ReleaseNote.txt Driver File Contents (

Release Note
====V3.50.00.0090 (2008.07.08) ===================================================================
ATVR (V5.3.0.6)
1. Speed up Empia device channel scan.
2. Use VMR7 to do timeshifting playbacki to fix SRPO problem.

====V3.50.00.0085 (2008.07.04) ===================================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.0.10)
1. Support EC100.

====V3.50.00.0080 (2008.07.03) ===================================================================
ATVR (V5.3.0.5)
1. Change RDS parser from driver to AP.
2. Add special process of PC 165 to speed up channel scan.
3. Add support of EC100 special fix.
4. Change RDS display method.
5. Adjust country list index.

====V3.50.00.0070 (2008.06.26) ===================================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.0.9)
1. Open de-noise function for all device.

====V3.50.00.0060 (2008.06.25) ===================================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.0.8)
1. Fixed schedule record error.

DTVR (V5.2.0.0)
1. Support AAC and HE-AAC simultaneously.
2. Update components (dumper, muxer).

KParser2 (V1.2.0.3)
1. modified h.264 heaac audio issues.

====V3.50.00.0057 (2008.06.23) ===================================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.0.7)
1. Add Check CircleImage function.
2. Fixed Linein Device initial.
3. Fixed PLAYITEMS.LST path.

DTVR (V5.1.60.4)
1. Support AAC and HE-AAC simultaneously.
2. Update compinents (dumper, muxer).

KParser2 (V1.2.0.2)
1. modified h.264 audio issues.

====V3.50.00.0044 (2008.06.17) ===================================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.12.5)
1. Fix scheudle agent file error.
2. Fix wrong schedule source for non-PCIE device.
3. Fixed Afa device check source.

DTVR (V5.1.15.3)
1. Fix issue that H.264 audio disappear in Baltic States and Romania. (with KParser2 version or later)
2. Fix bug that channel scan will stop at certain.
3. Make the newest scan result visible. (Only for HyperMedia 2.5)

KParser2 (V1.2.1.1)
1. Fix issue that H.264 audio disappear in Baltic States and Romania.

====V3.50.00.0040 (2008.06.9) ====================================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.0.5)
1. Fix error message for playback at Vista SP1.
2. Support MPEG4(DivX) and MPEG4(CY).
3. Fixed it won't schedule recording YPBPR2.
4. Fix it doesn't change audio source for YPbPr.
5. Fixed it can't change source to YPBPR2 by remote.

====V3.50.00.0035 (2008.05.29) ====================================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.0.4)
1. Fix error message for playback at Vista SP1.

====V3.50.00.0030 (2008.05.27) ====================================================================
MainCenter.exe (V2.5.0.3)
1. Launch PanelConfig program.
2. Support play MP4 video file(Cyberlink).
3. Check SPDIF by device ID.

ATVR.exe (V5.3.0.3)
1. Use waveout render in daul device cause video stuck in some platform. So, use driectsound render when NXP device support dual analog.
2. Fix audio control bug.
3. Fix 2860 2880 timeshifting and capture bug.
4. Fix DVBS-100 can not open ATVR bug.
5. Change NXP 325 USB preview resolution to 720*480.
6. Change NXP 325 USB capture resolution setting.
7. Increase NXP 325 USB set chennel speed. 
8. Use waveout render in daul device cause video stuck in some platform. So, use driectsound render when NXP device support dual analog.
9. Hide SPDIF of PE210 YPbPr.
10. Fix bug. Timeshifting bitrate is incorrect after set capture bitrate.
11. Avoid SAP sound issue for NXP 325 USB device. 
12. Fix bug. Schedule record path incorrect problem.
13. Fix HM2.5 YPbPr capture fail problem.
14. Fix bug. Feedback PCI mixer index incorrect.
15. Adjust YPbPr capture bitrate.
16. Modify default Cpature format setting.
17. Add capture format MPEG4 iPod and PSP for test. This function is not for release yet.

LiveUpdate (V1.0.0.2)
1. Update image file.

RegFilter (V1.0.0.4)
1. Add ,
2. Add

UnRegFilter (V1.0.0.4)
1. Add ,
2. Add

====V3.50.00.0018 (2008.05.21) (for Sample UB325) =================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.1.2)
1. Check SPDIF by device ID.
2. Support play MP4 video file(Cyberlink).
3. Fixed MP4(cyberlink) parameter to ATVR.
4. Fixed error message when open DTVR at setting page.
5. Fixed it don¡¦t launch io function if launch FM.

ATVR (V5.3.36.2)  
1. Use waveout render in daul device cause video stuck in some platform. So, use driectsound render
   when NXP device support dual analog.
2. Hide SPDIF of PE210 YPbPr.
3. Fix bug. Timeshifting bitrate is incorrect after set capture bitrate.
4. Avoid SAP sound issue for NXP 325 USB device. 
5. Fix bug. Schedule record path incorrect problem.
6. Fix HM2.5 YPbPr capture fail problem.
7. Fix bug. Feedback PCI mixer index incorrect.	

LiveUpdate (V1.0.0.2)
1. Update Image file.

=> Fix LiveUpdate install at wrong path.

====V3.50.00.0010 (2008.05.09) ====================================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.0.2)
1.Fixed playitems.lst show at desktop.
2.Fixed it will show error message when push time-shifting if tvr don't open.
3.Fixed it will fail when schedule recording YPBPR.    
4.Fixed it won't restore TVR from minimize.

ATVR (V5.3.0.2)
1. Fix capture incorrect bug after FM schedule record.
2. Add check of RDS picture.
3. Change YPbPr SPDIF check method.

1. Continuous shooting will cancelled when change channel.

====V3.50.00.0008 (2008.04.18) ====================================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.0.1)
1.Fixed bug for play avi and ts files.
2.Fixed preview error video files.

DTVR (V5.1.0.2)
1. Improve the stability of channel preview.
2. Fix bug that program description show incorrect program time.

LiveUpdate (V1.0.0.1)
1.Fix display error at non-normal DPI.
2.Support multi-language privacy.

====V3.50.00.0000 (2008.04.14) ====================================================================
MainCenter (V2.5.0.0)
1. Support Turkey.
2. Remove SPDIF option EC100.
3. Fixed Schedule record name initial.
4. Remove Honestech filter.
5. Support new ID.
6. Fixed error TVR position at setup wizard.

ATVR (V5.3.0.1)
1. Add support denoise.
2. Add support RDS.
3. Fix NXP AV sync problem.
4. Support Vista SP1.
5. Fix bug. Empia 2860, 2880 schedule recording won't stop.
6. Fix Empia AV sync problem.
7. Add check of platform level.
8. Check YPbPR audio input source.

DTVR (V5.1.0.0)
1. Support H.264/AAC channel.
 - function supported: live view, channel preview, snapshot, record.
2. Support Russian/Bulgaria teletext.
3. New function: continuous shooting.
4. Remove multi-language setting option in HM. Multi-language can only be set through main panel.
5. Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 support.

Schedule (V1.3.0.0)
1. Fix set schedule time bug.
2. Fix S.R.P.O. bug.

LiveUpdate (V1.0.0.0)
1. Update FTP IP.
2. Add Privacy Notice in about.

RegFilter (V1.0.0.1)
1. Add
2. Add and remove

UnRegFilter (V1.0.0.1)
1. Add
2. Add and remove

====V3.02.0.00 (2008.03.17) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Fixed schedule recording for FM if AP close.
MainCenter (V.
1.Support 397+remote FOR MSI ID (1462 8807)

ATVR (V5.1.0.7)
1. Update codec.

DTVR (V5.0.0.10)
Schedule (V1.2.0.7)
KParser2 (V1.2.0.0)

====V3.01.6.52 (2008.02.27) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Support 397+remote FOR MSI ID (1462 8807)

ATVR (V5.1.0.5)
DTVR (V5.0.0.10)
Schedule (V1.2.0.7)
KParser2 (V1.2.0.0)

====V3.01.0.70 (2008.02.25) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1. Add Iran tuner type.

ATVR (V5.1.0.6)
1. Add tuner type tIran for Iran.

DTVR (V5.0.0.10)
Schedule (V1.2.0.7)
KParser2 (V1.2.0.0)

====V3.01.0.51 (2008.01.28) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Support 397+remote
2.Support 397
3.Support 395
4.Support PC160 1T

ATVR (V5.1.0.5)
DTVR (V5.0.0.10)
Schedule (V1.2.0.7)
KParser2 (V1.2.0.0)

====V3.01.0.50 (2008.01.15) ======================================================================
ATVR (V5.1.0.5)
1. Add support of continuous shooting(not for release version).
2. Don't show mute control button when use timeshifting capture.
3. Adjust preview resolution when init video standard changed.
4. Save VMR into reg for HM mode.
5. Add function to load FM scan sleep time.
6. Set video standard according to video source which is using.

MainCenter (V.
DTVR (V5.0.0.10)
Schedule (V1.2.0.7)
KParser2 (V1.2.0.0)

====V3.01.0.40 (2008.01.11) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1. Fixed after AP closed scheduled record source error.
2. Fixed Remote change source to YPbPr.
3. Support Eee PC screen resolution.
4. Show beta version if the third code of file version is over 10.
5. Fixed twin tv button for Afa DVBT-395.
6. Fixed digital scan channel timeshifting state error.  
7. Fixed Afa DVBT-395 class not found.
8. Support 399+remote,395+remote. 

1. Fix bug. When Video standard is not corresponding to country code default setting. Video and
   audio may be incorrect.
2. Change iEPG item string. Load EPG multi-language string to replace "iEPG".

1. Fix bug that EPG Program Guide shows program times one hour later than actual in some areas.
2. Change the uses of signal strength to signal quality.
3. Adjust some font's positions and fix multi-language display mistakes on configuration form.

Schedule (V1.2.0.7)
1. Fixed after AP closed scheduled record source error.

KParser2 (V1.2.0.0)
Update Itilian.lng

====V3.01.3.31 (2008.01.06) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Support Eee PC screen resolution.
2.Show beta version if the third code of file version is over 10.

ATVR (V5.1.0.2)
DTVR (V5.0.0.9)
Schedule (V1.2.0.6)
KParser2 (V1.2.0.0)

====V3.01.0.30 (2007.12.05) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Change Lithuanian freq. table.
2.Fixed check no EPROM device function. 
MainCenter (V.
1.Support PC-160 device. 
2.Fixed no clean subtitle status.
MainCenter (V.
1.Composite & S-Video can't use Timeshifting.
2.Fixed change source fail for scheudle recording.
3.Add Macedonia to country list.   
4.Add Reunion Island to country list.
5.Fixed country name for Lithuania.  

1. Fix bug. When Video standard is not corresponding to country code default setting. Video and
   audio may be incorrect.
2. Change iEPG item string. Load EPG multi-language string to replace "iEPG".
1. Fix schedule bug.

1. Fixs bug that play/pause icon status incorrect after switch to HM mode during time shifting.
2. Disable EPG button when subtitle is activated.

Schedule (V1.2.0.6)
1.Change iEPG to EPG.

Update Japanese.lng

====V3.01.2.20 (2007.11.26) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Fix wrong tuner type for Lithuanian.
MainCenter (V.
1.H.264 disable timeshifting.
2.Set selectTSform to top.
3.Fixed source for antenna schedule recording.
4.Hide MainForm before play video file.
5.Reset fullscreen attribute when play video file. 
6.Hide toolbar and clear title when stop play video file.
7.Change Lithuanian(PAL B/G) to PAL D/K.

1. Modify Lithuania video standard from PAL_BG to PAL_DK.

1. Special version for Baltic States. Based on DTVR V5.0.0.8.

KParser2 (V1.2.0.0)
1. Fixed Singapore channel name issues.
2. Opened EPG function.

====V3.01.0.11 (2007.12.27) ======================================================================
1.Add MSI ID 
 1462,8803,NXP7131,1,111000,(Analog only)

====V3.01.0.10 (2007.11.08) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Decide TS file by file extension.
2.Support play TS file for H.264.

1. Fix bug. WHen composite, SVideo and TV have different video standard. Switch source may 
   cause screen display incorrently.
2. Fix bug. Cancel from config form in composite or SVideo mode will cause screen stop.

====V3.00.0.90 (2007.11.02) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1. Support select country for analog at setup wizard.
2. Fixed DTVR twink at XP.
3. Fixed show title
4. Fixed starting time of new item is the same with ending time of old item and ending time of new item is the same with starting time of old item.
5. Fixed error schedule message when Center start.
MainCenter (V.
1. Fixed case sensibility of country code.
2. Remove message for set parameter of on-top.

=> 1.Support AC3.

=> 1.Remove Israel.

====V3.00.0.80 (2007.10.25) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1. Set TVR window position if user click cetner.
2. Support teletext for HM mode.
3. Fixed can add same capture source at same time.
4. Fixed decode time function error.
MainCenter (V.
1. Fixed toolbar won't show when scan completely.
2. Fixed can't write channel config.
3. Fixed the last TVR won't record for two tuner schedule recording at same time.
MainCenter (V.
1. Fixed error message when finish scan.
MainCenter (V.
1. Country label always be left to right.
2. Remove Israel form country list.
MainCenter (V.
1. Fixed sub-TVR will be un-mute after push mute button for mute and un-mute.
2. Fixed multiple device,NBTV-210,DVBT-220,can't do scheduled record at same time. 
3. Avoid user click TVR to full screen when focus at other window.
MainCenter (V.	
1. Improved Farsi language support.
2. Fixed error message when E.P.G. have no data.
3. Diabled switch TVR when click main TVR.
4. Add Hungary(PAL-B/G) abd Iran(PAL-B/G).
5. Fixed tuner 2 can't play time shifting at even times.
6. Fixed index of country.
7. Fixed TVR window will disappear when launch at first time.
MainCenter (V.
1. Fixed some font setting for Farsi.
2. Fixed incorrect translate string for cb/cr.
MainCenter (V.	
1. Fixed pause button appear when analog do time-shifting.
2. The last two display setting is Cb/Cr for digital source.
3. Fixed pause or play button appear when time shifting by remote.
4. Fixed TVR window disappear when click TVR window at TV page.
5. Fixed scan channel button of setting page will be disable when TVR close.
6. Fixed time shifting button is disable when TV2 switch to panel mode.
7. Fixed radio channel of digital can snapshot.
8. Fixed mute button don't change at music page.
9. Fixed signal bar will show even if source is analog.
10. Fixed forward button will disable if another TVR change status.
11. Fixed progress bar will overlay control bar if stop scan at scan page.
12. Fix if EPG is empty center will show error message.

1. Fix bug. ATVR timeshifting or capture can't keep display ratio.
2. Fix bug. FM frequency OSD will shift 0.1 MHz after auto search available channel.
3. Fix bug. When FM is auto searching available channel. Switch main panel from FM page 
   to main page. Screen diaplay will flash.
4. Fix bug. Enable close caption and switch to FM mode will cause error message.
5. Fix bug. When close caption is enabled. Open config form  in HM2 mode and press OK.
   Close caption will be disabled.
6. Fix bug. When close caption is enabled. Switch to composite or svideo. 
   Close caption is still on screen.
7. NXP Driver will cause crossbar audio pin route index error when schedule recording.
   Add sleep to avoid this problem.
1. Load switch mode button hint.
1. Add support of closed caption.
2. Add video standard PAL_B/G of Vietnam.
3. Only reset video standard of selected cable type when auto channel scan.
4. Hide error message which won't effect AP execution.
5. Adjust HM2 mode UI component setting.
6. Fix bug. Start or stop capture FM in full screen mode cause control bar state incorrect.
7. Fix bug. Stop FM at a tuned frequency. Next time start FM, the frequency is incorrect.
8. Fix bug. HM2 mode popup menu has incorrect item(channel preview & timeshifting) in 
   composite or SVideo source.
9. Unify action of my favorite button in HMC and HM2 mode.
10. Diaplay FM frequency OSD when finding available frequency.
11. Fix bug. Swtich TV to FM mode sometimes cause black block on AP.
12. Fix bug. Original on top button state may be incorrect.

1. Fix bug that right border shifted to middle of screen when switch to HM mode from HMC.
2. Fix bug that timeshift will backward after switch to HM mode.
3. Fix bug that 'stop' button in EPG form display incorrect (HM mode).
4. Adjust UI component position/length in configuration form (HM mode).
1. Fix bug that teletext does not be disabled after subtitle is activated.
2. To synchronize state of buttons after mode switch.
3. To synchronize buttons with HMC.
4. Show channel number in channel description when switch channel.

1.Fixed multiple device,NBTV-210,DVBT-220,can't do scheduled record at same time. 

1.Remove Israel.

====V3.00.0.70 (2007.09.05) ======================================================================
1. Update Device.res for new device.

====V3.00.0.60 (2007.08.23) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Fixed ATVR will show error message if switch to Videos,Pictures or Music page when ATVR captured.
2.Fixed no copy channel list to another tuner for PE-210.
3.Fixed ATVR will be black screen if switch from radio.
MainCenter (V.
1.Update filter list to cyberlink.
2.User can click arrow of source form to select input source.
MainCenter (V.
1.Support Farsi language.
2.Remove setgpio functon.
3.Send epg description message to DTVR if user no switch channel after 2 seconds.
4.If Tvr is time shifting send time shifting message to another tvr.
5.Check DLL file to decide which recording format be supported.
6.Show warn message when tvr switch ypbpr from composite or switch composite from ypbpr.

1. Disable teletext when subtitle is activated.
2. Fix HD record unstable issue.

1. Replace honestech capture filter by CyberLink.
2. CyberLink codec support MPEG1, 2, 4 and H.264 capture.
3. Add support for Philips YPbPR.

Schedule (V1.2.0.4)
1.Support YPbPr.

KParser2 (V1.1.0.9)
1.Fixed Subtitle Crash Issues

====V3.00.0.50 (2007.08.06) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Fixed no channel list after scan digital tv at setup wizard.
MainCenter (V.
1.Setup wizard can support hybrid device.
2.add new error message code.

====V3.00.0.40 (2007.08.01) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Extend sleep time before EnterHibernate.
2.Fixed main-tvr can't switch channel form channel list if sub-tvr time shifting.
3.Fixed channel infomation for main-tvr is wrong when sub-tvr switch channel.
MainCenter (V.
1.Before S.R.P.O. center will close TVR.
2.Sub-TVR will disappear when panel mode switch to center mode.
3.New function:Twin TV.
MainCenter (V.
1.Add check beta function.
2.You can click other place to close popup form.
3.It will show channel infomation when resume form recording,time-shifting or switch TVR.
4.It won't mute sub-TVR when switch to panel mode.
5.It will adjust TVR window position when switch to panel mode.
6.If stop play aduio file and it will clean infomation and hide toolbar.
7.Fixed if close one of dual-view and signal icon will disappear.
8.Fixed it don't show infomation if one is time shifting and one is recording.
9.Fixed it can't stop tvr if another is time shifting.
10.Fixed if will show 0 then tvr open.

1. Fine tune the signal strength of DVB-T 399U.
1. Translate two items in popup menu to correct language.
2. Disable VMR option in HMC mode.
3. Avoid the appearance of "SaveTimeShiftDialog" in HMC mode.
4. Hide the preview dimension setting in HMC mode.
5. Fix DVB-T 399U signal strength issue.
6. Fix bug: DTVR can't be launched if the number of tuning space in the system registry is 0.
7. Add OSD information when turn subtitle on/off.

====V3.00.0.30 (2007.07.16) ======================================================================
1. Fix bug. After capture audio in 2860 FM. Switch back to TV will occur error message.
2. Hide timeshift item and button when video source is not TV tuner.
3. Hide FM scan button in config form when AP is center mode.
4. Hide channel preview button after video source switch.

====V3.00.0.20 (2007.07.12) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Change video resolution of schedule recording.
2.Disable close tvr button when recording.
3.Show EPG infomation for digital tv.
4.Fixed when sub-tvr time shifting it don't disable main-tvr time shifting button.
5.Fixed toolbar don't show at scan page.
6.Fixed always set tvr to bottom window if center or tvr don't get focus.
7.Fixed it don't reset focus index when close tvr.

1. Fix channel preview and TV setup winzard item bug in 2.0 mode.
2. Fix bug when use schedule record in 2860 and 2880.
3. Modify hotke define of page up and page down in 2.0 mode to sync with center.
4. Use 640 based size to capture file. Include MPEG1, 2 and 4.
5. Close on top form when switch AP from 2.0 mode to center mode.

1. Fix a hidden EPG bug.
2. Strengthen the exception handling ability.
3. Add program description after channel changed.
4. Fix issue that itemChannelPreview be set to visible incorrectly
5. Close all form when switch to HMC.
1. Fix a bug that time-shifting window can not be muted.
2. Fix a bug that the position of background picture of channel scaning incorrectly.
3. Add OSD information when change audio channel (SAP).
4. HotKey redefine: PageUp <-> ChannelUp, PageDown <-> ChannelDown.

1.Close form when panel mode switch to center mode.

====V3.00.0.10 (2007.07.10) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Fixed country list for DVBT-100.
2.Fixed no audio setting page if scan completely.

1. Support mute in timeshifting mode.
2. Use timeshifting to do capture of mpeg2 in 2860 and 2880.

====V3.00.0.00 (2007.07.02) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Fixed if source is composite or s-video it can't change channel at schedule recording setting.
2.Stop play audio file when run setup wizard.
MainCenter (V.
1.Fixed it show time-shifting button when switch channel by remote controler.
MainCenter (V.
1.Dynamic change Center icon.
2.change schedule recording video resolution.
MainCenter (V.
1. Add language for Greek, Serbain and Farsi.
MainCenter (V.
1. Support HMCP and HMC mode switch..

1. This is the first version of HyperMediaCenterPro.
2. Reset video standard of composite and svideo when TV channel scan.
3. Allow TV channel scan when video source is not TV.

1. Show live screen during channel scanning.
DTVR (V5.0.0.0)
 - Translate to new codecs.
1. Remove administrator privilege requirement.
2. Add function to switch border style. Original style can only set window position and size 
   through main panel. New style allow user to control display window directly. Including change
   position and resize.
3. Add hotkey "Page Up"(channel up), "Page Down"(channel down), "+"(volume up), and "-"(volume down).
4. Add OSD information when channel switch to radio channel.
5. Increase the teletext refresh rate to 1.5 second and flash rate to 0.75 second.
6. Fix bug: time-shifting AC3 issue.
7. Fix issue that close TVR without channel scaning will cause TVR crash (interface not support).
8. Fix bug: New captured file may have the same file name as the old one.
9. Modify the algorithm of teletext flashing.
10. Add H.264 program detection.

Scheduled (V.
1.Wait panel launch before send message to panel .
Scheduled (V.
1. Add language for Greek, Serbain and Farsi.
Scheduled (V.
1. Fixed it doesn't schedule record if application is running.
2. Support non-administrator user.

KParser2 (V1.1.0.8)
1. Added H.264 Format (Only Video)

1. Added another KWorld application "SnapMusic" to check codec register.

====V2.00.7.60 (2007.06.13) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Fixed always run setup wizard if device is digital.

Scheduled (V.
1.Fixed error message if launch center form schedule recording.

====V2.00.7.50 (2007.06.04) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Extend scan time.

MainCenter (V.
1.Fixed wrong video format for schedule recording.
2.Add default language Dutch, Czech and Portugal.

MainCenter (V.
1.Change default capture format to MPEG1.
2.Change Czech video format from SECAM_BG to PAL_BG.

1. Support change VMR7 and VMR9 mode in center.
2. Modify Czech country code from 42 to 420 and 421.

====V2.00.7.41 (2007.05.21) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
1.Disable radio help for not support fm device.
2.Change SECAM_L recording video size.
3.Save scan parameter before call TVR.

1. Load video standard from registry which wrote by TVSetup when ATVR not support TV.
2. Fix Empia device FM voice problem.

1. Fix bug. Fix bug when load init video standard.

1. Add code to check device audio pin for 7130.
2. Fix bug. When stop schedule in ATVR which don'y support TV. It will stay at TV turner instead
   of composite or SVideo.

====V2.00.7.40 (2007.04.26) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
01. Support Conexant cards.

====V2.00.7.33 (2007.04.17) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
01.Change S.R.P.O. function.

MainCenter (V.
01.Fixed TVR window disappear.
02.Fixed can't switch source after setup wizard.

1. Add check mutex return value. This can help to avoid access violetion when open and close AP
2. Modify check file name function. Original function may still cover a existed file.
3. Don't reset capture device when resume from suspend.
4. Only reset selected cable type's channel cable.
5. Fix bug. Sometimes ATVR wiil be hide before panel. Add procedure for panel to set ATVR to 

Scheduled (V.
01.Support S1/S3 and S4.

====V2.00.7.32 (2007.04.13) ======================================================================
Language Folder
01.Update Italian.lng file.

====V2.00.7.31 (2007.04.03) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
01.Change icon for OEM.

====V2.00.7.30 (2007.03.23) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
01.Read locale parameter if user don't have enough authority.

MainCenter (V.
01.Fixed error at Poland is default country.

MainCenter (V.
01.Add:Polish language(Poland country code 15)

MainCenter (V.
01.Remove recording format description.

MainCenter (V.
01.Fixed time format for Italy.

1. Don't set country code if current country code is the same with the value which wants to set 
   when receive auto tuning message.

1. Remove audio capture filter check.

- Special version for Australia. Based on DTVR V3.1.7.14.
1. Fixed bug: Can't get EPG date for Italy.

====V2.00.7.20 (2007.03.09) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
01.Fixed mute button doesn't work at Vista.

MainCenter (V.
01.Support schedule recording over A.M. 12.
02.Fixed OS language is Chinese(Traditional) but default language is English.
03.Support change snapshot format.
04.Hide TVR window when push (win key + D).
05.User can change channel when push number key at top of keyboard.
06.Schedule will apply current input source of channel for default value.

1. Fix bug. Video stand size error.

1. Non release version. For Jeasy test in CeBit.
2. Add capture format WMA.

1. Increase record bit rate of MPEG1 to 3000K.

1. Support capture jpg format in snapshot function.
2. Fix bug for DVBT-100 when ATVR not support TV.

- Special version for Australia. Based on DTVR V3.1.7.13.
1. Add the compatibility to Dibcom device (DVB-T 360U)
2. Fix bug: vista can't show teletext page.
3. Fix bug: error "Failed to get data for SnapshotFormat" when channel-scanning.
4. Bug Fixed: error jpeg format. (Support snapshot in various picture format for HyperMedia Center.)

====V2.00.7.10 (2007.01.25) ======================================================================
MainCenter (V.
01.Fixed error when play incorrect format video files.

1. Use VMR7 as default in all OS. Because VMR9 will casue cpu usage increase.
1. Fix bug. Empia 2860 and 2880 will show "Interface not support.".
2. 2860 and 2880 and use timeshift in Vista.

 - Special version for Australia. Based on DTVR V3.1.0.12.
1. Add the compatibility for Vista.

====V2.00.0.00 (2007.01.17) ======================================================================
01.Disable sound at Vista.
02.Fix error recording format setting at FM.
03.Disable setup wizard at time-shifting.
04.Support forward and backward at full-screen time-shifting.
05.Add FM help.

1. Only set volume when receive volume control message from panel.
2. Use VMR9 as default in XP and use VMR7 as default in VISTA.
3. Keep mute state after channel switch, record, timeshifting, channel preview.
4. Fix bug. AP status will be wrong when stop from schedule recording. *** Start schedule record 
   of cable or antenna from FM mode still have bug.

1. Fix "display setting" issue.
2. Fix bug: un-mute when dtvr state change.

1.Extend wait center up time.

====V2.00.0.00 (2007.01.16) ======================================================================
01.Fixed volume control at XP.

01.Fixed center action when window hide.
02.Fixed change display ratio no work at full screen mode.
03.Fixed show power off window when scan mode or channel preview mode.
04.Fixed volume control at Vista.
05.Fixed it occurs I/O error 32 when play video file.

01.Add:remote function.
02.New application icon.

01.Tune TV window position and size at wide-screen.
02.Tune control bar icon position.
03.Fixed source form will disappear when tv window restore from full screen.

1. Support volume control in VISTA.
2. Keep display ratio in timeshifting mode.

 - Special version for Australia. Based on DTVR V3.1.0.12.
1. Add the compatibility for Vista.

1. Disable remote control when pwower.

1.Fixed no record after S.R.P.O. at Vista.

====V2.00.0.00 (2007.01.03) ======================================================================
01.Fixed no Radio function.
02.Change check PID/VID policy.
03.Fixed position of teletext button.
04.Modyify resolution of picture files.

1. Don't assign channel name when the channel is not found during channel scanning.
2. Set enable VMR9 as default setting.
3. Add support of DivX capture.

1. Display a picture when scanning channel.
2. Fix bug: incorrect channel name will cause capture failure.

====V2.00.0.00 (2006.12.26) ======================================================================
01.Disable screensaver when center launch and enable screensaver when center close.
02.If first filtername of Pinfo.config doesn't exist,it will seek for next Pinfo.config untill end of device.res.
03.Fixed ATVR always opens by the input source of cable.
04.Fixed don't load correct mute button after scan.
05.Support 16:10 display ratio.
06.New function:Sleep timer for remote.
07.Stop ehrecvr and ehsched service at MCE.
08.Change the style of select to cycle.
09.When popup form, select bar will jump to default vaule.
10.When push keyboard, cursor will be disable.
11.Enter or click option will sound.
12.Push special key to show setup dialog form.

1. Add save and load current FM frequency in main config file.
2. Disable error message when ATVR not support TV.
3. Add sleep timer OSD.
4. Fix bug. When capture size is over 720*480. An active window will jump up.
5. Add channel name into capture file name.
6. Allow center to open config mode.
7. Close on top form when turn off center.
8. Add support multi-language for sleep timer OSD.
9. Fix bug. When read or write an empty string will cause exception.

1. Add the compatibility to Micronas.
2. New support: ratio 16:10.
3. New support: theater mode.
4. Support capture format: transport stream.
5. Multi language support.
6. Provide an advanced configuration form.
7. Add channel name for captured file name.
8. Fix bug: incorrect snapshot when signal is weak.

====V1.00.0.41 (2006.12.13) ======================================================================
01.Dynamic resize popup form height.
02.Fixed don't load correct mute button after scan.
03.Fixed panel will do schedule record if open TVR resuming from hibernate.
01.Fixed the sotred path is "c:\" to "c:\\".
02.Fixed errow at resize window to 16:9.
01.Fixed if device.res or config folder doesn't exist, it will crash.
02.Fixed if center is minimized, click toolbar or open other application will show TVR.
03.Disable drag to resize center window.
01.Fixed can't scan channels at scan channels page if first open digital tv.
02.Fixed schedule source is always english at schedule setting at first show.
03.After start schedule recording it will switch to TV page.
04.Fixed when enter tv page it will do schedule recording fm if center resume from schedule recording fm status.
01.Fixed center will be lock if resume form hibernate.
02.Fixed S.R.P.O status.
03.Fixed composite,s-video can enter scan channels page.
04.Start schedule recording by center.
05.Load information form PInfo.cfg
01.Fixed subtitle button status.
01.Fixed event of mouse wheel at non-homepage.
01.Fixed it takes effect when cancel set color parameter.
02.Fixed it doesn't change multi-language at button of view picture form.
01.Fixed can't start time-shifting if TVR at full-screen mode.
02.If no device, can't run setup wizard.
03.Fixed the hint of button of picture view form.
04.Improved the style of scrolling at Home page.
05.Enable time-shifting button at S-Video and Composite mode.
01. ­×¥¿Panelªì©l¤Æ®É·|load disable Device ªºPinfo config¡C
02. Device ¤º¥i¥H '//' ¬°µù¸Ñ¡C
03. ­×¥¿¤£¦PChip ¹w³]¼v¹³­È¤£¦P¡C
01. ­×¥¿¿D¬w¸ò¶ø¦a§QBandwith ³]©w¿ù»~¡C
02. ¼W¥[FM¡AComposite¡AS-Video¥\¯à¡C
03. ·í§ó´«»y¨¥·|°eMessageµ¹Schedule¡C
04. ÀˬdSchedule item ®É¶¡¬O§_­«½Æ¡C
05. ¼W¥[S.R.P.O.¥\¯à¡C
06. ­×¥¿·íOS »y¨¥¥¼¤ä´©®É¡A¹w³]¤£¬OEnglish¡C
07. ·s¼W´X±iFM¬ÛÃö¹ÏÀÉ¡C

1. Fix channel switch problem when receive channel switch message.
1. Fix bug. Hue value use incorrect range.
2. Support dual-view.
1. New method to terminate process.
2. Disable remote control when switching program state.
3. Fix bug: color adjustment setting will lose when switch channel between HDTV and SDTV.
4. Disable 'enter' key.

1. Support dual-view.
2. Stop scheduled capture when close AP.
1. Increase constant: MAX_MEMORY_CHANNEL.
2. Disable full screen function in channel preview mode.
3. Create registry if it is not exist before write it.

01.Feedback S.R.P.O. status to center.
01.Support Dual-hybrid device such as PCI-E,A+D.
02.Support Check Conflict items.
01.·íCenter §ó´«»y¨¥¡A·|°emessageµ¹Schedule¡A¦P®É§ó´«¡C
02.¼W¥[Tray icon ªºpopup menu¡A¥i¥HÃö³¬schedule ¸òÅã¥Üª©¥»¡C

====V1.0.0.3 (2006.10.31) ======================================================================
1. Add code to decide which version of schedule recording program to be used.
2. Add new function: FM auto channel scan.
3. Adjust FM auto find available channel function.
4. Add code to process message when finding available channel in FM mode.
5. Handle "form close event" when press alt+F4 to close form.

1. Add code to decide which version of schedule recording program to be used.

====V1.0.0.2 (2006.10.18) ======================================================================
1. Add function to receive message to switch display ratio.

1. Add function to receive message to switch display ratio.

====V1.0.0.2 (2006.10.17) ======================================================================
1. FM Memo channel function var message.

====V1.0.0.2 (2006.10.12) ======================================================================
1. ­×¥¿³¡¥÷ÀW¹D©ó°õ¦æTimeShifting®Éµe­±·|¼È°±ªº°ÝÃD¡C

====V1.0.0.2 (2006.10.11) ======================================================================
1. ­×§ïÀW¹D¹wÄý®ÉÅã¥Ü¤§¸ê°T¡C(­ì¨Ó: "1 - DTV" ­×§ï«á: "1")
2. ­YÀW¹D¤£´£¨ÑÂù»y¥\¯à¡A«h«ö¤U'SAP'¶s«á¡AOSD·|Åã¥Ü"No SAP."¡C

====V1.0.0.1 (2006.10.05) =======================================================================
1. 'Cannot render audio renderer'¿ù»~¤w­×¥¿¡C
2. ­×¥¿µ²§ôµ{¦¡®Écolor adjustment¼Æ­È¨S¦³Àx¦sªº¿ù»~¡C
3. ­×¥¿±Ò°ÊAP®É¼v¹³¼Ð·Ç¥Ã»·¬ONTSC_Mªº¿ù»~¡C

1. ­×¥¿¶}©lTeletext¥¢±Ñ¤´·|°±¤îEPG Collection¿ù»~¡C

====V1.0.0.1 (2006.09.22) =======================================================================
1. ®Ú¾Ú ATVR (V3.0.0.2) for HyperMediaII ­×§ï¦Ó¨Ó¡C
1. ®Ú¾Ú DTVR (V3.1.0.3) for HyperMediaII ­×§ï¦Ó¨Ó¡C
2. §ó·s EPG ¥\¯à¬[ºc¡C
3. ¨ÏSubtitleªº¶Â¦â­I´º²Å¦X¹ê»Ú¦r¹õ¤j¤p¡C
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