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Hauppauge Specific NOTES:
Driver Release (09/14/2005)

** Hauppauge Release Info/History...
Driver Release (09/14/2005)
* Updated and new tuner support.
* Updated hcwECP component.
* INF uses a subdirectory for source files.

Driver Release (04/29/2005)
* Fix for FM radio problem with MCE.
* Added latest

Driver Release (10/27/2004)
* Maintenance Build

Driver Release (09/23/2004)
* Now passes WHQL encoder API test.

Driver Release (09/10/2004)
* Significantly improved tuning support for Non WinTV applications.

Driver Release (09/03/2004)
* IRQL-safe DMA improvements.

Driver Release (08/24/2004)
* Newer, better firmware.
* DMA improvements.

Driver Release (08/13/2004)
* Peak bitrate handling is more Symphony compatible.

Driver Release (08/06/2004)
* Maintenance Build

Driver Release (08/05/2004)
* Special2 in use.

Driver Release (07/27/2004)
* Rolled Firmware back to version 2.4.24. 

Driver Release (07/26/2004)
* Enabled MultiGraph support. 
* Support latest MS macrovision requirements.

Driver Release (07/23/2004)
* New Firmware 2.5.29. Can now see FW version in Comments section.

Driver Release (07/19/2004)
* More stringent peak bitrate validation.

Driver Release (07/12/2004)
* Fix blurry video after changing from snowy channel.

Driver Release (06/09/2004)
* Support new MS GUID / registry entry which indicates dynamic bitrate change support.

Driver Release (06/08/2004)
* Symphony Beta 2 AVSync issue fixed.
* MCE Streamtype changes supported.

Driver Release (05/25/2004)
* VSync Check supports MCE requirements for SVideo/Composite.

Driver Release (05/06/2004)
* Address Bitrate Change / Encoder API issues.

Driver Release (04/20/2004)
* Symphony On-The-Fly bit changes support.

Driver Release (04/15/2004)
* Intermittent "Non-MPEG Data" in first few audio packets fixed.
* Intermittent No Audio Stream fixed.
* MCE Radio Seek is a little more picky (per MS' request).

Driver Release (04/12/2004)
* Device Manager will no long load Older Unsupported (7114) hardware.

Driver Release (04/01/2004)
* Multi-Hardware Device Specific to fallback registry read improvement.

Driver Release (03/22/2004)
* Symphony / Multiple Graph support.
* New firmware generates consistent (dvd compatible) PTS values.
* Intermittent "First Audio PTS too large" bug fixed.

Driver Release 1.17.390.22077 (03/17/2004)
* This release includes Multiple Hardware (15/16/VideoOut) Support for a single system.

Driver Release 1.17.390.22063 (03/03/2004)
* Additional (loop through) tuner support.

Driver Release 1.17.390.22029 (01/29/2004)
* Tuner maintenance.

Driver Release 1.17.390.22022 (01/22/2004)
* Improve support WinTV/Radio Seeking on 4049 MultiStandard Tuners.
* Notify VBI Stream of channel changes.

Driver Release 1.17.390.22019 (01/19/2004)
* Improve Stereo Audio handling for PAL M/N regions.

Driver Release 1.17.390.22009 (01/09/2004)
* Implement registry flag for optionally disabling teletext VBI data.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21353 (12/19/2003)
* Initial support for LG  H701F (and related) Tuners.
* VBI Stream sets Video Standard if no one else has.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21348 (12/14/2003)
* Improve intraprocess thread safety for Macrovision broadcasts.
* Slight optimizations for Macrovision broadcasts.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21346 (12/12/2003)
* Implement Support for HCW_ECP_DETECT_MVision_Level query.
* Implement support for WinTV/VTPlus stream interaction "fixes".

Driver Release 1.17.390.21345 (12/11/2003)
* Implement conditional Enable/Disable for Colorbars on TVOut Hardware.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21343 (12/09/2003)
* Fix latent bug which could cause tuning to fail under very rare circumstances.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21336 (12/02/2003)
* Intermittent "no audio" on non tuner inputs fixed.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21329 (11/25/2003)
* Auto Sound (mono/dual/stereo) Detect and Select fixed on older Sag Harbor hardware.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21317 (11/13/2003)
* Fix "No PAL Audio after standby in MCE" issue.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21308 (11/04/2003)
* Improve/Reduce resource usage during "live preview".
* Improved balance for  "TV / FM / Line In" audio volume levels.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21276 (10/03/2003)
* Improve efficiency of's Macrovision graph broadcasts (and fix potential hang on graph removal).

Driver Release 1.17.390.21272 (09/29/2003)
* Fix potential crash for Retail (WinTV) Product / ProdInfo Utility.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21269 (09/26/2003)
* Additional PAL M/N improvements.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21267 (09/24/2003)
* PAL M and PAL N[Combo] Support Added.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21265 (09/22/2003)
* Secam on older iVac15 Hardware now works properly again.
* Macrovision Detection is broadcast to graph.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21261 (09/18/2003)
* Driver senses Media Center Versions and configures crossbar accordingly.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21259 (09/15/2003)
* Fix return-from-Hibernate bug (no audio when play tv after hibernating during FM).

Driver Release 1.17.390.21258 (09/15/2003)
* Fixed bug which sometimes prevented MCE Radio from working when launched first after boot.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21247 (09/04/2003)
* SVideo & SECAM chroma shift fixed.
* LangA/Mono Audio works more correctly.
* MK3 Tuner [much] better supported.

Driver Release 1.17.390.21219 (08/07/2003)
* Dropped frames fixed.
* Problem with corruption at high CPU fixed.

Driver Release (07/30/2003)
* All audio restored properly when resuming from standby or hibernate.

Driver Release (07/30/2003)
* NTSC Stereo Audio fixed.
* Driver_Tunes [Radio] Boundary improvements on 4049 tuners.

Driver Release (07/28/2003)
* Radio audio is restored when coming out of Standby.
* Radio Tuning improvements on 4049 tuners.
* Improve MSP settings to avoid avoid audio clipping.

Driver Release (07/14/2003)
* Video goes black between channel changes.
* Preview Audio and Video Pins restored.
* Capture Pin is now in MPEGVIDEO_CAPTURE category (rather than VIDEO_CAPTURE).

Driver Release (07/10/2003)
* SAP Fixed for all M Standards (Non-Korean/Non-Japanese were broken).
* Temporarily Dim picture after channel change fixed.
* Copy-Protection "Switch to low bit rate" mode defaults changed to 1.2MBit CBR.

Driver Release (07/09/2003)
* MoveMaker2 does not see us as a Video Capture Device.

Driver Release (07/08/2003)
* Make sure there are enough leading (black) Samples on VBI lines.
* Fixed bug which degraded Radio Audio if Macrovision Detection was turned on.

Driver Release (06/25/2003)
* FM Tuning Status improvements.
* Registry selectable criteria for determining "good" FM Status.
* NTSC Audio/SAP Fixes.
* Improved WinTV Support (SECAM, HSBC, ProdInfo).

Driver Release (06/23/2003)
* NTSC LangB Fixed.
* Crossbar now follows Harmony requirements regarding which, how many, and ordering of SVideo and Composite Inputs.
* Fixed bug which prevented insertion of Tuner Filter on MultiFormat/Radio boards.

Driver Release (06/19/2003)
* VBI Field 2 Lines shifted into place.

Driver Release (06/19/2003)
* Radio Mode Bit Rate Defaults to 4MBit VBR (8MBit Peak).  This solves MS' graph problem with radio mode.
* Live Preview Audio and Video Pins removed (until they work properly).

Driver Release (06/16/2003)
* Teletext lines 7-23 issues addressed.
* Veritically shakey PAL video (briefly introduced in previous 21164 release) fixed.

Driver Release (06/13/2003)
* SRB Completion bug fixed on unexpected graph termination.
* Some Radio Mode improvements.

Driver Release (06/02/2003)
* Hauppauge Macrovision Detection Property Implemented.
* SECAM Video Quality Significantly improved.
* Hardware Video Decoder fixes (color bars turned off on playback).

Driver Release (05/08/2003)
* Significant FM Tuning/FineTuning improvements.

Driver Release (05/06/2003)
* Maintenance Build.  No Functional Changes.
* INF Change to set default Peak Bitrate to 8Mbps (used to be 9).

Driver Release (05/05/2003)
* Mutliformat Tuner Hardware works with Media Center.

Driver Release (05/01/2003)
* Potential Tuner Lock Status bug fixed.
* Tuning is at least 140ms faster.

Driver Release (04/25/2003)
* Audio Stuttering on channel change fixed.

Driver Release (04/24/2003)
* 384kbps audio works properly
* MultiFormat FQ1216ME Tuners now have audio.

Driver Release (04/23/2003)
* MultiFormat Tuners have color in all standards.
* Teletext and CC work on -15 and -16 hardware.

Driver Release (04/15/2003)
* Driver Properly returns Lang A/B/C and Mono/Stereo.
* When in Dual (Lang A/B) Audio, A yields A, B yields B, and C yields A+B
* Teletext on -16 hardware works again.

Driver Release (04/11/2003)
* Closed Caption fixed.
* Video Ghosting issues fixed.
* YUV Color Converter filter fixed to handle AMD 1.6GHz Processor.
* RAW VBI Capture for teletext works on NTSC and PAL.  Also works with low resolution
  captures like MPEG1.

Driver Release (04/09/2003)
* Better bounds checking for Bitrate Properties

Driver Release (04/08/2003)
* PAL/SECAM Audio Issues working well.
* KSPROPERTY_TVAUDIO_MODEs working properly (Get and Set).
* Channel Change Time significantly improved.

Release (03/25/2003)
* PAL/SECAM AudioVideo Issues addressed.
* SECAM seems to work fine in GraphEdt but we get no audio/video in French Harmony.
* Teletext support.

Driver Release (03/12/2003)
* Supports MediaCenter / Other App switching

Driver Release (03/10/2003)
* Supports Hauppauge Encode Configuration Properties.

Release (02/20/2003)
* Copy Protection (Macrovision) Support is fixed again.
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