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Driver Package File Name: 9539678.exe
File Size: 3.1 MB

Information and Instructions about this download file  

File Description: BIOS Update
Version: 95.10
Operating System: Microsoft(r) Windows Vista(r) 
Part Number: 9539678
Date: 04/08/2008

Table of Contents
Applicable Part Numbers


This is BIOS version 95.10 for the notebook computer models listed in the Applicable Part Numbers section below.  The BIOS should be updated (flashed) if:

1.  You are updating to a newer BIOS revision.

2.  A technician has told you to flash or re-flash the computer.

3.  You are upgrading to the Windows Vista operating system.


If you have a notebook computer model listed below and are upgrading to Windows Vista, upgrade to this BIOS.


Download the BIOS file to the desktop, and then perform the following steps.

Note: This BIOS update runs in Windows using the WinPhlash utility.  Before starting this procedure, close or disable ALL programs.  This includes active anti-virus scans and programs in the systray.  Close programs in the systray by right-clicking, or alternate-clicking, each icon, and then if available, clicking Disable, Exit, or Close.

Because many programs can affect the way this flash is completed, it is critical that all programs are closed.

1.  If you have not already done so, locate and double-click the 9539678.exe file that you downloaded from the Internet.  Files extract to the C:\Cabs\9539678 folder.

2.  In the C:\Cabs\9539678\Winphlash folder, double-click Winplash.exe.

Note: If you already are running Windows Vista, you must right-click Winplash.exe and then choose Run as administrator.

3.  In the Phoenix WinPhlash dialog box, verify that Backup BIOS and Flash BIOS with new setting are selected.

Note: If the location is already listed as C:\Cabs\9539678\Winphlash\BIOS Files\9510.wph, click Flash BIOS.  Otherwise, skip to step 4.

4.  In the Specify new BIOS file window, click Browse.  Browse to C:\Cabs\9539678\Winphlash\BIOS Files\9510.wph, and then click Flash BIOS.


5.  Manually type in the location C:\Cabs\9539678\Winphlash\BIOS Files\9539678.wph in the Specify new BIOS file field, and then click Flash BIOS.

6.  In the Phoenix WinPhlash dialog box, click OK.

7.  The BIOS is flashed.

8.  After the BIOS has completed, click Restart.


Because a computer must have a BIOS to operate, there is no removal process.  The BIOS cannot be removed after it has been upgraded.


If you have trouble flashing the BIOS, try the process again following the steps listed in the Installation section of this document.  If you are still unable to flash the BIOS, verify that you are actually attempting to flash the correct BIOS for your Gateway notebook computer.  If this process still fails, contact technical support.

Applicable Part Numbers

M-6205m - 1015499R
M-6206m - 1015501R
M-6207m - 1015507R
M-6307 - 2905965R
M-6308 - 2905980R
M-6309 - 1015231R
M-6312 - 1015133R
M-6319 - 1015356R
M-6320 - 2906055R
M-6324 - 2906048R
M-6332 - 2906081R
M-6333 - 2906082R
M-6334 - 2906080R
M-6335 - 2906079R
M-6336 - 2906068R
M-6337 - 1015606R
M-6338b - 1015790R
M-6750 - 1015078R
M-6750h - 1015179R
M-6755 - 1015157R
M-6807m - 1015505R
M-6811m - 1015511R
M-6812m - 1015515R
M-6813m - 1015517R
M-6814m - 1015513R
M-6823a - 1014782R
M-6827 - 1015672R
M-6834 - 1015159R
M-6843 - 1015608R
M-6844 - 1015400R
M-6845 - 1015401R
M-6845h - 1015444R
M-6846 - 1015342R
M-6847 - 1015600R
M-6848 - 1015598R
M-6849 - 1015666R
M-6866 - 1015670R
M-6873b - 1015795R
M-6874b - 1015792R
M-6875b - 1015728R
M-6876b - 1015730R
M-6877b - 1015723R
M-6878 - 1015740R
M-6878h - 1015738R
M-6880 - 1015799R
M-6881 - 1015801R
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