ReleaseNote.txt Driver File Contents (

Release Notes For the Intel (R) PRO/1000 MB Dual Port Network Connection Blade 
Server and Intel PRO/1000 MB Dual Port Server Adapter

ANS: This readme addresses only ANS configuration differences on the PRO/1000 MB 
Dual Port Network Connection. For basic understanding of ANS features and
functionality see the documentation that is provided with the ANS software.

1. Supported Teaming Modes:
   Some Blade switches support Link Aggregation only on the external switch 
   ports. Switch aware Link Aggregation teaming modes (FEC, GEC and 802.3ad) 
   require Link Aggregation support on the Blade switch internal ports. 

   SFT, AFT, ALB and 802.3ad teaming modes may include adapters attached to 
   separate Blade switches. For fault tolerance, use AFT or SFT when spanning 
   tree is enabled on the switches. For fault tolerance with increased 
   bandwidth use ALB (with or without RLB enabled) or 802.3ad if supported 
   on the Blade switch internal ports. 

2. ANS Probes: 
   If team members link to multiple blade switches, the probes will not
   indicate a failed connection unless the blade switches are connected via
   their external ports. The probes rely on the external connectivity of the
   switches and cannot detect that the external connectivity has been lost.

   To detect external link loss (in addition to adapter failure) by using probes, 
   there must be at least 3 team members with each member connected to a separate
   Blade switch. 

3. Spanning Tree:
   The observed Spanning Tree timeout on some blade switches is longer than the
   ANS forward delay default value (30 sec). This will cause disconnections 
   and/or packet loss upon failback (not failover) to the preferred primary. To 
   avoid this possibility:

   Adjust ANS forward (activation) delay parameter. For information on how to
   configure this parameter see PROSet Help (Windows) or ianscfg/PROCfg man
   page (Linux). 
4. Use with Microsoft’s NLB/WLBS:
   NLB/WLBS is not supported in ALB mode with RLB enabled. It is supported on
   other modes if set to Multicast.

PRO/1000 MB Dual Port Network Connection Blade Server cannot wake from 
hibernation on a link change

   Only magic packet wakeup functions correctly on the PRO/1000 MB Dual Port 
   Network Connection Blade Server. The settings on the PROSet Advanced Tab for all 
   other wakeup methods will not function, even if they are enabled. This is due 
   to an ACPI Wake on Lan limitation.

Rev. 2/10/2004
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