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Installing Maxtech PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card
For NetWare Server 3.12 Driver Users
    (c) 1998 Copyright Maxtech ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This document contains PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card installation
notes, which is not included in the PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card
USER'S GUIDE or onscreen instructions, for NetWare Server 3.12 Driver

This document contains information on the following topics:

1.0   Overview
2.0   Installation notes for NetWare Server 3.12 Driver users

1.0 Overview

Please also refer to the INST_DOS.TXT file on the PCN110 Installation

2.0   Installation Note for NetWare Server 3.12 Driver users

  * Notes: The PC Card should be enabled by Card service.          *
  *        Please run DFCD.EXE before starting the server.         *
  *                                                                *
  *        Content of CONFIG.SYS                                   *
  *        ---------------------                                   *
  *        Add below item to the  CONFIG.SYS                       *
  *                                                                *
  *        DEVICE=<PATH>\DFCD.EXE /iop=300 /irq=11                 *
  *        ; <PATH> is a directory include DFCD.EXE file.          *
  *        ; Please refer to the INST_DOS.TXT for details.         *

    Modifying an existing NetWare 3.12 Server

        1. Make a sub-directory NLMS.OLD under <SRVPATH> directory which
           will include SERVER.EXE file.

              <SRVPATH> = SRV312.
              >MD \SRV312\NLMs.OLD

        2. Save NBI31X.NLM, MSM31X.NLM and ETHERTSM.NLM to NLMS.OLD
           the sub-directory.

        3. Please insert release driver diskette into disk drive.

        4. Copy all provided NLM and LAN files into your DOS directory
           which will include the SERVER.EXE file.

           >COPY <PATH>\*.NLM   C:\<SRVPATH>
           >COPY <PATH>\*.LAN   C:\<SRVPATH>

           Example: >COPY A:\NETWARE\32BITLAN\*.NLM C:\SRV312
                    >COPY A:\NETWARE\32BITLAN\*.LAN C:\SRV312

           <PATH> here is the directory where support NLMs and
           PCN110.LAN reside.

        5. Start the NetWare Server.

          > CD \SRV312
          > SERVER

        6. From the Novell Server side, execute "LOAD INSTALL". By typing
           :LOAD INSTALL
           Select <System Option>
           Select <Edit Autoexec.NCF file>

        7. Add the item below into the server's AUTOEXEC.NCF file.

           LOAD C:\SRV312\NBI31X.NLM
           LOAD C:\SRV312\MSM31X.NLM
           LOAD C:\SRV312\ETHERTSM.NLM

           LOAD C:\SRV312\PCN110 SLOT=1 FRAME=Ethernet_802.3
           BIND IPX PCN110_1_E83 NET=xxxx

           LOAD C:\SRV312\PCN110 SLOT=1 FRAME=Ethernet_802.2
           BIND IPX PCN110_1_E82 NET=xxxx

           LOAD C:\SRV312\PCN110 SLOT=1 FRAME=Ethernet_II
           BIND IPX PCN110_1_EII NET=xxxx

           LOAD C:\SRV312\PCN110 SLOT=1 FRAME=Ethernet_SNAP
           BIND IPX PCN110_1_ESP NET=xxxx

        8. Restart the server.

  * Notes: The PC Card should be enabled by Card service.          *
  *        Please run DFCD.EXE before start server.                *
  *                                                                *
  *        > DFCD /iop=300 /irq=11                                 *

3.0  Keywords supported by PCN110

      TP              - This keyword specifies that the UTP port on the

      TP_FULL_DUPLEX  - This keyword selects twisted pair connection to
                        work in full duplex mode.

      LINE_SPEED      - This keyword selects line speed between 10MPBs and
                        100MBPs on network cards.

                        Allowed values are: 10,100

server: web4, load: 0.43