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Installing Maxtech PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card
For Banyan Vines Users
    (c) 1998 Copyright Maxtech ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This document contains PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card installation notes,
which is not included in the PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card USER'S GUIDE
or onscreen instructions, for Banyan users.

This document contains information on the following topics:

1.0   Overview
2.0   Installation Notes

1.0 Overview

Banyan Vines users please also refer to the following:

 File                Description/Installation Notes

INST_DOS.TXT         Overall Installation notes for DOS users,
                     including users of Windows 3.1/3.11.
\NDIS2\README.TXT    Overall installation notes for all NDIS users

2.0   Installation Notes
    There are two methods to copy  files from the Banyan VINES
    workstation to the bootable diskette or subdirectory on the hard

    2.1  Method 1:
         Run INSTALL which is included in the diskette labeled
         "VINES MASTER DISK", then follow the given instructions to copy

    2.2  Method 2:
        1. Execute the 'BAN' command.

        2. Login to VINES system.

        3. Execute the 'PCCOPY' command.

        4. Select the 'NDIS Ethernet' option and follow the instructions
           for copying files.

        5. Insert the driver diskette in Drive A and the prepared
           bootable diskette in Drive B. Then, copy the appropriate NDIS
           driver file PCN110.DOS from Drive A to Drive B or to the
           subdirectory of the hard disk.

        6. Create a CONFIG.SYS file with the following statements:

           DEVICE=PROTMAN.DOS /I:A:\

           A:\ is the path where Banyan VINES workstation files reside.

        7. Create a PCN110.NIF file containing the following statements:

           Model = Maxtech PCN110 Fast Ethernet PC Card
           Path = A:\
           DeviceDriver = PCN110.DOS
           DeviceName = PCN110$
           Type = NDIS

           A:\ is the path where Banyan VINES workstation files reside.

        8. Create a PROTOCOL.INI file with the following lines:

           drivername = PROTMAN$

           drivername = NDISBAN$
           bindings = "PCN110"

           drivername = PCN110$

        9. Execute the 'PCCONFIG' command.

           A "CONFIGURING A PC FOR THE NETWORK" message appears on the
           screen. The program then provides some options you can select.

       10. Select "1 - Network Card Settings".

           Another screen appears for selecting some options.

       11. Select "NDIS Ethernet".

       12. Select the appropriate configuration of the adapter.

       13. After configuring the adapter, you return to the main screen.
           Select "2 - Login Environment Settings".

       14. From the next screen, select "NDIS Ethernet".

           The 'PCCONFIG.DB' file will then be created.

       15. Restart your computer.

       16. Login to VINES by executing the 'BAN' command.

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