Language_1.ini Driver File Contents (


font_name=MS Sans Serif










ITEM_7=Package Version:

ITEM_8=DirectX Version:

ITEM_9=OS Version:

ITEM_10=Driver Provider:

ITEM_11=Codec Type:

ITEM_12=Driver Version:


ITEM_14=Enable Hot Key Function

ITEM_15=Volume Increase:

ITEM_16=Volume Decrease:



ITEM_19=Center/LFE Swap

ITEM_20=Enable S/PDIF Output

ITEM_21=S/PDIF output enabled for connection to stereos, speakers or other audio devices with S/PDIF connections.

ITEM_22=S/PDIF Output Sample Rate:

ITEM_23=Note: All the settings don't take effect to current palyback stream.

ITEM_24=Using Jack Detect

ITEM_25=Independent Headphone:   This feature gives users the ability to send two different audio streams to different locations at the same time, from this PC.

ITEM_26=Redirected Headphone:   This feature gives users the ability to send one audio stream to all locations.

ITEM_27=Line In


ITEM_29=Front Speaker

ITEM_30=Back Surround

ITEM_31=Side Surround


ITEM_33=Front Microphone

ITEM_34= will also be changed.


ITEM_36=Please close all windows

ITEM_37=The system must be rebooted in order for this change to take affect.Do you want to reboot now?

ITEM_38=Smooth Slider


ITEM_40=Cutoff Frequency

ITEM_41=Please click on speaker icons to change speaker type

ITEM_42=Bass Boost

ITEM_43=Default Playback Device

ITEM_44=Default Recording Device

ITEM_45=Auto Show Dialog

ITEM_46=VIA HD Audio Info


ITEM_48=Jack Plugged In

ITEM_49=Jack Plugged Out

ITEM_50=Jack State Changed

ITEM_51=Mic Boost

ITEM_52=Front Mic Boost

ITEM_53=Master Volume is Mute,Can't Change the S/PDIF Enable State.

ITEM_54=Analog To Line Out

ITEM_55=Center Boost

ITEM_56=For optimal results the selected rate should match the incoming rate.

ITEM_57=S/PDIF Input Sample Rate:

ITEM_58=Note: All the settings don't take effect to current record stream.

ITEM_59=Auto mute front speaker when Headphone plug in.

ITEM_60=Smart 5.1


ITEM_62=Front Mic1 Boost

ITEM_63=Front Mic2 Boost

ITEM_64=Applying the setting, please wait...

ITEM_65=Enable AEC

ITEM_66=Turn on AEC will set the channel config to 2 Channels. Do you want to contnue?

ITEM_67=The Jack Detect function is temporary invalid when you enable this AA-path function.


top_speaker=Speaker Channels

top_mixer=Mixer Setting

top_effect=Sound Effect

top_phonejack=Phone Jack


top_info=Information and Hotkey

top_power=Hide the Control Panel

top_mastervolume=Master Volume

top_mastermute=Master Mute

left_speaker_2speaker=2 Speakers

left_speaker_4speaker=4 Speakers

left_speaker_6speaker=6 Speakers

left_speaker_8speaker=8 Speakers

left_mixer_playback=Mixer Playback

left_mixer_recording=Mixer Recording

left_mixer_headphones=Headphones setting

left_mixer_frontmic=Mixer Front Microphone

middle_mixer_default_device=Default Device Setting


;left_effect_enviroment=Enviroment Setting

left_effect_equalizer=Equalizer Setting

left_effect_bassmanagement=Bass Management

;left_effect_micagc=Microphone Auto Adjustment

left_phonejack_backpanel=Backpanel Jacks

left_phonejack_frontpanel=Frontpanel Jacks

left_phonejack_onepanel=Jacks Setting

;left_phonejack_surrondkit=Surrond Jacks

left_phonejack_configuration=Device Configuration

left_spdif_spdifout=S/PDIF Out

;left_spdif_spdifin=S/PDIF In

left_info_systeminfo=System Information

left_info_hotkey=Hot Key Setting

middle_speaker_volume=Speaker Volume

middle_speaker_speaker=Speaker Test

middle_speaker_exchangecenterlfe=Enable/Disable Exchange Center/LFE Speakers

middle_speaker_headphone_test=Speaker/Headphone Test Page Switch

middle_speaker_center_boost=Enable/Disable Center Boost

middle_speaker_auto_speaker_test=Test all speakers automatically

middle_speaker_auto_HP_test=Test the Headphone automatically



middle_mixer_muteall=Mute All Recording Devices




middle_mixer_nextpage=Next Page

middle_mixer_prepage=Previous Page

middle_mixer_micboost=Enable/Disable Microphone 20db Boost

middle_mixer_frontmic=Enable/Disable Front Microphone

middle_mixer_frontmicboost=Enable/Disable Front Mic 20db Boost

middle_mixer_pseudo_aapath=Enable/Disable Pshudo AA Path

middle_mixer_preset_volume=Preset Volume

;middle_effect_enableenviroment=Enable/Disable Enviromental Modeling

;middle_effect_setenviroment=Select Enviroment Settings









middle_effect_equalizeronoff=Enable/Disable Equalizer

middle_effect_equalizersave=Save Current Gain Values

middle_effect_equalizerdelete=Delete Current Preset Setting

middle_effect_presetvalue=Select Preset Value

middle_effect_smoothslider=Enable/Disable Smmoth Slider

middle_effect_defaultslider=Default Equalizer Setting

middle_effect_enablebassmanagement=Enable/Disable Bass Management

middle_effect_basssetting=Select Bass Setting

middle_effect_cutoff=Select Cutoff Frequency

middle_effect_subwoofer=Select Subwoofer Config

middle_effect_bassboost=Enable/Disable Bass Boost

middle_effect_speakerbass=Speaker Bass Cutoff Enable(Large)/Disable(Small)

;middle_effect_enablemicagc=Enable/Disable Microphone Auto Volume Control

;middle_effect_startmicagc=Start/Stop Auto Volume Control

middle_jack_jacksetting=Select Jack Function

middle_jack_default=Default Jack Function

middle_jack_expander=Expander Stereo To Multichannel

middle_jack_front=Front Speakers

middle_jack_back=Back Speakers

middle_jack_surround=Side Surround Speakers

middle_jack_center=Center/LFE Speaker

middle_jack_linein=Line In



middle_jack_frontmic=Front Microphone

middle_jack_unknown=Unknow Device

middle_jack_detect=Enable/Disable Jack Detect

middle_jack_autodialog=Auto Show Retasking Dialog

middle_jack_smart51_special=Enable/Disable Smart 5.1 Channels

middle_jack_manualdetect=Manual Jack Detect

middle_headphoneconfig_independent=Independent Headphone

middle_headphoneconfig_redirected=Redirected Headphone

middle_headphoneconfig_automute=Auto Mute Front Speaker

middle_spdif_enablespdifout=Enable/Disable S/PDIF Output

middle_spdif_44=44.1 kHz

middle_spdif_48=48 kHz

middle_spdif_88=88.2 kHz

middle_spdif_96=96 kHz

middle_spdif_176=176.4 kHz

middle_spdif_192=192 kHz

;middle_spdif_enablespdifin=Enable/Disable S/PDIF Input

;middle_spdif_selectspdifin=Select S/PDIF Input Device

;middle_spdif_monitorspdifin=Monitor S/PDIF In

middle_info_logo=Visit VIA Site

middle_info_multilanguage=Select Language

middle_info_enablehotkey=Enable/Disable Hotkey

middle_info_alt=With Alt Key

middle_info_ctrl=With Ctrl Key

middle_info_shift=With Shift Key

middle_info_windows=With Windows Logo Key

middle_info_volumeinc=Select Volume Increase Key

middle_info_volumedec=Select Volume Decrease Key

middle_info_muteunmute=Select Mute Key

middle_info_showhide=Select Show/Hide Control Panel Key


Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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