RU_SVPW32Str.ini Driver File Contents (sl25tutilx.exe)


TITLE_SUPERPWD=#B8;8B0 ?0@>;O AC?5@287>@0


ADMIN_AUTHORITY=# 0A =5B ?>;=><>G89 04<8=8AB@0B>@0.

PW_REGISTERED=0?8H8B5 ?0@>;L. A;8 K 53> 701C45B5, CB8;8B0 HWSetup @01>B0BL =5 A<>65B.

PW_REGISTERED1='B>1K 87<5=5=8O 2ABC?8;8 2 A8;C, =5>1E>48<> 2K:;NG8BL ?8B0=85 :><?LNB5@0.

PW_REGISTERED2=K:;NG8BL ?8B0=85 :><?LNB5@0 A59G0A?

PW_OVER_COUNT= 4>ABC?5 >B:070=>!!!

PW_INVALID_PASSWD=525@=K9 ?0@>;L!!!

PW_ENTRY_ERR=H81:0 22>40!!!



IDC_STATIC_SUPER=0@>;L 04<8=8AB@0B>@0

IDC_STATIC_HWSETUP= 568< ?0@>;O ?>;L7>20B5;O

IDC_RDO_SUPER_NO=5 70@538AB@8@>20=


IDC_RDO_HWSETUP_NO=#B8;8B0 HWSetup =54>ABC?=0 4;O 70?CA:0

IDC_RDO_HWSETUP_YES=#B8;8B0 HWSetup 4>ABC?=0 4;O 70?CA:0

IDD_DLG_PASSWD_ENTER=Supervisor Password

IDC_ET_ENTER=2548B5 ?0@>;L:

IDD_DLG_PASSWD_VERIFY=Password Verification

IDC_VR_VERIFY=>4B25@48B5 ?0@>;L:

IDD_DLG_ALLOW=Supervisor Password



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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

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