Release.txt Driver File Contents (sa105touchpadx.exe)

                Synaptics Pointing Device Driver Release Notes
                            November 15, 2005

This document describes changes to the Synaptics TouchPad Driver for
Windows 9x & ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Only external
releases have been documented. Other releases were for internal use, beta 
tests, or for specific customer requests. These are not documented here.

Version 11/15/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -branch build for San Antonio project: 1. Fixed help topic assignment. 2.
   Modified OEM application launch parameter. 3. New PnP IDs for new

Version  8.2.4 11/10/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes

  -Changed OEM PnPID settings. 
  -Fixed a bug that assigning left button to a "print"action locks the

Version  8.2.3 11/09/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Check-in two translated resource strings for all languages. 
  -Changed to use HSIDC_NOTRAYICON from SynTPCpl.rc 
  -Fixed a bug that Dual Mode mode does not update when external USB mouse
   plug and unplug. 
  -Fixed an Dual Mode bug on resume from stanby the TouchPad cannot move the
   cursor if it previously was in Button Mode. 

Version  8.2.2 11/08/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed HelpId for Dbl click slider to 0 since no help string currently
  -Korean translation fix for Left - Primary Click and Right - Secondary
  -Change product name "DualMode" to "Dual Mode" 
  -Fixed a plugin action launching custom app does not work when Control
   Panel is not running on the setting page of the action. 
  -Added translations for new resource strings. 
  -Fixed a bug that control panel setting dialog crashing when changing
   language settings. 
  -Updated "Help topic undefined" and other strings to have a blank line
   after the help topic to match all other previous help topics. 
  -Disable InstallShield message box during silent install. 
  -Updated copyright date. 

Version  8.2.1 10/28/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a bug in the context sensitive help pop-ups so that they now filter
   out an extra blank line and CR/LF at end of last line so that the context
   sensitive help doesn't have a bunch of white space after the end of the
   last line of text. 
  -Fixed a bug for DualMode where we needed to turn off Button Mode when the
   device is deleted. 
  -Fixed a bug where DualMode mode was not being correctly setup when going in
   and out the Control Panel settings dialog. 
  -Fixed a bug in an OEM control panel where SnapToDefault would not revert back
   to the original setting on Cancel. 
  -Removed an older OEM control panel configuration that is no longer
  -Fixed a bug in an OEM control panel where the stick scrolling speed was not
   being correctly written/read.
  -Changed the settings for an OEM control panel to re-align German text and
   resize the text so the strings in the Slow Motion and Constrain Motion combo
   boxes will no longer be cut off. 
  -Fixed the DualMode print function by changing the changing the acquire
   functionality to suppress the cursor for everything, not just for the motion.
   This way the kernel will not report a tap (left button click) while the device
   is suppressed. 
  -Added new ini files for an OEM that will enable the DisableIntPDIfExtPNPPresent
   feature - one ini file to set it to default of On, and one to set it to default
   of Off. 
  -Added New PNP IDs and custom settings to the INF file for an OEM customer. 

Version  8.2.0 10/21/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
New Features
  -Added DualMode functionality.
Bug Fixes

  -Fixed an issue where it was not possible reselect "Select off when typing"
   on Stick tab, once it had been unselected.
  -Updated OEM PnP INF file. 
  -Create a new OEM inf for DualMode platforms. 
  -Updated OEM inf file to use new resource IDs for new PNGs for single 
   pointing Devices tab. 
  -Updated for French langauge so it doesn't wrap over Default button.

Version  8.1.14 10/14/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed order of X and Y DPM to be correct for USB devices.  

Version  8.1.13 10/07/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes

  -Fixed a bug where the auto disable was not working correctly before 
   the Windows logon screen. 
  -Removed the hotkey from the USB monitoring feature as requested by an
   OEM customer. 
  -Fixed a bug where the context sensitive help for an OEM control panel
   item was not being displayed correctly. 
  -Updated an OEM inf file with a new PnP ID that will disable scrolling by
  -Update an OEMs INF file settings so one PnP ID has an adjusted scrolling
   region, and another PnP turns the default feature off and the monitoring
   of external PnP devices to off. 
  -Added support for PnP IDs for OEM customers. 

Version  8.1.12 09/30/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the control panel text referring to an external USB device to be
   consistent with other references to USB devices. 
  -Added a hotkey for the Disable the internal device when a USB device is
   present feature. 
  -Added new PnP ID support for OEM customers. 
  -Fixed a bug that was causing some old folders/files to be left around
   when un-installing after upgrading an older driver to a newer driver.

Version  8.1.11 09/24/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed get byte polled to continue to wait rather than fail on the first
   attempt if the data has not yet been put into the buffer by the DPC. 

Version  8.1.10 09/22/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Changed to only set/clear kbd/aux interrupt bits and no longer read the
   command byte before disabling the kbc/aux interrupts when the keyboard
   controller is disabled and no longer read back the result of the
   write to enable the kbc/aux interrupts. This prevents us from generating
   unwanted kbd interrupts. This will fix the TP not detected on boot/reset
   for dual-processor systems and it also fixes an issue where the KBC may
   not be detected correctly on boot on some systems.
  -Changed the default setting for the Pnp Monitoring feature to off for
   an OEM customer.
  -Fixed a problem in recalibration where it could hang due to a mutex. 
  -Added support to use hotkeys to disable/enable both the passthrough and
   master devices independently.
  -Added new control values so that master and slave devices can be
   enabled/disabled by hotkeys independently.
  -Created an OEM customer INF file for supporting platforms with XP x64 Edition.
  -Added the feature to allow Control Panel to display a custom image on the
   top of the device settings dialog. 

Version  8.1.9 09/15/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a hang issue for DualMode TP when Media Player window is minimizing. 
  -Fixed up OEM inf file so that the buttons page will always display if
   there is any PS/2 device detected. 

Version  8.1.8 09/08/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed an OEM customer issue with the TouchPad button enable/disable state
   when the PnP Disable feature was enabled. 
  -Fixed an LED on-off setting issue for LuxPad. 
  -Changed the default for the auto disable feature to be off for an OEM
  -Changed the COM API init error message to be clearer.

Version  8.1.7 09/01/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a  bug in processing of chorded buttons where a single packet from
   a mouse device was not getting through. This resulted in a PS/2 mouse left
   button not being detected until the mouse was moved. 
  -Added support to display special information in the device settings page
   for an OEM customer. 
  -Added new controls in to OEM inf file to support new features. 
  -Added support to the control panel to have a control that can monitor the
   active state of the disable internal device if and external PnP device is
   present feature. 
  -Fixed an issue where the device-independent features where not properly
   showing up in the control panel. 
  -Fixed some overlapping controls in an OEM UI. 
  -Updated an OEM inf file to update their customer UI with the
   DisableIntPDIfExtPdPresent feature/UI support. 
  -Add a proper error message for COM API init error. This is to
   differentiate the message about version error. 

Version  8.1.6 08/25/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes

  -Added a fix into the SynCOM API object to try and and regain its
   connection to the Enh App in the Initialize function if it was not
   properly able to do so when the COM API object was created. 
  -Add middle button support into OEM control panel.
  -Added a new Palm Rejection capability to reject taps/strokes for the Toggle
   on/off plugin.
  -Added the settngs to disabled scrolling in the INF file for an OEM customer. 
  -Added support for new PnP IDs in the x64 INF file for OEM customers. 

Version  8.1.5 08/18/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added a key to remove the Pointer Refresh Rate settings from the control
   panel for an OEM. 
  -Added a change to not read the default configuration when the system is
   shutting down. Only do it during a log off. This is to avoid a problem of 
   resetting the display rotation in Windows 2000 for Intel Graphics chipsets
   where the Intel driver will not reliably respond when the system is 
   shutting down. 
  -Updated the registry settings for PnP IDs for OEM customers. 
  -Fixed the disable internal device when a USB Mouse is attached feature. 
   The red X in the tray menu will now properly update if the popup balloon
   is active. 
  -Fixed the alignment of brightness text for LuxPad. 
  -Added correct Simplified Chinese strings for LuxPad brightness settings. 

Version  8.1.4 08/11/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes

  -Fixed the configuration of the USB PnP Monitoring feature in the control 
  -Fixed a problem where the arrow keys would not properly cycle through the
   tray icon display options on the 'Device Settings' page. 
  -Added support to handle LEDS reverse direction when scrolling reverses and
   to stop LEDs when scrolling stops. 
  -Removed extra spaces out of the Traditional Chinese help file. 
  -Fixed a bug where the disable TouchPad with a hotkey feature was broken. 

Version  8.1.3 08/05/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added PNPId for ODM customer for 64-XP. 
  -Expose Pid for USB devices from kernel so enhanced app can get USB Pid. 
  -Expose the PID and the NumberOfLEDs information so it can be accessed
   through COM. 
  -Release the cursor before calling RunApp in the plugin event handling
   routine so the app can acquire the device.
  -Updated the Chinese help files to translate the word 'web' into the proper
   Chinese translation. 
  -Fixed an issue where the SynTPEnh.exe icon was at a lower resolution than
   the other Synaptics application icons.  Now it is using the proper 32x32
  -Unified device arbitration to a single device related function. 

Version  8.1.2 07/28/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated all the InstallShield strings with the new UltraNav branding. 
  -Plugin actions now respect device acquisition. 
  -Create 64-bit driver INF for OEM. 
  -Added new PnP for OEM. 

Version  8.1.1 07/20/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes

  -Fixed the Synaptics tray menu icon so that the image looks more clear. 
  -Added Pid for new USB device. 
  -Modified normal scrolling to respect device acquisition. 
  -Revised OEM scrolling subsystem to respect device acquisition. 
  -Added a new warning message string for when the user attempts to
   reinstall the driver after it had just been uninstalled, but had not
   performed the required reboot. NOTE: This message is current only in 
  -Fixed a bug where setting the tray icon does not work properly when 
   balloon popup is displayed. 
  -Fixed the crash in the Enhancement App when using a tap zone for scrolling

Version  8.1.0 07/15/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
New Features
  - Updated all the images and icons of the Synaptics logo into the new 
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the InstallShield text with new strings for the UltraNav driver
  -Clicked button events are now sent via OS event instead of forced feed 
  -Cursor suppression is now associated only with a particular device, not
   with all devices as a set. 
  -The chiral backend now respects device acquisition. 
  -Fixed a problem where the arrow keys could not be used to select through
   devices on the Device Settings page.  Also fixed an issue where using the
   mouse to click a specific device would unselect the device in the Device
   Settings page. 
  -Fixed a problem where the control panel could still detect a USB device
   right after it got notification of its removal.  This would cause the
   device to get listed in the control panel even when the device was not
  -Disable vertical and horizontal scrolling features for OEM. 
  -Fixed Spanish translation of "right-handed". From "Diestro" to "Derecho".
  -Fixed a bug that the device status does not monitor on disable/enable by
  -Re-worked enhancement app red-x tray icon functionality and fixed a bug
   so that teh red-x can show up properly when external USB mouse is present. 

Version  8.0.16 07/08/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes

  -Adding Russian as a supported language for InstallShield. 
  -Fixed a problem where some of the text in the InstallShield installation
   wasn't all in Russian.  This was fixed for WinWDM, WinNT4, and Win2K/XP.
  -Updated the branding, bitmaps and other related images for the UltraNav
   driver to the new manufacturer. 
  -Forced a new line in the InstallShield title for Russian so that all the
   text fits on the screen. 
  -Updated Chiral Scrolling to respect the cursor suppression return value.
   If it cannot be suppressed, do not activate scrolling. 
  -Added a new PnP for OEM. 
  -Fixed a bug when resume from standby without Windows Logon will not load
   user settings properly. This fix also applies to the issue of pluging in 
   an USB TouchPad does not load the user setting for the device properly. 
   This fix effects all OS's.

Version  8.0.15 06/30/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added PnP Id's to 64 inf file for OEM. 
  -Fixed the text description of the button swap control to explicity
   mention it only works on the external USB devices.
  -Removed some extra spaces in the French and French Canadian help files. 
  -Fixed a bug in device acquiring exclusively. 
  -Instead of dropping the packet when device is acquired exclusively,
   change to adding to the queue and advance the index.
  -Add DualMOde TouchPad application to standard build.

Version  8.0.14 06/24/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed a problem where the radio buttons on the 'Devices' tab were not
   working as expected (by using the arrow keys) in the single pointing
   custom UI. 
  -Added new flag SF_AcquireExclusive to the SynDevice Acquire method to
   allow blocking data feed to other apps. 
  -Updated the UltraNav scrolling table to add support for Powerpoint, and
   the Opera web browser. 
  -Fixed a problem where the Synaptics bitmap was truncated in the Korean
   popup tips dialog. 
  -Fixed a bug that the left button click on a Synaptics Styk reported 
   both middle and right button data to OS. 
  -Fixed a problem where the current users settings would be set to the 
   defaults after a suspend/resume action.  This issue only happens on 
   Win2K and older. 
  -Assigned extended button settings for an existing OEM platform. 

Version  8.0.13 06/17/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes

  -Add the text 'Evaluation Copy' to the Mouse Properties window title for
   drivers that have not been certified. 
  -Added additional support information in the key for the Synaptics
   Add/Remove programs entry. 
  -For the Add/Remove program section for the Synaptics driver, the
   Change/Remove button has been changed to just Remove. 
  -Added new PnP ID for OEM. 
  -Fixed a problem where the button swap state of the Synaptics controlled
   devices was matching that of the external devices on Win98/ME systems. 
  -Fixed an issue with scrolling not working on non-trusted pages in
   Netscape 8.0. 
  -Fixed an issue where the device bitmap on the buttons page wouldn't
   change when the different devices were selected in the device dropdown
  -Updated all the .inf files so that the registry key that identifies the
   vendor the inf is installed for is installed in the correct location. 
   This change will allow the Synaptics folder to get properly deleted in
   the registry during uninstall. 
  -Added 4 new PnP ID for OEM.

Version  8.0.12 06/09/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -clean up some help files to use the same font name and size.
  -Added code to set/get Led Illumination settings. 
  -Localize the EdgeMotion word in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
  -Fixed an API initialization error when hot-plugged in an external PS/2
   device on a dual pointing device system running in non-Mux KBC mode. 
  -Added a balloon popup style notification message for when the internal
   device has been disabled because an external device has arrived. 
  -The messages that explains that the advanced features of the TouchPad
   have been disabled because of an external device will now be displayed in
   a popup ballon, and not with a popup dialog. 
  -Added improved translation of the help topic for the Palmcheck feature in
  -Added some PnP support for x64 system for OEM. 

Version  8.0.11 06/02/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the English help file so that it use the same font size, and 
   removed some redundant spaces.
  -Updated OEM inf files so that the 64-bit and 32-bit PnP are the same. 
  -Added new OEM INF file. 
  -Fixed a blue-screen on start-up when KBCDisableConfig is set to allow
   keystroke to disable/enable the TouchPad. 
  -Added support for displaying popup balloon messages in the tray
   notification area. 

Version  8.0.10 05/26/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added support for OEM LED Control tab for Circular Led illumination
   control checkboxes, and added support for AV illumination control radio
  -Updated the kernel build files so that they use the newest DDK (Win2003
  -Adding the 64-bit inf file for OEM. 
  -Fixed a control panel width issue for OEM on Korean XP. 
  -Added a new PnP IDs for OEMs. 
  -Enabled the both button feature for a OEM's PnP ID. 

Version  8.0.9 05/20/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Added Include=usb.inf and CopyFiles=USB.CopyFiles.NT to an OEM's inf.
  -Fixed an issue where the control panel registry settings would not get
   refreshed on upgrade installs.  Now on an upgrade, the previous control
   panel settings are deleted before the new ones are installed. 
  -Added support for the Intel EM64T processor type to setup international so
   it will install from a CD. 
  -Changed the scrolling popup dialog for the OEM control panel page to have
   a 'Close' button instead of OK, Cancel, and Apply buttons. 
  -Fixed a problem where the enabled/disable vertical and horizontal scroll
   settings weren't getting changed properly if the user hit the Apply
   button on the Gestures tab.  This problem only happens with OEM custom
   control panel. 
  -Fixed a problem where upgrading a driver pre v8.0.1 to v8.0.2-v8.0.7
   would generate and warning during install where the language version of
   the tutorial application don't match. 
  -Fixed a bug where multiple copies of the TouchPad in compatibility mode
   warning dialogs were showing up when plug/unplug an external PS/2 mouse
   multiple times. 
  -Added plugin settings for using the both button action to toggle TP 
   on/off for OEM.
  -Fixed a problem where some kernel functions were being called at the 
   wrong IRQL level.  This causes driver verifier to crash the system. 
  -Added a new 64-bit inf files for various OEM.
  -Added Button 4 and Button 5 click actions to OEM UI for Left/Right button,
   and tap zones action lists. 
  -Fixed the release version of the x64 kernel driver so that it doesn't
   include any debug information.

Version  8.0.8 05/12/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes

  -Fixed a transparent Passthrough escape sequence problem.
  -Added registry settings for AV plugins for OEM. 
  -Updated the COM API help with information about the
   'SP_DisablePDIfExtPresent' value, and also repaired the SP_DisableState
   keyword entry. 
  -Added DetectForceCompatibilityMode=1 and DetectWheelMouse=0 to customer's
   INF file to detect standard mouse on external PS/2 mouse arrival. 
  -Fixed a bug where a hot-plugin external PS/2 mouse doesn't work if the KBC
   type set to unknown in registry. 
  -Added a feature to the popup dialog window in the control panel to have
   an optional close button, instead of OK, Cancel, Apply buttons. 
  -Removed two spaces before [OK] in the Japanese help. 

Version  8.0.7 05/05/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Change the text 'previous media' to 'previous track', and 'next media' to
   'next track'.  Also decapitalized all the words for the plugin name
  -Added more USB device IDs to exclusion list. 
  -Added a registry key "Detect5ButtonWheelMouse" that turns off the 5-button
   wheelmouse detection. 

Version  8.0.6 05/02/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes

  -Changed the font in the Japanese Help file so that it is compatible with
   systems that have a reduced font set.
  -Fixed a bug that showing warning messages for internal disable or
   relative mode when an external PS2 mouse is attached. 
  -Check/fix the possibility that we might get multiple notification
   dialogs when an external PS2 mouse is attached.
  -Updated height of pages for Japanese control panel for OEM. This fixes an
   issue where the logo and "Default" buttons were cut off. 
  -Localized some of the text in the Korean patent notices help section. 
  -Adding USB "HID\VID_05E3&PID_FFE2&MI_00" to the USB PnP exclusion list. 
  -Added check for EM64T processor so that it now works with both Intel and
   AMD 64-bit enabled CPU's.
  -Fixed the browse forward/backward slider gesture so that it can go 
   through multiple web pages, and switch directions in one slide.
  -Added support for OEM UI feature for plugin actions that activate 
   multimedia fns. like Play, Stop, etc. 
  -Fixed a few problems for MultiKey38802 KBC. 1. Preventing polling thread
   to detect device immediately after the system resume from suspend. 2.
   Make canceling the polling thread more reliable so there won't be a 
   polling thread running when it shouldn't. 
  -Added the ShowResetButton setting to OEMs ini file for the round TP

Version  8.0.5 04/21/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes

  -Removed the hidden text 'tap_zones' from all the help files. 
  -Removed the English 'tap_zones' text from all the Chinese help files 
   where it was actually being displayed.
  -Fixed a bug that certain KBC cannot support detecting a hot-plug of
   external PS/2 mouse. Also, fixed a detection dead lock bug and allow a
   full cycle detection when the detect request is coming from the API. 
  -Shortened the text of the driver installation text title for the French
   installation so that it fits on the screen for really low resolutions
  -Localized all the text for the patent notices for the Japanese help file.
  -Fixed the simplified chinese help file to now just use one font type. 
  -Unified the entire font set for the Japanese help file. 
  -Fixed an issue where the control panel would crash if the user attempted
   to scroll the popup dialog control panel page. 
  -Fixed an issue where closing the control panel by using the cancel button
   could take up to 9 seconds depending on how many tabs have been selected.
  -Fixed a problem where the practice button wouldn't work for an OEM custom
   control panel. 
  -Fixed an issue where the radio button navigation with the arrow keys was
   reversed for some of the controls on the 'Devices' tab for an OEM custom
   control panel. 

Version  8.0.4 04/14/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Updated the Edge motion speed bitmaps to align with the text of control
   speed with finger pressure. 
  -Fixed an issue where the cursor did not move until after user has logged 
   in. This issue only happened on TouchPads, with GlassPass, and with 
   pass-through abilities, with no pass-through device present. 
  -Added new PnP ID for customer. 
  -Added a registry key that can disable the scroll cursor for all
  -Remove legacy PnP ID fro OEM 
  -Fixed a problem whereby serial devices stopped working when switching
   between XP users. 
  -Fixed a problem where the device list in the control panel is not updated
   when a device is removed.
  -Fixed Traditional and Hong Chinese patent strings in the control panel. 

Version  8.0.3 04/08/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed button swap problem for suspend/resume, fast user switching and
   logout/shutdown. Consolidate all features into one location in the
   Enh App.
  -Added new PnP IDs into the exclusion list 
  -After pushing the "Reset Devices" button in the Cpl, the cursor didn't 
   move if the Touchpad had the glass-pass feature, and also had passthru 
   ability with no guest attached. 
  -Added support for help button functionality for the registry controlled
  -Add support to Cpl Icon control to support displaying an icon of any

Version  8.0.2 04/01/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Bug Fixes
  -Merged AutoDisable registry keys into a single key.  All inf files were
   updated to use the new key.
  -Fixed a string that had double click instead of double clic in French
  -Fixed a minor bug to set correct default value for button swap state. 
  -Added code to cause us to update the display rotation on init, login, and
   fast user switch since we are no longer calling PersistState() when we
   change display rotation. 
  -Fulfill a platform setting change request for customer. 
  -Repaired Russian translations
  -Added new PnP ID for customer. 

Version  8.0.1 03/25/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
Known Defect
  -The auto rotation feature will not work.
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed problem with the kernel driver not loading on Windows 98 first
   edition due to a OS service not being available in Windows 98. 
  -Translated and corrected some Russian words 
  -Fixed DisableIntPDIfExtPnpPDPresent registry key location. 
  -Removed PersistState call in HandleDisplayRotation since this was
   being applied before we had gotten the login msg for Fast User Switching
   causing the previouse users settings to be applied before we could
   RestoreState for user2. 
  -PNGs now display. 
  -Correct Russian translation errors.
  -Add ODM specific platforms and settings. 
  -Remove compatible IDs for OEM
  -Decreased default PTS sensitivity to the point where my personal actual
   and spurious error rates are approximately equal. Also decreased the
   acceptable tap wander area to reflect improved ambiguous motion discard. 

Version  8.0.0 03/18/2005 (Win9x&ME/WinNT/Win2K/WinXP)
New Features
  -Windows 64-bit driver.
  -New and improved scrolling algorithms.
  -Improved TouchStyk pointing and press-to-select algorithms.
Bug Fixes
  -Fixed up the SynTPFcs.dll so that it now will be backwards compatible
   with older products, like CCR.
  -The notify system when user present feature now works for all pointing 
   devices, not just the TouchPad. 
  -Updated the detection of the new ASIC chip types. 
  -Updated copyright properties information in all files to 2005.
  -Fixed some Canadian French, and French translations in the control panel.
  -Create new OEM inf and remove legacy PnP IDs. 

Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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