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3Com Corporation
3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN CardBus PC Card 
DEC Pathworks Installation Information

DEC Pathworks for DOS/Windows v5.1

These instructions describe how to install the 
3Com network driver for the DEC Pathworks network 
operating system. These instructions assume that the 
DEC Pathworks for DOS/Windows software has been
installed on the hard drive from the installation 
diskettes or CD. 

Refer to the DEC manual for Pathworks installation 
instructions, templates, and options.  

Note:  Please read the WFW.TXT file on the LAN 
       Installation Disk if you are installing Pathworks 
       with WFW v3.11. 

1.  Go to the drive where Pathworks software is installed. 

2.  Change the directory to PCAPP.

3.  Execute PWSETUP.

4.  Type the name of the directory where you want the 
    software installed. The default is C:\PW. 

5.  Choose CUSTOMIZE under the Select A Configuration Option 

6.  Choose a template in the Select a Workstation Template 

7.  Under the Customize: Modify Workstation Configuration menu,
    put an X beside the Network Adapter Information line.

8.  Additional menus appear, choose the appropriate 
    options for your network environment. Refer to the DEC 
    manual if there are questions regarding these menus.

9.  Choose <Other Network Adapter> under the 
    Customize: Network Adapter Information menu.

10. If you are installing options other than 
    Retail NetWare or Netware with ODI drivers: 

    Type a:\mslanman.dos\drivers\ethernet\elpc575\elpc575.dos on 
    the Driver File: line.

    Type a:\mslanman.dos\drivers\ethernet\elpc575\protocol.ini on
    the PROTOCOL.INI Stub: line.

11. Verify that (l) Ethernet is marked and click on OK.

12. Click on OK under the Customize: Network Adapter 
    Information menu.

13. Additional menus will appear. Follow the DEC instructions 
    to complete the installation.

14. Reboot your notebook.

DEC PATHWORKS for DOS/Windows v1.0a

To install DEC PATHWORKS version 4.1 on a 
DOS NDIS notebook, DOS must be installed on the 
target notebook C: drive, or you must have a bootable 
DOS floppy. Follow these steps:

1.  Insert the PATHWORKS DOS Client Setup diskette version 4.1 
    in your floppy drive.

2.  Change to that drive and execute the NETSETUP.EXE program.

3.  Select a Transport Protocol.

4.  Insert the appropriate diskettes for the selection 
    you made in step 3.

5.  Select your network adapter by typing Ethernet.
6.  Select the option (OTHER NDIS) adapters.

7.  When prompted for the DRIVE:\PATH\FILENAME for the NDIS 
    driver, type:


8.  When prompted for the full DRIVE:\PATH of the PROTOCOL.INI
    fragment, type:


9.  Follow the rest of the installation screens and the 
    procedure for writing the KEY DISK.

    The NETSETUP program will build the PROTOCOL.INI file for 
    you and modify your startup files to use the adapter you
    have selected.

NOTE:  To start the scheduler, you must add the /N parameter 
       to the STARTNET.BAT file. 

       For example:

       %BOOT%\DECNET\sch /h /n

%VER Version 1.000.000

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