Release_87Se.txt Driver File Contents (

Date		Version	Note
2007.10.08	041	1. Update Rx Status Descriptor definition.
		        2. Fix Protection Mode bug
		        3. Fix Fragmentation Issue.
			4. support HW Radio On/Off.
			5. Fix Sw Channel race condition.
			6. support Mini-PCIe Card LED.
			7. [Vista] support Active State Power Management.
			8. Support Rate Adaptive, Antenna Diversity, Dynamic Initial Gain.
			9. It's the first released beta version.

2007.10.13	042	1. Released for CCX4 test.

2007.10.18	043	1. Released for WHQL test.

2007.10.24	044	1. Rewrite Hw Key Content from low power state to active in order to avoid reset by Hw.

2007.10.26	045	1. [Vista] Fix out of Tx resource in SendRecv_Stress item of WHQL.

2007.11.07	046	1. Update formula of signal strength.

2007.11.16	047	1. Fix WPA2 Pre-Auth. PMK sometimes catche failed. 
			2. Support Inactive Power Save.
2007.11.29	048	1. For Power Consumption in disconnect situation.

2007.12.12	049	1. Fix incorrect memory copy to pass Scan_Cmn DTM test item.
			2. Support Tx High Power Mechaniam.

2007.12.25	050	1. Fix Hot Plug then system crash issue.

2007.12.27	051	1. Improve Power Consumption in leisure time of connection.

2008.01.09	052	1. Fix disconnect from system sleep to awake.
			2. Revise Antenna defination.

2008.01.16	053	1. Revice power save algorithm to avoid that 
			   download file might spend very long time or disconnect.

2008.01.23	054	1. Support Customized ID.

2008.02.25	055	1. Revise Rate Adaptive Mechanism to improve long-range connection.

2008.03.13	056	1. Use Hw/Sw Rx evaluation ro improve antenna diversity Mechanism.
			2. Support rate Adaptive in B mode.

2008.04.01	057	1. Released for WHQL test.
			2. [Vista] Fix the bug of RF on/off functionality 
			   between mobility center and HW options.

2008.04.21	058	1. [Vista] Fix WPS Feature Pack issue under Vista SP1

2008.04.23	059	1. support mesh network.

2008.04.24	060	1. Revise connect request for WPS Feature Pack

2008.06.06	061	1. Revise site survey behavior after the system is resuming.

2008.06.25	062	1. [Vista] Set Multicast_list to get DHCP correctly in DTM.    

2008.06.27	063	1. [MacOS] Revice coding style for endian free.
			2. Fix incorrect Rx FIFO status.

2008.07.01	064	1. Released for WLK 1.2
			2. Add global domain which follow the country code, 
			   otherwise active scan from ch1~11 and passive scan from ch12~14

2008.07.08	065	1. Revice switch channel procedure to fix disconnect issue under losse traffic.
			2. Revice BaseBand parameter to avoid registers access failed then NIC disconnect form AP.

2008.07.09	066     1. Revice BaseBand parameter for all dynamic mechanism to aviod race condition.

2008.07.10	067     1. Fix System WHQL PCIHCT test failure.
			2. Revice Dynamic Initial Gain algorithm in PowerSave situation.

2008.08.04	068     1. Support "World Wide 13" Domain.
			2. Fix timing issue that switch channel might fail in power state transitions from lower power state to fully power.
			3. Imporved Adhoc Mode throughput.
			4. Fix empty SiteSurvey list in Adhoc Mode.

2008.08.12	069     1. Revice Adhoc WPA2-AES BSOD issue.
			2. Revice GPIO Control function.

2008.08.16	070	1. [Vista] Fix Adhoc IPv6 ping failed.
			2. Some AP would deauth its client under losse traffic.

2008.08.22	071	1. [Vista] Fix Vista Mobile Center icon disabled issue
			2. [XP] Fix WPA-TKIP Adhoc ping failed in new verision of Windows Zero Config. 
			3. Using System PowerProfile to adjust the power consumption. 
			4. [Vista] Revise boot time.
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