history.txt Driver File Contents (AGPVID9X.EXE)

* Change History *
5/10/99 v6.45.5437.sh01x
    1. Fixed Micron Power Point issue

12/15/98 v6.45.5437.TW02x
    1. Fixed 'Interrupt is disabled' warning message when running WinBench 98/99.

11/18/98 v6.45.5437.TW01x
    1. Major version upgrade.
    2. Fixed bug that color changed when changing Under/Overscan in utility.

11/06/98 v6.45.5436.TW01x
    1. Major version upgrade.
    2. Fixed bug that can not finished DirectX6 test program under Win95.
    3. Fixed bug that LCD display nothing, CRT OK when you resume from suspend in WIN98 ACPI mode.

10/28/98 v6.45.5430.9x.TW01x
    1. Major version upgrade.
    2. Fixed bug that system can't resume from S2R/S2D under WIN98 ACPI mdoe.
    3. Fixed bug sound is not good when playing MPEG1 file like *.dat by ActiveMovie.
    4. Fixed bug that 3D screen saver does not work correctly.
    5. Fixed bug that the tree and water of Tomb Raider II are black. 
    6. Fixed bugs that it show "Interrup may have been disable during this test" message while tested WinBench 98 or 3D WinBench 98 in Windows 95 and 98 systems.

10/21/98 v6.45.5422.9x.TW05x
    1. Add patch for Power.COM (screen abnormal when repeatly open/close DOS 
       box) problem based on Shark-X_5422 code.
    2. Fixed bug that Refresh rate cannot adjust over 60Hz with 9397 in CRT only mdoe under Win95.

10/14/98 v6.45.5422.9x.TW04x
    1. Fixed a Margi DVDtoGo bug.

10/12/98 v6.45.5422.9x.TW03x
    1. Fixed bugs that DOS full-screen split while playing video.
    2. Fixed mouse cursor disappeared after switching TV UnderScan/OverScan.
    3. Disable TV-out while playing DVD w/o MV7 supported TV encoder.

10/06/98 v6.45.5422.9x.TW02x
    1. Fixed bugs that can not switch to TV by utility.

09/25/98 v6.45.5422.9x.TW01x
    1. Major version release.  Add memory map IO capability.

09/10/98 v6.45.5415.9x.TW01x
    1. Fixed bug that can't switch output device by hot key.
    2. Fixed problem that screen flash when TV page is active and output device 
       is Digital TV.
    3. Fixed problem that 'flick reduction' didn't work.

08/28/98 v6.45.5408.9x.TW02
    1. Fixed the problem that screen dark after select PAL/NTSC in non-TV mode.
    2. Fixed bug that TV can't switch to NTSC by PAL/NTSC select item of display 
    3. Fixed the problem that it can't save mode after changed deveices by hot-key.
    4. Fixed the problem about DirectDraw game installation issue.
    5. Add Readme.txt for driver installtion step.

08/26/98 v6.45.5408.9x.TW01
    1. First time release for major version update.
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