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Installing Maxtech PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card
For WinSock Users
    (c) 1998 Copyright Maxtech, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This document contains installation notes, which is not included in the
PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card USER'S GUIDE or onscreen instructions,
for WinSock users regarding PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card

This document contains information on the following topics:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Installation Notes

1.0 Introduction

WinSock users please also refer to the following:

     File                  Description/Installation notes
     \PKTDRV\README.TXT    For all Packet driver users

2.0   Installation Notes

    1. There are two methods to load Packet driver :

       Method  1
          In your CONFIG.SYS file, include the DEVICE command.


          DEVICE = PCN110PD.SYS [/option] <packet_int_no>

       Method   2
          Issue PCN110PD command at the DOS command prompt.


          PCN110PD.COM [/option] <packet_int_no>

       Please refer to  the \PKTDRV\README.TXT file, for more information.

    2. To Configure Your Local Copy of Windows 3.1 in order to access to

       Firstly you need to download WINPKT.COM from your Internet
       file server sites.

    3. Issue WINPKT command at the DOS command prompt.

          WINPKT <packet_int_no>

       The "<packet_int_no>" is software interrupt number used
       by packet driver.
       This number must be the same as driver's parameters.

    4. After starting winsock in Windows environment, just set correct the

       "Packet Vector" value.  Winsock associated programs can be ready

       to used.

       See also winsock distributions, INSTALL.DOC file.


      > PCN110PD.COM 0x62

      > WINPKT 0x62

    Run Windows, winsock applications.

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