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3M Touch Systems, Inc.
MicroTouch(tm) MT 7.11 Software for Windows® XP Embedded

Version 7.11.0, October 4, 2005
Copyright 1993-2005 3M. All rights reserved.

MT 7 Software, a member of the MicroTouch(tm) Software Suite, provides
unified driver support for MicroTouch touch technologies over a wide
range of operating systems. This version, 7.11, includes support for
the new MicroTouch(tm) IST touch screen technology, as well as EX II
and SCx-series controllers on the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Embedded
(XPe) operating system. This product includes a Touch Screen Driver,
Control Panel, Calibration Tool, and Touch Monitor Tool that provide
enhanced touch features on your system.

* This is the initial release of the Windows(R) XP Embedded Touch
  Screen Driver. The driver communicates with the touch screen
  controller and converts touches to mouse events.
* This is the initial release of the Control Panel. This tool allows
  you to calibrate your touch screen, adjust touch modes, enable the
  right-click tool, and perform other actions. Consult help from the
  development machine for details.
* This is the initial release of the Calibration Tool. This tool
  aligns the touch screen with the video display to enhance accuracy.
* This is the initial release of the Touch Monitor Tool. This program
  runs in the background and controls some touch functions, such as
  the right-click tool and the virtual mouse.
* This is the initial release of the Help files. This currently will
  only install in the development system containing the Target

Hardware Prerequisites

* An Intel(R) i386(tm)-compatible target computer capable of running
  Microsoft Windows XPe is required.
* A development computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP is
* A MicroTouch EX II-series, SCx-series, or IST touch screen
  controller, either serial or USB, is required.
* Depending on the touch screen, either a serial (COM) port or a USB
  port is required.

Software Prerequisites

* MT 7 requires Microsoft Windows XP Embedded on the target machine to
* Microsoft's Target Designer and Component Database Manager that are
  compatible with the XPe operating system are required on the
  development machine.
* The development machine must run either Windows 2000 or XP.

* Using Windows Explorer, browse to the software distribution and
  double-click on the Setup program to start the installation. If you
  downloaded the distribution, unzip the file into another directory

* Follow the instructions given by the Setup program. The installer
  loads the Touch Screen Driver and Utilities including On-line Help
  (optional) files on the development system.

* The Installer puts the files in a default directory called
  C:\MT7_XPe\. You may select a different location if desired.

Use the Microsoft Component Database Manager (CDM) to add the MT 7
components to your XPe database. In the CDM, go to the Database tab
and click on the Import button. In the resulting dialog, browse to
C:\MT7_XPe and select the MT7.SLD file. Click the Import button to
make the MT 7 components available to Target Designer.

Use the Microsoft Target Designer to select the specific MT 7
components you want for your target device. Inside the Target
Designer, the Component Browser contains the MT 7 components you added
with the CDM. 

Use this Browser to select the MT 7 components for your target image.
The only required component is the MT 7 Touch Screen Driver. In the
Component Browser, look under "Hardware:Devices:Mice and other
pointing devices". Select the 3M Touch Systems MT 7 Touch Screen

Whether you are using a serial or USB controller, the MT 7 touch
screen driver requires USB support. You must include the XPe USB
support component in your target device.

MT 7 has several additional components, found in the Component Browser
under "Software:Application:OEM", that you may select according to the
needs of your target system. 

The "MT 7 Control Panel" component allows the end user to calibrate
their touch screen and configure and modify some touch behavior.

The "MT 7 Calibration Tool" component allows the user to calibrate
their touch screen.

The "MT 7 Touch Monitor Tool" component supports some runtime
features, such as the right-click tool.

Note that you must select one or more of the following controller
support components to enable the previous tools.

* MT 7 Serial EX II Support
* MT 7 Serial IST Support
* MT 7 Serial SC Support
* MT 7 Touch Pen Support
* MT 7 USB EX II Support
* MT 7 USB IST Support
* MT 7 USB SC Support

This version of the Control Panel does not support multiple monitors.
However, the Touch Screen Driver and Calibration Tool can support such
systems. Contact your Field Application Engineer or Technical Support
representative at 3M Touch Systems, Inc., for additional information.

* Uninstaller
  - Issue 174: The uninstall tool may issue an error about being
    unable to remove a desktop icon, even though there is no such
    icon. This also leaves a log.txt file.
  - Issue 444: A custom installation can produce a file

* Calibration Tool
  - Issue 276: The calibration tool beeps after both the second and
    third targets.

* Control Panel Tool
  - Issue 430: The linearization process does not react to ALT-F4 to
    close the window.
  - Issue 500: If a touch pen controller has its defaults restored, it
    is not set to the proper pen/finger mode until a reboot occurs or
    a change is made in the control panel.

* Touch Monitor Tool
  - Issue 220: The right-click tool responds only to touches and not
    to the mouse.

Version 7.11.0, October 4, 2005

* Initial release


MicroTouch and the MicroTouch logo are either registered
trademarks or trademarks of 3M in the United States
and/or other countries.

Microsoft and Microsoft Windows are either registered
trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the
United States and/or other countries.

i386 and Intel are trademarks or registered trademarks
of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United
States and other countries.
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