G200eWReleaseNotes.txt Driver File Contents (VGA_Matrox_1.2.5.0_W2K8_A.zip)


Matrox G200eW (Nuvoton), version 1.02.005
January 15th, 2010


The package is contained inside the following file:

  - g200ew_v1_02_05s_whql.zip

The package contains the following folders:

  - x32       Driver installation for 32-bit Server 2003, Server 2008
  - x64       Driver installation for 64-bit Server 2003, Server 2008


The folders of this package contain the X32 and X64 version of the Windows drivers for the G200eW graphics device.


- The x64 versions of the drivers were compiled using the Windows Server 2003 Free x64 Build Environments of the
  Windows DDK 3790.1830.
- The x32 versions of the drivers were compiled using the Win XP Free Build Environments of the Windows DDK 2600. 
  The x32 drivers can also be compiled with the Windows DDK 3790.1830. The resulting drivers, whether compiled in 
  the Windows XP or the Windows Server 2003 environments, are not compatible with Windows XP when no Service Pack 
  is installed; they do work correctly when Service Pack 2 and the current Hot Fixes are installed.


- Unzip the contain of the zip file.

- Select the folder corresponding to the operationg system installed on your system.

- Double-click on the setup.exe file contained inside the folder.

- A window should pop-up. Please follow the instructions.


  - Fixes return from sleep (S1) after having gone into hibernate (S4).



Rev. 1.02.004
  - Fixes return from sleep (S1) bug.

Rev. 1.02.003
  - Tweaked the hot plug behavior. It will not change the resolution when unplugging and re-plugging the same

Rev. 1.02.002
  - Added code for the Bus mastering. It's not enabled by default.

Rev. 1.02.001
  - Fixed the collision that G200eW had with ATI cards.

Rev. 1.01.003
  - Fixed the driver to pass under the new WHQL DTM 1.4
  - WHQL tests fixed : 
    * System - Disable Enable with IO
      From the new Microsoft Driver Verifier, a User handle must be referenced in User Mode even when
      being in kernel mode.

Rev. 1.01.002
  - Fixed a DDC bug when going into power management.
  - Removed the Write combining bug. 
    Even if the Write Combining was enabled in the .inf, there was a bug inside the driver that 
    prevented from using it. So right now, it's still disable, but it's done by the registry switch. 

Rev. 1.00.046 (
  - Fixed the uninstaller for WS2008R2. 
  - Modified the cursor to be asynchronous.

Rev. 1.00.045 (
  - The driver is now able to detect up to 16MB of memory.

Rev. 1.00.044 (
  - Fixed a clock stretching bug. The loop waiting for the release of the clock was not done correctly.

Rev. 1.00.042 (
  - Removed a Bus mastering operation which was remaining in the driver.

Rev. 1.00.041 (
  - Refined the solution (again) for the resolution hang. Following the Nuvoton recommendations. 

Rev. 1.00.040 (
  - Refined the solution for the resolution hang. Following the Nuvoton recommendations. 

Rev. 1.00.039 (
  - Fixed the resolution hang. It was the PLL which was not locking every time. To solve the issue
    we refined the algorithm for the PLL parameters.

Rev. 1.00.035 (
  - Changed the strings displaying Winbond for Nuvoton. 
  - Fixed the S0-S1-S0 issue. (Standby power management mode).

Rev. 1.00.034 (
  - Corrected an issue occurring with the DP Hot Replace test from the Server 2008 WHQL suite.
    A fix was already made in version 031 but was not covering all the cases.
  - Inserted a Save and Restore for the Subsystem ID when going into power management.
  - Fixed the Hot Plug issue.

Rev. 1.00.032 (
  - Corrected the Hot Plug issue. The driver was not processing the interrupt.
  - Fixed the service bug under Server 2008. We are not installing a service anymore. We are only 
    installing an application.
  - Corrected the uninstaller bug. 

Rev. 1.00.031 (
  - Fixed the service bug under Server 2008. 
  - Corrected the uninstaller bug. 
  - Corrected the WHQL bug occurring with the DP Replace bug. The problem was coming from a deprecated call.

Rev. 1.00.030 (
  - Added the fallback to 1024x768 in the case where there is no DDC detected.

Rev. 1.00.029 (
  - Second try to completely remove the disable local monitor problem. Modified the Hot Plug feature behavior.
    It will never disable the local.

Rev. 1.00.028 (
  - Modified the Hot Plug feature behavior. It will never disable the local.

Rev. 1.00.027 (
  - Corrected the 85Hz bug. We are doing the pruning inside the driver now.

Rev. 1.00.026 (
  - Corrected the 640x480 hot plug bug.
  - Corrected the uninstaller to remove the coinstaller as well

Rev. 1.00.025 (
  - Added Hot Plug feature.

Rev. 1.00.024 (
  - Fixed the EDID issue.

Rev. 1.00.023 (
  - Unified the package.
  - Fixed the EDID issue.
  - Corrected the mode list to only allow mode up to 1280 in horizontal resolution and 1024 in vertical resolution.
  - Removed cursor width and height information.

Rev. 1.00.022 (
  - Added the Banwidth limitation to prevent corruption. This value could need more tweaking. Please report any resolution showing bandwidth issue.
  - Corrected the corruption bug seen when the framebuffer aperture was set to 8MB.
  - Added cursor information passing mechanism. Please consult the APB specification for more information.

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