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3M Touch Systems 
MicroTouch(tm) HID Calibration Tool

Version 7.00.0, May 26, 2004
Copyright 2002-2004 3M 
All rights reserved.

MicroTouch(tm) Software HID Calibration Tool is a new member of the
MicroTouch Software Suite. The HID Calibration Tool provides support
for MicroTouch touch screen operation on the Microsoft(R) Windows(R)
98SE, Me, 2000, XP operating systems. This tool works with MicroTouch
controllers that support HID.

This is the initial release of the HID calibration tool. This tool
aligns the touch screen with the video display to enhance accuracy.

Hardware Prerequisites

* This tool runs on most computers that run the Windows 98SE, Me,
  2000, and XP operating systems.
* A MicroTouch SC400, SC500, or SC800 USB touch screen controller is
* A USB port is required.

Software Prerequisites
* This tool requires either the Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP operating

* If you have an older version of touch screen software, uninstall it.
  Reboot the system after uninstalling the software.
* Using Windows Explorer, browse to the software distribution and
  double-click on the Setup program to start the installation. If you
  downloaded the distribution, unzip the file into another directory
* Follow the instructions given by the Setup program. You may choose
  to customize your installation.

* Make sure that the touch screen controller is attached to your
  computer. You should be able to touch the screen and see the cursor
  move. To start calibration, double-click on the calibration icon or
  select the calibration tool from the Start menu.

* You need to touch a target as each is presented. The tool starts
  collecting samples from the touch screen as soon as you touch the
  target.  Once it collects enough samples, you will hear a beep from
  your system. If you disable sound on your system, you should
  maintain your touch for about four seconds.

* Once you lift off, the tool should proceed to the next target. If
  there is a problem, it will instead issue an error message and exit.
  Note the error and retry calibration. If you touch all the targets,
  the tool will display a message stating the calibration succeeded.

* The tool detects what type of touch screen controller is attached to
  your system and performs the appropriate calibration. For the SC400
  and SC800 series of controllers, this is a 3-point calibration. For
  the SC500, a 2-point calibration is used.

* If you want to use a 3-point calibration for an SC500 controller,
  you need to use the command line switch "/C3". The simplest way to
  do this is to right-click on the tool's shortcut on the desktop and
  select "Properties". On the "Shortcut" tab, add the "/C3" at the end
  of the "Target" field. You can do the same thing to the tool's entry
  in the Start menu.
Version 7.00.0, May 26, 2004

* Initial release


Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks or
trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

MicroTouch and the MicroTouch logo are either registered
trademarks or trademarks of 3M in the United States 
and/or other countries.
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