  -Added the setting to display the Animated Styk tray icon bitmap to an
   OEM customers INF settings for a Styk only system PNP ID. 
  -Changed only to read not to create registries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
   section for SynTPCpl. 
  -Fixed a bug that "Default" button did not work using the hotkey - Alt+D. 
  -Fixed a hot-key problem in Button Settings page. 
  -Added a new PNP ID for and OEM customer. 

Version  9.1.17 02/15/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed some string cut-off issues in various languages happening on an
   OEM customers special custom control panel. 
  -Fixed a string format issue for a Help Topic for the Italian language. 
  -Fixed some controls size issues happening on an OEM customers custom
   control panel. 
  -Added a new PNP ID and its settings to an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Set the "DragLock" feature to be ON by default for an OEM customer. 
  -Added a new PNP ID and its settings to an OEM customers INF file.
  -Updated the custom resource module for and OEM customer. 
  -Fixed Enable/Disable button dependencies for an OEM customer. Also
   removed the dependency of the OEM control panel page on the device. 
  -Added a new PNP ID and settings to an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Updated an OEM customers INF file settings for a series of requested
   PNP IDs to include the KBC Enable/Disable settings. 
  -Removed some cancelled PNP IDs from an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Put sound file selection controls on the "Run a program" and the
   "Keyboard Macro" dialogs and functionality for selecting a wave file
   for the zone when the zone is activated. This feature will only be
   active for a customer if the customer has the registry setting to
   enabled it in their INF file. The defualt is the feature is off.  
  -Added an "About" entry to the tray menu to display the version
   information for an OEM customers custom tray icon pop-up menu. 
  -Fixed a scrolling bug in MS PowerPoint 2007. 
  -Modified the settings for a PNP ID in an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Added 2 new Help Topics related to new products currently in progress. 
  -Added a new Help Topic for an OEM that refers to Windows Photo Gallery
   for a virtual button. 

Version  9.1.16 02/09/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed the setup.exe parameter /f2 to now accept the setup log file
   path with open double quotes with/without a set of closing double quotes. 
  -Added a new OEM customers OEM Module and build file to the build. 
  -Changed the icon (when minimized) to a small version of the OEM customers
   icon instead of the Synaptics logo for an OEM customer. 
  -Implemented customized version of the buttons for "Help", "Minimize",
   and "Close" buttons for an OEM customer. 
  -Added support for changing the button image while the mouse is hovering
   over the button. 
  -Fixed OnClick processor for not activating out of area messages. 
  -Fixed a bug where the "Default" setting for Disable/Enable device didn't
   work. This was never a problem in our normal control panel since we did
   not have a "Default" button on the "Device Settings" tab. However, it
   shows up for an OEM customer who does want a "Default" button on their
   tab that has Disable/Enable device. 
  -Added a new PNP ID and settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Added a manifest to Enhancements application so that it can send messages
   and virtaual keys or scan codes to any application even if it's elevated.
   This is needed so that we can scroll and send plugin actions to
   applications that may be running at elevated priviledge level.

Version  9.1.15 02/06/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed scaling at 120 DPI for the tray icon (really a bitmap). 
  -Fix hdr comment and bits setting for SetIlluminationOnOff. Also change
   the function type. 
  -Added button image and text IDs to the list of CheckMaster function
   where the action list IDs belong to. This is to fix a button page where
   displaying incorrect button image and text description.
  -Fixed screen cut off issue on some platforms (found in XP with classic
   sytle and Vista Aero style, etc.) 
  -Added "Remove Icon" menu item to tray icon, it is registry flag controlled
   feature and defaults to FALSE. Set this flag to TRUE for OEM upon request.

Version  9.1.14 02/02/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes    
  -PalmCheck feature now checks for multiple buttons down. 
  -Assigned OEM specific resource strings to replace the Run App config
   dialog caption. 
  -Re-adjusted DualMode button positions for Wide DualMode TouchPad. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Both Button Action list control is disabled even
   though the Both Button feature is enabled. Also, remove(hide) the control
   (and the config button) if the feature is disabled. 
  -Updated translated strings from an OEM. 
  -Added a new PNP ID to an OEM INF. 
  -Changed an INF name for an OEM. Changed 6 PnpIDs for OEM platforms. 

Version  9.1.13 01/26/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed an error in reading the result code in the 64-bit registry for
   setup that was causing the logging to fail on WinXP/Vista 64-bit OS. 
  -Added some new Help Topics for an OEM Customer. 
  -Added some new strings and Help Topics for MMB. 
  -Updated an OEM customers INF file to use their new Help IDs. 
  -Added PNP0F13 to an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Properly set the copy file section for 64-bit installations so that
   both the 32-bit and 64-bit COM API will get registered and 32-bit
   third party applications that use our COM API running on a 64-bit OS
   will now work. 
  -Added a custom readme file for an OEM customer. 
  -Fixed an issue with Button Check when typing. 
  -Fixed the location of the Enable sounds checkbox in an OEM customers INF
   file settings so it's not overwritten by the Select text string. Also,
   fixed the setting for PluginSoundConfig (missing type specifier -
   defaulted to REG_BINARY). 
  -Added functionality for Vista to perform elevation checking so that
   our scrolling will now work when scrolling elevated applications. 
  -Added functionality to associate a virtual key or scan code with a plugin
   and then added default virtual key codes in our default INF settings and
   added new scan codes in an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Removed one OEM customers INF file by combining two INF files into one. 
  -Added a new requested INF file with settings for an OEM. 
  -Updated an OEM customers custom control panel to use new device images
   and to load the correct image for single vs. dual-pointing systems. 

Version  9.1.12 01/18/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug where the DualMode image is displayed incorrectly on the
   settings page for DualMode TouchPads. 
  -Added a custom Readme file for an OEM customer. 
  -Added functionality for enabling/disabling playing the sound for the
   zone when it is activated. 
  -Added 3 new PNP IDs and settings for OEM customers. 
  -Turned off Mux for a specific PNP ID in an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Removed Middle click,  Button 4 click,  Button 5 click from the
   action lists for tap zones and button actions in the INF settings for
   an OEM customer. 
  -Changed the default setting for displaying the Tips dialog to
   Off by default in our defualt INF file. 

Version  9.1.11 01/12/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added translated resource strings for an OEM customer. 
  -Added 32/64 bit O/S information to the diagnostics log file. 
  -Fixed a possible blue screen that could be caused by USB keyboard
   device removal. 
  -Changed the control panel to not replace the Microsoft Mouse Control
   Panel Buttons tab when there is no Synaptics pointing device detected. 
  -Added the build of a 64-bit version to the Disabler sample code from
   the COM API samples. 
  -Added the KeyboardController=1 setting to an OEM customers INF file
   for a PNP ID. 
  -Added a new PNP ID and settings to an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Updated the copyrights that are shown in the UI from 1996-2006 to
  -Fixed the Record plugin for a specific OEM customer to use the
   correct scan code instead of a virtual key. 
  -Added settings for the default sound for the MMB buttons for an
   OEM customer to their INF file. 
  -Swapped Next and Prev settings on buttons 3 and 4 for an OEM customers
   custom control panel settings in their INF file. 
  -Added OEM specific plugin resource strings for a customer. 
  -Updated a help topic string for the Japanese language for an OEM
  -Removed incorrect control dependencies to fix a bug where the TouchPad
   cannot be re-enabled after being disabled. This was for an OEM customer
   special control panel settings. 

Version  9.1.10 01/05/2007 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Add Horizontal Scrolling support for MS Excel 2007 
  -Added new PnpID SYN0B0D for OEM 
  -Added new PnpID SYN0404 in OEM.inf 

Version  9.1.9 12/22/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed the INF setting for the default illumination value to Low
   for an OEM customer. 
  -Changed the INF settings for the Extended Buttons to show no Extended
   Button Actions in the control panel and set the default Extended
   Button Actions to "No Action" for an OEM customer. 
  -Changed INF settings to disable Extended Buttons for an OEM customer. 
  -Added 3 new PNP IDs and setttings for an OEM customer. 

Version  9.1.8 12/15/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a problem where the launch page still had a choice to go to the
   Pointing Stick dialog for a Touchpad only system - which, if you click,
   simply opens the Touchpad page. 
  -Fixed an issue for an OEM customer where thier OEM specific 
   "Press-To-Select" function did not work correctly. 
  -Added settings to an OEM INF file to disable the tray icon and
   not show the Synaptics tips dialog. 
  -Fixed an issue where the diagnostic log file would contain stale data
   from a previous collect diagnostics session. 
  -Updated settings for a PNP ID for an OEM INF file. 
  -Added a new plugin for "Record". This plugin is not generally available
   yet and requires special registry settings to activate.
  -Added a new feature to associate a Sound with a plugin action for a
   button or tap zone. This feature requires a special registry setting
   and is not generally available yet. 
  -Added 6 new PNP IDs and associated settings to the INF file
   for an OEM customer. 
  -Added settings to the INF file for an OEM customer to enable the
   Record plugin and the Sound features described above. 

Version  9.1.7 12/08/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a command line option /f2 to log installation results to a log file
   for DPinst.exe installs on Vista. 
  -Added Legacy PNP ID support to an OEM INF file. 
  -Added a new PNP ID and settings to remove External button actions from
   the control panel and set the default action to "Button/Zone/Gesture
   completely disabled" for an OEM INF file. 
  -Added the SP_IlluminationState feature to the COM API to allow turning
   the LED on and off through our COM interface. 
  -Removed usb from an OEM INF file. 

Version  9.1.6 12/01/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a new registry setting "ExtraCapabilities1Mask" so we can mask
   out any undesired ExtraCapabilities if needed. 
  -Changed our custom bitmap control to not change the style to stretch
   from center and then changed the image style in the OEM customers INF
   to always use strech. 
  -Fixed a typo in an OEM customers help file - removed an extra '.'. 
  -Fixed the associated page name for a single device page for an OEM
   customers control panel settings. 
  -Added new settings for a PNP ID in an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Removed the font setting of "Arial" and replaced it with the default
   dialog font "MS Shell Dlg" for an OEM customers control panel settings. 
   Also set the individual control font to use 700 weight for bold. 
  -Fixed the font style, weight, size for property page titles and simple
   help for an OEM customers control panel settings and adjusted their
   window styles to center them vertically. 
  -Added a new key to allow specifying horizontal button margin in our
   custom control panel controls. 

Version  9.1.5 11/22/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Add define LANGS_XXXX for limited languages for OEM. 
  -fixed a bug that both button action list is not greyed out when both
   button action is not available. 
  -Added support to resize PropertySheet to support 120 DPI. 
  -Fix the image control size issue. 

Version  9.1.4 11/17/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added code to read AddOrReplace setting for the Property page in Property
   Sheet class and use that to determine if it will even add the page and
   setting to set AddOrReplace. 
  -Added language specific Help rtf files for an OEM customer. 
  -Added a feature to allow changing the PalmRT setting for the Styk. 
  -Changed to use correct Ioctl for PalmRT setting for the Styk and added
   missing dependecy so the slider will be grayed out when Palm Check is
   disabled for an OEM customers control panel. 
  -Fixed a registry setting causing Pointing Stick Settings controls to fail
   for an OEM customers custom control panel. 
  -Fixed a problem (MFC bug) where the Apply button window style got
   changed after the button is clicked. 
  -Implemented a new property page status control (using static control
   with an associated page name) for an OEM specific UI requirement. 
  -Added support for bitmap buttons for PropertySheet OK, Cancel, Apply
   and Help buttons. 
  -Replaced the old Japanese macro key Help string with a new re-translated
   string provided by the customer. 
  -Changed setup so that -s works with silent install of unsigned drivers in
  -Created a custom DPInst.xml file for an OEM customer. 
  -Implemented tabstop/focus capability to our SynStaticLink (hyperlink)
   control. Now the user can use keyboard tab through the links and use
   "space" key to trigger the link. 
  -Fixed the manifest file for 64-bit for an OEM customer custom control
   panel application. 
  -Changed the setting for the Top Left Zone Action from NO ACTION t
   use a Left click. This is a custom setting for an OEM customer. 
  -Removed the  "jump to the menu of the current window" from action lists
   and changed the Top-Left Tap Zone to "Left Click" for an OEM customer
   INF setting. 
  -Added a new PnpId for an OEM customer. 
  -Addressing some issues to support 120 (higher) DPI for an OEM customers
   control panel. 
  -Pulled out 2 USB PNP Ids, Microsoft_01 and  Microsoft_01, from the
   global exclusion list and moved them to the OEMs INF file settings.   
  -Added COM property specifiers for button sensitivity. 

Version  9.1.3 11/17/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Custom build identical to 9.1.2

Version  9.1.2 11/10/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes  
  -Added settings for single pointing device "Device Settings" tab (TP only)
   and changed the size of the Buttons tab to match all the others for
   an OEM customer control panel. 
  -Fixed a bug in our custom slider control where reverse conversion 
   mistakenly reset a wrong value to data member. 
  -Fixed a bug in our custom controls where a radio button group cannot
   be ended properly. 
  -Implemented a control for mirroring the MS "Pointing Speed" feature. 
  -Implemented a feature to allow our custom property sheet to hide the
   tab control if there is only one page in the property sheet. 
  -Reversed the min and max values for an OEM customers pointing Stick
   acceleration speed slider in their custom control panel. 
  -Added support to our custom controls for bitmap buttons with text
   and font color. 
  -Fixed all tab stop index and group settings for an OEM customers
   settings for their custom control panel. 
  -Set the text entry in Add/Remove programs to "OEM Touchpad" for
   an OEM customer. 
  -Added the ability to set a custom tray icon tip text. 
  -Fixed an issue where the cursor moves while doing stick scrolling. 
  -Modified the scrolling region settings for an existing PNP Id in
   the INF file for an OEM customer. 
  -Implemented a registry setting "TurnOffGlassPass" to keep the driver
   from trying to detect GlassPass even if the TP has GlassPass capabilities. 
  -Fixed the displaying of the version information for an OEM customers
   control panel. 
  -Added functionality to allow Enable/Disable of the tray icon to be saved
   immediately instead of being only saved on Apply/OK. 
  -Added settings in the INF file for an OEM customer to set the setting for 
   "DisableDeviceBehavior" (set to 1) for controls that should not be disabled
   (greyed out) when the device is disabled. 
  -Changed the check on adding an OEM customers control panel tab to check
   if this is the specific OEMs control panel so the tab will show up even
   if the TP is disabled by the OEMs BIOS. 
  -Removed the "Snap to Default" feature from an OEM customers control panel. 
  -Added an "AutoRelease" feature for drag lock. Default is no auto release.
   Use the "DragLockAutoReleaseTime" registry setting to specify the
   nanoseconds of timeout to be used before the drag lock is released. 
  -Added an "illumination time after touch" feature for use with Multi-Media
  -Added new MMB strings and adjusted controls settings and changed button
   default settings for an OEM MMB custom control panel. 

Version  9.1.1 11/03/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes 
  -Added a debugging feature to show the control borders so it is easier to
   adjust the registry settings for custom control panels. 
  -Fixed multiple issues with an OEM custom control panel UI so the controls
   will look right and work correctly. 
  -Implemented "Tapping Speed" for TouchPads. The default speed is 250 msec,
   the allowed range for changing is from 100 ~ 450. Also changed our
   slider control to support reverse settings when a setting of max is
   smaller than min. For example, setting value from 450 - 100 as from slow
   to fast. 
  -Modified an OEM customers INF settings for an existing PNP Id to have
   extended buttons settings for Scroll Up/Down/Left/Right. 
  -Added transparent background support for our checkbox control. Also added
   text color support for our checkbox control. 
  -Fixed a typo in the Korean string table for two strings. 
  -Fixed a bug where the icon did not change to the scrolling icon when using
   Stick scrolling on Vista. This feature is for a specific OEM customer. 
  -Fixed a bug where entering S3/S4 suspend states did not close the control
   panel in Vista. 
  -Added a new defualt PalCheck setting into the INF file for an OEM customer. 
  -Fixed an issue where an OEM customers feature for a custom magnifying glass
   did not function correctly when using a sizeable window. 
  -Added PalmCheck for buttons. 
  -Added a new OEMMMB product type. 
  -Added support for Button Sensitivity. 
  -Added registry keys, button images and controls settings for an OEM
   customers MMB page support. 

Version  9.1.0 10/27/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -Beta version of custom UI

Bug Fixes
  -Added support for bitmaps/pngs to change on double click and left click. 
  -Modify enhancement app to allow launching a registry specified program
   when double click the tray icon. 
  -"Always in Button Mode" does not work correctly on Vista 
  -Figure out which key is used, probably StykPS2 and use only that key.
   That key is StykPS2 
  -Fix controls that were initialized with wrong defaults. 
  -Changed volume slider scale for OEM. 
  -Adding new Pnp IDs Syn013A, Syn013B, Syn013C for OEM.inf 

Version  9.0.3 10/20/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes  
  -Added OEM specific resource strings. 
  -Added bitmap background image support for property sheets and added
   custom caption height (titlebar) support for non-regular titlebars.
   This is for OEM specific GUI customization. 
  -Fixed a magnify window updating issue for an OEM customer. This feature
   is specific to this OEM customer only. 
  -Added bitmap support for custom dialog/propertysheets and also support
   for a new static link control. This is for OEM specific GUI
  -Added support to use the new Vista Multi-language DPInst.exe for
   installation for the WDF driver. 
  -Fixed a bug in scrolling and magnifying glass switching for an OEM
   customer. This feature is specific to this OEM customer only. 
  -Removed the "jump to the menu..." plugin from the action lists for
   tap zones and buttons, and changed the default top-left tap zone
   action to "No Action" for a specific OEM customer. 
  -Changed to use new "ImageResource" instead of "Resource" for the path
   to OEM modules where the OEM specific images are located. 
  -Modified PNP Id settings for an OEM customer for an existing PNP Id. 
  -Modified Setup.exe so that it no longer fails to lauch when using a
   full path to setup.exe. 
  -Implemented new Wide DualMode programs for an OEM customer with a new
   Windows Photo Gallery plugin. 
  -Fixed an issue where a 0 sized input and output IOCTL had the possibility
   of causing a bluescreen. This was reported when running PreFast as a
   possible issue but not reported by any customers. 

Version  9.0.2 10/12/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed an OEM customers INF settings to have the correct DisableKey,
   EnableKey and KBCDisableConfig settings for all platform PNP IDs that
   have the KBC Disable/Enable feature. 
  -Added Styk animated tray icon feature settings to a PNP ID in an
   OEM customers INF file for a Styk-only platfrom. 
  -Added the ability to load images from different resources for controls. 
  -Implemented features to the PropertySheet for adding a default button
   outside the tab control and also to allow removing the Help button
   and to adjust the other button positions (Ok, Cancel, Apply). 
  -Implemented a new class to support showing background images for a
  -Added functionality for Vista for apps that may not have the menu
   activated so that the jump to the menu of the current window has a
   better chance of working on more apps. 
  -Changed an OEM customers setting for a PNP ID to not put the KBC into
   Mux mode since the customers special KBC hot-key support can crash
   their system when the KBC is in Mux mode. 
  -Added a new product type specifier and functionality for a wireless
   USB TouchPad. 

Version  9.0.1 10/06/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added Styk-only tray icon animation to our animated icon. This setting
   has to be turned on with registry settings for specific OEM platforms
   and currently is not enabled for any platforms. 
  -Bumped the coinstaller to SynTPCo4.dll from SynTPCo3.dll. 
  -Fixed a bug where SynTPEnh did not start on a USB-only installation. 
  -Changed DisableKey and EnableKey settings per an OEM customers request. 
  -Added a new Pnp ID and settings for an OEM customer. 

Version  9.0.0 09/29/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
   This is the release of the Vista driver. 
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the UAC error message for Vista installs. 
  -Added Disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing device
   is attached with default setting is Unchecked for an OEM customer. 
  -Removed languages not supported by an OEM. 
  -Added a message to tell the user to not install the driver if user did
   not reboot after uninstall. 
  -Fixed a bug in the COM Sample code for the Disabler where the
   Disable/Enable of buttons had Right/Left switched. 
  -Fixed a bug with an OEM installation using the wrong DPInst XML file. 
  -Updated the COM Sample code for the Disabler to show how to persist the
   changed setting. 

Version  8.4.3 09/22/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug where the uninstaller fails to remove the Synaptics folder
   on Vista. 
  -Added settings for the KBC Disable/Enable feature to exhisting PNP Ids
   for an OEM customer. 
  -Modified settings for PNP Ids for OEM supported features. 
  -Created a temporary Ini file for special Touchpad settings for an OEM. 
  -Added a cmd line parameter to setup to check for DPInst process
  -Added 2 new PNP Ids and custom settings for an OEM customer. 

Version  8.4.2 09/15/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the coinstaller to remove the old keyboard filter. We now 
   have a new coinstaller named SynTPCo3.dll instead of SynTPCo2.dll. 
  -Updated the installation to delete any old coinstallers. 
  -Added our icon to a new file and to the distribution folder. 
  -Cleaned up some old 9x/NT4 installation functionality since we
   no longer support newer drivers for 9x/NT4 in our regular driver
   releases and it's no longer used. 
  -Added an enhancement to the KBC Notification feature to not notify
   the Keyboard Contrioller of the Disable state if we are still in
   the process of detecting devices on susepend/resume or power up. 
  -Added new settings for the KBC Enable/Disable feature to two 
   platform PNP Ids per the OEMs instructions. 
  -Fixed the uninstallation so that any error messages that pop-up will
   be the top window and won't get hidden by other windows. 
  -Fixed a bug in Win2K on systems with Intel graphics cards where you
   could get an error message on the first logoff after installation.
  -Fixed a bug in the Context Sensitive Help pop-ups where the text
   would not get displayed correctly. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Driver does not open the correct language
   OEM help page. 
  -Fixed a bug where silent install did not work on Vista. 
  -Fixed a bug where the property page width and height cannot be read
   from the registry if the language specific key name is not used. This
   currently only effects one OEM who uses this feature for their custom
   control panel. 

Version  8.4.1 09/08/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Removed support for Serial device inf sections from Vista driver. 
  -Added a new Pnp Id and custom settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Changed an OEM customers setting for DisableIntPDFeature to only disable on when
   a USB pointing device is plugged in. 
  -Removed new plugins that an OEM doesn't know about or use that were
   added to the general plugins since their last release. 

Version  8.4.0 09/01/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
New Features
  -Use DPInst for Vista driver installation

NOTE: If you encounter problems installing version 8.4.0 of the driver on
      Windows 2000 or XP, please contact us for an updated version of the
      setup program.

Bug Fixes
  -Fix Arabic help file to right justification 
  -Move the disablekey/enablekey value to the services key. 
  -Add OEM xml support (for DPInst) 
  -Update OEM inf setting to use the legacy KBC support. 
  -fixed a bug that changing to VS 2005 affecting the function "atoi"
   function where a large value could be truncated. 

Version  8.3.20 08/25/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed Help Topics for Arabic and other langauges that were not formatted
   correctly in the context sensitive Help file. 
  -Started building the driver and all applications, COM and the control
   panel using Visual Studio 2005 - starting with this build. 
  -Fixed a bug where an error message box with "Synaptics TouchPad Enhacements
   Stopped Working" would appear at the end of Vista installations if you
   didn't reboot at the end of the installation. 
  -Added settings for increasing the Defaults button and the tab hieght for
   an OEM custom GUI for some languages because if the user has the system
   in a docking station with a PS/2 mouse then there is only one Synaptics
   tab that gets processed and the height settings from the other tabs
   won't take effect. 
  -Fixed a bug where an OEM customers driver does not install on Vista Build5492. 
  -Fixd a bug that failed to load resource strings for the context sensitive
   help from the resource .dll and this caused the Help when using the "?" to
   not appear on the Devices Settings tab. 
  -Fixed a bug for an OEM customer where thier custom "Scrolling Tips" windows
   failed to appear. 
  -Updated the Release.txt version info for 8.3.18 onward because we
   don't ship Win9x&ME/WinNT starting from 8.3.18. 

Version  8.3.19 08/18/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed an OEMs .ini setting to set the KBCDisableConfig. 
  -Removed the HasBothButtonsFeature setting from the INF settings for
   an OEM customer. 
  -Changed the PNP0F13 settings to use the OEM defaults and removed some
   sensitive comments from an OEM customers INF file. 
  -Removed two PNP Ids and modified the settings for a PNP Id for an OEM
   customer using both DualMode and normal TouchPads. 
  -Did more re-organizing of the distribution folders and layout. 
  -Removed some unused code from the coinstaller that copied OEM files. 
  -Added a resource dll (SynTPRes.dll) to the distribution. 
  -Updated the driver signing document. 

Version  8.3.18 08/11/2006 (Win2K/WinXP/Vista)
Bug Fixes
  -Added in a 200ms delay for the active user in processing the console connect
   message so other inactive users have time to finish first in fastuser switching. 
  -Added two new entries into the INF settings for the PNPDisableExclusionList -
   Vid_0609&Pid_031d and Vid_0609&Pid_032d and removed the OEMExclusionList.ini. 
  -Refactored some code around ShowHideControl in the control panel controls. 
  -Fixed hot-keys in Polish and Turkish and slightly increased the Height of
   a control so the hot-key is visible. 
  -Added new PNP Ids and settings for OEM customers. 
  -Added x64 configurations to all the Oem Modules. 
  -Put the PNP Id settings back to the way they were for an OEM customers
   INF settings since they should not have been changed. 
  -Changed the Bin and Distribution folder structure. 
  -Cleaned up the build directory structure. 
  -Removed some unused files from the build. 
  -Updated SetupIntl to work with the new Distribution structure. 
  -Updated setup.exe to find the new Distribution folders. 
  -Fixed strings for Brazillian Portuguese for Lower Left and Lower Right
   Tap Zones and also corrected a misspelled string in the Help file. 

Version  8.3.17 08/04/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed an issue where re-installing the driver after an uninstall,
   without rebooting, makes the TouchPad unusable. 
  -Fixed an issue for a customer OEM feature to hand-shake with the
   Keyboard Controler (KBC) to query and notify the pointing devices
   disable state. 
  -Fixed an issue for an OEM custom feature - when changing scrolling type the
   change does not immediately take effect. 
  -Fixed hot-keys for Polish and Turkish on the Device Settings dailog. 
  -Fixed a problem during resume where there is a possible crash of the
   enhancements application when it gets the display rotation information. 
  -Added support for a new model of DisplayPad. 

Version  8.3.16 07/28/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Removed a few places we were writing to HKLM for Vista. 
  -Added a USB device into PNPDisableExclusionList. 
  -Added two .ini files for OEM customer settings. 
  -Fixed a bug on the control panel registry controls Hide feature so
   we can now hide controls other than tree controls. 
  -Added a new Pnp ID and settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Added a setting to the INF file for an OEM customer to the
   appropriate PNP Id settings. 
  -Changed the .rtf Help files for Turkish, Polish and Thai to use the
   correct language ID so the Localizer will find the correct language for
   the Help topics. 
  -Separated the old and new DisplayPad into two different sections in the
   HID INF file so the settings can be different. 
  -Added new DisplayPad display properties in the registry settings in the 
   HID INF file. 
  -Fixed a string in the control panel for the Turkish language. 
  -Added a generic install section for the keyboard device of the composite
   HID device for the installation to work properly for USB composite
   keyboards with a TouchPad and/or Stick. 
  -Added "AbsoluteSuperPacketFormat" to support the new 8-byte super packets. 
  -Added new sections for the WDF coinstaller for Vista. 

Version  8.3.15 07/21/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Corrected several strings in Turkish and Greek. 
  -Updated a .ini file for an OEM to remove any old HKCU settings for that
   the platform because they will override the new default settings that
   were added. 
  -Removed writing to HKLM for Vista. 
  -Fixed tap zone sizes for an OEM Vista release. 
  -Fixed an issue for an OEM customer where their Magnifier glass size 
   was not always updated. 
  -Added a new PNP Id and settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Changed the hot-key for "Static tray icon in taskbar" in the buttons
   tab for Turkish from &U to &T since &U is already in use for the Apply
   button hot-key. 
  -Added TURKISH and POLISH to the table of supported languages so the
   Localizer will try to use them. 
  -Added and cleaned up device sections for new DisplayPad and Wireless
   TouchPad devices. 
  -Updated the supported languages list. 

Version  8.3.14 07/14/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes  
  -Automated driver signatures for Vista releases. 
  -Added support for Polish and Turkish languages. 
  -Added new PNP Ids and custom settings for OEM customers. 
  -Added new resource strings for a different DualMode feature set
   for an OEM customer. 
  -Consolidated various DualMode projects into one. 
  -Added an .ini file for an OEM setting to set the touch sensitivity. 
  -Added a "Search" function into an OEM customers OEM (DualMode) module. 
  -Added a new OEM (DualMode) module. 

Version  8.3.13 07/06/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug for an OEM customer where the Touchpad did not work well as
   dedicated scroller. 
  -Fixed a bug for an OEM customer where the Touchpad did not point after
   being used as dedicated scroller. 
  -Fixed cut off strings in GR Illumination Options tab for OEM UI. 
  -Fixed cut off string in SP Buttons tab for OEM UI. 
  -Fixed a bug for an OEM customer where the Stick will not point after Stick
   Properties were changed
  -Fixed Stick Properties saving for OEM customer. 
  -Added new PnP ID for an OEM customer.  
  -Fixed string cut off issues in Dutch (NL) for OEM UI. 
  -Fixed the cut off strings in Norwegian Illumination Options and Stick
   tabs in OEM UI. 
  -Fixed cut off strings for SE language for OEM UI in TouchPad, Stick and
   Illumination tabs. 
  -Fixed cut off strings in Arabic language OEM UI tabs. 

Version  8.3.12 06/30/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a problem where some plugins could not be configured in the previous
   release. This was only in the v8.3.10 and v8.3.11 of the control panel. 
  -Fixed an issue where the Stick stops working after its function is set as
   a dedicated scroller for an OEM's custom configuration. 
  -Fixed a bug that was causing the reading of Registry settings to fail in
   the case where there was not default value for the DisableIntPDFeature
   setting already present. 
  -Added a capability to run an application while switching to button mode
   in DualMode. The feature is registry controlled by adding a key called 
   "DualModeApp" and the path and name of the application to run. It will
   not turn off the button mode after launching the program. 

Version  8.3.11 06/29/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added the capability to check the control panels controls for overlap and
   mnemonics in the Release version under registry control. The Debug version
   will still output to the debug window all the time. If turned on by the
   registry setting, the Release version will dump the output to a log file. 
  -Fixed a bug where an OEM's Dual Pointing Page settings were't always
   getting saved. 
  -Changed the KBCDisableFeature to send the data associated with the
   command to the data port rather than the command port.  Added support for
   slave device notification.  Slave notification is still not done due to a
   check in SendDeviceState. 
  -Updated the documentation to indicate which ports the KBCDisableFeature
   sends its bytes on. 
  -Added the DualMode platform for an OEM. This is just for testing since there
   is not yet a hardware ID assigned for this platform. 
  -Moved the new plugin actions implemented in SynTPEnh from customer settings
   into the main source INF file which will now make them available for all

Version  8.3.10 06/27/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed some strings in German, Spanish and Brazil(Port.) for an OEM
   customers custom control panel so they are not cut off at 120 DPI. 
  -Added a new PnP ID and settings for an OEM customer. 

Version  8.3.9 06/23/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added support for DisplayPad functionality. 
  -Removed some unused registry values that are depricated. 
  -Changed to save some registry values to HKCU rather than HKLM since
   Vista does not allow applications to write to HKLM if they are not
   running at a high enough security level. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Scroll with pointing stick while the button is
   pressed (on a Dual-Pointing machine) option would not show up in the
   plugin action lists on Vista. 
  -Added a .ini file for an OEM customer to change the default settings
   for the Extended buttons to make them have no action and so they
   don't show up in the control panel. 
  -Added new values for the registry setting DisableIntPDFeature to allow
   disabling the internal TouchPad feature to monitor PnP devices (USB or
   Serial) and MUX PS2 devices separately. 
  -Added prefast warning disables, etc. to make the kernel driver prefast
  -Added new PnP ID and settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Udpated the registry settings for a PNP Id entry for an OEM customer
   to add the AutoRotationFlag setting. 

Version  8.3.8 06/16/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Removed unused registry keys - "ReverseScrolling" and "SwapScrollAxis". 
  -Added new PnP IDs and settings for OEM customers. 
  -Fixed a bug where the uninstaller won't remove log files when the
   driver is uninstalled. This is only an issue if the user had ever
   used the Diagnostic page to dump logs. 
  -Added an .ini file for an OEM customer with the setting to fix
   the Styk S3/S4 resume/dribble packets issue that was resolved in
   a previous version of the driver. 
  -Fixed an OEM customers control panel issue where some strings were
   getting cut off in the Korean language at 120 DPI. 
  -Modified an exsisting  PnP ID setting for an OEM customer - added
   a setting to adjust the Vertical Scrolling Region to the size
   specified by the customer. 
  -Updated the setup error messages to include 'Vista'. 

Version  8.3.7 06/09/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed the German translations for some help strings. 
  -Changed some sub-languages to Unknown to match those in the control
   panel so we will be able to find the correct languages for unknown
  -Fixed a bug where the second driver installation fails on Vista Beta2. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Styk sensitivity setting was lost after resume
   from system stand-by/sleep. This bug only happens on a dual pointing
   system with a TouchPad and a pass through TouchStyk and with a
   driver registry flag “RedetectPassThruOnResume” set to false. 
  -Added a new PnP Id and custom settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Updated a custom INF setting for an OEM customer. 
  -Added plugins for Volume Up, Volume Down and Volume Mute and a .ini
   file that will add these plugin settings for any customers that
   want to have these plugins show up in the control panel Tap Zones
   action lists. 
  -Added a plugin for "Start default Media Player". 
  -Added a new .ini file to set up Media Player plugins registry settings
   for any customers that want to have these plugins show up in the
   control panel Tap Zones action lists. 
  -Added an OEM module for custom settings and resources for an OEM
   customer to customize DualMode TouchPad custom zone features. 
  -Added a new INF file for an OEM customer to set up custom zones and
   plugins for customizing their DualMode TouchPad features. 

Version  8.3.6 06/02/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug where the virtual scrolling flags could be incorrect in a
   condition that the user logged in after the screen saver is activated. This
   bug can only be triggered on a dual pointing system with the auto retation
   feature turned on. 
  -Added a new PNP Id and settings for an OEM customer. 

Version  8.3.5 05/25/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes 
  -Added DisableKey and EnableKey settings to an existing PNP ID per 
   an OEMs' request. 
  -Fixed an issue where "Collect Diagnostics" did not work on Windows
   Vista Build 5365. 
  -Added a message box to display an appropriate message if the diagnostic
   data could not be saved when the user presses the "Collect Diagnostics"
   button on the Diagnostics page. 
  -Added new PnP IDs and their associated settings for multiple OEM customers. 
  -Added "WinVista" to the Diagnostic page so that we will get the correct
   OS displayed. 

Version  8.3.4 05/19/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a new INF file for low touch OEM customers. The only special setting
   in this INF file is to set KeyboardController=1. 
  -Updated the Diagnostics page (secret page) to show the string
   "Generic Legacy" for KeyboardController = 1 instead of "Unknown". 
  -Changed the KeyboardController setting for Unknown to GenericLegacy
   and added a new NonMux type. Now, if the Diagnostics page shows
   Unknown for the Keyboard Controller type it will really indicate
   that the KeyboardController was not identified. Before, Unknown
   could have meant either it was not identified OR that we didn't
   even try to identify it. 
  -Updated the HTML files description of the KeyboardController setting
   to reflect the changes to the settings. 
  -Modified OEM customer ini and INF file settings to use resource IDs in
   place of hard coded numbers. 
  -Fixed a bug in the installation on WinME. 
  -Fixed a bug in the  SourceDiskFiles section for Vista installations. 
  -Updated the Test Signing documentation. 
  -Updated the HTML file description of the DisableIntPDFeature setting
   to more accurately describe how the setting is used. 

Version  8.3.3 05/12/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed the function that builds the zone ID to use the correct API functions
   (FingerState & ButtonState) and fixed the composition method to comply with
   the recent COM API fix. Also, put back in the fix to the internal COM API
   that was backed out in the previous release. 
  -Added a feature to display an error message when the user is trying to
   disable taps from the TouchPad tray icon pop-up menu when there is also
   no button assigned to act on a primary click action (left-click). 
  -Added a Styk icon for systems that only have a Styk and created an
   .ini file to turn it on. 
  -Added an information line giving the PS/2 Passthrough capability of the
   selected device on the Device status tab in the Diagnostics page (secret
  -Fixed an issue where Animation controls won't load if the AVI is in
   a separate resource DLL. 
  -Modified our INF build process to use resource IDs in place of numbers 
   in our Control panel controls ini file. 
  -Removed the AutoRecalibration setting from a customers INF file since we
   don't see any reason for it being applied to all platforms. If they need
   it added for a specific platform we can add it back for that platform. 
  -Added a new PNP Id for an OEM customer. 

Version  8.3.2 05/05/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated two PNP Ids to support Vista for and OEM. 
  -Backed out the change to fix the internal COM API issue made in the
   previous release. 

Version  8.3.1 05/04/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added two ini files to set icon off/PalmCheck to default for two new
   OEM platforms. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Tap Zones were still being shown as activated when
   moving a finger over the upper/lower portion of a dedicated vertical scroll
  -Fixed an internal COM API issue where some packet properties for finger
   and/or button states were not getting set properly. 
  -Added a new INF file for an OEM customer. 

Version  8.3.0 04/28/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
New Features
  -Added support for 120 DPI scaling in the control panel. 
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug to handle multiple scroll bars on the same window. Also,
   added a new program-specific flag in the scrolling database to not
   terminate scrolling at end of the scrollbar. 
  -Enabled the control panel scaling feature for an OEM customer. 
  -Added the registry setting to the INF file to disable redetect of
   pass through devices on resume for a specific OEM customer. 
  -Fix syntax error on a customer INF file. 
  -Retired some OEM INI files. 
  -Removed all the Readme.txt files from the Distribution. 
  -Added three new PNP Ids and requested settings for OEM customers. 
  -Add wallpaper updates when exit for cPad. 
  -Fixed the cPad setup so it works correctly. 
  -Modified settings for a PNP Id for a customer. 
  -Updated a customer specific PNG file for their custom UI. 

Version  8.2.26 04/21/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added functionality to handle scaling of controls in the settings dialog
   and custom UI tabs based on DPI. 
  -Added functionality to handle scaling of images in the UI. 
  -Added a registry key to override the scaling based on DPI with the default
   being scaling OFF. 
  -Optimized so at 96 DPI we won't scale and also fixed code to draw client
   edges for an image when scaling to a higher DPI. 
  -Removed SynTP.ini file for W2K/XP/Vista installation. 
  -Fixed a bug caused by changing the default device being displayed on the
   Buttons tab to be the first non-disabled device. Make sure we check the
   device disable flag by checking all three types of disable methods. 
  -Deleted Disable RockerSwitch settings from some OEM custom INF files
   since it does nothing. 
  -Added "EXCEL7" to scroll database to use wheel mouse scrolling message.
   This is to fix the problem were we cannot find the correct scroll bars
   for a specific split pane in MicroSoft Excel. 
  -Added four new PNP Ids and new settings for OEM customers. 
  -Commented out a USB PNP Id that is no longer being used. 
  -Fixed HID installation for WDF driver on XP. 

Version  8.2.25 04/14/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a new feature for a PnP Id for an OEM customer. 
  -Added "HID\FUJ02E6&Col02" to exclusion list. 
  -Changed the Buttons tab to set the default selected device in the
   device combobox to be the first device that is not disabled. 
  -Removed SynTP.ini file for W2K/XP/Vista installation. 
  -Fixed the help ID specified for the checkbox control of "Enable sticky
   borders". This was causing extra help information to show up that was
   not part of the feature. 
  -Updated the settings for a PnP Id for an OEM customer. 
  -Added six new PnP Ids and settings for OEM customers. 

Version  8.2.24 04/07/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a flag to ignore the TP and screen reversing in systems that
   rotate the screen in the same direction as the TP/Styk. 
  -Created a OEM new custom inf file without serial mouse support nor USB
   support. Also enabled the auto rotation feature with the flag set to
   matching the display screen because the Styk is mounted on the same
   surface of the display. 
  -Added code to allow the middle button action be available for scroll up
   (extended button 1) and scroll down (extended button 2) plugin action
   lists. This was not available before - we could only set actions that
   were not primary click, secondary click, etc. 
  -Added an ini file will allow the middle button action to be available
   for scroll up (extended button 1) and scroll down (extended button 2)
   plugin action lists for an OEM customer. This is needed before we can
   move all control panel settings into the INF file. 
  -Added three new PNP Ids and settings for OEM customers. 
  -Changed setting for an OEM that requested we have Push-To-Select off by
   default instead of on. 
  -Added modifications for an OEM Beta. 

Version  8.2.23 03/31/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added Wacom Penabled Digital Pen device to the PnP Exclusion List. 
  -Added bluetooth mouse HID\TOS_BT_MOU_0004&0005 to exclusion list. 
  -Added extended button action process to allow setup button state
  -Speed-up "Apply" for an OEM customers appliation.
  -Removed .opt file 

Version  8.2.22 03/24/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added additional Print out messages to the diagnostics log file if
   getenv failed. Also, fixed/reduced some log data which is OS dependent -
   for example, do not log x64 messages if it is not a 64-bit system. 
  -Fixed the diagnostic function to no longer using invalid "getenv" parameters
   for Win98/ME when collecting diagnostics.
  -Added registry settings to an OEM customers INF file to turn Press-to-select
   on as the default for a Styk only system. 
  -Added settings to an OEM customers INF file to keep PalmCheck from stopping
   taps/gestures when scan codes for the volume scroll strip on the OEM docking
   station are sent. 
  -Fixed a bug where using the left button click to scroll cannot continue
   scrolling while holding down the left button on a Styk only system. 
  -Added PnP ID support to the INF file for a customer. 
  -Added a new Pnp ID to an INF file for a customer. 
  -Fixed a possible problem with an incorrect unacquire. It may be associated
   with a symantic change to the return from SynDevice::Acquire(). 
  -Fixed a bug where the diagnostic log reports misleading version information for

Version  8.2.21 03/17/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug where the DisableKey/EnableKey setting to disable/enable the
   Synaptics pointing device via a scan code was not working for MUX KBCs. 
  -Fixed a bug that AUX PS2 mouse's resolution  is not set correctly during
   detection to comply with i8042 driver. 
  -Fixed a bug that the "Scroll with pointing stick while button is pressed"
   button action was not showing up in button actions lists. 
  -Created a new custom INF file for new customer. 
  -Added Vista driver installation support. 

Version  8.2.20 03/09/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Remove redundant flag that is used only to set the base class flag. Use
   the base class flag directly to avoild potential out of sync problem in
   the future. 
  -New singleton class to provide functionality for scaling of position and
   size of controls. 
  -Created new customer inf file. 
  -modify the scrolling zone range for a customer 
  -Changed INF files to support WDF driver. 
  -Modified SetupIntl to support 64-bit Vista. 

Version  8.2.19 03/03/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug where the System did not correctly perform power management
   with AC and DC on resume from suspend/hibernate in some cases. 
  -Fixed a bug that has a small probability of causing a system crash.
   Moved calls to the query registry function out of StartDevice since this
   can sometimes be called at IRQL=DISPATCH_LEVEL. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Snap To on the mouse Pointer Options tab was getting
   reverted from checked to unchecked if you opened the control panel and
   then hit Cancel at the Buttons tab. 

Version  8.2.18 02/24/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added PnPIDs and updated settings to OEM custom INF files. 
  -Fixed the sublanguage id so we find the resource for Spanish with unknown
   sublanguage for the control panel DualMode settings. 
  -Fixed a problem where the "Defaults" button did not revert the setting
   for "Swap the left and right buttons on the external USB pointing device"
   back to the default value.
  -Fixed a problem where the "Defaults" button did not revert the setting
   for "Snap to Default button" back to the defualt value. 

Version  8.2.17 02/17/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added ini file for inverting the TouchPad left-to-right. 
  -Added code to set the default polling timeout from a registry setting. 
  -Added new setting - DefaultPollingTimeout. 
  -Modify OEM inf to hide Illumination tab from showing by default even it the
   system has a LuxPad. Also, removed the setting for "TouchThreshold" to use
   the default. 
  -Installation change for Vista. 
  -Fix USB driver installation issues on Vista. 

Version  8.2.16 02/10/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug where on resume from standby on a dual pointing system with a
   non-Synaptics type stick device it could take up to 5 ~ 8 seconds for the
   keyboard to come alive at the login screen. Reduced the time to ~2.5 seconds. 
  -Fixed the Enhanced app (SynTPEnh.exe) so that it selects the appropriate
   logo for the tray icon now that it uses the new 20x20 Synaptics logo icon. 
  -Changed the defualt value of the EnableKey registry setting to be the
   DisableKey and fixed the documentation in Registry.html for these registry
   keys entries. 
  -Added two new PnP IDs for new OEM customer platforms. 
  -Fixed the Setup.exe for x64 to show the Synaptics logo icon instead of
   the old InstallShield icon when displayed under Windows Explorer. 
  -Added code to dump the information about the OS, Screen Resolution,
   and Mouse registry properties to our Diagnostics dump. 

Version  8.2.15 02/03/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a new PNP ID for an OEM customer. 
  -Added a new Default Styk sensitivity to the INF settings for an OEM
  -Added custom Dual Mode Application 1 & 2 to launch Microsoft Word and
   Excel by default. 
  -Updated the driver with a new and improved logo, including the 20x20
   needed for control panel tabs and tray icon. 

Version  8.2.14 01/27/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Resolved an issue where using the "Reset Devices" button on the x64 driver
   would cause the control panel to crash. This button only shows up on the
   control panel "Devices Setting" tab if a Registry setting is added to
   enable it. By default this button does not show up. This issue only
   occurred on the x64 driver control panel. 
  -Fixed an issue on the "Buttons" tab that only shows up in the Win2K
   version of our control panel where the "Single click to open a file"
   setting change was not taking effect on icons/folders on the Desktop. 
  -Changed the settings for an OEM customer to workaround a timing
   issue on Resume from Standby for a specific set of platforms. 

Version  8.2.13 01/20/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Removed the Tips dialog for an OEM customer platform. 
  -Disabled virtual scrolling for an OEM customer platform. 
  -Added a new PnP ID for a customer for both Windows XP and x64. 
  -Updated the copyright information to the year 2006. 
  -Increased the button size of the "Run App" dialog for Korean only so the
   Korean text will now fit without getting cut off. 

Version  8.2.12 01/13/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added an option for the scrolling flag to improve the scrolling behavior
   of the Virtual Scrolling Practice application. 
  -Added a new PnPID for a customer plaform, with customized horizontal
   scroll zone size. 
  -Added new PnPIDs multiple for customer platforms. 

Version  8.2.11 01/05/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a problem where the Enhancement App cannot be ended properly when
   logging off of a new user the very first time. This happens only on Windows
   2000 with the Intel Video Graphics Driver. 
  -Fixed an issue where the context sensitive help popup window would get
   cleared if you attempted to do vertical or horizontal scrolling while
   the cursor is over the it. 
  -Added defualts for the illumination power setting for an OEM to Battery=Low
   and External=High. 
  -Made a change for DualMode TP to NOT to write the volume control registry
   settings into the user area since those are not user configurable. 
  -Adjusted the volume control zone position settings for DualMode TP. 
  -Updated all the copyright notices to 2006. 
  -Added a new PnP ID for an OEM customer. 
  -Added a new PnP ID and set the default extended button actions for
   an OEM platform. 

Version  8.2.10 01/02/2006 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the features for an OEM customer for a specific PnP ID. 
  -Added a new PNP ID for an OEM customer. 
  -Extend the Dual Mode volume control area to the left. 

Version  8.2.9 12/16/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Corrected a font format problem for the German help topic text.  
  -Fixed a problem where the device was not getting unacquired as early as
   possible for some plugin actions resulting in the mouse cursor appearing
   to be hung. This could happen for some plugin actions assigned to a button
   while the button is held down and also for tap zone actions that might
   cause a message box or dialog to pop-up. We will now unacquire the device
   as early as possible for these plugin actions so the device cannot be
   accidentally left in an acquired state. 
  -Added a DualModeQueryState function to the Enhancement App so we can use
   a test program to find out the current Dual Mode state (Cursor Mode or
   Button Mode). 
  -Added Styk only settings to remove MoodPad from the Accessories menu
   and also settings to replace "Tap to Click" with "Press to Select"
   in the tray icon menu for an OEM customers INF settings for a Styk
   only platform. 
  -Added a new PNP ID to the INF settings for an OEM customer. 
  -Corrected "Annullér" to "Annuller" for the Danish help topic text. 

Version  8.2.8 12/09/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug where the Rotation feature didn't work well only on
   Windows 2000 systems with the newer Intel graphics driver installed. 
  -Fixed a cursor image display issue when switching stick scrolling types
   for an OEM customer. 
  -Changed the default value of ShowTips to be disabled and udpated the
   INF setting for all OEMs. 
  -Fixed a problem when changing the plugin action in the middle of an
   action causing the plugin to stop without stopping the action event first. 
  -Moved an OEM customers ini settings into their INF file. 
  -Removed the "ShowWarningMessage" setting from OEM INF file so they will no
   longer get a bogus warning message. 

Version  8.2.7 12/02/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug for an OEM in the Stick Scrolling feature specific to that OEM. 
  -Fixed the patent notices information for Swedish and corrected a minor
   patent notice issue where a US notice was marked as EU and two notices
   were incorrectly labled as Korean. 
  -Fixed a bug where the checkbox to "Swap the left and right buttons on the
   external USB mouse" cannot be cancelled for a custom OEM control panel. 
  -Removed the settings for "Disable the Internal TouchPad when an external
   USB mouse is plugged in" and "Disable coasting for Vertical Scrolling" from
   an OEM INF file. Moved the default settings for non-Dual Mode platforms to
   be applied for ALL platforms for the same OEM INF file. 
  -Fixed a problem where the illumination light is out of sync with the Dual
   Mode mode. 
  -Fixed a bug where the "Always in Button Mode..." checkbox is automatically
   checked when saving other settings for Dual Mode. 
  -Added new PNP Ids for three new OEM platforms. 
  -Fixed an issue where the Snap to default setting was getting canceled when
   logging out and logging back in as the same user. 
  -Added help ids for Swap external buttons and Double click speed for an
   OEM custom control panel. 
  -Added setting in an OEM INF file to update height of a border box and a
   string for Italian so it is no longer cut off in their custom control panel. 

Version  8.2.6 11/23/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a new PNP ID for an OEM. 
  -Fixed a bug that the Dual Mode TouchPad's illumination LED is turned off
   after S3/S4 but the mode is still in button mode which causes the feature
   out of sync. 
  -Fixed a bug that a non-current user's plugin action can be triggered by
   the current user. 
  -Created ini file for OEM to use to update height of a border box and a
   string for Italian so it is no longer cut off in their custom control panel. 

Version  8.2.5 11/18/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added missing blank line at end of HelpTopic 133 for all of the Help file
   and added a missing blank line at the end of HelpTopic 119 for the Spanish
   and Chinese(Hong Kong) Help files. 
  -Fixed a cursor icon problem when switch scrolling type for the Stick. 
  -Modified the Japanese help file regarding OEM features for Dual Mode. 
  -Changed the Dual Mode default setting to "disabled" and then modified the
   the appropriate OEM INF files to set the setting to "enabled". 
  -Changed the Double Click Icon for an OEM custom UI so it doesn't use SS_NOTIFY
   since this icon doesn't need to respond to mouse clicks. Also, modified
   icon control to use ON_CONTROL_REFLECT in place of ON_WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK to
   prevent the parent from processing the message. 
  -Added code to enable or disable the Default or Apply buttons on a tab or dialog
   to prevent the hot-keys from still working if the button is not visible. 
  -Fixed a bug that happened after installing the driver - a warning message
   about another driver being installed on the device would show up only the first
   time after installing and logging off. This bug happens when the ShowDriverWarning
   flag is set to a non-zero value in the INF. This was only being used by one OEM. 
  -Fixed a bug where the Help ID was wrongly assigned to Dual Mode buttons in a
   certain model. 
  -Add new PnP ID for one OEM Dual Mode platform. 
  -Increased height for Japanese for a string so it will no longer get truncated in a
   custom OEM custom UI. 
  -Fixed cut-off chars in Spanish for new translated strings in an OEM custom UI. 
  -Add new OEM PnP ID. 
  -Fixed some string sizes for French, Japanese, Brazillian and Spanisn so the strings
   won't be truncated in an OEM custom UI. 
  -Fixed two HelpTopics to have the correct ## preceding it for Japanese so they will
   be displayed correctly. 
  -Changed to use "(c)" for Chinese since the copyright character wasn't being 
   displayed correctly. 
  -Added in blank line that was missing at the end of some help topics. 
  -Added "EdgeMotion" to "Bewegung im Kantenbereich" in the control panel to match
   the same string in the Help file for German. 
  -Changed "Cancel" from "Annullér" to "Annuller" for Danish. 
  -Changed Langsom to Langsomt for the help on the EdgeMotion Speed slider for Danish.
  -Changed Maximum to Maximieren, Minimum to Minimieren and Feste BerUhrung
   to Starker Druck in the German Help file to match the strings being used in the
   slider controls on the control panel. 
  -Increased the size of the "Go to Device Setting" button on the Tips dialog to fit
   the Italian and Russian translation for the string. 
  -Updated the tab name string for an OEM custom UI to have EdgeMotion and then the
   German description in parenthesis. 
  -Changed the default top-right corner tap zone size for OEM INF file setting. 

Version  8.2.4 11/10/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed OEM PnPID settings. 
  -Fixed a bug that assigning left button to a "print"action locks the

Version  8.2.3 11/09/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Check-in two translated resource strings for all languages. 
  -Changed to use HSIDC_NOTRAYICON from SynTPCpl.rc 
  -Fixed a bug that Dual Mode mode does not update when external USB mouse
   plug and unplug. 
  -Fixed an Dual Mode bug on resume from stanby the TouchPad cannot move the
   cursor if it previously was in Button Mode. 

Version  8.2.2 11/08/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed HelpId for Dbl click slider to 0 since no help string currently
  -Korean translation fix for Left - Primary Click and Right - Secondary
  -Change product name "DualMode" to "Dual Mode" 
  -Fixed a plugin action launching custom app does not work when Control
   Panel is not running on the setting page of the action. 
  -Added translations for new resource strings. 
  -Fixed a bug that control panel setting dialog crashing when changing
   language settings. 
  -Updated "Help topic undefined" and other strings to have a blank line
   after the help topic to match all other previous help topics. 
  -Disable InstallShield message box during silent install. 
  -Updated copyright date. 

Version  8.2.1 10/28/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug in the context sensitive help pop-ups so that they now filter
   out an extra blank line and CR/LF at end of last line so that the context
   sensitive help doesn't have a bunch of white space after the end of the
   last line of text. 
  -Fixed a bug for DualMode where we needed to turn off Button Mode when the
   device is deleted. 
  -Fixed a bug where DualMode mode was not being correctly setup when going in
   and out the Control Panel settings dialog. 
  -Fixed a bug in an OEM control panel where SnapToDefault would not revert back
   to the original setting on Cancel. 
  -Removed an older OEM control panel configuration that is no longer
  -Fixed a bug in an OEM control panel where the stick scrolling speed was not
   being correctly written/read.
  -Changed the settings for an OEM control panel to re-align German text and
   resize the text so the strings in the Slow Motion and Constrain Motion combo
   boxes will no longer be cut off. 
  -Fixed the DualMode print function by changing the changing the acquire
   functionality to suppress the cursor for everything, not just for the motion.
   This way the kernel will not report a tap (left button click) while the device
   is suppressed. 
  -Added new ini files for an OEM that will enable the DisableIntPDIfExtPNPPresent
   feature - one ini file to set it to default of On, and one to set it to default
   of Off. 
  -Added New PNP IDs and custom settings to the INF file for an OEM customer. 

Version  8.2.0 10/21/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
New Features
  -Added DualMode functionality.
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed an issue where it was not possible reselect "Select off when typing"
   on Stick tab, once it had been unselected.
  -Updated OEM PnP INF file. 
  -Create a new OEM inf for DualMode platforms. 
  -Updated OEM inf file to use new resource IDs for new PNGs for single 
   pointing Devices tab. 
  -Updated for French langauge so it doesn't wrap over Default button.

Version  8.1.14 10/14/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed order of X and Y DPM to be correct for USB devices.  

Version  8.1.13 10/07/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug where the auto disable was not working correctly before 
   the Windows logon screen. 
  -Removed the hotkey from the USB monitoring feature as requested by an
   OEM customer. 
  -Fixed a bug where the context sensitive help for an OEM control panel
   item was not being displayed correctly. 
  -Updated an OEM inf file with a new PnP ID that will disable scrolling by
  -Update an OEMs INF file settings so one PnP ID has an adjusted scrolling
   region, and another PnP turns the default feature off and the monitoring
   of external PnP devices to off. 
  -Added support for PnP IDs for OEM customers. 

Version  8.1.12 09/30/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the control panel text referring to an external USB device to be
   consistent with other references to USB devices. 
  -Added a hotkey for the Disable the internal device when a USB device is
   present feature. 
  -Added new PnP ID support for OEM customers. 
  -Fixed a bug that was causing some old folders/files to be left around
   when un-installing after upgrading an older driver to a newer driver.

Version  8.1.11 09/24/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed get byte polled to continue to wait rather than fail on the first
   attempt if the data has not yet been put into the buffer by the DPC. 

Version  8.1.10 09/22/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed to only set/clear kbd/aux interrupt bits and no longer read the
   command byte before disabling the kbc/aux interrupts when the keyboard
   controller is disabled and no longer read back the result of the
   write to enable the kbc/aux interrupts. This prevents us from generating
   unwanted kbd interrupts. This will fix the TP not detected on boot/reset
   for dual-processor systems and it also fixes an issue where the KBC may
   not be detected correctly on boot on some systems.
  -Changed the default setting for the Pnp Monitoring feature to off for
   an OEM customer.
  -Fixed a problem in recalibration where it could hang due to a mutex. 
  -Added support to use hotkeys to disable/enable both the passthrough and
   master devices independently.
  -Added new control values so that master and slave devices can be
   enabled/disabled by hotkeys independently.
  -Created an OEM customer INF file for supporting platforms with XP x64 Edition.
  -Added the feature to allow Control Panel to display a custom image on the
   top of the device settings dialog. 

Version  8.1.9 09/15/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a hang issue for DualMode TP when Media Player window is minimizing. 
  -Fixed up OEM inf file so that the buttons page will always display if
   there is any PS/2 device detected. 

Version  8.1.8 09/08/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed an OEM customer issue with the TouchPad button enable/disable state
   when the PnP Disable feature was enabled. 
  -Fixed an LED on-off setting issue for LuxPad. 
  -Changed the default for the auto disable feature to be off for an OEM
  -Changed the COM API init error message to be clearer.

Version  8.1.7 09/01/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a  bug in processing of chorded buttons where a single packet from
   a mouse device was not getting through. This resulted in a PS/2 mouse left
   button not being detected until the mouse was moved. 
  -Added support to display special information in the device settings page
   for an OEM customer. 
  -Added new controls in to OEM inf file to support new features. 
  -Added support to the control panel to have a control that can monitor the
   active state of the disable internal device if and external PnP device is
   present feature. 
  -Fixed an issue where the device-independent features where not properly
   showing up in the control panel. 
  -Fixed some overlapping controls in an OEM UI. 
  -Updated an OEM inf file to update their customer UI with the
   DisableIntPDIfExtPdPresent feature/UI support. 
  -Add a proper error message for COM API init error. This is to
   differentiate the message about version error. 

Version  8.1.6 08/25/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a fix into the SynCOM API object to try and and regain its
   connection to the Enh App in the Initialize function if it was not
   properly able to do so when the COM API object was created. 
  -Add middle button support into OEM control panel.
  -Added a new Palm Rejection capability to reject taps/strokes for the Toggle
   on/off plugin.
  -Added the settngs to disabled scrolling in the INF file for an OEM customer. 
  -Added support for new PnP IDs in the x64 INF file for OEM customers. 

Version  8.1.5 08/18/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a key to remove the Pointer Refresh Rate settings from the control
   panel for an OEM. 
  -Added a change to not read the default configuration when the system is
   shutting down. Only do it during a log off. This is to avoid a problem of 
   resetting the display rotation in Windows 2000 for Intel Graphics chipsets
   where the Intel driver will not reliably respond when the system is 
   shutting down. 
  -Updated the registry settings for PnP IDs for OEM customers. 
  -Fixed the disable internal device when a USB Mouse is attached feature. 
   The red X in the tray menu will now properly update if the popup balloon
   is active. 
  -Fixed the alignment of brightness text for LuxPad. 
  -Added correct Simplified Chinese strings for LuxPad brightness settings. 

Version  8.1.4 08/11/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed the configuration of the USB PnP Monitoring feature in the control 
  -Fixed a problem where the arrow keys would not properly cycle through the
   tray icon display options on the 'Device Settings' page. 
  -Added support to handle LEDS reverse direction when scrolling reverses and
   to stop LEDs when scrolling stops. 
  -Removed extra spaces out of the Traditional Chinese help file. 
  -Fixed a bug where the disable TouchPad with a hotkey feature was broken. 

Version  8.1.3 08/05/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added PNPId for ODM customer for 64-XP. 
  -Expose Pid for USB devices from kernel so enhanced app can get USB Pid. 
  -Expose the PID and the NumberOfLEDs information so it can be accessed
   through COM. 
  -Release the cursor before calling RunApp in the plugin event handling
   routine so the app can acquire the device.
  -Updated the Chinese help files to translate the word 'web' into the proper
   Chinese translation. 
  -Fixed an issue where the SynTPEnh.exe icon was at a lower resolution than
   the other Synaptics application icons.  Now it is using the proper 32x32
  -Unified device arbitration to a single device related function. 

Version  8.1.2 07/28/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated all the InstallShield strings with the new UltraNav branding. 
  -Plugin actions now respect device acquisition. 
  -Create 64-bit driver INF for OEM. 
  -Added new PnP for OEM. 

Version  8.1.1 07/20/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed the Synaptics tray menu icon so that the image looks more clear. 
  -Added Pid for new USB device. 
  -Modified normal scrolling to respect device acquisition. 
  -Revised OEM scrolling subsystem to respect device acquisition. 
  -Added a new warning message string for when the user attempts to
   reinstall the driver after it had just been uninstalled, but had not
   performed the required reboot. NOTE: This message is current only in 
  -Fixed a bug where setting the tray icon does not work properly when 
   balloon popup is displayed. 
  -Fixed the crash in the Enhancement App when using a tap zone for scrolling

Version  8.1.0 07/15/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
New Features
  - Updated all the images and icons of the Synaptics logo into the new 
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the InstallShield text with new strings for the UltraNav driver
  -Clicked button events are now sent via OS event instead of forced feed 
  -Cursor suppression is now associated only with a particular device, not
   with all devices as a set. 
  -The chiral backend now respects device acquisition. 
  -Fixed a problem where the arrow keys could not be used to select through
   devices on the Device Settings page.  Also fixed an issue where using the
   mouse to click a specific device would unselect the device in the Device
   Settings page. 
  -Fixed a problem where the control panel could still detect a USB device
   right after it got notification of its removal.  This would cause the
   device to get listed in the control panel even when the device was not
  -Disable vertical and horizontal scrolling features for OEM. 
  -Fixed Spanish translation of "right-handed". From "Diestro" to "Derecho".
  -Fixed a bug that the device status does not monitor on disable/enable by
  -Re-worked enhancement app red-x tray icon functionality and fixed a bug
   so that teh red-x can show up properly when external USB mouse is present. 

Version  8.0.16 07/08/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Adding Russian as a supported language for InstallShield. 
  -Fixed a problem where some of the text in the InstallShield installation
   wasn't all in Russian.  This was fixed for WinWDM, WinNT4, and Win2K/XP.
  -Updated the branding, bitmaps and other related images for the UltraNav
   driver to the new manufacturer. 
  -Forced a new line in the InstallShield title for Russian so that all the
   text fits on the screen. 
  -Updated Chiral Scrolling to respect the cursor suppression return value.
   If it cannot be suppressed, do not activate scrolling. 
  -Added a new PnP for OEM. 
  -Fixed a bug when resume from standby without Windows Logon will not load
   user settings properly. This fix also applies to the issue of pluging in 
   an USB TouchPad does not load the user setting for the device properly. 
   This fix effects all OS's.

Version  8.0.15 06/30/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added PnP Id's to 64 inf file for OEM. 
  -Fixed the text description of the button swap control to explicity
   mention it only works on the external USB devices.
  -Removed some extra spaces in the French and French Canadian help files. 
  -Fixed a bug in device acquiring exclusively. 
  -Instead of dropping the packet when device is acquired exclusively,
   change to adding to the queue and advance the index.
  -Add DualMOde TouchPad application to standard build.

Version  8.0.14 06/24/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a problem where the radio buttons on the 'Devices' tab were not
   working as expected (by using the arrow keys) in the single pointing
   custom UI. 
  -Added new flag SF_AcquireExclusive to the SynDevice Acquire method to
   allow blocking data feed to other apps. 
  -Updated the UltraNav scrolling table to add support for Powerpoint, and
   the Opera web browser. 
  -Fixed a problem where the Synaptics bitmap was truncated in the Korean
   popup tips dialog. 
  -Fixed a bug that the left button click on a Synaptics Styk reported 
   both middle and right button data to OS. 
  -Fixed a problem where the current users settings would be set to the 
   defaults after a suspend/resume action.  This issue only happens on 
   Win2K and older. 
  -Assigned extended button settings for an existing OEM platform. 

Version  8.0.13 06/17/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Add the text 'Evaluation Copy' to the Mouse Properties window title for
   drivers that have not been certified. 
  -Added additional support information in the key for the Synaptics
   Add/Remove programs entry. 
  -For the Add/Remove program section for the Synaptics driver, the
   Change/Remove button has been changed to just Remove. 
  -Added new PnP ID for OEM. 
  -Fixed a problem where the button swap state of the Synaptics controlled
   devices was matching that of the external devices on Win98/ME systems. 
  -Fixed an issue with scrolling not working on non-trusted pages in
   Netscape 8.0. 
  -Fixed an issue where the device bitmap on the buttons page wouldn't
   change when the different devices were selected in the device dropdown
  -Updated all the .inf files so that the registry key that identifies the
   vendor the inf is installed for is installed in the correct location. 
   This change will allow the Synaptics folder to get properly deleted in
   the registry during uninstall. 
  -Added 4 new PnP ID for OEM.

Version  8.0.12 06/09/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -clean up some help files to use the same font name and size.
  -Added code to set/get Led Illumination settings. 
  -Localize the EdgeMotion word in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
  -Fixed an API initialization error when hot-plugged in an external PS/2
   device on a dual pointing device system running in non-Mux KBC mode. 
  -Added a balloon popup style notification message for when the internal
   device has been disabled because an external device has arrived. 
  -The messages that explains that the advanced features of the TouchPad
   have been disabled because of an external device will now be displayed in
   a popup ballon, and not with a popup dialog. 
  -Added improved translation of the help topic for the Palmcheck feature in
  -Added some PnP support for x64 system for OEM. 

Version  8.0.11 06/02/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the English help file so that it use the same font size, and 
   removed some redundant spaces.
  -Updated OEM inf files so that the 64-bit and 32-bit PnP are the same. 
  -Added new OEM INF file. 
  -Fixed a blue-screen on start-up when KBCDisableConfig is set to allow
   keystroke to disable/enable the TouchPad. 
  -Added support for displaying popup balloon messages in the tray
   notification area. 

Version  8.0.10 05/26/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added support for OEM LED Control tab for Circular Led illumination
   control checkboxes, and added support for AV illumination control radio
  -Updated the kernel build files so that they use the newest DDK (Win2003
  -Adding the 64-bit inf file for OEM. 
  -Fixed a control panel width issue for OEM on Korean XP. 
  -Added a new PnP IDs for OEMs. 
  -Enabled the both button feature for a OEM's PnP ID. 

Version  8.0.9 05/20/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added Include=usb.inf and CopyFiles=USB.CopyFiles.NT to an OEM's inf.
  -Fixed an issue where the control panel registry settings would not get
   refreshed on upgrade installs.  Now on an upgrade, the previous control
   panel settings are deleted before the new ones are installed. 
  -Added support for the Intel EM64T processor type to setup international so
   it will install from a CD. 
  -Changed the scrolling popup dialog for the OEM control panel page to have
   a 'Close' button instead of OK, Cancel, and Apply buttons. 
  -Fixed a problem where the enabled/disable vertical and horizontal scroll
   settings weren't getting changed properly if the user hit the Apply
   button on the Gestures tab.  This problem only happens with OEM custom
   control panel. 
  -Fixed a problem where upgrading a driver pre v8.0.1 to v8.0.2-v8.0.7
   would generate and warning during install where the language version of
   the tutorial application don't match. 
  -Fixed a bug where multiple copies of the TouchPad in compatibility mode
   warning dialogs were showing up when plug/unplug an external PS/2 mouse
   multiple times. 
  -Added plugin settings for using the both button action to toggle TP 
   on/off for OEM.
  -Fixed a problem where some kernel functions were being called at the 
   wrong IRQL level.  This causes driver verifier to crash the system. 
  -Added a new 64-bit inf files for various OEM.
  -Added Button 4 and Button 5 click actions to OEM UI for Left/Right button,
   and tap zones action lists. 
  -Fixed the release version of the x64 kernel driver so that it doesn't
   include any debug information.

Version  8.0.8 05/12/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a transparent Passthrough escape sequence problem.
  -Added registry settings for AV plugins for OEM. 
  -Updated the COM API help with information about the
   'SP_DisablePDIfExtPresent' value, and also repaired the SP_DisableState
   keyword entry. 
  -Added DetectForceCompatibilityMode=1 and DetectWheelMouse=0 to customer's
   INF file to detect standard mouse on external PS/2 mouse arrival. 
  -Fixed a bug where a hot-plugin external PS/2 mouse doesn't work if the KBC
   type set to unknown in registry. 
  -Added a feature to the popup dialog window in the control panel to have
   an optional close button, instead of OK, Cancel, Apply buttons. 
  -Removed two spaces before [OK] in the Japanese help. 

Version  8.0.7 05/05/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Change the text 'previous media' to 'previous track', and 'next media' to
   'next track'.  Also decapitalized all the words for the plugin name
  -Added more USB device IDs to exclusion list. 
  -Added a registry key "Detect5ButtonWheelMouse" that turns off the 5-button
   wheelmouse detection. 

Version  8.0.6 05/02/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed the font in the Japanese Help file so that it is compatible with
   systems that have a reduced font set.
  -Fixed a bug that showing warning messages for internal disable or
   relative mode when an external PS2 mouse is attached. 
  -Check/fix the possibility that we might get multiple notification
   dialogs when an external PS2 mouse is attached.
  -Updated height of pages for Japanese control panel for OEM. This fixes an
   issue where the logo and "Default" buttons were cut off. 
  -Localized some of the text in the Korean patent notices help section. 
  -Adding USB "HID\VID_05E3&PID_FFE2&MI_00" to the USB PnP exclusion list. 
  -Added check for EM64T processor so that it now works with both Intel and
   AMD 64-bit enabled CPU's.
  -Fixed the browse forward/backward slider gesture so that it can go 
   through multiple web pages, and switch directions in one slide.
  -Added support for OEM UI feature for plugin actions that activate 
   multimedia fns. like Play, Stop, etc. 
  -Fixed a few problems for MultiKey38802 KBC. 1. Preventing polling thread
   to detect device immediately after the system resume from suspend. 2.
   Make canceling the polling thread more reliable so there won't be a 
   polling thread running when it shouldn't. 
  -Added the ShowResetButton setting to OEMs ini file for the round TP

Version  8.0.5 04/21/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Removed the hidden text 'tap_zones' from all the help files. 
  -Removed the English 'tap_zones' text from all the Chinese help files 
   where it was actually being displayed.
  -Fixed a bug that certain KBC cannot support detecting a hot-plug of
   external PS/2 mouse. Also, fixed a detection dead lock bug and allow a
   full cycle detection when the detect request is coming from the API. 
  -Shortened the text of the driver installation text title for the French
   installation so that it fits on the screen for really low resolutions
  -Localized all the text for the patent notices for the Japanese help file.
  -Fixed the simplified chinese help file to now just use one font type. 
  -Unified the entire font set for the Japanese help file. 
  -Fixed an issue where the control panel would crash if the user attempted
   to scroll the popup dialog control panel page. 
  -Fixed an issue where closing the control panel by using the cancel button
   could take up to 9 seconds depending on how many tabs have been selected.
  -Fixed a problem where the practice button wouldn't work for an OEM custom
   control panel. 
  -Fixed an issue where the radio button navigation with the arrow keys was
   reversed for some of the controls on the 'Devices' tab for an OEM custom
   control panel. 

Version  8.0.4 04/14/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the Edge motion speed bitmaps to align with the text of control
   speed with finger pressure. 
  -Fixed an issue where the cursor did not move until after user has logged 
   in. This issue only happened on TouchPads, with GlassPass, and with 
   pass-through abilities, with no pass-through device present. 
  -Added new PnP ID for customer. 
  -Added a registry key that can disable the scroll cursor for all
  -Remove legacy PnP ID fro OEM 
  -Fixed a problem whereby serial devices stopped working when switching
   between XP users. 
  -Fixed a problem where the device list in the control panel is not updated
   when a device is removed.
  -Fixed Traditional and Hong Chinese patent strings in the control panel. 

Version  8.0.3 04/08/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed button swap problem for suspend/resume, fast user switching and
   logout/shutdown. Consolidate all features into one location in the
   Enh App.
  -Added new PnP IDs into the exclusion list 
  -After pushing the "Reset Devices" button in the Cpl, the cursor didn't 
   move if the Touchpad had the glass-pass feature, and also had passthru 
   ability with no guest attached. 
  -Added support for help button functionality for the registry controlled
  -Add support to Cpl Icon control to support displaying an icon of any

Version  8.0.2 04/01/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Merged AutoDisable registry keys into a single key.  All inf files were
   updated to use the new key.
  -Fixed a string that had double click instead of double clic in French
  -Fixed a minor bug to set correct default value for button swap state. 
  -Added code to cause us to update the display rotation on init, login, and
   fast user switch since we are no longer calling PersistState() when we
   change display rotation. 
  -Fulfill a platform setting change request for customer. 
  -Repaired Russian translations
  -Added new PnP ID for customer. 

Version  8.0.1 03/25/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Known Defect
  -The auto rotation feature will not work.
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed problem with the kernel driver not loading on Windows 98 first
   edition due to a OS service not being available in Windows 98. 
  -Translated and corrected some Russian words 
  -Fixed DisableIntPDIfExtPnpPDPresent registry key location. 
  -Removed PersistState call in HandleDisplayRotation since this was
   being applied before we had gotten the login msg for Fast User Switching
   causing the previouse users settings to be applied before we could
   RestoreState for user2. 
  -PNGs now display. 
  -Correct Russian translation errors.
  -Add ODM specific platforms and settings. 
  -Remove compatible IDs for OEM
  -Decreased default PTS sensitivity to the point where my personal actual
   and spurious error rates are approximately equal. Also decreased the
   acceptable tap wander area to reflect improved ambiguous motion discard. 

Version  8.0.0 03/18/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
New Features
  -Windows 64-bit driver.
  -New and improved scrolling algorithms.
  -Improved TouchStyk pointing and press-to-select algorithms.
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed up the SynTPFcs.dll so that it now will be backwards compatible
   with older products, like CCR.
  -The notify system when user present feature now works for all pointing 
   devices, not just the TouchPad. 
  -Updated the detection of the new ASIC chip types. 
  -Updated copyright properties information in all files to 2005.
  -Fixed some Canadian French, and French translations in the control panel.
  -Create new OEM inf and remove legacy PnP IDs. 

Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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