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DIGITAL RoamAbout DS/PC Card Software Version: V3.60           June 15, 1997
Read me file for Windows 95         
Driver Version V1.17 with Diag Utility (same as pre-release B1.17)
(Using the WaveLAN Technology)

RoamAbout DS/PC Card Software comprises drivers, configuration tools and 
diagnostic tools. This readme95.txt contains information that pertains to 
this software but was not available at the time that the User's Guide 
was printed.

NEW: in this release:

     This version now includes a diagnostic utility similar to the DOS
     utility PTPDIAG & WMONITOR.  It is a self installing file (SETUP.EXE)
     and will create a "Program Group" called "RoamAbout" and place the
     files in the \roamabt\wmanager\ directory.

     You need to install the driver that is included with this kit for this
     utility to work as earlier version of the driver do not support it.

Thank you for choosing one of DIGITAL's RoamAbout Wireless LAN products.

Here are some installation notes.

Installation guidelines for the RoamAbout DS/PC Card on a Windows 95.

Later in this file are instructions for removing/updating earlier
Beta versions of this driver.  


Windows 95 NDIS 3.1 driver does not require additional software like an 
enabler or Card and Socket Services to support the RoamAbout DS PC Card. 
It relies completely on the functionality provided by Windows 95. So make 
sure that the enabler is not present in the CONFIG.SYS!

  NOTE: this step is for the PC Card Adapter ONLY.
  This adapter already has the latest firmware, but adapters that you
  may have from the past could have older firmware and therefore may not 
  work with the Windows 95 driver.  If you have already updated your 
  firmware in the past to run Field Test version of this driver, you do 
  not need to update it again.  You will know that you need to upgrade 
  the firmware, when you put the card into your laptop, and the system
  identifies that it found "New Hardware".  If it does not report this new
  hardware as a "Digital-RoamAbout/DS", you have a card that needs to be
  upgraded.  A program called DSCARDUP is available on our WWW to do this. 

  Following is what you have to do for Windows 95 with the PC Card:

- make sure you have the Windows 95 distribution CD/disks handy, as
  you will need them!

- Insure that WVLAN22.SYS, WVLAN22.INF and WV2UIF.VXD, files are in the 
  root directory of a floppy or on your hard disk,

- boot your machine (with or without the RoamAbout DS/PC Card inserted),

- when the system is up and running, the system will recognize that
  new hardware is present and you will be prompted for a floppy,

- insert the floppy and the setup wizard will find the driver,

- you will be prompted for the RoamAbout specific parameters.  Make sure
  you have these handy (ie Beacon Key & Domain ID or NetWork ID, etc.) 
  as they need to match your RoamAbout Access Point.

- after this is complete, you will need to reboot the PC for these new
  paramters to take effect

- You are now wireless........

  Installing the Diagnostic Utility and running it:

- To install the Diagnostic Utility, run the SETUP from either 
  a DOS box or from the Explorer.  It will add a Program group called

  Once you run it, you will be presented with a screen that has basic
  information about your link quality to your Access Point and what Access
  Point you are associated with.  You can choose to see more details by
  clicking on the "Link Test" or the "Site Monitor" buttons.  
  The Link Test will give more information about your coverage quality 
  to your current Access Point or you can select to look at another 
  Access Point or another client by clicking the "Other" box on this 

  The Site Monitor test will display all Access Point you can see from 
  your current location.  This is an excellant tool to have running while
  you walk around a facility to insure that you have acceptible coverage
  in all corners.  Coverage is usually acceptible when your SNR doesn't 
  drop below 20-25% before you see another Access Point.
  For RoamAbout 2400/DS cards, you can change your center frequency using
  this utility as well.  BEFORE you change it, check to find out what the 
  Access Point's freqency is set to.

  Changing your Wireless parameters later:

  Later if you need to change these parameters you can do so by following 
  the following:

        Click on 'My Computer'
        Click on 'Control Panel'
        Click on 'Network'
        Click on 'Digital RoamAbout DS ....'
        Click on 'Properties'
        Click on 'Advanced'
        Set the 'Beacon Key', 'Domain ID' and 'Station Name (optional)'
        Then reboot.

  If you encounter problems:

If the driver for some reason does not seem to functioning
properly, check the file NDISLOG.TXT in the WINDOWS directory. This
file should contain extra information concerning the problem that
occurred. Whenever making a support call, be sure to have the
information in the file available.

      Removing your previous Field Test NDIS3 Driver for Windows 95

Before starting, make sure you know your network parameters, such as:
        Beacon Key
        Domain ID
        Encryption Key (if in use)
        Network Protocols (ie IP, NetBEUI, IPX)
        IP address and other related IP stuff

In order to upgrade your driver software you need to remove the previous
driver by doing the following:

        Click on 'My Computer'
        Click on 'Control Panel'
        Click on 'System'
        Click on 'Device Manager'
        Click on 'Network Adapter'
        Click on 'Digital RoamAbout DS ....'
        Click on 'Remove'
        Click on 'OK'

Then BEFORE you reboot, you need to delete the old driver and .INF file.
You can either use the Explorer or a DOS Shell.  You need to delete


Then you can reboot and follow the instructions above to reinstall it.

                         Technical Support

   If you encounter problems when installing or using this product or have 
   questions about our other RoamAbout products, you can reach DIGITAL
   customer support at the following number:

         Telephone: 1-800-354-9000 (then choose option #2, sofware)
   You can always consult our BBS (Bulletin Board Service) and WWW (World 
   Wide Web) page to see if new versions of the software are available

        The RoamAbout Wireless LANs specific Home Page is at:

        The DIGITAL Networks Home Page is at:

        The Networks BBS number is:

         1-978-506-5777 (after Nov 10, 1997)
Before calling you should have the following information ready:
Include at least the following information:

        Name (contact person)
        Company Name
        Email Address
        Phone Number
        Computer brand/model number
        Processor speed
        Operating System (DOS/WIN, Win95, NT)

Card type
        ISA or PC Card
        915 DS
        2400 DS (with or without DES)
        What country variant

Network Operating system and version

Protocol type (TCP/IP, IPX, NetBEUI, DECnet)

Frame type (ethernet_II, 802.n)

Access Point Version

Problem Description or Comments:

NDISLOG.TXT from the Windows directory

Copyright Digital Equipment Corporation 1995.
All rights reserved.

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