PCNFS.TXT Driver File Contents (PCN110.exe)

Driver Package File Name: PCN110.exe
File Size: 546.9 KB

Installing Maxtech PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card
For SUN PC-NFS V5.0 Users
    (c) 1998 Copyright Maxtech ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This document contains PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card installation notes,
which is not included in the PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card USER'S GUIDE
or onscreen instructions, for SUN PC-NFS V5.0 users.

This document contains information on the following topics:

1.0   Overview
2.0   Installation Notes
        2.1  First installation from CD ROM

1.0   Overview

Please also refer to the INST_DOS.TXT file on the PCN110 Fast Ethernet
PC Card Installation disk.

2.0   Installation Notes

        Note: If an NDIS driver is preferred please see
              the \NDIS2\PCNFS.TXT  file .
              If a PACKET driver is preferred please refer
              to the \PKTDRV\PCNFS.TXT file.

        2.1  For ODI Driver Users

        When using PC-NFS concurrently with NetWare, select the
        "ODI" option from the PC-NFS installation screen.  This option
        works with the ODI driver included in the provided driver
        Copy the files listed below into the \NFS directory of your
        hard disk. These files will be used in the installation.

        File           Description
        NFSODI.SYS     PC-NFS driver program
        PCN110.COM     ODI driver program
        LSL.COM        NetWare Link Support Layer
        IPXODI.COM     NetWare IPX/SPX Protocol
        NETX.EXE       NetWare Workstation Shell

        The following lists the contents of the configuration files:

        CONFIG.SYS                              AUTOEXEC.BAT
        -----------------------                 -----------------------
        SWITCHES=/F                             SET TZ=EST5EDT
        DEVICE=C:\HIMEM.SYS                     C:\DOS\SMARTDRV.EXE
        DEVICE=C:\EMM386.EXE NOEMS X=D000-D7FF  @PROMPT $p$g
        DOS=HIGH,UMB                            PATH=C:\NFS;C:\WINDOWS;
        BUFFERS=10,0                            SET TEMP=C:\DOS
        FILES=40                                SET NFSDRIVE=C
        STACKS=0,0                              SET NFSPATH=C:\NFS
        LASTDRIVE=G                             SET TN_DIR=C:\NFS\TELNET
        DEVICE=C:\NFS\PCNFS.SYS /l40            PCN110
        DEVICE=C:\NFS\SOCKDRV.SYS               C:\NFS\PRT *
        DEVICE=C:\NFS\NFSODI.SYS /b2            C:\NFS\NET INIT

        Link driver PCN110
               PORT 300
               INT B
               Frame Ethernet_802.3
               Frame Ethernet_II
               Protocol IPX 0 Ethernet_802.3

        If your Novell FILE SERVER is configured to use the
        Ethernet_802.3 frame type, add a /b2 switch to the line
        DEVICE=C:\NFS\NFSODI.SYS in your CONFIG.SYS file and add
        an entry in your NET.CFG file defining the two frames types.

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