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Philips Teletext Application

Release Notes Version 27/03/2006
Added basic support of TOP and FLOF.
DVB filter update to support subtitling (V1.0.0.2).
Bugfix for enumeration of second capture device.
Added dialog to choose the used language within the
teletext data.

Version 11/03/2005
Bugfix for the characters of:
french, swedish, turkish, spanish and italian.

Version 11/03/2005
Added DVB support for BDA based capture devices. To run
that mechanism the PhilipsDVB_TXT is necessary within the
DirectShow graph connected to the MPEG demultiplexer.

This functionality can be choosen
via the call parameter -DVB.


Vtx.exe -DVB

Copy the WSTDec.dll, and into the system32 folder
and register the two DirectShow filters, thus you will get a new category
within the filter categories:

"Philips Filter Category"

// {7BE3873E-B1FB-47f6-A327-3984D68168C7}
{ 0x7be3873e, 0xb1fb, 0x47f6, { 0xa3, 0x27, 0x39, 0x84, 0xd6, 0x81, 0x68, 0xc7 } };

Under this category you will find the analog and digital filter for teletext support.

For the analog support you do not have to do anything, but for digital add the PhilipsDVB_TXT
filter to your appplication and create a new pin on the MPEG demultiplexer with the media type
"Transport Payload". Map the corresponding Teletext PID to this pin and connect the filter.

Version 22/02/2005
Added BDA driver support by creating the PhilipsAnalog_TXT
filter which will be connected to the VBI pin and acts
as a VBI source filter. This functionality can be choosen
via the call parameter -ANALOG.


Europe settings:

Vtx.exe -ANALOG

Russia settings:


Version 10/07/2004
Added teletext characters for russia (SmtvtxtEast.fon),
the russian characters will be used by setting the call
parameter (-EAST).
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