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Installing Maxtech PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card
For Lan Support/Services Users
    (c) 1998 Copyright Maxtech ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This document contains PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card installation notes,
which is not included in the PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card USER'S GUIDE
or onscreen instructions, for Lan Support/Services users.

This document contains information on the following topics:

1.0   Overview
2.0   Installation Notes For Lan Support users
3.0   Installation Notes For Lan Services 4.x

1.0 Overview

Lan Support/Services users please also refer to the following:

File                Description/Installation notes
INST_DOS.TXT        Overall installation notes for DOS users,
                    including users of Windows 3.1/3.11.
\NDIS2\README.TXT   Overall installation notes for all NDIS users

2.0   Installation Notes

    There are two Installation methods available to install PCN110
    drivers for Lan Support users:

    2.1  Method 1
         Use the .NIF file:

         1. Insert the LAN Support diskette in Drive A.

         2. Run DXMAID which is the install program.
                 For example:
                 A:\> DXMAID [Enter]

            The following message then appears:

            "Do you have driver diskettes?"  [Yes]

            Use the Spacebar to switch between "no" and "yes".

            After copying LAN Support, insert the driver diskette into
            drive A.

         3. specify the drive and path of the DOS NDIS files.

            For example: A:\NDIS2\DOS [Enter]

         4. The installation procedure is completed after copying the
            necessary files.

    2.2  Method 2 -- Modifying the contents of the CONFIG.SYS file and
         PROTOCOL.INI files after installing other network driver:

         1. Copy the PCN110.DOS file to the directory where your IBM LAN
            Support program resides.

         2. Modify the NDIS device driver statement in the CONFIG.SYS
            as follows:

            DEVICE = [drive]:\path\PCN110.DOS

         3. Modify the PROTOCOL.INI file as follows:

            BINDINGS = PCN110IBM_NIF
            DRIVERNAME = PCN110$

3.0 Installation Notes For Lan Services 4.x

         1. Execute the installation program from the IBM DOS LAN SERVICES

                Type: >a:\install

         2. From the Network card field, select "Network card not shown in
            list below...".

         3. Insert the driver diskette into the drive A or B.

         4. Specify the path for the corresponding oemsetup.inf file of
            the OEM driver intended for use. Then, press Enter. The
            program will display the driver name.

            Ex:    A:\NDIS2\DOS

         5. Check that the driver configuration is correct.

         6. Complete the installation process, then restart your system to
            use the DOS LAN Services.

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