08Firewire/setup.ini Driver File Contents (IEEE1394.zip)

Driver Package File Name: IEEE1394.zip
File Size: 695.1 KB

; JMicron 1394 Filter Driver Setup Ini File


; If SupportDriverPreInstall = 1, indicate that "support driver preinstall". Otherwise, indicate NOT support.
; Preinstall is only valid for WHQL driver. Setup program will return fail with preinstall+Non-WHQL driver case.

; If RebootNotRequiredAfterSetupDriver = 1, indicate that "Reboot is NOT required after driver setup". Otherwise, reboot is required.

; If RescanAfterUninstall=1, setup program will Notify OS to Rescan Device after uninstall succeed.

;  CustomSettingCount indicate "the total number of CustomizedSetting".

; [CustomSettings Definition]
;  CustomSetting1:  Customized Setting Flag. Bit Defintion would be appened later
;  CustomSetting2:  D3E Waiting Minutes (Max 65535)

; [CustomSetting1 Bit Definition]
; Bit[0]  (0x00000001): Force D3E Always Enable. Ignore PCI Config ACh Bit[6] BIOS Setting.
; Bit[1]  (0x00000002): Enable D3E Supporting.
; Bit[3]  (0x00000008): Setup 1394 setting when Disk resume form S4.
; Bit[4]  (0x00000010): Report DockDevice Capability with 1394 Controller.
; Bit[8]  (0x00000100): Monitor Hotplug Status
; Bit[9]  (0x00000200): Monitor 1394 Isochronous Interrupt
; Bit[16] (0x00010000): Do not check the Controller is 380 or 381.
                        Default the Filter Driver would skip D3E operation if controller is 380.

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